EFT Tapping: The 9 Gamut Procedure | Emotional Freedom Technique

hello and welcome to e at the universe
I’m your host Dawson Church I’d like to share with you today some information
about Hardy of T routine called the 9 gamut procedure you’ll find this on page
217 of the EFT manual and for a long time the live young teacher was
declining in importance of EFT many practitioners left it out all together
over the last 10 years and less less uses the main of the nighttime procedure
in the last few years however we’re not finding new research showing that
dynamic procedure and especially the eye movement part of
it can be really useful in certain cases especially things like early childhood
trauma before you have conscious memories to work with birth trauma one
trauma example if the father and mother of fighting the fetus in the womb is
being affected by adrenaline by cortisol by all the biochemistry of stress going
through Center and into the child’s body so even in the womb we often are getting
taught how to be how to feel stressed by our parents interactions these are all
cases where the nine gun is very useful I even have therapists who work with
veterans tell me that after they’ve had a few sessions with the veteran they
established rapport the veterans they can procede EFT they’ll begin to use the
9 gamut at the very start of a session before they do any other work with the
veteran to help them stabilize to the point but they can work on specific
events thereafter so here is the research on the line gun procedure it
shows that this bizarre-looking process has a link to the memory of trauma and
the healing of trauma just quickly recap what is involved with a night gun
procedure what you do is you tap throughout the procedure on this part of
the hand over here and screw between these two bones and while tapping on
that part of the body you close your eyes and over them you then look down
hard to the left look down hard to the right then roll your eye is a big circle
around every point of the compass then roll in a big circle in the ops
direction you then hum a few bars of the song you then count from one to five you
then hum again now again that seems really weird watch people rolling their
eyes all around but a piece of research that I was intrigued by a couple of
years back came from the journal called traumatology I peer-review this paper
while it was in the process of being reviewed by the journal seem suitable
publication and in this piece of research a patrician and a psychiatrist
did a collaboration what they found was that when traumatized people remembered
a traumatic memory that at the peripheral edge of their vision they
their eyes flutter they could not hold the wire study once they were cured once
they no longer had this big fight or flight response to that traumatic memory
that fluttering stopped so the psychiatrist and the operation began to
collaborate on cases and the optician could tell if the psychiatrist was
successful with a case of PTSD or an emotional trauma when you see that the
subject could move his or her eyes through the peripheral vision through
the whole range of peripheral vision without that flutter so for whatever
reason something to do with information processing the brain some something in
the way we process bad memories triggering murky triggering memories has
to do with our peripheral vision then our peripheral vision reflects back
whether we’ve been successful in integrating those two when it convinced
into our lives whether they’re still active as traumas so I invite you to try
using that I know procedure more and more see what you get especially in
cases where people can’t remember trauma where they have lots of trauma or they
have pre birth trauma check your EMT manual page 217 read that I got a
procedure completed with it and try it out on yourself on issues so to begin
with I’d like you to pick some problem you worked on that isn’t very clearly
defined in your mind so unlike a memory you have that you can use EFT with a
specific event let’s pick something Haizi that you think there might be
something there but you aren’t sure what example it could be a vague feeling of
unease could be a vague ongoing anxiety to disk just a generalized anxiety feel
about things that isn’t tied to a particular event usually with the FT we
try and nail those events and eat the ply of tea to them but I can have it as
fabulous where you can’t find those events poor you know there’s something
lurking in the background but you aren’t sure what it is so just have just think
about something that you feel that you know is active in your your your your
emotional world but you aren’t sure what that thing is so pick some sort of
feeling that is active in your emotional world but you cannot tie to a particular
event now rate that on a scale from 0 to 10
with 0 being no distress and 10 being maximum distress I was talking to a
clinical psychologist friend of mine last month that he was saying he had
generalized anxiety his whole life at about the level of 3 he was always
slightly anxious all day every day that’s an example of the kind of thing
to apply the 9 gather – so think of your emotional feeling think of your number
of severity zero to ten zero being no severity 10 being maximum severity and
also if you can find a part of your body that it quickly applies to it might be a
foreign it might be the throat might be in your chest right in your shoulders
just write down now what your general feeling is what your number is and how
you know it’s that number what in your body is telling you it’s a 3 or 4 or 5
or 7 okay see you now got your number you’ve got your emotional feeling and
you go to a body location that tells you the severity of your your number so
let’s I’ll do the 9 gamut will begin by tapping the gamut point so tap close
your eyes and open them as far down the left is hard out of the right keep him
head still while you do this and then I is the big circle around every point of
the compass does skip any don’t go too fast because
if you go too fast the Chancellor you’ll skip some point
and won’t realize you’ve done that now I as the ops direction again make sure you
cover every single point of the compass don’t jump over ready nice slow easy
pace then I’ll go ahead and have a few bars of a song now count to five one two
three four five come again now take a nice deep breath and tune in again to
the issue that bothers you that general feeling whatever it is where it is your
body and write down your new number and hope you spelled out a bit may have got
out of a zero but baby went out four three two oh two or fours with one and
you got some kind of result from light damage so keep this important tool in
your toolbox it’s not for everyday use you don’t have to do this part of every
f king session but it’s useful to have it where people’s numbers aren’t going
down when it’s early childhood trauma where there are many many many traumas
and other times you are getting successfully of tea thanks again and
stay tuned for more

3 thoughts on “EFT Tapping: The 9 Gamut Procedure | Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Thank you so much for this detail, people treat it like a throw away process so I can’t wait to give it a proper go. You were very detailed. And I can’t wait to see how it goes with getting to the root

  • I experimented with this technique, repeated it two times and the problem was gone. Amazing. Infinite thanks and blessings to you sir.

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