Elevate Your Expectations at NEIEP

when you choose a mechanic to work on
your elevator, escalator, or other people moving equipment, you want to trust they are well trained, knowledgeable, safe and professional. When you work with an IUEC affiliated company, you are getting just that. The value of having our members well-trained in all the different aspects, it helps the efficiency it helps the relationship between our contractors and the general contractors on the job. IUEC mechanics have completed a four-year college level training program with a minimum of eight thousand hours of on the job learning under the supervision of a licensed tradesperson. Unlike other industry training programs, in our classrooms, students benefit from interaction with qualified instructors and gain practical experience by working with hands-on labs and high-tech virtual simulators. Having the labs and the simulators is an invaluable part of the training experience. If I can tear it apart I can figure it out a whole lot easier a whole lot faster and I think that is part of the training that a lot of guys in the trade need is they are more hands-on. Working on the labs together, answering each other’s questions, being able to help each other out, getting
different perspectives. And this prepares them and gives them a level of confidence to bring back to the field that they wouldn’t otherwise get. I was working on union for about two years. I had to do it myself. They gave me books and said “Here you go, you gotta do this online. We’ll see you in half a year, you gotta come to the shop to take a test.” If I had any questions, nobody to answer it, you know. Because safety is a priority, IUEC mechanics are certified in areas such as OSHA 10, OSHA 30,
welding, scaffolding, signaling and rigging, Forklifts, and CPR and First Aid. The building owners and the building contractors are requesting that you have that certification. With the education and safety programs put in place by the IUEC, we are safer as workers. My company supplies all my personal safety
equipment from glasses to hard hats to lanyards to everything I need to be safe on the job site. I find it hard to believe that I worked in the trade as long as I did for the companies that were non-union and that I’m still here still alive I still have all my fingers because there was no emphasis on safety whatsoever. Safety is a key component to all our learning that’s what we’re about. More certification is gonna show that we
can do the job better than anybody else. Don’t put your customers at risk. Rely on an IUEC affiliated company
for safe and efficient service. Elevate Your Expectations.

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