Elizabeth Warren Losing Ground in Polling, What’s To Blame?

>>For anyone paying close attention to the
polls, Elizabeth Warren is dipping quite a bit. And part of the reason why is because of some
of the triangulation involving Medicare for All. And the fact that she’s trying to kind of
straddle the desires of centrist Democrats and progressives. Now as we’ve talked about over and over again,
progressives are paying close attention to everything candidates are saying. And so if you’re gonna straddle, it’s not
gonna work, and it’s hurt Elizabeth Warren considerably. Now the latest example was when she rolled
out her transition plan for Medicare for All. And it’s essentially a two part system. The first would offer a public option. And then she claims once people see how great
the public option is, then in my third year, I gonna start pushing for full blown Medicare
for All. Will people could see through that that was
a terrible plan, and it did hurt her in the polls. So Warren is suggesting a more centrist idea
to delay enactment of the single payer system, and in the interim, give consumers the choice
to opt in. Now nationally, Warren has dropped from a
high of about 27% in October’s RealClearPolitics’ average of polls to near 16% at the end on
November. In Iowa, she has dropped about five points
in that same period, and it New Hampshire, her support has been cut in half.>>In fact, I just looked at polls today,
Bernie Sanders now clear number one in New Hampshire. And has a 12 point lead on Warren and Biden
in New Hampshire. So Sanders has risen to number two nationally,
and in Iowa now leading in New Hampshire, and I believe is number two in Nevada as well. So he has obviously picked up some of our
supporters, but not all, which is also an interesting phenomenon. The second interesting phenomenon is, and
I thought the Washington Post actually did a good job of presenting both sides here. Outside of progressives, like the mainstream,
all believe that it was a horn is dipping because her Medicare for All program, and
plan was too progress.>>It’s amazing, it’s amazing, it’s amazing,
you drives me crazy.>>Yeah.>>It drives me crazy. I mean, how many candidates do you need as
a case study for how your theory is not right? I mean, Kamala Harris she’s doing really well. And then she starts waffling on Medicare for
All, and that was when she started zipping in the polls, right?>>Yeah.>>Elizabeth Warren same exact thing. I mean, come on!>>She’s got classic smart person syndrome
in some ways where she overthinks everything. And so we were just talking about people to
judge, and how he tries to appear as all things to all people. And Elizabeth Warren since her peak has almost
overthought everything so much that she tried to appear as all things to all people with
healthcare, and it significantly hurt her. And it was part of why she also was the only
female senator now to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, and didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders
either. She waited until the primary was effectively
over to make an endorsement. You’re trying to make everyone happy there,
you make no one happy. And this is her biggest political flaw. Additionally, I would say that health care
is not her strongest suit as this article lays out, when her at her most progressive
it’s taking on wall street and corporate interests. And there I think that she’s almost unrivaled,
but like here she doesn’t have as principled of a position. And it shows, and what got her to that polling
lead was strong progressive rhetoric and policy.>>Yes.>>And so now getting spooked and trying to
do that falling back on that very inclination that I think is her political Achilles’ heel. It’s really hurting her, and it’s sad to see
because we want two progressive candidates leading the pact, and she’s falling significantly.>>Okay, so I want to give you two examples
of how the mainstream Democrats are responding to her Medicare for All proposals. Then I wanna explain to you who’s right, are
they right or are we right? Because the Washington Post lays out both
camps, and both theories as to why Warren is falling in the polls. So here is a top New Hampshire Democrat according
to the post, she would have sealed the deal if she said make no mistake. I think Medicare for All is the right thing. And I’m gonna create a structure to study
it and finance it. But in the meantime, I’m gonna provide a guide
path. So that’s establishment talk for, I’m gonna
pretend to be in favor of Medicare for All, but I’m not at all gonna do it, I’m just going
to study it. So that establishes that if she’s done that,
well, it would have been brilliant, it would have worked completely. Then you go to Barney Frank, who was on the
record. So he unfortunately became a top corporate
Democrat, and so it loves the banks and supports them all the way. So here’s what he said, as many care Medicare
for All got more attention, more and more people began to say, yeah, that’s a mistake
that she showed some flexibility. But I guess she felt she couldn’t make herself
totally vulnerable to the Sanders people by abandoning Medicare for All altogether. So meaning, he thinks obviously, the correct
move would have been to abandon it, but she felt that she couldn’t go that far. And he went on to say that backing Sanders,
Medicare for All plan was, quote, a terrible mistake. Now, who’s right? Who’s wrong? Well, when she was backing Bernie Sanders
plan 100%, she rose in the polls. And at one point even overtook Biden to take
the top spot, that’s a fact.>>Yes.>>That’s a fact. There’s no way they could dispute that. When she waffled on Medicare for All, her
numbers drop like a rock. Now, we have all the facts on our side, they
have propaganda, and money on their side. But if you’re care about being objective at
all, you’re trying to figure out why it won’t fail. Does anyone in their right mind think that
it was because her Medicare for All plan was too supportive of Sanders? That doesn’t make any sense at all. It was in supportive of Sanders, and clearly
when she was supportive of Sanders she was number one. She was number one for a long, long time. So that analysis is purposely wrong. So now I wanna get to one other thing guys,
we on the same issue. Now Buttigieg and Biden are competing for
who’s more against Medicare for All. And the classic Buttigieg, she says, no, no
my point is Medicare for All for those who want it. Like fire departments, for those who want
it, I think we all want it, anyway. So he’s trying to have his cake and eat it
too, but what they’re not telling you is, and the Washington post is a good job of explaining
this too. There’s now millions upon millions health
insurance company money going into ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and in these states. Backing candidates like Buttigieg, and attacking
Medicare for All. Let’s say, Warren and Sanders are terrible,
for wanting to support Medicare for All, which is gonna kick your choice away! And Buttigieg, he comes in with his much small
ad by. But right after all the insurance companies
spent all that money, and comes in goes hey, I’m gonna give you a choice. The other candidates are taking your choice
away, like my health insurance buddies told you except they didn’t tell you they were
health insurance companies. They pretended to be just random people advertising.>>But then then also speaks to what I was
saying before Q about her inclinations. So you should come back at it and go no, look
at what they’re doing, right? But then her response is to retreat, no we’ve
got to find a new way to phrase this, we’ve got to move around it. Because her core is the principal Wall Street
stuff. Healthcare she’s not seasoned enough, and
not as much part of the left as Sanders to understand that healthcare is the number one
issue for Democratic primary voters. And it’s not really close, so do not waffle
on it, you have to remain strong. And I don’t know if this she can come back
from it because of how ridiculously convoluted her position has been on this.>>Yeah, definitely. And also, I think that her past rejection
of the single payer healthcare system works against her as well. That’s what made people progressive, or to
specifically a little skeptical of whether or not she really did support Medicare for
All. And then once she put out the way that she
would fund it, and more importantly how she would do the transition that was where I think
she lost the most support. Because it further reinforced preconceived
notions about her support for single payer systems.>>Now when you’re trying to decide between
someone who’s unequivocally supporting Medicare for All. And now at this point, that’s basically just
Bernie Sanders versus the people who are clearly against it Buttigieg and Biden among the top
tier. Think about this, the partnership for America’s
healthcare future is a coalition of hospitals and insurance companies. They put in $1 million worth of ads, including
40% of that going into Iowa. Not only that, not just the insurance companies,
another group led by, I’m quoting the Washington Post here. Another group led by republican strategist
Steven Law has spent $5.9 million in TV ads opposing Medicare for All, including roughly
$650,000 in Iowa. So a republican group is backing Buttigieg
and Biden in their attacks against Medicare for All. Now, who do you think’s on the democrat side? The guy who says I’m gonna fight the insurance
companies, I’m gonna fight the republicans to get all of you health care? Or the guys who go thank you to my Republican
friends for spending $6 million. And the insurance companies for spending another
million dollars and a lot more to come. The backup my propaganda, that giving you
health care is not a good idea. Making you pay co-pays premiums and deductibles
the rest of your life, and bankrupting you anytime you run into trouble. That’s a great idea. So the Republicans are weighing in here, and
so as the insurance companies. And they’re weighing in on Buttigieg and Biden
side, that is a fact. And unfortunately for Elizabeth Warren, she’s
stuck in no man’s lead, she’s stuck in the middle here, and it isn’t helping her campaign
one bit.

100 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Losing Ground in Polling, What’s To Blame?

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  • Kamala is an arrogant, conceited, rude, twisted California leftist who has the same problem Hillary has- she thinks she's the most important person on the face of the earth.

  • Warren is more realistic than Sanders. People on the left want a fairy tale. Bernie gives it to you. Bernie tells you about the people overtaking corporate America. Bernie appeals to the little kid in you that's disappointed that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Grow up. He's a fraud and he's a multimillionaire owned by the DNC

  • I love this show but you guys are too pro Bernie supporters. At the end of the day Medicare for all is I'm for it but you have keep the option for people that want to keep their private insurance

  • Most of Warren's lost support went to Butt-Greg. The polls clearly show this. The very many affluent Dems will not support single payer or Sanders, who is an ex-communist.

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  • Fact: 28 million people cannot afford healthcare therefore are uninsured.
    Fact: 74 million people qualify for free healthcare, medicaid.
    Fact: 4 million jobs in healthcare insurance companies.

    Progressive logic: raise taxes for Medicare for all essentially devastating 106 million people's financial capabilities. And making the poor even poorer.

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    When canvasing for Bernie in NH, I ask people what issue concerns them most. Healthcare, four to one.

  • Elizabeth Warren Losing Ground in Polling, What's To Blame?
    An 83 year old communist school marm that wants open borders is not attractive to the voters?

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    Lot people do a lot stuff online how are you as well that's News worthy. Maybe the women of young Turks are that indecur about about how itelivent they are .that one ones video online really gets under to their skin

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  • Kamala: I waffled on Medicare For All, dropped in polls, and quit the race. How could that have happened?
    Elizabeth: Hold my beer.


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  • I'd like to think that people will vote blue if only to get Trump out of office. But he wasn't supposed to win in 2016, and probably wouldn't if it wasn't for Russian meddling.

  • Love how these people live in some sort of little bubble making up their own little fantasy about why things are happening the way they are. Could it maybe be that everyone is simply seeing through Warren as being a phony who just sucks on everything and that you can't trust to have any solid position on anything? Oh. Nope. Gotta be because of just one issue that they want to make everything about. I also loved how Warren gets roasted for doing some sort of phased in plan yet Bernie thinks he'll do his over something like 4 years and that's ok. All these people, progressive, left, right.. They're all a bunch of hypocritical idiots.

  • There are at least a half dozen major media organizations. TYT is the most progressive of those organizations, but to be completely honest with ourselves, the other 5/6ths of consumers/voters are not as excited about being as progressive as possible. At least half of democrats/msnbc viewers prefer corporate democrats, it doesn’t help to ignore that.

  • She is talking about phasing it in in stages. There are people who are genuinely afraid it’s going to suck like every other government program we have. Whether we like it or not, unless we come up with a plan to separate as a country from Republicans and let them go be another country, which I’m all for by the way, no war, just divide, then they’re still involved in our decisions and they limit the purse strings on these programs. Do you understand? A lot of people will not be convinced that this is going to make their lives better until they SEE it. States have always had a wide degree of latitude to administer healthcare laws including programs like Medicaid. And also like the ACA which is why it has so many vocal opponents. Because it was a great piece of legislation and a great program, but Republican run states made sure that we were there, it sucks and it robs people blind.

    I want to point out that while Bernie Sanders is a very good spiritual leader, while he knows how to pump up the crowd, his history of actually making any of the stuff he’s been talking about for 40 years happen isn’t really there very much. I don’t blame Bernie for that. Again, sharing the country with Republicans. But the point being that for people to treat him like he’ll get things done and she won’t is based on nothing but wishful thinking, hope, and hype.

    And can we please remember that it is not sticking in people’s minds that and Bernie had a crowd of vocal supporters behind him at the convention, and he could have all you had to do was give them the word and they would’ve made it impossible for Hillary Clinton to get that nomination. He stepped down. And Elizabeth Warren waited to see how it would go. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s smart to do that. But nobody will be angry with Bernie, I don’t even remember.

    There is a blend of sexism and ageism that is visited upon women starting at about the age of 40, it falls in really heavy at 45, and by 50 it’s complete. That combination of factors is what’s at the root of why Elizabeth Warren is having any kind of a struggle and why so many incredibly unfair attacks are coming from the most unlikely of places – the Bernie Sanders camp. Not Bernie, the people who support him.

  • Elizabeth had the presidency but blew it. All she had to do was be a Bernie clone. If she was identical to Bernie she could win due to being a woman and younger.

  • If you want to win you need to be on TV every day for good or bad and you’ll find idiots who’ll support you. Trump had zero policies only hate speech but idiots taught that would make a good president. She can be number one again if she fights back against billionaires and focus on her strong issues.

  • Something that must be considered in 2020 is that the primary electorate will be more liberal and therefore more supportive of Medicare for All than the general electorate.

  • She is a good candidate, but the media is waging a full war against her. Billionaires have come out afraid of her wealth tax.
    In my opinion it's clear, they want Pete to get the nomination as he is the more mainstream. I also think honestly it's hard to get worse than Trump.

  • As a calm, simple man I find myself wanting to take a baseball bat upside Buttiegieg's head since he thinks he is so great and should be president.

  • I like when they talk issues. I am tired of Trump bashing. Bashing is a wast of time. Push bills!!! Then election time they can say. The house voted in free medical for all the evil Republicans didnt pass the bill. They dems should of drafted every bill they could!!!

  • Warren needed to own the fact that her key plan was people would pay more in taxes but save more in medical insurance. She avoided explaining herself and is suffering the consequences.

  • Much like Mitt Romney, she’s forgotten what made her popular in the first place and transitioned from sensible policy ideas to chasing votes at all costs. Forgiving student debts and Medicare for all? Even someone with a load of student debt and needing health insurance knows her plan is absurd.

  • Bernie bros: it’s because of Bernie.

    Normal human being: she lied about being native for half a century.

    Different types of reactions to this video.

  • Well she is a horrible candidate that only appeals to uppercrust liberal squishes. also probably her more nauseating supporters in the "left" indie media were incredibly see-through and crappy. Am I talking about Emma Vigeland and Cenk Uygur? OF COURSE(sounding like a total asshole).

  • Maybe people don’t want a candidate that sounds like she’s about to cry every time she opens her mouth to speak. Oh, and she’s a race baiter. Just like The Young Turds.

  • This is why I don’t support tyt or Bernie Sanders they sit here and act like they started progressive ideas and if you they fully agree with them they kick you to the curve sounds like Donald trump to me

  • Yeah yeah if you say so what facts that fit your narrative about progressives I been progressive before cenk Hes was a Republican for many years

  • Remember when Cenk supported Warren until like 3 weeks ago and then decided to support Bernie so he could get a bunch of money for his CA election? Yeah, that's when TYT jumped the shark for me.

  • I read Bernie's Medicare for All proposal, and the only real difference between it and Elizabeth's proposal is that Elizabeth's proposal splits the transition period and the take over.
    I don't think it's a good idea, but it doesn't make her a right winger.

  • I am all for Heathcare for all, but I think few people know how Medicare is paid.

    Medicare pays hospitals based on DRG payments, using principle diagnosis with or without any co-morbidities and complications

    Healthcare for all- but if we provide insurance Medicare and the way Medicare works as it currently operates, then the healthcare system will suffer

  • I'm really confused about this Warren bashing suggesting that she isn't really in favor of M4A, so I just went to her web site to see what her actual plan is. This is what I found:

    "And finally, no later than my third year in office, I will fight to pass legislation that would complete the transition to full Medicare for All. "

    The rest of it is about how how she expects to get to that point, which does include a much faster opt in plan to immediately cover those not covered now. So, is there some expectation that Bernie can transition the country to M4A faster because I don't see that happening. I don't see any daylight between Warren and Sander on M4A, other than Warren trying to provide detail and Sanders trying to be vague. To me, that is just a difference in salesmanship, not substance.

  • “We have to remain strong”, yet Bernie has not found a way to successfully combat Pete’s narrative on Medicare for all. And that is one of the many reasons why Mayor Pete has surged. Bernie has to attack and stop delaying. This was one of the problems he had in 2016.

  • She doesnt believe what she says. You want a "progressive" you go with Sanders. More centrist, biden or buttigieg. No one wants a flip flopper. Pete will flop for the same reason. Its between biden and Sanders – and Biden will probably win.

    I also dont like her wealth tax.

    I'm not for Medicare for ALL. I believe in Medicare for those who need it.

  • Universal Healthcare single payer or no vote from me. True for the primary and true for the general. Yes. I am ok with Trump for 4 more years if the dems attempt to Clinton the options again.

  • I believe its for WAFFLING on Medicare For All. I have given money to both Bernie and Liz, but I told her campaign that Medicare For All was most important for me, and she has been fighting for it, but all of a sudden she changed her plan almost to a public option which is buttigieg’s stinking pile of crap bologna. Everyone knows Medicare For All can only truly work with EVERYONE in because of the RISK POOLS. With a public option Medicare for All would fail, these CORPORATISTS know it, and they are trying to save their greedy private insurance plans. Ever since Liz changed her position it has hurt her for sure.

  • Bout time her fake progressiveness was exposed. We all knew her true colors would be shown when back in June she was reportedly meeting with corporate Dems and donors behind closed doors. I’m not even half upset

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