Elric's Spear (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 鋼の錬金術師) – MAN AT ARMS

I've been a blacksmith Armour for over 30 years I've created weapons for over 200 feature films this is man-at-arms from one of the most popular mangas of all time I'm finally giving you Edward Elric spear from Full Metal Alchemist for The Full Metal Alchemist spear I had to lay out the paper pattern folded the paper in half to get the bat wings to give it a cemetry blade is 14 inches long by 3/16 of an inch thick 1075 spring steel and that's cut out on the bandsaw profiles with a belt grinder and then with the mini belt grinder with a Dyna file to clean up the interiors I guess with chromoly tubing which is 4130 chromium molybdenum steel and forge the ends of these two a taper and that is the socket that we milled with a 3/16 N mill and slotted over that blade and then the TIG welder or Healy arc welder to join that together to the blade itself I started grinding the edge bevels on it and cleaning up everything before that spike I took some chromoly tubing and inserted a piece of quarter diameter steel rod MIG welding using a wire feed welder in this case and forge that to a square spike and blend it all that together I also picked up these little welded rings that are going to be soldered or take welded on to the end of the socket and cleaned up all the edges and the grinding on everything the most difficult part of this thing is you have so many edges pointing out and trying to polish that it's just a very difficult play to clean up we also finished up the butt cap with the square spike in that Chris had welded the rings on I polished up the rings and I determined it looked a little plain so we looked up the Full Metal Alchemist logo and developed the etching stencil and electro chemically etched that design into two places on the the butt cap and we'll do the same thing on the socket of the spearhead it's on a four and a half or five foot long ancient quarter reto Pole right now so the overall length would be just under six feet Brian took some wood stain and stained up the oak shaft to drill the hole in the butt cap prior to your edging it so that will be riveted together when everything is completed I have sheets of bronze that I need to conform to the batwing so as we cut out with the Beverly shear and the Dino file and trued up laid that over the top we had to rivet the wings over the surface of the blade so Brian actually plasma cut a couple of holes in it that we could poke a 8 inch brass rod through and paint it over to hold the blade on and then kind of encapsulated the socket and TIG welded all that together these are micro crystalline waxes sculpted by my fiance Karen Cote who is a fine sculptor these will be cast in bronze when those were done they were cleaned up and soldered over the top I also had Brian taking pieces of forged bronze and shaping them up into little dragon back scales that will be soldered up the spine of the socket there's a lot of details in this and it should be a pretty spectacular piece you guys consistently amaze me with your support thanks for watching as a thank you I'd like you guys to help pick the next weapon we make so please click on the weapon you'd like to see next

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