EMO TWERK OFF Feat. Social Repose

hey guys so my name is Richie from social repose genius seriously like stop working or we're trying to make a video come on come here fine like barking poodle corporate ow so me and Eugenia we're talking about who who is better that's working you know like we both we both worked in videos before I'm actually really confident and my twerking ability I just I just feel like I can outwork the shit out of Eugene yet we're gonna have a twerk off like yeah we're going to torque the SH out of this hotel room and we're going to let you guys decide who's a better worker what if we have to say about that you Jesus I don't think you know how to twerk like yo she's all talk I'm a pro I know what I'm doing like you can't nobody beat might work our let's go yeah give it okay my turn who's the better now Ricky that was probably the most productivity I've ever filmed in my entire life that's definitely mine I don't think I could have done anything more productive and perfect like that anyway so what do you guys think hoot worked harder and better who's the champion should you decide anyway goodbye

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