Emotional Freedom Technique EFT ho’oponopono Memories Cleaning

Dear Father,
Beloved Creator In whom I rest abide and have my being
I thank you for giving me another day
In which I may learn your ways In which I may serve you
and your creation I am sorry for forgetting you
And for forgetting Who I really am And my real purpose
Here on Earth Please forgive me
I love you and I thank you
For your unconditional love You now remind me
that I am Created in your image A magnificent Spiritual being
A splendid being of light And even though
I have forgotten you And my role
So many times before I deeply and completely
Love, accept and forgive myself And anyone else who may be involved
And I resolve to be more Careful in the future. Dear Higher Self
You are my connection To the Divine
You are the source Of all inspiration
You are the part of me Who abides with my Creator
You are the messenger That brings me
God’s messages of love, Compassion
and understanding You are the Inner Counselor
Who listens to my prayers And lifts them high
To the Heavenly Dimension I am sorry
If at times My behaviour
Creates obstacles To your work
Please forgive me I love you And I thank you
For what you do So that I may Experience a life
Filled with abundance Love,
happiness and Good health.
And even though My behaviour
And my thoughts Are not always
In Accordance with Your plan I deeply and completely
Love and Accept and Forgive myself And anyone else involved.
Dear Mind You are the part of me
That makes it possible For me to communicate
With the outside world I am sorry
for accepting negative thoughts into my consciousness
without challenge Please forgive me
I love you And I thank you
I now resolve To be more careful
About the quality of the thoughts
That I allow To gain entry
Into your dimension I now resolve
To Seek and welcome Thoughts of love
Courage, Hope
Diligence, Care
And compassion And to clean and erase
All negative thoughts Against myself
And other people And even though
Sometimes I allow Negative thoughts
To enter you I deeply
and completely Love and accept and Forgive myself
And anyone else Who may have contributed to this. Dear Memories,
You are the negative voice of my ego The source of all the difficulties
That I experience in my life I am sorry that you are still there
I know that I am unable
to Silence or Remove you, For if I could,
I would have gladly Already done so
But even though you are Still there
causing havoc in my life I deeply and completely
Love and accept and Forgive myself And anyone else involved.
I am a magnificent spiritual being A splendid being of light
And I know that I can ask my Creator To help me clean and erase you
From my consciousness. I now take full responsibility
For you dear memories Whatever you may be
Wherever you may have come from I know that My behaviour
Or the actions and thoughts Of my ancestors before me
Are responsible for your being there Dear memories
I do love you And I thank you
for Providing me with the Opportunity
to take control And to establish dominion
Over my mind But now I ask you
Won’t you please let go Your work is done
And you are no longer necessary Please let go.
And now I ask my Heavenly Father
to clean all these memories and erase all their negative effects
in time and space. And even though
I know That I am responsible For these memories
I deeply and completely forgive,
Love and accept my self
And everyone else involved.

12 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom Technique EFT ho’oponopono Memories Cleaning

  • Thank you! This is the best prayer! I love ho'oponopono and EFT, and you made a beautiful meditation and prayer. It's amazing! I love it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Oh, boy, glad I have been practising my breathing technique!  I was a little challenged after about 6 breaths & had to take an extra little one..lol…wonderful, I am loving the videos & information….Thank you Alex, I am so grateful for discovering you. A friend sent me details, back in April 2014, but I missed the email, sooo glad I did not delete it!! Peace & Love, my brother…Namaste..

  • Sorry my question/comment was not clear: what I am getting is that while listening and going into this beautiful meditation in terms of any EFT one simply taps once on an eyebrow each he says eyebrow.

    If there's something I'm not getting, and guidance of advice would be greatly appreciated.

    love, forgiveness and healing to all


  • You can download free meditation videos at http://www.thereisaway.org/

    The link fir this free ho'oponopono video is


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