Empowering College Track students in California – Strengthening Communities – Chase

(Background Music) TINA KIM (On-Screen/Off-Screen): College Track’s Mission is to empower students from under-served communities to graduate from a four-year college or university. DAVID SILVER (Off-Screen/On-Screen): A continuous program that is not just a college access program that supports kids for four years to get into college, but supports them for ten years across from the summer before 9th grade, all the way through the finish line of graduation from college. TINA KIM (Off-Screen): Any community has driven, motivated, talented, gifted students, but they don’t always have the tools they need to get there. FREDERICK ZAVALA (Off-screen/On-Screen): During high school, I was struggling in my academics and I needed help, and that’s when I found out about College Track. LIZANN SHIMAMOTO: (Off-Screen/On-Screen): It’s one thing for Chase to be very generous with the monetary contributions that we’ve been able to provide to them, but it really does help bring this to life when we have a true hand to hand partnership with these types of events. You know, where we’re here interacting with them and showing them what’s possible should they continue to pursue their education in college. SPEAKER (On-Screen, face not visible): Just enjoy your time, read, plan ahead, and use these opportunities that you have in front of you to really think about your future and actually do it. RUBEN ESTRADA (Off-Screen/On-Screen): Today I learned how to finance, how to manage my money wisely and how not to spend it on things I don’t really need, but how to spend it on things I actually need for life. DAVID SILVER (On-Screen/Off-screen): We can’t do this alone. It’s one thing for me as the CEO to say “Hey, come and support our kids,” but it’s another for Chase to be able to say “We’re stepping up to the plate,” and that’s what the power of what Chase is doing, it’s not just the dollars, it’s the symbol. RUBEN ESTRADA (On-Screen/Off-Screen): I just want to thank Chase for bringing out these amazing people out here and telling us about how banking works. Also, at College Track we’re really learning a lot from older generations that really want to help the younger generations be better in the future. DAVID SILVER (On-Screen/Off-Screen): For us, the way that we think about is that College Track provides two things: the skills to succeed and a belief that they can. LIZANN SHIMAMOTO: (Off-screen/On-Screen): It’s so important for us to continue to earn the right to serve these communities and this is just one of those ways that we can really make a difference.

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