End of Classic WoW Beta – Final Moments (Alliance PoV)

haha there's everybody oh shit that's a timer going off the timer's going off ah what's gonna happen really excited and sweaty the time is now oh here it is Raghu rose for the Alliance storm wind guard is the midden minion lock so he went down here this is so freakin funny oh sure that's somebody's sure somebody has the Noma shrink-ray on him is that way Espen is telling people to kill them oh this is a huge eyeball level us oh there's the Giant cuz they were and holy shit I'll show you guys we expected better from you all right let's knife them a little things will respawn alright alright Rex is almost dead Oh five to eight minutes to regroup all right everybody repair too bad that I have to spend one of those five to eight minutes just waiting for my respawn buff arpa oh shit oh that is disgusting Oh Thunder fury dropped s hands getting shot in the air where's he going ad spawn Oh respawning now oh my god it's a giant merlok get them pally power I'm taking them all on three minutes oh those people who are alive down there there we go ha ha the hole just got shot by Ragnar oh s— all right reg here we go stay safe what up thank you for the hosts we love black dick Oh thank you stay safe holy shit what's up guys least I was alive

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