[Eng Sub] 3 Will Be Free สามเราต้องรอด | EP.7 [2/4]

What do you wanna do? What do you like? Swimming? Message? No. No? Golfing? No again. Hmm… this is hard. Khun Shin, don’t try to run. You won’t make it. Boss has guards in every exit all the time. No one can just come and go. Fine, I won’t try to escape. Do you want to go paddle boating? Something’s wrong with my stomach. Let me go to the bathroom Why didn’t you tell me? Let me come with you. No! It’s a private business. I won’t run. A stomach bug? I don’t know. What did you give me to eat? OK. I’ll wait right here. Come back soon. Khun Shin! Khun Shin! Khun Shin! I told you not to run. Don’t make my job difficult. Please just cooperate. Stop! Are you really gonna stab me? Yes, if you’re trying to run. Go downstairs. Go back down. Khun Shin! Khun Shin! You’re bleeding a lot. Shit, Boss will kill me. What do I do? Khun Shin, I’m sorry. I’m a dead man. Let me… That’s fine. Tell him I got cut by a broken vase If he’ll believe me. Why do you carry a knife? You’re going to kill me for real? Of course not. I don’t wanna hurt you I carry a knife to protect myself. Just to threaten people. It’s just a look. I look like a baby, I need a tool to help You’re bleeding a lot. If you bleed to death, I’ll sure as hell die with you I’m sorry. Keep walking.Let me help. Put the pressure on. Go quickly. I’m sorry. Keep walking. My life has changed. I am not the same anymore But I need to help my friends. P’Luang, where have you been? I tried to call you but didn’t get through My battery is dead. What’s the matter? You couldn’t hold down the shop on your own? Something big happened. People came looking for Miw. They threatened to kill me. Were they Boss John’s men? I don’t think so. If it were them, they’d know me They thought I were you. Miw’s boyfriend. This looks very bad. What did she do? Did you tell them where Miw was? Shit! I’m sorry. They said they’d kill me. Wait! Where are you going? I’m going to save Miw What would you do with a gun? If something happens to her, I can’t live with myself. Calm down P’Luang! You are tough, huh? Fit to be a mafia’s son. It’s not like I want to be. Why? Your life is great You’ll inherit a cool business empire Like the Godfather. It’s not something I want to be not the world I wanna live in. If I could choose, I’d like to have a normal dad. So I wouldn’t have to be involved in this shit. Like my dad? He’s a bus driver. He earns 1,000 baht per day It’s exhausting. A lifetime’s earning wouldn’t get us out of debt You were born with privileges. Be content If possible, I’d like to use my privileges to help people not for personal gain. You can be a prime minister. PP, what happened to Khun Shin? I broke a vase and got cut. PP helped me dress the wound. He bled so much, so I dressed the wound. Are you a doctor? Why didn’t you call a nurse? I’ve watched a lot of Korean series They teach me how to… Stop it! I don’t wanna hear another word Khun Shin. It’s time. Time for what? Check the packages and be careful when you carry them. The stuff in there is expensive, got it? Hello, Boss. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call? What good news may you have? Hello, Mr. Thana. We’re in the same business. Can’t a colleague just call to say hi? How’s your business going? It’s going fine. Not as good as you. But if I get the land that used to be the golf club the one we’re both after, I’ll be richer than you I’m not trying to take it away from you You came after me Hey, I have some good news. Dad. Shin! Shin! I don’t have the time to tell you the whole story I’ll make it brief. I want you to back out of the land bidding Then, I’ll send Khun Shin home safe and sound. This is way out of line It’s not personal, it’s all business I also wanna know between your only son and that piece of land what will you choose? Yes, sir. I’m on my way. I found that girl. Don’t worry about her. Save my son. He’s with Boss John. How is it that you let my son be captured by my enemy? Bring my son home. I won’t lose either my money or my son That son of a bitch has to know that I make the rules, not him Yes, sir. What happened, Ter? We must help Khun Shin. He was kidnapped by Mr. Thana’s enemy. What about those guys? They killed Phon We leave them alone for now I have to do my job If you do his bidding, I won’t get involved. I’m here to get revenge I’ll go alone then. You can go back to the hotel I won’t Let me come with you You can’t be trusted. You don’t think before you do things If you don’t care about yourself, think about those who care about you. Only my grandma cares for me. You don’t think I care for you? So many guards. We can’t go in. I told you, it’s not easy. If you go in, you get shot at the front door

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