[ENG sub] [4회] ♬ Fire – (여자)아이들 @2차 경연 커버곡 대결 컴백전쟁 : 퀸덤 4화

– (G)I-DLE
(Original song by 2NE1) They went for the same concept! – I haven’t heard this song in a while!
– Yeah I got goosebumps! Everyone can appreciate this song Jungle vibes…? They are so good~ Nice! – Shining stars~
– This move! (Touched) She reminds me of Park Bom sunbaenim (Goosebumps) – She’s so cute!
– So cute!! Aww cutie So cute!! I wanna show this to Dara! This song is so nostalgic, I’m loving this I wish I had her talent…

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