(English Subtitle)《Snow Tower 聽雪樓》第12集(秦俊傑,袁冰妍,宣萱香港,袁澧林香港,鄭文森,韓承羽)

“It’s a tower of joy and sorrow,
gatherings and farewells.” “As the rose and shadow scatter,
loneliness resurfaces.” “Flowers bloom on the other side,
while they wilt where we stand.” “Snow Tower, Episode 12” It’s time. Zi Mo, make arrangements. I’ll be going to Jiangnan. Tower Master… Yes. I’ll make the arrangements now. It’s been 3 years, she has finally come through. Yi Qing, the human heart is treacherous. After all, in the past 3 years, we don’t know what
happened to Lady Jing. I believe that her disposition
has changed drastically. That’s why I think… we can’t treat her
like the way we used to. Alright, enough about that. I have a sense of propriety. Lady Jing, your sword skill
has become extraordinary. If you didn’t hold back just now, you would have taken my life. I wonder if I’m eligible
to join the Snow Tower today. It has been 3 years since
I last saw you, how have you been? These last 3 years, my father’s enemies of the past… were all killed by the
Blood Rose Sword. There are only Hua Lian
and Moon Sect left… for me to avenge. Not only is she your enemy, she’s also the enemy of Snow Tower. I’ve finally understood that… once the gate of slaughter opens… and you step in, there’s no turning back. The only way is to keep going… until you meet your end. Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Before I entered the valley, my name was… Gao Meng Fei. Qing Yu! Qing Yu! If we make it through, you’ll only be Jing, as I’m only… Gao Meng Fei… Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! Qing Yu, you can’t
just leave me alone! Qing Yu! Qing Yu! The weather has cleared up. The weather has indeed cleared up. This is where Gao Meng Fei and I… stayed for the past 6 months. “Letter to Qing Yu, from Qing Ming” I’ve finally understood that… once the gate of slaughter opens… and you step in, there’s no turning back… until death. The pugilistic journey is long, and unpredictable. Qing Yu… has long refused to
acknowledge me as his junior. If you two didn’t get
separated back then… and caused you to wander
the pugilistic world alone, I’m afraid I wouldn’t… have witnessed the true glory
of Blood Rose Sword today. Actually for the past 3 years, there was some warmth to it. A father’s debt is his child’s. You’ll pay for the killings… Blood Demon has done. Today us brothers must kill you… to avenge our parents. Avenge? That depends on your capability. Don’t force me! I don’t want to kill you. Brother! Brother! Brother! Wake up, brother! Brother, what happened? Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Wake up! Wake up! Brother! Wake up, brother! Brother! Brother! Wake up! Wake up! Who is it? This spot is where I normally sleep. Right now you’ve occupied it. I’ll need to charge you. Fine, since you and I are the same… with no home to go back to. I’ll make an exception, I’ll only charge you 2 copper coins, all right? Have your eyes gone blind? Let me ask you, do you know… where’s the best infirmary nearby? There’s an infirmary at
the south side of the city. Although the doctor is a mute, his medical skills have
been praised by many. All right. If you take me there, I’ll give you 2 copper coins. “South City Infirmary” We are here. Unfortunately, I only found out later that the
infirmary was to be demolished. Because of me, it was delayed for quite some time. However, when my eyes
were completely healed, the doctor suddenly disappeared. For so long, I’ve always wanted to look for him. That’s why I kept trying to
find out his whereabouts. However, I never succeeded. Brother! Brother! Are you blind? Previously, you let the word out… to attract the enemies
of Blood Demon and wife… to kill Lady Jing. You wanted to use this opportunity… to train Lady Jing. But who would have thought that… Qing Yu and Lady Jing had split up. Lady Jing is now left
alone to bite the bullet. Their split… was indeed out of my expectation. Doctor, may I know if you are
good at detoxification? The doctor nodded, that means it’s curable. Here, thank you for taking me here. You’re welcome. Doctor, before my eyes are recovered, I’ll have to stay here
for a period of time. Can you please… get me a quiet room? “Yes.” I must sound like a joke. I know that… for the past 2 years, Snow Tower has helped
Gao Meng Fei quite a bit. Snow Tower was very much involved. We will certainly not sit by idly. I’m sure you’ve found out… it was Lei family from Jiangnan… who used gunpowder in
exchange for Moon Sect’s niter. Gao Meng Fei came
looking for me that day, asking to join forces for this matter. To enter Thunderbolt Hall, and get information on Moon Sect. Please follow me, Tower Master. Tower Master Xiao, is it different from
what you imagined? Looks like the gunpowder
business has earned you… quite some money in these past years. Please come in. The Lei family business… has always been managed
by Lei Zhen Tian himself. But for the past 2 years, Lei family’s second son, Lei Chu Yu… has begun to take over
parts of the business. Therefore, if you wish to uncover Lei family
and Moon Sect’s relationship, the banknote for trading niter… will be the key. Young Master Gao has sneaked
into Lei’s house many times… but has been empty-handed. Lei family’s account room
has a secret chamber. Only the father and
his 2 sons can enter it. Master. But, lately we found out… that his son, Lei Chu Yun… likes the dissipated life. That’s why we wish to use him… to sneak in Lei’s house. Everyone! Everyone! Today, Lady Xiao Qing… will sing a song for any one of you. The highest bidder will win. I’ll pay 50 taels! I’ll pay 51 taels! I’ll pay 2 chests of gold. So much? He’s really generous. I’m willing to use Sea Flower
in exchange for a song from the lady. That’s a precious item. It really is Sea Flower. Gold? Tacky. You! Brother. Young masters, please stay calm. We’ll let Lady Xiao Qing… make her own decision. Gold is everywhere,
that’s no surprise. Pour the wine. Here. Lei Zhen Tian and the Ministry
of Military Affairs are old friends. That’s why every year
Lei family is able to… get the contract for military
purchase of gunpowder… to provide it to the border guards. All levels… of related imperial officials will get
a share in this profiteering. Lei family is not only
involved in government business. At the Yong Province battle, gunpowder of enemy
troops were by them too. It’s so powerful that… it caused the defense
to retreat by 10 miles. Selling gunpowder
to the southern enemy… is not just for the profit. The gunpowder
black market trade is huge, banknotes is the easiest transaction. Lei Zhen Tian is
experienced and vicious. He must have kept
his banknotes really well… while subsequently,
secretly uses them… in black market transactions. The foreign banknotes… have a different pattern
at the bottom compared to ours. Once the government checks on it,
they’ll find out. Lady Jing, it’s about time, you should get ready. Every time Lei Chu Yun is grounded, he’ll try to escape during the night. He is no honest man, that’s why he will appear tonight. However, you should change your
tactic of pushing people away. To sneak into Lei’s house, we’ll need different tactics. Before the battle of Yong Province, you let her roam alone
in the pugilistic world. For those 2 years, all she could depend on was herself… and the Blood Rose Sword in her hands. If it wasn’t for the survival… that caused her to draw her sword, she wouldn’t become who she is. Indeed. Lady Jing’s sword skill now… is extraordinary. The world is vast, and unpredictable. How can I be free from sorrow? Only by drinking. Young Master Gao, looks like your worries are profound. Matters of the pugilistic world… cannot be hidden from Snow Tower. Since you know that
I’ve changed my name, you should be clear of the reason. So why are we meeting today? After the Yong Province battle, this was the niter gunpowder
found at the battle. It’s the same type of niter
used at the Sand Valley battle. For the past year,
we’ve lost trace of Moon Sect. Perhaps, this could be a clue to trace them. It’s been a year. In this past year, every time I close my eyes, my mind fills with what
happened that day at Sand Valley. If you hadn’t stop me then, I would have rushed into the fire. No, maybe I wouldn’t have. I definitely wouldn’t do that. I’m not Eldest Brother. I would never
sacrifice myself for her. I came to you today… to pass on a message
from Tower Master. Snow Tower… is willing to fully
support Lady Jing and you… to take this revenge. For the past 3 years, Moon Sect has disappeared. All the sects in Central Plain
have not taken any action. If it wasn’t for the
help from Snow Tower, I would still be clueless now. Lady Xiao Qing, stay here and have fun with us today. Lady Xiao Qing, it’s such a dark night, you’re walking by yourself, aren’t you afraid? Stop her! Stop! What are you doing? Young Master Lei. What’s wrong? Are you trying to be
a hero by saving the beauty? Beat him up! Don’t move! Young Master Lei, this money won’t do, we’ll have to beat you up. -Go!
-Don’t move! Young Master Lei, consider yourself lucky today. Let’s go. Lady Xiao Qing, are you alright? Thank you for saving me,
Yong Master Lei. You’re welcome, Lady Xiao Qing. I just happened to pass by. It’s so late at night, what is it that brings you here? The music parlor madam
has accepted some money… and sold me to a brothel. I escaped when no one noticed. Lady Xiao Qing, follow me
back to my residence. Follow you back? If you follow me, you can
hide from them for a while. But I have an appointment
with Young Master Gao. Thank you, Young Master Lei. Here. Lady Xiao Qing, it is dark and humid, try not to catch a cold. Young Master Lei, I’m not cold. You should put in on. Put it on. Young Master Lei, the weather is very chilly, I think you best go home and rest. I can wait for
Yong Master Gao by myself. Is it cold? This breeze is
actually quite refreshing. I’ll wait with you for a while. “Rain Pavilion” Lady, be careful of the step. Lady, can you tell where the sound
of the bell and bird are from? For your convenience, my master… purposely moved the clothes
stand to the left of the wind chime. On the stand, there’s clean clothes. The washing rack is
beneath the wind chime. The bed is 5 steps… to the left of the wind chime. Can you remember it, lady? Yes. Thank you. “South City Infirmary” In the courtyard, there’s a big tree. Under the tree, hangs a birdcage.The wind gushes all around,while broken dreams sink.Passing through the chaos of the past.Eerie words,waves of pain.The love I had for
you was never deep.
In a billowing bustling place,the warmth of a friend.How can I worry you with rumors?Mountain water is lapping,like layers of affection.I’m willing to spend my life with you.There’s a limit to even a country…Underneath the birdcage,
there’s a soft mattress. On the right of the mattress,
there’s a small square table. From now on, my master will leave the medicine
on the small square table. When you hear the birds chirping, you can locate the medicine.I don’t believe that in this
lifetime I can’t escape farewells.
Memories like no other,ruining your valiant blood.I’ll quietly make a wish
in this bustling place.
Between life and death,I’m willing to be entwined with you.The broken heart will
eventually scatter with the wind.
In a majestic stance,you pierce through the river of love.Even in calmness we can’t
stop the heart from shrivels.
Crossing paths midway,being besieged on all sides.You easily escaped,
even in the midst of wind and rain.
My coldness…might be harsh.But at least it might
help you bypass the evils.
If you could remember…your longing heart.Wait for me and
we’ll meet through the storm.
Time passed and
circumstances change.
Tears dissolved into promises.The future looks just like the past.Is it tragedy or is it fate?We are tested regardless.Love slips through
your fingers like the breeze.
Brother! Why are you making such a fuss? Brother! Father grounded you
so that you could reflect. How could you sneak out over the wall? When father found out, he was furious. He made us search all night
throughout the city for you. I think this time… father will not let you off easy. Enough, can’t you see
there’s someone here? Lower down your voice. Because you’re always
hanging around with girls like that… and spending money like dirt, that’s why he grounded you. Why are you doing this again… Lady Xiao Qing, don’t you mind what he just said. Thank you for keeping me
company through the night. I shall take my leave now. Lady Xiao Qing, you’re alone, where will you go? Moreover, you snuck out, what will you do if you
bump into those who seek you? Young Master Gao said… he will redeem my freedom. Young Master Gao? Is he Gao Meng Fei from Luoyang? Besides him, who else could it be? Yesterday when I was
coming back to the city, I saw his carriage
rushing out of the city. It looked like he had
some urgent matter. Young Master Gao left the city? If Gao Meng Fei left
the city for urgent matters, who knows when he’ll be back. Lady Xiao Qing, why not stay at my
residence for a few days? To hide from those hunting you… and prepare yourself for the future. But… I’m a courtesan. If I stay at your residence, I worry it won’t be right. It’s fine. I have the final say in my residence. Thank you for your help,
Young Master Lei. It’s a small matter, you shouldn’t worry about it. Just stay at Lei residence… and rest for a while. All my expenses at your residence… will be fully paid… when Young Master Gao returns. “Snow Tower”

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