English Subtitle《Snow Tower 聽雪樓》第42集(秦俊傑,袁冰妍,宣萱,袁澧林,鄭文森,韓承羽)

“It’s a tower of joy and sorrow,
gatherings and farewells.” “As the rose and shadow scatter,
loneliness resurfaces.” “Flowers bloom on the other side,
while they wilt where we stand.” “Snow Tower, Episode 42” Feng Sha, it’s me that they want. Why put yourself in danger? You left Snow Tower for me. We promised to wander this
pugilistic world together. Now that you’re in danger, how can I go alone? Feng Sha, if we managed to escape this today, let’s get married, shall we? As you wish. What a loving pair of
pitiful lovebirds. But, Gao Huan must die today. Blame yourself for
joining Snow Tower… and serving Xiao Yi Qing. You should… hold Snow Tower responsible for this. Gao Huan! Feng Sha, I’ve brought this upon you. If there’s an afterlife, I still hope that… I hope that I can meet you. I have no regrets. This way, we’ll stay together forever as well. Take both of them… back to Moon Palace… as an offering to Flower
Palace Master’s soul. So, there is indeed
such admirable love in this world… that one is willing to sacrifice
herself for her partner. Jia Ruo, if we were in their positions, I’d die for you too. But, what about you? Will you sacrifice yourself for me? Madam Zi. You look so nervous. What happened? No… nothing. It’s just that my mother is very ill. I need to visit her right away. There… There’s nothing else. This is a serious matter. I have some savings. Do you need some? Never… never mind. Thank you, Madam Zi. I… I shall excuse myself. Have you ever been to… Xing Sheng Casino? Madam… Madam Zi, please forgive me. I was a fool to have gotten
into debt for gambling. Please forgive me! Do you know that… Tower Master values
one’s conduct the most? You’ve broken Snow Tower’s rules
by getting addicted to gambling, and even stole from Snow Tower. Do you know the crime
you have committed? It’s just a small matter. You don’t have to be so angry. Lord Gao. He just made a mistake. As long as he repents, that’s fine. But this… As the Vice Lord of Snow Tower, I’ll have to share
Tower Master’s burden. Let me handle this. Yes. Lord Gao, I’m here this time to tell you
that Tower Master has informed us, both Gao Huan and Ye Feng Sha… were killed by Moon followers. Now, Mister Zhong is on his way to
meet him with some disciples. Please make an arrangement… to help Tower Master defeat Moon Sect. Okay. When I’m done with him, I’ll meet Mister Zhong. Yes. I shall excuse myself. Lord Gao, please forgive me! I know I was wrong! Settle your problem quickly. Don’t let Tower Master know. Thank you, Vice Lord! I’ll keep your grace in mind! Love is not easy. Only when I’m stronger,
then I can protect those around me. Xiao Tai, for you, I’ll strive for a higher position. I’ve only known you for days. Swearing brotherhood isn’t
a thing to be casually regarded. It is a future promise to… help one another,
to live and die together. Can you do that? Why are you even asking? Since we’re brothers, we must share our life,
death, honor and disgrace. Very well. From today onwards, we are brothers. I’m new to this pugilistic world, I’ll be counting on you. I was informed that… Gao Huan was killed by the
Mistress of Moon Sect. He’s dead? Why? Haven’t you always
wanted to kill Gao Huan… to take your revenge? Isn’t this what you wanted? I know that… he only killed me… because of his mother’s last words. Spare no one from the Ren Family. That includes you. He didn’t actually hate me. Otherwise, I won’t be alive today. We’re blood brothers. Our friendship… won’t change a single bit
just because of old grudges. But we stopped speaking of it, and kept it in our hearts. I knew it. You hated neither Gao Huan… nor Xiao Yi Qing. Ye Feng Sha was in
your hands that day. You could’ve had your revenge, but you chose to let
them go without hesitation. In your heart, you’ve already chosen to forgive them, haven’t you? That day, I just wanted to know… if his feelings towards
Lady Ye was true. I’m well aware that… he had already let go of this matter. Maybe… our grudges weren’t as
deep as we thought. But we’ve always lived with hatred. If ever we managed
to have our revenge, we’d be the ones suffering
the greatest sorrow. The grudges between Gao Huan and I… were all gone… when he showed me mercy back then. It has only been a few days, but you’ve grown so much. Well, this is what we
call the pugilistic world. How many of us can stay
true to ourselves till the end? It is more cruel than
you can ever imagine. If it wasn’t Lady Jing
that we met that day, I might not have escaped so easily. I have a favor to ask. Please help me. I wish to regain my freedom, and leave Storm League
for the time being. I know that… with my own strength, I can’t change how this
pugilistic world is. But I can’t live like this,
knowing what is good and evil. I have my own principles and limits. If I continue to stay here, I’ll only struggle more. And I… don’t want to be changed by the world. Actually, when I saved you… and let you join Storm League, I just wanted you to have a shelter. But I don’t want to get
involved in their grudges. What I want… is the carefree life I used to have, instead of being controlled by others. This is not a place where you
can come and go as you like. If you leave Moon Sect now, they won’t let you off. And with your fighting skills, I think… you can’t even take a step
out of Lingjiu Mountain. If what you said is true, then my death is worth it. You have to live longer. Or I’d have saved you for nothing. Isn’t there any other way? There is a way… to withdraw from Moon Sect. But you have to take a risk. If I can escape this cage, I’m willing to take a few risks. What is the way? My grudges with Snow Tower… can never be resolved, but you’re not their enemy, they won’t refuse to help you. You want me to join Snow Tower? The justice and freedom
you’re looking for, can only be found at Snow Tower
despite the vast world we live in. I’ll decide for you this time. Jing. I know what you’re thinking. Regarding Jia Ruo, I’ll not make any excuses. Since you care how I think, then why did you… Shu Jing Rong, I’m not a god. I’m a man of flesh and blood,
I have my own desire. If you put yourself in my shoes, you’ll understand why
I hid this from you. Furthermore, he’s no longer the Qing Lan
we know from Sand Valley. I don’t understand. All I know is he’s my Elder Brother, my family. I don’t care who he is now, as long as I know he’s alive! Why can’t you trust me on this? I never meant to doubt you! I was scared. I was scared that when
you learned of this, you’ll leave Snow Tower, and me. Anyway, you now know that
Qing Lan is still alive. I’ll respect your decision. I’m here to tell you another matter. I was just informed… that Gao Huan and Lady Ye
were killed by Ming He. Ming He will be using their bodies
as an offering to Ming Che’s soul. Their murderers… Aside from Ming He, was Jia Ruo there too? Can he be counted out
if he wasn’t there? That’s not what I mean. He’s with Moon Sect now. It’s plain to me that
what he’s doing is wrong. I just want to know the truth! Don’t you mind this. I’ll settle it. I’m still angry at you about Qing Lan. But there’s only two of us now. I don’t want you to risk your life. I know what to do. Qing Lan, Qing Lan! Jia Ruo. Qing Hui has found out that… Snow Tower might make their move. We’ll have to strengthen our defense. We’re unable to… eliminate Snow Tower, but with Gao Huan killed, my father… can rest in peace now. I don’t know why… but… I can’t help but feel unease. Jia Ruo, why is it since your encounter
with Shu Jing Rong the other day, you became so withdrawn? I told you, she is Moon Sect’s enemy. You’re not related to her at all. I can explain the
uncertainties you’re feeling. I’ve never doubted… the grudges between
Shu Jing Rong and Moon Sect. I just feel like… between me and her… There’s nothing! Your connection to her is
not worth a second thought! Shu Jing Rong’s parents and master… were killed by mother. All these years, she’s been wandering the world alone. And then she joined Snow Tower. Everything she’s done… is so that she can seek
revenge on Moon Sect one day! She wiped out Lei family, bought off Long family, attacked Flower Palace, and even exterminated Nangong family. Her ultimate goal is
to destroy Moon Sect! You’ve been wondering… who is the Qing Lan that
Shu Jing Rong keeps mentioning. I can tell you the truth. He’s Shu Jing Rong’s senior. But, he died at Sand Valley
a few years ago. She reacted like that
when she saw you… probably because he resembled you, or she has mistaken you for him
because she missed him too much. All this while, why have you never
told me about these before? Yet after all that has
happened recently, you’re so eager to explain. Ming He, how much of what you said… is true? Don’t you believe me? If you don’t believe my words, just kill me right now. For so many years, everything I’ve done for you… is nothing compared to just an
encounter with Shu Jing Rong, isn’t it? Jia Ruo, what is it that you suspect? Why did she call me Qing Lan? How am I related to her? You’re not related at all! Jia Ruo, do you still remember? When mother tried to kill you, I caused her to fall into Holy Lake… in order to save you. But today, because of Shu Jing Rong, you doubt my feelings for you. I’m sorry. Flower Palace was destroyed. Moon Sect is in a
stormy condition now. If Snow Tower is able
to use Shi Ming Yan, then they’re capable of
using other people… to shake our faith. Perhaps Shu Jing Rong
did this on purpose. How careless I was. But I was just curious
about my own past. I’ve always kept your
kindness in my mind. I never meant to obliterate… everything you’ve done for me. We don’t know… what Snow Tower will
do these few days. You should rest at the palace. I’ll have… Qing Hui and Gu Guang
handle other matters. I have been a doctor for decades, and have read countless medical books. I have also used many different
golden needles before. But a needle as thin as
hair like this one… is new to me. So, I can’t confirm anything for now. The golden needle was
taken from Ming He’s room. She has no medical skills, yet she hid this in her room. She must be using it
on someone secretly. Doctor Mo, please
study and find out… the secret behind this golden needle. Okay. I’ll do my best. Tower Master, a disciple reported that… Lady Jing has set out
to meet Qiu Hu Yu alone. I wonder what he is up to. Do I need to send
some men to protect her? What happened? Why did Qiu Hu Yu come to us? I’m unsure about the exact situation. A disciple saw a messenger
from Storm League just now. He told Lady Jing… that… Boss Qiu is waiting for her. When I asked the
disciple where Lady Jing is, only then I found that Lady Jing
has set off to meet Qiu Hu Yu alone. I think something’s wrong about this. That’s why I reported it to you first. Ridiculous! Under these circumstances, how can she act recklessly? Where did they say to meet? It was a secret message, Lady Jing didn’t tell anybody. Storm League has teamed
up with Moon Sect now. Was the messenger
really sent by Qiu Hu Yu? Or is there other conspiracy? Mister Zhong, gather all the disciples nearby… and look for Jing. Report to me at once as
soon as they find something. I want no mistakes. Yes. “Jing” No. Elder brother, all of us
must leave together! Get a good sleep when you’re safe. When you’re awake,
I’ll take you both away from here. No! Qing Lan, what exactly happened
to you all these years? After you were
attacked at Sand Valley, I never took this talisman out. Too afraid it’ll remind me of you. Now I find out you’re still alive, but I never thought
it would be like this. You’re now the leader of Storm League. You can do whatever you please. Why would you still
ask favors from me? I’ll settle my revenge
with Snow Tower one day. Today, I’m here because of him. Ren Fei Yang is a simple man, he stayed with Storm League
temporarily because I saved him. I could have protected him, but not everything
is under my control. If he continues to stay with me, Moon Sect will never let him off. You want Snow Tower to protect him? Exactly. If he leaves us now, Moon Sect will be after him. Only by joining Snow Tower… can he be saved. How do I know… this isn’t a conspiracy
by you and Ming He? I am my own man. Ren Fei Yang is not officially
a member of Storm League. That day, Gao Huan and Ye Feng Sha’s
lives were in his hands. Yet he chose to put his grudge
aside and let Gao Huan go. This is Moon Sect’s territory. And I’m just trying to save myself. I believe Lady Jing will not sit
and watch an innocent man… being pursuit by Moon Sect. Boss, you sent me to join Snow Tower, but what will happen to you? If Ming He asks about this, how will you explain? In any case,
I’m the boss of Storm League. With how Moon Sect is now, she’ll need me. Don’t worry. Gao Huan wanted to kill me… because of his parents. And I sought revenge from him… just because I felt indignant, and wanted to show my capability. It’s true that we held grudges, but we were also brothers. If we could get rid of the hate, perhaps we might’ve
been brothers again. But everything is too late now. I wish to join Snow Tower… partly because of him and Feng Sha. I believe in their choice. Only Snow Tower… can hold justice for the world. Both of you are from Moon Sect. Why do you think I’ll save him? Because when Lei
family was massacred, you saved my life. If Snow Tower isn’t forgiving at all, will you serve
Xiao Yi Qing so slavishly? You’re not related to Ren Fei Yang, but you ask for my
help because of him. Looks like you’re not that evil. Others may not know… what kind of person I am, but Lady Jing,
you should know very clearly. Gao Huan and Feng Sha
were killed by Moon followers. Snow Tower is quite unstable lately. I’ll consider about this. Well… you want me to help Ren Fei Yang, but Snow Tower has its rules. Please tell us straight. I want Gao Huan and
Feng Sha’s bodies… to be buried in Central Plain. Both of them are dead now. I’m afraid bringing 2 bodies out of… the strictly guarded
Moon Sect quietly… is quite impossible. I have an idea. Mistress. What has happened? I tried to investigate
Snow Tower’s plan just now. But unexpectedly, I met Shu Jing Rong. You were hurt by Blood Demon Sword? Yes. You fought her face to face, but you’re still alive? Ren Fei Yang helped me, that’s why I was saved. I thought… she’d still go soft
like she used to be. Ren Fei Yang? Earlier on, if I hadn’t saved him, Ren Fei Yang would have died already. Therefore, he returned the favor
by risking his life. Storm League has
suffered a great loss. As the boss of Storm League, I yearn to restore my power again. Now, my life… is in your hands. As part of Storm League, I’ll never betray Moon Sect. So, Mistress, you don’t have to doubt my words. Do you mean… Ren Fei Yang is dead? Shu Jing Rong captured
Ren Fei Yang today… so that I’ll send a
message to High Priest. What did Shu Jing Rong say? Tonight, she’ll be waiting for High Priest
by the River of Remembrance. After a long thought, I felt something was wrong about this. Snow Tower might be
plotting something. Therefore, I’m here to inform you… in case there is unexpected trouble. Keep this from others. Especially the High Priest. He should never learn of this. Yes. I don’t understand. All I know is he’s my Elder Brother, my family. I don’t care who he is now, as long as I know he’s alive! Why can’t you trust me on this? I never meant to doubt you! I was scared. I was scared that when
you learned of this, you’ll leave Snow Tower, and me. What’s wrong with me? Why is it when it’s
related to Jia Ruo, I’ll feel so anxious… and fail to keep my usual composure. Tower Master, we still don’t have
news about Lady Jing. We tried to stay low as we’re
in Moon Sect’s territory, so we investigated quietly. But no matter where we searched, we couldn’t find Lady Jing. Keep on searching. If I don’t hear anything
about Jing before nightfall, I’ll go and capture Qiu Hu Yu myself. Please calm down, Tower Master. You have to focus on
the general situation. Regarding the Blue Mountains map… that you found at Moon Palace, I’ve sent some men to check. I believe we’ll hear from them soon. The plan to attack Moon Sect… is all ready. We can’t make any mistakes now. Lady Jing is smart… and good at fighting. Since she dared to go alone, she must be able to return safely. How’s the preparation
back at Snow Tower? When you give your order, both Nan Chu and Gao
Meng Fei will get ready. They’re coming with 2
different groups of people. And Gao Meng Fei will arrive first
with Chuihua House and some elites. Pass my order. Tell them to rush here
as soon as possible. Yes. Go faster! We must reach the next
stop before sunset, and continue our journey
after a short rest! Lady Jing, how bold you are… to have come here alone. Looks like Qiu Hu Yu
was telling the truth. You’re really here
for our High Priest. Don’t you know… why I want to see him? I’m afraid I’ll have to let you down. The person you wish to see isn’t here. And will never be. Looks like Qiu Hu Yu… really told you everything. He submitted to Moon Sect as I wished. Of course he’ll tell me everything. Do you think you can threaten
him with Ren Fei Yang? He saved Ren Fei Yang before, but it’s okay to desert him… when it concerns the general interest. I wonder what will
Ren Fei Yang think… if he hears this. Since he’s deserted by
Storm League and Moon Sect, then Snow Tower will
have to treat him nicely. Lady Jing, do you plan to keep talking here? As you said, this is Moon Sect’s territory. It’s hard for me to escape. What are you afraid of? I just have some questions for you. Tower Master Xiao, you actually believe me? Don’t you… suspect me? You saved Lady Ye before. This means you’re not a bad person. And you must have been
instructed by Jing… to be able to come here. Otherwise, you can’t even
step out of Moon Palace. Rumor has it that you and Lady
Jing are exceptional heroes. Looks like it’s true. She protected you, and made an arrangement
with Qiu Hu Yu. So, what does she plan to do… meeting up with Ming He? Lady Jing did this… so that Moon Sect will not
suspect my withdrawal. She knows what she’s doing. Therefore, I was told
to come back first… so that you won’t be worried. Will her plan work this time? According to her plan, she should have met Ming He by now. Do you want to go and save her,
Tower Master Xiao? It’s so daring of her… to go alone. No need. Jing has always been
smart and tactful. I’m sure… she’s confident about her decision. If I suddenly show up there, I might ruin her plan. By the way, Lady Jing asked me
to hand this to you. She said that… she’ll try to send you another
message before morning… to let you know she’s safe. Please don’t worry. I promise you. I will come back safely, all right? If you don’t return by first light. I’ll attack Moon Palace myself. If you do that, all the deployment
will be in disarray. The previous arrangements
will all go in vain. I can’t care about that anymore. We should just do according to plan. If anything ever happens to Lady Jing, we’ll make Ming He pay for it. If that happens, you can charge towards Moon Palace. I won’t let anything happen to Jing. I’ve dismissed everybody. What is your question? I want Gao Huan and
Ye Feng Sha’s bodies back. Please return their coffins to us. How arrogant, Lady Jing. You’re in Moon Sect’s territory… and surrounded by my disciples. Yet you’re asking for their bodies? Although I’m here alone, I didn’t come with nothing. I know that… in order to keep me
from meeting Qing Lan, you’ve gathered all your people here. But if we end up fighting, how many of you are of my match? When Xiao Yi Qing broke
into Moon Palace alone, it was due to my negligence
that he managed to escape. But with me acting first, do you think you can get away today? If I send a signal, Tower Master will attack
with members of Snow Tower. With how Moon Sect is now, you can’t withstand the attack. Trading my one life… with the entire Moon Sect. This is worth it. Before Gao Huan died, he had stopped serving
Tower Master Xiao. He was no longer a
member of Snow Tower. You and Ye Feng Sha… were not even close. You risked your life coming here… for 2 complete strangers, is it worth it? It’s up to me to decide
whether it’s worthy. Mistress Ming He,
you stand above everybody else. How will you know
what eternal love is? Fine. I’ll send their coffins
back to Snow Tower. By the way, how… has Jia Ruo been at Moon Sect? Lady Jing, when did you start paying
attention to Moon followers? Don’t try to cover it up. I already know. The High Priest of Moon Sect… is my Elder Brother, Qing Lan. But he’s forgotten the past. All I wanted to know… is if he’s well. He’s great. All these years, he’s never recalled
anything about Sand Valley. And you don’t exist in his memories. The past is full of pain for him. The only way for him to start
a new life is to forget. Did he get the injury… during the battle at Sand Valley? “Snow Tower”

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