EnOcean Alliance – the wireless standard for sustainable buildings

the buildings use almost 40% of our total energy requirements a motion technology provides the simple and unique way to save energy and raw materials reduce operating costs and lower total cost of ownership whilst increasing comfort security and flexibility an ocean is the unique combination of miniaturized energy converters with reliable radio technology these wireless sensor networks with interoperable end products operate for decades without maintenance in oceans intelligent self powered wireless switches and sensors are powered by energy drawn from movement light or even changes in temperature this harvested energy is used for transmitting sensor data within a building to control lighting heating or air-conditioning without the need for cabling and ocean no limits in flexibility cost reductions and energy savings in sustainable buildings adding control to energy using systems in offices industrial buildings hotels schools hospitals and private homes has become straightforward and flexible and now some energy efficient solutions enabled by an ocean ain't ocean enables optimized light control solutions self powered switches control lighting levels and blinds self-powered natural light detectors automatically adapt lighting levels occupancy sensors automatically turn off lights when a room is not occupied n ocean enables optimized heating and cooling solutions individual room temperature control for maximum comfort and minimum energy use window position detection shuts off heating and cooling when windows are open occupancy sensor turns down heating and cooling in unoccupied rooms n ocean enables monitoring and control solutions for more comfort and energy efficiency create various lighting scenes central on/off switch or keycard switch window contact or window handle detect which window is open central control via touch panel monitors remote monitoring and controlling via mobile phone or Internet in the space tower 4200 M ocean based wireless sensors and switches saved over 20 miles of cable installation helped optimize energy efficiency and co2 emissions and enhanced comfort for its occupants self powered wireless sensors from n potion create intelligent and eco-friendly houses energy efficient modern living saves time and costs in the long term the end Ocean Alliance is a consortium of leading innovative companies dedicated to the advancement of self powered interoperable wireless building control systems over 100 companies have created more than 300 interoperable products which have been installed in ten thousands of buildings globally helping to create a more comfortable safer and energy-efficient world n Ocean Alliance no wires no batteries no limits

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