Ep. 001 | Chase Reeves Opens Up On Podcasting, Finding …

please go to this URL please please please please please go to this URL please go to this URL please go to this place this URL podcast junkies episode number one welcome to Podcast junkies this is episode number 1 i’m pretty stoked to be doing this it was an idea i had a couple of months ago after attending a conference called New Media Expo in Las Vegas I was motivated because I consider myself a podcast junkie someone who likes appreciates and learns a ton from all the podcasts that I have in my phone I think it’s definitely experiencing a resurgence and I thought what better idea than to talk to others who are just as excited about podcasts who love talking about podcasts and who see it as the wave of the future as you may or may not know it’s even making its way into cars stitcher is now appearing in several manufacturers in the dash so that’s pretty cool I guess along the lines of XM radio you can tune into your favorite podcasts so I think now’s a good time to jump in and I thought I’d start off with pretty lively discussion with someone who I like and I’m fan of chase reeves it’s pretty fun and you can obviously tell it’s one of my first interviews so bear with me as I work the kinks out some of your feedback when you know what you think and if you dig in the show my guest today is chase Reeves chase has been known to bust out a rap lyric to show tunes and he’s keen on vans bowling shoes he’s also also a fan of banana sweaters and he’s inventor of the prod cast a connoisseur of gluten free crackers and generally the funniest person in the room and quite obviously a math genius he’s also one third of the fizzle schal crew chase reeves thank you so much for joining us on podcast junkies yeah man I’m glad to be here thanks for having me on Harry awesome so part of the reason chase that I first heard about she was when i was on as New Media Expo yeah and how the podcast sausage was made was obviously a catchy title to the show and I said hey I got it I got a got sausage in it yeah you know and this part is part of probably part of that same the same guidelines to give you when you’re writing a catchy headline for an email I guess that’s probably what you guys thought when you when you came up now I wish I’m unfortunately not smart enough with that stuff when I think of headline things it just gets so soul-sucking I don’t know I still to this day I run a blog with Corbett and Caleb at fizzle we’ve got a lot of people that come to like a lot of people that subscribe to the email and that that that read the thing they come and see it every month yeah I still don’t know how to write a headline like I always want to write something cute and funny and they never it’s now everything I right there i think is great and none of the headlines end up being like shareable or clickable so I’m the worst guy the room when it comes to naming baby do you guys actually measure that sort of stuff for well you could just can’t you just kind of get a sense you know when you publish that we publish a blog post every Tuesday in a podcast every Friday okay and so and we have been for quite a while and you just get a sense like no knowing we have a little bit at the end and like hair click to tweet this little quote or little quotables icon them I call them quotables and uh and so nommy just kind of get a sense for how many of those you see out there and then how much traffic or whatever but also I mean I don’t so I go like I go sometimes I go like four or five months before getting into google analytics so I to be honest I don’t know I’m just like kind of like the artistic like prima donna one who’s like they don’t love me they love me they jump they hate me they love me I’m amazing it’s like I’m closely I I definitely get the impression and I’m a big fan of the fizzle show that you’re the comedic relief but actually that’s one way to put it the other way to put it is like you’re the monkey they could pull out for in between the good bits the golden retriever is that’s exactly so you have been listening thanks Harry so tell me tell me a little bit about chase Reeves and the fizzle show to give folks a bit of background about who you are but I think a lot of people might have an idea so yeah so we run fizzle co I am the creative director there which means a lot where a three-person shops so which means I we all run we’re all creative director and we’re all CEO and we’re all finance and CTO and all this other stuff but we we try to make people who are we try to help people who are trying to build their own thing that I guess it you know it’s more it’s easier than ever we got more tools than ever to create a web site start earning a living you know but it’s still just as difficult that is it as it ever was as if we were a village you know 2,000 years ago and you’re like it’s like well there’s more hammers than ever but that doesn’t mean you know how to make a shoe and you can just all of a sudden be a cobbler or something like that you know so we’re teaching we’re teaching people how to be cobblers yeah it’s interesting because you talk a lot about that in on some of the shows you’ve been on and you’re trying to separate the signal from the noise yeah and and get folks to listen and I think what you guys are doing is a bit different so obviously a lot of the podcasts that I listened to our about a small business entrepreneurship so what I’m trying to cover here is really like this thing that’s happening around podcast in general yum I’m a fan of Michael Wolfe next market that was a fantastic series he did on podcasts yeah and I happen to catch you and Corbett on it and you mentioned some things about how you got into podcasting so I thought it’d be interesting for you to talk to think back about you know what I know you’re a big fan of Merlin Mann and I’m wondering how you got into actual podcasting and your thoughts about the genesis of it yeah um it I think I started paying attention to podcasts let’s see what was the first ones that I used to listen to i think the ones that have been in my my my feed for longest were like freakonomics and no there was something before that what was it I’m trying to I’m kind of blanking I think maybe um I just listened to a lot of podcasts you know this was way back even before Merlin was was uh podcasting I was just listening to a lot of podcasts I know it before that even I was listening to a lot of audiobooks I just love listening to audiobooks I hated being a slave to the radio whatever was on the radio and I’ve never done that just because it’s like well that sucks like I spend I have a 20-minute ride and I’m going to spend five of it listening to music and most of it listening to to commercial and stuff so I really loved listening to fiction like like listening to ender’s game on audiobook with like changed my whole life and then getting into like Game of Thrones and and stuff like that and an occasional be like well as you probably do some work so like throwing like a sec code in an audio book or something like that just about exactly like going through book yourself solid on audiobook or something and they were all it was I just love that experience I learned so much I feel like there’s something to this just kind of like sitting in the information and seeing what sinks in by osmosis like I don’t have a notepad and I’m not like taking notes on everything I’m just kind of like driving from one place to the other you know 20-minute commute every day to and from and you get through ender’s game in a few weeks you get through book yourself solid in a week you know and so for those reasons I’d love the idea of learning and the idea of being in a story getting just knew I don’t know just going through something being interested in something I think is what I was addicted to is like oh that’s what it feels like to be engaged and interested I like that we’re going to get more of that and and so then it turned into finding podcasts like freakonomics and and which isn’t even like I still listen to freakonomics it’s not my favorite thing in the world to listen to I just don’t really know how to delete it I don’t think I just and I’d rather listen it’s fine you know right now is my podcast q I can never oh yeah the T up with marc maron that’s all starters that’s where it all started for me those hearing these comics that I love talk about their backstory about how they got started and when you hear louis ck talk about how he got started you’re like oh I could have taken that first step maybe maybe I could have even done that but you couldn’t you could look at him do his late a special and you’re never like oh I could do that well you never would say that about louis ck you know um inside same thing with mayor and i was a big fan of marin a lot of these people Rob Delaney and and I just I love comedy so much I always thought it would be just the most magical thing in the world to be able to do that you know and it was that that’s interesting because our do you remember back in the day cuz i think a podcast i think of the fact that you had to actually sync it up manually will yeah absolutely and get the connector your fucking eye with an eye with an ipod like and you’re like time to get it downloaded goes rolling the thing’ll go no good i missed it go to back to podcast yep you know and it’s like there’s no such thing as internet and i told her and then iphone changed all that for me i was still syncing with itunes yeah but but that was compared to looking at it on an ipod like that was amazing and then and then now obviously where i just use the cast’s app and i don’t i don’t even I don’t even open itunes anymore and it’s already own casting yeah yeah the fact that a lot of it happens over the air and i can relate to your story about the audio books because i actually got him to grow with the dragon tattoo and I had a long commute I used to live in Atlanta I’m in New York now but I mean it was 45 minutes to an hour so yeah and then I discovered the magic of 2x speed and I was like well yup they don’t catch it they don’t sell like chipmunks and I can understand everything so now it’s like I can listen to twice as many and now my guilty pleasures downcast at 3x which is kind of strange 3 x’s Harry here’s the thing ok I let me talk to you about some twice speed stuff yeah first of all up like my like Merlin like he like would hate you would never talk to me if he under if he knew that I listened to his show hi I’m at one point seven at one point said ok um that’s that’s the optimum that I’ve found uh but i also like when it when there’s like a bit like a long video I don’t watch on youtube or something like that I found a little way to download YouTube clips yeah and then I’ll open it up with QuickTime 7 the old version of quicktime where i can actually play it at would like up to 3x yeah and so I’ve gotten so used to doing that because of audiobooks listening the enders game at 2x still sounds great i’m still getting everything and it’s and and a half the time you’d be reading that fast anyways when like it’s exciting part of the book like oh my god ya know it’s almost like speed it’s a speed reading busy yeah but if there’s something like intimate about the fact that you can hear in these authors are in your ear buds and i think when it’s so close and the fact thats related to podcast as well when you’ve got these authors like literally in your ears and they talk about this edit and a pen MX a lot as well but it’s something more intimate when they’re so close and you feel like they’re they’ve occupied the space within your ear your ear drums or ear canals whatever it is you’re beautiful holes don’t don’t fancy it up it’s just holes it’s just a hole yeah it is a hole it’s a hole I mean let’s call this gold spade a spade here that’s a whole they’re basically inserting stuff into your hole you basically have an empty cavity in your head you’re just shoving things in it because you’re so lonely and hungry and and it’s just more more and more and more and more well the the strange thing about it and the Pat Flynn talked about it too is like you get through like a like a series of episodes so for example the fizzle show like I listened to I had to go back to the beginning when I like a show I like okay let me hear what these guys are about and I go back episode 1 and I start to work my way through so I’ve been a good about 30 40 episodes you’re like oh I know this guy oh yeah this guy that’s when uh that’s one of the most unique things about podcast because you do not get that same thing from blogging you don’t at all and you can kind of from video weirdly the reason why I think it with video you kind of can but rarely are you ever as candid on video as you are in just audio why is a podcast an hour long on average and a video you know wants to be about three minutes on on YouTube yeah it’s edited right it’s edited and because I’m not gonna watch you mega will see here and watch you for an hour but I’ll put you on one driving to work exactly you know and i’ll put you on when I’m going on a run or something like that in the background and that’s where I think that podcasting operates on this really interesting level then I’m just saying that from I don’t have I’m not like I don’t have access to research or anything I’m just saying for myself at like a lot of times like Fred Wilson’s a VC guy that I like to pay attention Brad Feld all these guys they do a lot of things that they’ll have like a long interview thing on YouTube first thing I do is I download that that thing and I’ll convert it to an mp3 I’ll put it up on my cloud app and I’ll huffduff that so it ends up on my phone so I can list you it’s a video it had started out as a you know conference video so there’s some there’s something to be said about the fact that you actually take all the the time in the effort to put all that stuff together and say okay I now have a strategy for how I can get videos into my like audio oh don’t get me wrong I would prefer it just to be one I wish I could have just tough tough youtube videos but but you’re right I got bill it’s because and this is it I think a thing that I’m learning to see because I there’s somebody that I’m infatuated with I want to learn whatever the hell they’re gonna tell me like it started with Merlin and then it was known to Marin and it’s still Merlin and mirin and and all these other guys but like Brad Feldon and where I’m like I want to know what they’re saying I want as much like Marco Arment at XOXO conference here in portland he said this about like why he loves podcast so much is because he can love a writer and be really interested in thusi astok about what this person has to say but he’s never gonna get as much of them in a writing as he is going to get in them being on a microphone because this is me and I’m talking to you Harry you know like like we’re really getting each other right here I mean it’s still like separated by bits and bytes in there and you know and insecurities and distance and all this other stuff but like this that’s what soda mark that’s why I fell in love with Marc Maron is because I saw how broken he was and how uh and he had acted how much work he had put into this career and how much of a failure it was and how it was actually building itself up again but on totally different directions and and how he had access to all these people who would tell him tell him all their stories because they know that mark went through that shit you know so for all those reasons I just fell in love I just I loved that that vibrancy the vulnerability the authenticity that the darkness that monster drage miss of it all and just a real humanity and more than anything that’s why I still la and I’ve also I’ve been an audio guy for forever I started out as a musician and I was recording for the last 15 years you know just dealing with audio so when after doing that that got me into video because it’s not that different editing video from audio which I’ve been in video for much longer because well videos sexy and this and the other so going back to podcast is like in editing audio like I can do anything I want in audio I get you literally yeah yeah I can relate because I I when we talked to that new mex i’m working on a DJ app as well but yeah I’ve been making electronic music for a while so I mean I’m very comfortable in like ableton live and like working through audio files and putting all the stuff together and the editing aspect of it so that that part is is definitely familiar to me so I want to dig in a bit deeper because you got a view in corbett had a really good interview on the next market podcast and what you were saying is that you see the platform as a way to talk about your mission and your message and you said the podcasting is a big piece of it and you talked about podcasting as a cultural moment and it’s about noting your audience really well so you dig into that a little bit more I can’t say those things it your honor you’re on the record you know that right yeah I think what’s funny is because the nature of podcasting is just also bullshitting you know now about what you know now more than I do what was said in the next market vodcast when I was on there but that’s my personality like i’m just i love i love you know you sent me an intro to the show i like I glanced at it I was like I really don’t to know what we’re gonna go through cuz I like being in this moment yeah why I was a torn between that like i do i send it order just catch oh sorry like orbitz would much rather know what we’re gonna talk about him and I just wouldn’t because I’d rather be the guy saying like I have no idea but let’s talk about this you know that because I don’t know that just I’m a like I’m like you said on the golden retriever like I just want to go fetch the stick and this is the stick right now you know so uh I do think we’re in this interesting cultural moment with podcasting as we are with everything like you know people are talking about um the real zark industry or the movie industry its own oh the microphone just changed JJ’s we’ve gotta it’s gonna mind its own but like you know things are checked yeah of court the movie the movie and music industries are changing so much right now because they’ve only been around for like 25 years you know they’ve really only been industries since like the 60s maybe so you know any manager put podcasting into an industry um I I would certain I love what pack I wasn’t around for the wild wild west of blogging yeah when we were creating blogging I wasn’t or certainly wasn’t around for you know the wild wild west of music and movies when when when you could just have a studio and start making these things and it costs a bunch of money but like nobody was doing it so every movie every piece of music was interesting you know the way that blogging was for a while like I was never around like I remember when vine came out like the the little girl and I was just like oh I’m around for the introduction of a new sort of category yeah you know I’ve never like I wasn’t a row wasn’t on Twitter when Twitter law or I wasn’t in internet when Twitter launched even but podcasting feels a lot like uh like every and everything that gets released it learns a lot from what’s come before it so the maturation of vine went really quick because Amon it’s still in the middle of it just because of the nature of what humana in general has learned about social networking you know so i think the podcast you know industry or whatever machine or whatever going to call this is maturing very rapidly because of the nature of the way that that publishing is maturing and we’ve but we’ve been publishing for you know hundred you know well maybe not actually when Gutenberg was in 1500s so yeah hundreds of years but and it goes back all handwriting’s are the overarching publishing umbrella and the idea still like I I was a biblical studies major in in college so we clearly we were talking about the Bible uh and the idea of the Gutenberg press what would I mean the Bible was central to that like the idea that the fact that you could now go from hand you had to be hand writing shit before that right and now you can take an idea like I don’t know black people are the same as white people there’s an idea right let’s not discriminate against anyone that’s a mess that’s an idea now i can i can make i can i can make that idea into words and then i can disseminate it through the world you don’t I mean that’s one little break if you really like sit back and think about it that’s kind of wild shit right yeah you can imagine what it meant it like you know 500 years ago yeah right so we’re doing the same thing every fucking day with every tweet you know every little fart on the internet that I make every little blip and blue I just have a new app called saga for the iphone and it like tracks everything that you do it’s like hey you look like you went to this coffee shop and then you went to another coffee shop and then and then you walked two hundred steps and then you ate at this place and then you were at home for like four hours and then like it just knows where you are it’s their own personal stalker and which means it’s making me try i’m looking at this and I’m like wow I should live a better life I should go to more places with my family instead of by myself and oh I should you know like it’s like now I can see what’s actually has get to the parts like you spent four point six hours away from your wife do you feel it yeah totally I noticed your wife wasn’t anywhere near anybody these other girls were no I kid but uh anyways I don’t know why bring that up but but this idea that that we have the ability to to disseminate information these ideas I mean that I forget how powerful this is we’ve had a really tough we just moved back to Portland um from the bay area and we’ve had a really rough transition of except a four-year-old son and he’s been having a very hard time with basically he’s had three lives in the last three years three complete lives we were here for ten years then we moved down to the bay area for about a year and then we moved back up here and i’ll try to refrain from Portlandia jokes but i love ya yeah it’s alright you can put a bird on it that’s fucked um so we’ve been having a really rough go of it my wife’s been insanely stressed you know why cuz the story in her head about what’s wrong with my son Aiden and then what’s going on has been very intense it’s had a lot of things at stake if he doesn’t figure this stuff out he’s gonna he’s gonna x y&z his spines gonna be dysfunctioning or whatever right there’s mine was creating this story she starts reading a fucking book okay called happy parent happy kids or something I don’t know something like that and literally like a she’s 50 pages into this book and she’s just looking at me like oh my god this is amazing and I’m watching over the last two weeks my wife completely transform ya and my hat my house becomes a happy place again awesome you know my my my hanging out with my son becomes more fun dinner time becomes fun instead of like a total like you know just nightmare experience putting aidan down hanging out like he’s responding better because that’s all from the book that because it was a fucking idea yeah ideas are so powerful right because it refracts reframed some of the narrative she had in her in her head about what she thought of our life and this that and the other right so just the idea ideas are so powerful and we get to disseminate those podcasting is just one way you know I could send a tweet I can send an update i could do a blog post i could write an e-book i can sell it on gum road i could do this that and the other I can do anything I want right so we got every day with just like I’ve got an idea whatever I’ll just heard they know what that my ID most of the time when the bummer is our idea is like that wasn’t a very good movie or like oh my god fat people are the worst or whatever yeah everyone’s got an opinion obviously right whatever our ideas are but but for those of us who do the work there are there are really great ideas to be had and we like but even more importantly it’s like if you’re someone who’s struggling with your family life like cuz you because you feel like yours kids gonna turn into a horrible monster or something like that you can you can do the work to either find out an idea for yourself or discover someone else’s idea for you and realize how amazing that is and so if i eated listen to the happy parent podcast i do i do that instead of read the book you know so it’s do the i feel like i said is that is that a sneak peek of some up and coming no I guess yeah I need another podcast like I need a hole in my head or the or the whiskey parekh podcast you exactly sitting like that yeah so uh but I think so I have this idea about um and it’s not really like my idea but but the senses you have a message Hey Ya Ya you have a message I have a purpose i have a mission like my mission for fizzle is to help people who are and I hate that word help help is like we just use that nowadays well I really mean is someone’s out there trying to put their ass on the line to build something that they care about and support their family and their struggling their head is just about underwater with all of the things they’ve got to keep straight you know productivity time management what should I do next which I do this or that I don’t know anybody do any go to this conference that cost a lot of money should i spend that money all this sort of shit right it’s super stressful it’s super heroing and I’ve been there and done that and I know how to build these businesses so I wanted just like this parent book lady was able to write that shit down for my wife I want to be able to no no no no no no no no your life isn’t going to shit this is normal and here’s what you need to do just you know it’s like it becomes very easy to give those ideas so I have a mess I have a message I’ve a mission and so now what I want to do is disseminate that in every way I can right so if someone’s going on facebook and early to see it there I want to get them I want to get this to them they’re so one’s gonna be on youtube I wanna get it to them they’re someone’s gonna be let you know in itunes searching for podcast i want to get it to them there if someone’s gonna be on the internet searching google i want to get it to them there you know so that’s like as a publisher that’s what it looks like now you know gary vaynerchuk has this idea that we’re all media companies where whatever we are you know you’re the you’re the DJ app guy now you’re also a media company right yeah the applesauce or responsibility to distribute message and like the best way possible and I think do you think that like some of your training as a pasture comes through and your role is like a fizzle ringleader if you will well I certainly spend a lot of time in prayer about it oh yeah i think what what I’m really grateful about all the I don’t know the development that i did back then is just this the sense of you know what there are no rules I know when you contemplate death in the hell enough you know and then come to terms with the fact that like probably isn’t a hell might be a god but probably isn’t a hell and even if there is like what is that back come on you know I like but it it really made me pay attention to people that really made me like realize like nobody’s got the answer nobody’s got the answer right I so so I should just be humble you know don’t be an arrogant piece of shit be humble but move forward you know sometimes people are just waiting for you like your take on things and sometimes they’re struggling with like how to figure out a problem to a certain solution unlike and sometimes you listen to enough podcast and you get a sense of like okay maybe this guy has the answer maybe this guy has the answer and then you just listen to a wide range of opinions and that puts you on the right path maybe yeah I certainly it’s kind of dangerous because you spend enough time up front what’s comfortable about listening to so many bud business podcast is I don’t want to have to put my ass on the line yet and so it’s really easy to say I’m going to do all this research because I need to learn all this stuff when really the best the best education it better than buying membership to fizzle which cost a dollar right better than that dollar and then $35 every other month better than any education I could give you is just jump in start making shit realize nobody cares realize you got to do a lot of work to try to get someone to care which means you got to stop talking about you and start talking about them trees you got to figure out what their problem is it would mean you got to choose someone who they who they are is I don’t know what what grammar is I’m still learning but you got to choose someone to serve like deal like Bob Dylan’s a guy does that wait no that’s everybody must get stoned know yeah or even looks at you gotta hold up with science too he also said you gotta serve somebody there it is that was the one I was looking for it it might be the devil that’s right that’s the one your point is you gotta shit or get off the pot right in some ways yeah but it’s incredibly harrowing and scary to do that right I get to really easy for me a guy who’s been doing it for the last 10 years to say oh you gotta just go start and try you know but looking back at my own my own career that’s what I needed to do and what is it I did it in very very small ways I I tell people to things just jump on jump in and go do it and give yourself five years okay you know because just like if you were gonna be a carpenter and work under a master carpenter and be an apprentice for a little while I mean give that about four or five years and you know just about everything there is to know about putting some finishing cabba tree and doing all the things that you need to do you can start your own thing you could run a run his company for him when he wants to work less or whatever right so they ain’t thing with like I’d imagine like with like the old world trades and stuff like that like carpentry woodwork stone work farming even things like that it just just loud yourself some time allow yourself some years to figure this shit out because it’s not just figuring it out it’s also slowly growing that audience and if i were to put the owners on my the owners the onus kind of the onus the onus if i was about that’s my rap name it’s all right but if i owned the onus yeah it what’s up y’all as owners i’m here to wrap uh-huh but if i would put that kind of pressure on myself to try to build an audience super quick the way that I see some of our fizzles doing that I would I would never survive I would have never survived but instead what i did is i learned how to make websites and I just fell in love with the idea that I can make something I could write something that could be vulnerable and honest I could connect with someone out there who’d be like fuck that was good thanks man and and that I got addicted to that experience and I realized I could do that online and I wanted it to look a certain way so I figured out how to make it look that way and that’s what the beginning of the design stuff I’ve been doing that for like almost ten years you know so figuring that out and I and letting that take the time that it took while I had day jobs is what made me able to look at the things the way that I do now but there’s a lot of other people who are like experts in posttraumatic stress disorder they’ve been working in that industry for 30 years they just don’t know anything about the web right but I put a blank page and a keyboard in front of them they can tell me the 10 figures questions of people with PTSD struggle with right it’s like okay write those what we’re gonna do is want to put it together in the e-book we’re gonna make that the free giveaway yeah but also got split testitude oh yeah do this it’s really easy from that point you know the hard part is becoming an expert the blogging in the end the podcasting all that stuff that’s the easy stuff well you know but alone so my question is so in the past this would be okay I’d read a blog and I’d find out all about this okay and you’ve talked about a couple of times and pastor viewers know about the douchey sound in blogger right so you don’t want to be that dushashana blogger and who actually maybe a nice guy in person you’d they all are yes that’s the horrible that’s the worst part about it they’re all great they’re all great people they just seem douchey online yeah so in the past you would like read a ton of blogs and you left it okay I’ll figure this out I’ll watch I’ll read the sparkline and I’ll learn how to do this yeah is it is the nature of podcast advancing that curve is it faster now because people can you can talk to people almost directly through a podcast now yeah but at the same time how do you how do they find you and how do they choose you over another guy that I mean you still have to deal with with get chosen in the first place but I and I I don’t i mean i don’t believe that pot everyone needs to be doing a podcast I believe everybody everybody needs to be doing a few things like pick pick a couple you gotta have a home base somewhere I don’t see anybody making a home base just with their podcast because how am I gonna reach out to you except for through the podcast you know and I mean and so if I have a product to sell I I’m really hurting if I’m just selling through the podcast saying please go to this URL please please please please please go to this URL please go to this URL please go to this place this URL you know uh whereas if I have your email address like you physically have to like archive that or delete it where my chances are if I’ve developed a great relationship with you you’re like hey this guy doesn’t spam me he’s only ever sent any good stuff before in the past wonder what this is it’s something he’s made I trust this guy I’ll go with it you know it’s like 10 bucks right um so but anyways the point is you gotta have a home I think you have to have a home base online and I wouldn’t make that your Facebook or your Twitter or your podcast I’d make that a blog somewhere because you can just say things oh man maybe may I don’t know though maybe that’ll change completely Google cluster people are blogging on google+ and Lincoln you know there’s something about you something something about establishing a brand James Schramko calls it owning the race course it’s basically your home base where you send people to and and and you tell people like this is our brand you know for you guys it’s fizzle yeah and and people know like as at some point the fizzle brand is where I need to go to to get all my information fizzle related yeah I wonder if that will change in the few in the future I mean if I but certainly still to the right now there’s no better there’s no better tool or there’s no better way of communication with your audience than email in terms of action um terms of building relationship you’ve got a lot of opportunities there right did some people are gonna be on linkedin I mean if you start blogging on a link like that’s why some of the biggest of the big are just blogging on linkedin right now because it’s an incredible way to reach people again a podcast is just another medium it’s just a medium no that’s all it is and so you either can use this or not and I think for me this was made for me like I was made for this and I think so it’s funny because I don’t think any of your personality would have come through as fantastic as your emails are and your blog posts are I mean a lot of how I I’ve come to understand the chase reads persona has jammed through just listening to you and how yeah what how you don’t give a shit about sounding ridiculous and it’s almost like you thrive in this medium so I think I really do I I i really appreciate you saying that because i remember the first time we started doing these like the first episode we ever recorded we never shipped it was like really bad because i think i was pretty drunk but um but and after that like cuz it’s not just it’s not just making the podcast it’s not just sitting down and actually recording it’s also then editing it putting into a blog post putting it up on the feed scheduling it you know doing all this shit that’s like real work about this thing but I figured you know I learned how to do that I got into a rhythm and I was like you know what this more than anything else is it feels really good and that at the time now is a lot easier early on to because everybody was just reacting to how different our show was compared to everyone else’s and there was so much applause like so everybody was like god is great i love it and now that applause is kind of tapered off because are like our main hub or like our main crew of the audience they all it’s not new anymore they’re not gonna be like oh I still think it’s so great opinion uh they’re listing every Friday but um that’s why is that the post the voice of your audience there yeah yeah yeah so we have the Irish sky right yes and now we have the audience as audience I know Gotye hey man what’s going on this is onus I got a little to see this is this is exactly the point because all this if you wrote down like exactly what we just yes not another day right comes through like you’re you’re different takes on them but that’s why your license that’s why it’s so fun I that’s why for me it felt like a home base I’ve never done anything that felt so much like me before and yeah I love the way you say like and run afraid of being sounding like an idiot because I do so much I mean if you look at the reviews of our podcasts are like this is a really good podcast it’d be really great if you could just cut most of chases stuff out and bring it down about 35 minutes um and then so like half the people think very strongly that I ruin the show but they’re still gonna stick with it anyways cuz it’s good enough and then the other half are like I I would not this is chases the best part ever so like it’s a very black and white kind of thing so we’re back to Gutenberg and racism so so we got that going for us yeah and then I think as long as I don’t get pause blocked on this yeah I’ll be fine I think it’s awesome like um yeah I just tried to pause block you but then you stopped going so you gotta get comfortable there’s an orchard like like I don’t know there is well that’s why well because Corbett Caleb and I like we have a rapport with one another we know like when he at when when you say something and you’re expecting me to go like yeah totally and I don’t it’s tough oh look at you go yeah now if any of us could just learn how to drop our own little wash bombs unfortunately he’s got the pat pending on that I can’t go where you pick this up and where I saw like the first inkling of this that as far as far as I’m concerned that because we should tell people like these are little these are a little inside jokes from the show that just have randomly developed over time so from the fizzle shows ok so keep going it’s almost like teasers like if you want to learn more than Pizza physical calm yeah some would call that the information gap yes mm-hmm so I saw your videos on ice to the brim oh yeah and it was interesting because you your natural on camera because you like talking and you like making your personality come through and you know I think the fact that that I don’t know if that was the start of this this is chase personality of you yeah I mean I don’t know what else to call it but yeah if you go back it’s it’s actually started with father apprentice which is the first like I had I had blogged before for a long time but it was always just like I’m choice I eat this for lunch here’s the funny image I found on the winter net you know and and then I started father apprentice which was just for you know bad dads you wouldn’t be great basically and um how’s that working on he’s going great I haven’t posted in two and a half years but uh but it we groped we grew a little audience there and I did it a lot through the videos like instead of like riding was always sort of difficult i would literally up or a cocktail I would I would I would set up the camera I would sitting from the camera and I’d be like okay I could I just put a little piece of tin foil that would curve around the back of the camera so I can see if the red light was flashing because that’s how I little cannon was telling me that it was recording it didn’t have anything on the front right side then I would sit in front and okay I’d only have 12 minutes for each time i press record and it stops recording that’s why the tin foil is so fucking important and then I’d go over there and I would just figure out what I wanted to say I normally wouldn’t even know and I would and I that’s where I developed the process or the way that in which I like edit the videos where it’s like a you deliver a couple sentence some sort of phrase and then it’s a cut yeah because that’s all I could get out at a time and then i toid you go sentence by sentence by sentence kind of like that till I figure out what I was going to say I then normally I’d edit it and be like God if I want to scripted this out order been like 18 times better yeah I think you had some nice edits in there so you kind of made it seem like a cohesive so yeah so videos where it kind of started uh for me because I like Steven Pressfield here’s this this post about the ten you know mountain Gladwell’s 10,000 hours thing right uh and Stephen asked what is happening during those ten thousand hours then what’s really happening he said he says his hunch is what’s happening is they’re learning how to be themselves on the violin or on the microphone or on the blank page or on the canvas or on whatever you’re learning who you are from just bashing your head against a blank page you know like crazy as it sits as your I’m a guitar player so it like I could pick up a guitar everything sounds boring and stupid and then cycle talk about it everything just like with you with electronic music you know it’s like now that’s like two Avicii nah that’s a little too like I don’t want to do like the big arena thing oh no that’s a little too down temple and it sounds just like but you can overthink it you can overthink it right absolutely you could talk that’s the best that’s why when I sit on a piano it’s just all fun and games or like a drum set I’m just like oh my god it’s amazing so that’s what podcast felt like to me so I’ve been writing and doing video for so long podcasting just felt like I don’t know let’s see what goes next and when I listened to Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin on back to work they just bullshit around boasts the time it isn’t boring yeah you know I’m just cuz I like these people and maybe 10 people like me the same way that I like Merle in because the truth is I would buy any single thing that Merlin put out there there dr. Merlin fanboy I’m a super fan fight uh but but he hasn’t put anything out there to sell no you know he tried to do a big publishing deal and because he tried to go that route to get to his audience the negotiations went south with publisher and he never finished the book well part of the appeal of him is his voice I guess is or maybe what he has to say is oh yeah absolutely I think he’s I think he’s fascinating and brilliant so why why not just write make an e-book and sell it for 150 dollars i buy it yeah you know I’d buy anything that he put out there and I know there’s there’s at least two people who would do the same for me you know which is nowhere near the amount that was good for him and not not nearly enough the about that would that would you know support my my family but they’re gluten free crackers by gluten free crackers right but but that the point is like that persona that I developed for some reason the work that I had done in terms of you know develop personal development all this stuff made me more comfortable with just getting on camera and just being the guy and trying that stuff you know I always wanted to be funny I always want to make people laugh I was wanted to be myself I was want to discover that i always wanted to like i’ll go out to dinner with someone I don’t even know and i’ll start telling about the problems in my life so I’m like let’s work this out let’s figure this out you know what it’s not like a downer it’s more like I yeah well we don’t think this you know um like they’re like they’re like I just I just make just I just want to tell you about my business chase can you just it’s not about our sex life yeah exactly i just want to know how to make my emails more clickable please exactly yeah I’m not the guy to talk to you for that but i think that’s instructive i think that’s important because I well at the very first two podcasts in our in our podcast our episodes one and two is a two-part series on finding your voice because we think that’s the biggest challenge with doing anything online because you the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re going to try to be either Pat Flynn or or you know Corbett Barr or I don’t create chase Reeves you’re good but nobody tries to be me online except for the best ones um good they’re already gonna make it anyways if anybody’s interested in me that’s like okay good you clearly are you know have the goods to be able to to do it yourself because you can see like I’m just making it up there are no answers there are no rules everybody’s got stinky bits everybody’s got like literally everyone has genitals like stinky like you no way no way well to be honest there are some you go that’s another pot that’s another podcast it’s yeah I want to niche that out general dental free podcast exactly but the truth about that is no matter what like you know the guys and the gals at the top of the top the ones you look up to moes right they’re just humans they had to get them if they had to get there somewhere I mean I mean bit it took I took them a while to find their voice I guess this way and not only that but now that now they’re all they do they look like they’re on the top of the mountain to them they’re like they’re like there’s way more Mountains like it doesn’t matter where I am right now and they they’re they’re either loving life for hating life either way it doesn’t matter it’s not it’s not yours to control and so don’t necessary you got to find your own path you know and that’s I think the hardest thing is discovering who you are what what your quote-unquote reason why we say you know finding your voice because like what else we’re gonna say I don’t find in your face or something because you but Gary you got a great face for radio I’m loving that you’re doing podcasting because no I think it’s yeah I mean I think it’s a great hobby I mean as you know it’s a great opportunity to meet folks in this space I think you actually are going to be speaking at podcast movement as yeah which I’m looking forward to yeah I’m trying to be a bit respectful of your time here so I want to dig try to make it through the home stretch until this video cuts off and then that’s my sign that you actually dropped off in your head no more time for me sucks now to make my own gluten free crackers so what do you think about like what’s the future of podcasting and what do you think about the aspect of like discovering new artists like what are you listening to that’s kind of piqued your interest now that you wouldn’t have heard before if it wasn’t on the podcast so okay so the I guess I know what you put that last bit makes me think of like the music podcasts that I listened to yeah right so like I’ve been listening to the above and beyond podcast for forever and it’s made me an absolute lover of electronic music there a talker but in an unhealthy way right but uh so that has caused me Ted but I still don’t go buy albums Mauer levy and you know Noren and ran I just don’t like I’d much rather listen and I’m do like club mix on the on the podcast they just a little interesting thing about electronic music is it’s something that’s appreciated it live it live I guess take that with a grain of salt but it’s the plaintiffs or laptops and everything but but in in a in a festival tent outdoors I think that’s some of the best ways we’ve experienced festivals and we go every year to attend my wife and I so really yeah we got a Detroit electronic music festival oh that’s gonna be good it’s crazy that’s the birthplace yeah yeah and we go to I’m going Coachella too I mean there’s a mixture of bands and djs Coachella but yeah yeah I mean I think there’s something about hearing it in an open space that was to a cramped like club yeah yeah totally and and they did the frankly like that you listen to but above and beyond plays live and it’s not at all their CD if they’re all club mixes they’re you know they’re the cds are all the actual albums are very down tempo or just chill in comparison to what they’re playing live which is so much bigger and bolder and crazier with this huge club mixes and I’ve just decided I don’t know I just don’t know how to buy electronic music so I just listen to the above me on show cuz that’s what I love the best you know so anyways for music wise I know of a lot of people like if I saw a poster with Nora and rad on it here in Portland like I would I would drop everything I’d find out on another plane at go and our writer began even though I’ve never ever once I don’t even know how to find their website or where to listen to them online I don’t know but and I could search an RDO for that button and I wouldn’t find the best stuff because that’s not have you tried soundcloud because you can start to start to favorites oh yeah DJs and then i get your stream and eventually your stream builds up to like comparable music and that’s not find other similar artists i have we’re on i’m on soundcloud but but normally it’s just for listening to one not one offs you know like i love lists i found like a someone did a remix drake that was amazing and i like a lot of remixes in the shit like that that I just like listening to but ok so that’s the only one for music that I end up listening to i also like Gareth Emery show he does great stuff cuz it’s a little more you know just electro um but in terms of what i would i’m listening to for actual spoke and stuff like it’s all the basics of like radio lab back to work uh freakonomics yeah X market podcast 99% invisible like a lot of these are that are the sort of bread and butter to me I a lot of people listen to those then I have I used tough tougher which allows me to sort of like any podcasts that I find around I don’t have to subscribe to that podcast listen that thing I can just click puffed up and it finds the audio file on the page and throws it into an RSS feed that my podcast app is already subscribed to soho off tough um would it’s a collection it’s a collection of yeah so anything I see someone that I like tweet something I’m like uh so for instance like Jesse thorn I don’t subscribe to any of his podcast because it’s just a lot to take in but if he says oh my gosh bill burr was on this one you gotta listen to this i’m gonna click that link and then I pull that page up click huffed off the little bookmarklet and it automatically throws that in but it’s on my phone but by the time i get there in my queue which is probably three weeks from now at the wait wait wait i’m going right now um but so that that’s really helpful i look cuz there’s a lot of great stuff in there that I just because they’re all just things I’ve chosen these specific thing I want to listen to you know um in terms of business podcast i really don’t listen to anything i can pull it up real quick um yeah let me grab mine that’s well but it’s interesting because it’s almost like everyone like I mean something like podcast movement you think it’s called podcast movement but when you think about the fact that there’s like other people in the podcast movements base that are cute you got Joe Rogan Marc Maron yeah you know they’re not represented there so I wonder like if it’s fair enough to say that this is a comprehensive of everything that’s happening in the podcast space when it’s really like this business p it’s the people who are the thing about blogging as a business is like there’s almost zero cost to entry so anything with podcasting there’s zero cost to entry there’s there’s basically no cost of entry so of course there’s gonna be a million people with zero to say just trying to get an audience yeah that’s great that’s how we start you know that’s how I started I was just a nobody writing about being a dad and then people really liked it that’s when I started father apprentice you know but before that I was thrashing for a few years of just writing whatever bar my right arm I car you know and my mom would be like I don’t get it chase that’s it that’s it the Russian force yeah another one I listen to as I listen to this week in startups a lot of great interviews and then I just kind of just listen to the interviews that I want to and that one new disrupters is is pretty good Bionic Bionic is one of my favorites ever but I don’t know if I’d love it so much if it wasn’t my friends that were doing it that’s on five by five what’s your what’s your app of choice i’m using casts i think its full name is pocket casts you know what I got a shout out to you look nice today which is probably the first podcast I ever listened to and the one that probably got me into it in the first place but that and WTF which but you look nice today hasn’t put out an episode and forever but WTF is you know I just listened to the one with ron white which is one of my very favorite episodes i’ve ever listed to in my whole life you know and so that that’s that’s the one I’ve been listening WF unless new longus and it’s still one of my favorites because you know I get to hear I get to hear a guy like Ron White shoot the shit with marc maron and tell me like the stories that he’s telling you know Ron White like he is like the ultimate story teller guy you know he’s like our version of Billy Connolly so anyways you’re a big fan of the mentioned the Louis CK one was uh yeah Airport won’t let you were listen yeah resume to part louise EK robin williams was really good you know going all the way back but a lot of times i’m most surprised by the little ones because my i think what’s probably at the core of what I’m looking at is what does it like to be creative and make a earn a living being someone who makes things for a living there’s this advertisement documentary that came out about like you know about advertising in the industry of advertising and one guy on there I can’t remember who it was but he had the most r a speedy was a longtime creative a very cool guy but what he talked about was like one of the most terrifying thing as a creative is you make something and you’re expected to wake up the next day and and have another idea you know and it’s serious scariest thing is you’re gonna wake up and you’re not gonna have that idea you know for the next client or for the next idea and I and not that I’m terrified of that but just that like I know what it’s like to be in this mode of like I’m building building building building building it’s very there like I’m I’m doing this you know I’m sitting here talking to you like trying to be myself and I’m also a little bit of a hyped up version of myself and I’m just trying to like manage things in the bio I don’t want my life to fall apart i’m trying to stay married all this shit’s going on and i’m just trying to keep my head above water i have no idea what i’m doing and it’s terrifying to think that one day I wake up and realize like you know the the big business boys tap me on the shoulder to like yeah we’ve just pulled the cord on you because you’ve been playing for the last 10 years no thing you make that point because i listen to joe rogan a lot and the kind of like I’m an A student like health podcast and i think when i started deep diving I mean this guy’s a frickin three hour podcast but so that’s kind of the reason why I listen it’s a big investment but I like this in him too so dull cast I did not I did not want to like this name did y’all resin guilty pleasure man its own I was cheap total guilty pleasures like listening to seal it’s like you don’t want anybody to know but you’re like dancing yeah and some of the timing some of the Jesse I mean but the thing is he’s introduced me to like Bryan Callen and Duncan Duncan Russell’s got a tickle ously hilarious podcast he does the best like if you ever going to sit through commercials said to Duncan Trussell family our commercials rolling off it be ridiculously funny how do i recommend it but um yeah I think it’s the fact that he’s introduced me to like so many different authors and he’s got had guys like Graham Hancock alex gray like this visionary artist that I that I’m a big fan of was on there as well so it’s just people that you get to hear them talk it’s that fly on the wall syndrome right yeah these conversations that you would never you know never have had a part yeah and just an emotion most the time you’re like hearing like it’s like biographies like reading biographies yeah you know and i think there’s so much to glean from that then when you listen to hundreds of them like on WTF the way i have you start to see the patterns and you see that every creative struggles with like feeling like a fraud yeah you see that note and nobody knows what they’re doing and they’re all making it up you see that now everyone’s looking at louie ck and saying like i want that i want creative freedom i want to be able to control shit whereas a lot of others are still actually looking at like I just need someone I need HBO to make me you know i know i need a producer I need someone to go out there and realize how great I am and make a show about my life so I can actually make money you know where as Louise kind of going the other way he’s like I just I don’t I just wanted night and that and that’s the model because that’s the point I was headed towards because the that this is exactly what joe says he’s like there’s no studio there’s no studio bosses knows gonna tell me me like cut the f-bombs out he’s like hey your podcast shouldn’t be three hours hey you know what why are you talking about the all these stupid topics you’re talking about he is the boss of his own show like he does whatever the fuck he wants he doesn’t care and he’s built up this brand however thousands or millions of people are downloading his podcast on a regular basis so I think you know when you talk about the fact you might have someone come and attack your shoulder like I I get as long as you keep doing your own thing yeah but you’re building your own brand and you don’t give a fuck whether other people say because you’re like hey this is our show it’s we stream it we own it and if you don’t like it just find something else to listen to totally and at evident that’s that’s kind of the point is that nobody’s ever gonna tap me on the shoulder I mean the tap is like when I wake up one morning and I actually don’t have a business anymore like everybody left or I blew it up or something like that right and that even that’s not gonna happen Yeah right these are just these are just the insecurities that that that come when you’re when you’re like you know just kind of like taking things from inside yourself and throwing them at the internet and is hoping something sticks you know uh and so there’s no right answer everybody’s figuring out as they go and podcasting where is it going was actually the first question and I don’t think it’s going anywhere different than any other publishing platform you know it’s about who are you what are you here for and who you gonna help be valuable you’re valuable to me when you’re funny right I only I’m listening to Marc Maron why there’s a million podcast out there that are funny and way more funny than Marc Maron but I uh I found him first and now I have a relationship with him i interviewed with him i chat with him we have a scar once oh you know he talked about me a couple times on the podcast like that was a big deal for me I said about maker um but and I favor natural natural coffee me oh yeah well yeah the Aeropress well of your pretty easy yeah but I in the same thing with Merlin like where it’s like I have a relationship with this person whether or not I know them you know and those are bad examples cuz I know I actually kind of dude no both those but but um like a an example of like jad abumrad from radio loud um though the production and the things that they put together I’m just no I’m gonna get some crazy story you know and someone like you who this is this Joe Rogan and goes to trade show you gotta listen to the episode called bliss because the last part of that is all about well I just listen to it you’ll know what act 3 is about what i was getting it it’s great the show is amazing I’m exposed to ideas i would have never understood before or now or none of that would’ve never been exposed to you know um and so for those reasons I’m is always super grateful for this shit and that’s like so in the next market the latest next market that I listened to next market podcast was with Roman Mars from 99% of Isabelle’s great and he rattles off a list of like 15 shows that he listens to and loves so much I didn’t heard I hadn’t heard any one of them and and I made me realize like I hadn’t refreshed the podcast that I’m listening to it’s a rabbit hole in like a year yeah cuz and I don’t know what I’m gonna that’s by the way what I’m really interested in is how do people find the show I have no idea i think they find it through the website most of the time every show that i found has always come from someone else that i know a natural podcast that mentions another podcast exactly and so that’s where i’d say it’s like new and noteworthy I don’t know no not at all he’s a guy you know John Lee Dumas is the guy for pocket I don’t know how he does what he does I do know he does he is pretty clear in podcaster paradise woody what he does so if you want to know what he does because he doesn’t there but I just I don’t know we’re just making the thing every week and I’m and I wish we were getting I wish we had more and more and more and more numbers and I don’t know how new people are gonna find us but I thought but it’s almost better that you grow that way cuz it’s like more organic as opposed to like oh we blasted out an email and now we’ve got leaks like 10,000 you listeners that have no idea what the show is but they thought it’s something that should they should listen to and then like 9000 drop off because it’s not for them totally absolutely but but at the same time you know I don’t know it’s just interesting to hold you to wonder you don’t know what expectations you have half the time until your letdown yeah until you realize wow I was expecting more and well I never voiced those expectations and now I understand what I was expecting and I just had this thought today it was like wow what am I expecting some kind of going more thrashing of like what the fuck are you longing for what the fuck are we doing this for why are we doing all this stuff is this a lot of work is this June work what’s happening is this happening you know cuz nobody cuz nobody’s pat me on the shoulder recently enough you know i’m just like a little prima donna or something I’m like I’m gonna virtually Pat you like ya know oh yeah right lower so but but that’s such a big deal with especially if you’re talking to people who are starting up podcasts we’re thinking about podcast even now I’m an experienced podcaster because I’ve done like almost 50 episodes if that make that and a world of podcasting that’s like 500 that’s like 500 books or something like that but um oh it’s like my third book I guess is what I’m working on but thinking through your expectations even though I’ve been doing this for a while I still have never really set what my expectations are because we had a really big idiot audience to launch our podcast into everything just went way better than I could have ever thought it was and so i was high on that for a long time and now we’re just in this low love like no we’re still kind of where we were growing a little bit every every week but and so i need to readjust my mind to that not just there but on the blog and on everything else you know and fizzle growth and everything but I think I mean a lot of your show stood out because I mean obviously it has a lot to do with your personality and the fact that the three of you have a really good chemistry together yeah that’s the chemistry the chemistry is the most interesting thing I think I mean I’m I can hold the show for about five minutes yeah and then you’re like I need something else from fucking me my Nate I need some actual substance on this yeah yeah so yeah I think you pull it off well and I think after when you listen to so many and they all sound like Oh SEO tactics and like a be split testing and like yeah they’re all see in the same shit like I want to make you the best entrepreneur of your life and like you’re in a power of positive affirmation all this other shit like yeah and there’s like wow they’re all saying the same thing and you have to go through like you know Wade your way through like 10 or 20 of those crappy podcasts and you’re like oh and then you find a voice that resonates you know like oh this guy’s got a prick you’ve got a personality yeah that’s an interesting point the voice that resonates yeah there’s people who the SEO tactics and a/b testing stuff resonates with there’s other ones who the positive thinking and all that stuff resonates with you know and and you get to chew you get to I think like why I go to the gym I’ve been working out for a long time we do the same routine for like three years that fell in love with it but early on I was like trying to be like a Daniel Craig or something like I was like I want to be oh no I’m working out and lifted heavier and heavier and ever but my body’s not starting to look like that was like a James Bond accent not very good I’ll give you more later okay fine but I rely kind of my latest sort of I guess it’s just all the time in meditation or something but its like I’ve got to make my body the best version of my body of itself other this is it this is a there’s a thing this wants to be this body of mine then it’s and it might not be Daniel Craig and it might not be Arnold Schwarzenegger with the the most difficult and and biggest thing i could do is figure out what does this body want to be yeah and then serve that make that you know same thing with your personality same thing with learning how to get come from on a microphone same thing learning how to speak in your own voice on on the internet anywhere you know whether it’s in writing or video and audio figuring out what who you actually are is the thing and that’s the hardest work that’s the that is the work and I’m still very much trying to discover that just because I’m free and easy with my language it doesn’t mean I’m not thrashing around horribly trying to figure out a handhold to get you know to the next step of what I don’t know if there’s an maybe I’ve already discovered everything but what would you say it took you uh was it was it a path for you to get there like to find you actually to find your own voice right yeah there’s also a metric like there’s there’s two things there’s you can jump out and you’re basically the self that you can be right then right but looking back on it you’re gonna be like oh super embarrassed because like I can’t believe I’d say shit like that but you were actually being pretty authentic to yourself back then yeah right so then you grow over time and you start you learn like don’t and the thing like that and you know like this or don’t you learn little things they figure there’s ago I don’t believe that anymore I believe this and you so in some ways you’re always the goal is you’ve improved so much in five years you look back on your old shit and you can’t even stomach it you can’t even stomach like aim at that aim for that because that means you’ve improved so much so thank you so you’re so you’re saying is go I’m gonna be looking back at this video and be like what though huh clearly you don’t even have a microphone your hair looks good your hair looks could be you got a deep v it’s not a deep enough V lack you know you got nothing on the wall behind you there’s no flowers I don’t see flowers anywhere until you put microphones on camera so that’s good okay that’s good but um so yeah I sec I’ve never really said that before I really it makes a ton of sense that you would in five years I’ll look back at this right now or anything that I’m making right now and be like oh man what a little looser so that means what the only way to get to their as you ship your shittiest first draft right now you know just press publish and just go go go go go go go go and learn learn learn because people are forgiving if they see earnestness I think and and I think you know someone recently interviewed me on some big long thing of personal branding tips or something like that I said I have four points number one is just care a lot like we can tell when you’re caring or not and then two three and four we’re all just look at number one again and again and again and again and again and again again and put your ass align and fucking care they have something that you care about of course because I’m sick and tired of you trying to optimize a headline about some shit that you just don’t care about you know that’s that’s the secret that’s the fucking secret to online is you I can I can see that that you really care about Star Wars pretty good and particularly empire strikes back because that’s what you’re talking an awful lot about with the with really impatient sort of uh you know ferocity I can tell you know that’s my closing remark I like it alright Harry well thanks man so where can people track you down I guess if you what I always say is if you don’t care about who you follow on twitter you can find me there and if you if you want to build a business thing online go to go to fizzle co check out the blog get on the email list and we’ll send you something sweet every week that’s awesome highly recommended you folks check this this cool cat out chase Reeves thank you so much for being a part of the podcast junkies and we’ll talk to you soon man thanks so much Harry okay that was episode one in the can and that was frickin awesome Chase is a ton of fun and hope you enjoyed that as much as I did so the show notes a bunch of stuff we talked about in the podcast junkies calm / one page and don’t forget podcast junkies calm / review and you could leave us some feedback on the show let us know what you think how we’re doing if we’re off to a good start I’d like to introduce also our musical curator for this show George avianna otherwise known as cedar and soil he’s going to be providing links and actual music at the end of each episode some new bands and ku-band some of our friends that we really like and just something to mix things up a bit and give you a little musical interlude or out your blue group whatever this is called outro lewd anyway enjoy it’s going to be a lot of fun if you’ve got suggestions for music send that along to music at podcast junkies com so with that I’ll leave you with the beat down which is the song off the cedar and soils latest album durch thanks guys I don’t want to stand in love and you’ve got yours now got monza come on there is one thing that you can do now the two let’s wait until the fight I’ll be waiting for you downstairs you saturday take you for wake up girls tonight we go I wanted to show the cemetery they build too big and scary there’s much that you have to my ordinary douchey areas love do not come as a surprise me too I swear outside see the we go go bronze was to keep in love are you a big fan of like the big ice ball thing okay listen here’s the thing about the big ice ball all right okay there are cocktail you got to ask yourself what does this cocktail want to be all right so if you’re making scotch on the rocks like go for the big ice cube all right if you’re making a Negroni don’t give me a big ice cube give me a little give me give me medium sized cubes because what i want is it the thing is is that the big ice cube it melts slower that’s all it’s all together it keeps the cold in which means every part of it stays colder longer which is great um but there’s times when you want some melting the melt that’s what the whole point of ice to the brim is is that that you make your cocktail way too strong just so that ice can break down the water kind of sweet you’ll be amazed the way you get this gin and tonic and it’s almost all gin and then as the ice as the ice slowly slowly melts it gets sweeter and sweeter and then you’ve got about a 20-minute window or a 10-minute window where it’s like it’s like optimum about five minutes after you’ve sort of poured it and finished and then started drinking it night Stu Stu strong up front and then you’ve got about 10 20 minutes of like really good drinking depending on how if you’re doing a pint glass or a lowball glass that’s why you do it ice the rim because you don’t want to be making a cocktail every 10 minutes no I don’t want you anybody especially been mixing or the fuckin put a pineapple juice and shit that’s assuming you’re making it yeah yeah but the chances are you probably arcs you’ve got friends over that you’re somebody that people like us or something and even if you’re at the bar I mean if you’re making a cocktail every 15-20 minutes man is gonna cost so much money yeah I gotta pay for some gluten free crackers man I don’t have time for this you know Hank that type of that so some drinks is great for the big ice cube okay i want to but my very favorite are the trouble oh the silicon ice trays oh we are like the one is pulled over thing right the one in their 1-inch cubes yeah ok so the 1-inch cubes I could fit about four of those in my low ball and that is just perfect because they melt just a little bit but they’re big enough to stay cold for a really long time so you can make a really strong like that you can make a beautiful Negroni and it’s gonna stay it just the cocktail matures cocktail matures over time you’ve got to science man I got me down to a science they can’t say that if they’re good cocktails for you but I certainly love them all right next drinks on me man

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