Ep. 08 The Forgiveness Law of Prosperity

so I wake up in the recovery room and the doctor is hovering over my bed engage the operation was successful we got out the bullet and everything should be fine so I'm really drugged up on groggy I'm in a lot of pain but I'm grateful live right those who guys read my book no I got shot in a robbery and so they've been Russians about 3:00 in the morning I've rushed emergency ICU they do this surgery so he tells me you know everything's okay we got to cool off and then he says and while we were in there we took out your appendix because we were because we opened you up anyway and you know you could have appendicitis later and then we'd have to go back and not even ask a perfectly good organ on the other side because I got shot over here the appendix is over here and you know we come you know so I can't really do but I get over get out of the hospital have a lot of pain they've got all of the muscles in my stomach to open that up and and it hurt when I sit it hurt when I stood it hurt when I lay down and could find no position I wasn't got infected I had to go back to the hospital they had their resuture everything about two weeks later I'm sitting in church on a Sunday morning I'm wearing a white shirt I look down I got my shirt because the whole thing is opened up again so I mean all these problems two years I'm sick two years on going through problems two years I can't sleep I keep waking up and I go too you know I got tested for AIDS I got tested for malaria I got tested for mono I got you know then it's what you've been to all these different countries we're gonna try you know and that was we got the malaria and all the tropical diseases so I thought I say to my doctor listen I want you to do a check I think I think they left a bullet inside me because it's like my body is trying to expel something cuz I I have these night sweats all the time and it's like toxins or something and it's a brandy you know come on they're crazy at Jackson Memorial but they're not that crazy save your money so I go to the ENT specialist order this special did GI specialist so I go to the GI specialist and they said we're gonna you know they make me drink the chalky stuff and they do the whole thing of your intestine so they're doing that and the when I've got the gown on and then nurse says to me is so what's the big scar I got shot in a robbery gunshot wound okay great so I do the whole thing she comes back with the x-rays and she says up oh I see they left the bullet inside you is that because it's located next to your spine like now it all makes sense there's even after when I'm still in the hospital the police who came to talk to me said why wasn't the bullet in evidence because the doctors will to save it and give it to the police I don't know but yes I'm against the doctor what they have left it in and the guy had told me that they took it out specifically told me they took a toy but there was lodged in and it was next to my spine so interesting thing on just you know I'm one so I scheduled another operation a different doctor had to pay em out of my own pocket to get this out all that and but of course I have personal injury attorneys behind enough I mean this is like my payday this is the American dream right find somebody to sue that's how you get rich well of course during this time I have discovered the laws of prosperity I've become a student of prosperity I started with the book that dynamic logs of prosperity like Katherine fun so I got all these lawyers lining up wanna help me sue this whole hospital get a million dollars and I was thinking about it I did what I always do is I pick up a Bible or self-development book or something I just open it up to a page and figure that's my lesson for the day so I get Katherine quote dynamic laws across 30 open it up and she's talking about forgiveness and she specifically mentions lawsuits and she says how could you forgive somebody if you're suing so ass like that there goes my million dollar civil so what do I do I think about it I meditate if I I say you know I was dying that night those doctors and nurses they did the absolute best thing they could and they say my life and you know what yeah they took out their penance without asking me they didn't take out the bullet but you know what they saved my life I'm here to tell the story so I've got to be grateful for that and I've got to forgive them because they did the very best they could so I wrote out page forgiveness affirmation 13 times because the Mystics believe there's something spiritual about the number 13 wrote it out 13 times put it in my Bible I prayed on it will give them and you know what that night was the first time in two years I slept perfectly throughout the night didn't wake up no sweats no pain you know a few weeks later before I but just doing that forgiveness that was such a cleanser and that's I very much believe in the forgiveness law prosperity the heart can only hold one dominant thought if you have revenge in your heart there's no room for love together so I want you to think but it is when people say that they're blocked in their prosperity they haven't been able to manifest the kind of prosperity they're looking for are we saying what are you holding on to that you need to be releasing is that the part of the vacuum law prosperity and check out that video on this site if you have beer my Frank around here in South Florida it's a beautiful day and so I wanted to test a little bit on fiancee but what are you holding on to that you should be released and if you're holding on to being vengeful being spiteful being a victim if you if you want to be a victim you can't be a victim so you have to forgive everybody and I would say this I asked every seminar audience service is the hardest person in the world there is forgive and the answer is always the same yourself I've done more than anybody I've probably had more a harder time forgiving myself than any of you guys watching this video but you know what I have to do that and you have to do that to forgive yourself forgive the people around you and allow the prosperity of manifest that your birthright please get down below give me your comments on this subscribe I'll talk to you on the next video you you

32 thoughts on “Ep. 08 The Forgiveness Law of Prosperity

  • There are more people to forgive than you think. Sit down and write up a list. And clearly, forgive yourself, faults are the seed for experience to make it better in the future.

  • Dear Randy, you can't imagine how much you impacted my life sharing this critical experience in your life. I was just in this moment in my life trying to forgive to myself to denied to myself prosperity, being shy and trying to nobody know me. Now I have this enormous challenge to forgive to myself and be success. Thank you Randy!! One time we were talking about one of your interview and said "Randy is a PACHAMAMA" they agree. That is mean "Mother Earth" for us in the South of America

  • It's twice your words had me in tears, everything about prosperity and the why we are where we are is making sense. Thank you, bec you explain it diff yet clearly. =)

  • This is a really crazy story Randy. I'm not sure about doing things around the numbers or having to put things in a bible but to each their own. I really like what you said about the forgiveness aspect of getting through the gunshot situation. It's intense for you, I could imagine as someone who had so much to live for, to see some silly gunshot almost take you out of the action. Thank you for sharing!!

  • very powerful man who knows that appendix could have caused serious problems down the line 

    everything happened in the strangest and most beautiful ways 

  • Great content, very interesting, thanks. You might want to do a little research on purchasing and using microphones to reduce unwanted noise.

  • WOW! Randy you really hit home for me on this one. I have something that I have been holding onto for many many years that I need to let go of and COMPLETELY forgive someone of. Thanks for that. Time to really forgive and let life really begin for me.

  • Just stopped by to listen again to the forgiveness law of prosperity.. I originally bought the boxed tape set many years ago and loved the content. I'm pleased that I can now watch videos and be reminded of the Spiritual Laws to wealth & abundance.

  • Super and I Love You!  I am so,so happy hearing you speech In the event of Zinzino in Turku,  Finland 2013. You are one of the biggest lights I have ever sean. Thank you from the bottom of my heard all huge things you share from Your Bottom of You Huge Big Heard.

  • Thank you so much Randy for charing. I just discoved you today and love your way of looking at things. From today i'm your student from Morocco.

  • I have never heard it said in such a tremendously inspiring way.
    Heard it many times many ways from different people. Even 'Dr.' Phil didn't have the right words.
    But they were manifested in this video, for ME that is. Let's just say "I saw the light".
    You are indeed an impressive talker. You relay your passion and conviction. Now it's a question of reliquishing.
    Thank you so very much…
    BTW, love your videos…You must be a great person to know ;( my loss! LOL

  • you are too good .teach people this true technique of prosperity. FORGIVENESS.
    teach your kids this technique

  • it happened with my husband he can sue an old lady,her dog jump over him he was paralyzed for few days.but he did not do it .he said how can i sue an old lady she must have saved some money for her old age .how can i take that money from her.i have to grow old too someday and today we are far more living better than that time.In religion Islam GOD asked us to forgive people 77 time .before you decide to take revenge and He said its even better to forgive he will give you more then what you lost

  • I attended an Edwene Gaines Seminar at Unity of Tampa last year. I was highly motivated to forgive "myself". But quickly forgot everything that I heard after leaving. Thanks for the reminder Valerie.

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