Ep 33 ALL WE NEED IS FREEDOM, Corsica 10. Sailing Mediterranean Sea, Navegar a vela

We sail along the east coast of Corsica and we are still impressed by this landscape that seems taken from the high mountain, the villages follow each other in a perfect balance with nature. Here, in the north of Corsica, mass tourism has not yet arrived to destroy everything, as it has already happened in too many places in the Mediterranean. Now we know that a part of us will live forever on this wonderful island. Life on a sailboat is simple, all this beauty that surrounds us is getting inside of us … sea, wind, sun, nature … everything is in a fragile balance… But our life, our projects, and dreams, are also in this fragile balance… When you can feel all this within you, you can turn this instant into eternal. But you can also feel that life is only an instant. An instant that we want to live with intensity, peace and love. An instant that we want to share with you. We are in Bastia, with its beautiful seafront, that together with Ajacciu, which is the birthplace of Napoleon, are the two great cities of the island of Corsica, Now we are going to visit the two cities, for which we will have to make a long way by car to travel the 150km that separate them. – Here in Ajjaciu is full of references to Napoleon! -More Napoleon, here are three! The east coast of Corsica is very different from the west coast of the island, which we have visited so closely, visiting coves, bays and caves. Instead on this side, starting from Bastia, the coast is a long sandy beach of almost 50 miles, so we decided to sail all night to reach the southeast of the island. Yes, just the place where we started this series about Corsica 10 episodes ago! 10 episodes ago we met Sina and Wolfgang, we had fantastic days! But now Sina has to leave the sailboat, her holidays are over! Summer will return, the blue skies and this warm sea … And if this brief moment that is a life allows us, sure we will meet again, to live new instants of happiness surrounded by new landscapes.

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