Ep. 380: The Pillars of Multiplying Capital In Your Business

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thanks for checking back in with us we’re super excited because today we
have back with us MC lab sure the cash flow ninja hey MC how you doing doing
fantastic and so great to see you guys again always that fun with you yes we
were actually down with MC in Trenton New Jersey at pod Mac said just a few
days ago awesome event so on air brands bundling where they brought a lot of
great podcasters into the same room somehow myself got invited somehow for
that point but we had awesome guests there MC was there he was doing his show
we had a number of great guests we’re able to interview five or six awesome
podcast super day we’re gonna do another one coming up but we want to get back on
because beyond that we have MC speaking at our October 12th multifamily workshop
again Multi Family Foundation workshop calm you can go there and it’s going to
be an awesome one-day workshop all about multifamily all about cash flow all
about how to build out your business and we’re psyched to have MC talk a bit
about what we’re gonna talk on a high level there that day but really the four
pillars that he’s learned from all the successful podcasts he’s done over the
last course of the year but before we get into that MC thanks for coming back
on can you give us just an overview for the listeners and we’re gonna link in
the show notes the past episode but give us an overview for who you are of course
and what you do absolutely so m MC lobster originally from from south
africa that’s why it’s not a Pennsylvanian axe and although i reside
in a new town Pennsylvania with my with my family and a lovely wife Megan and
our two kids Christian and Josephine I’m the creator most of the cash flow ninja
pod course and also the cash flow investing secrets podcast we’re on the
cash flow ninja show we interview folks that share how to create cash flow in
the new economy through many different ways whether it be real estate
commodities businesses paper assets we also covered some crypto and blockchain
cash flow strategies and in the cash flow investing secrets show I share one
concept or idea at a time that I’ve learned from
all these folks and I know we’re gonna jump into that today and then I’m also
the president and of producers wealth wealth creation firm that helps clients
in over 45 states we have the ability to do 50 states but we help them with
strategy of how to create protect and multiply their wealth in any economy
awesome awesome oversight to have you back on of course go over check out the
cash flow ninja podcast awesome he’s got now and check out cash flow secrets and
recite to talk about through all the interviews you’ve done through
everything that you’ve had all the exposure through oh so many successful
people across so many different classes of business you know who as you talked
about yet yeah blockchain you got real real estate you got finance with every
component you say there’s four pillars that have stood out that have been keys
to success let’s dive in yeah absolutely so one of the things that I sat down and
reflected and I take a lot of notes when I interview folks and the one day it
just kind of hit me because we talked about different capital to write
intellectual capital mental capital you know financial capital relationship
capital all these different capitals in our in our world and then I thought to
myself and I’m like man these people are in the business of multiplying capital
all forms of capital but that’s essentially what it is so how do I break
down how do they multiply the these capitals so I came up with the four the
four pillars and it’s sort of like the CC times four as I call it because
there’s a lot of C’s involved but the first one is cash creation and cash
creation is basically every single person that of a successful person that
I’ve had on my show is there the ability to create cash now how do we create cash
you know and why that we do it is through value exchange because money is
just simply a tool so it’s folks that produce and create value for the market
or for the world and in exchange then they get money so they’ve created that
cash so some of the things under cash creation because people would say well
technically you know what are some of the things that you
only there well obviously the my instead of abundance this pretty big a lot of
the folks that I have on my show they have an abundant mindset where they are
not fighting over a small pizza pie they’re trying just to get a bigger and
bigger pizza pie like they see an abundance of opportunities you know one
one guest was even joking and saying you know MC where are you a Star Trek fan
were you a Star Trek fan I said well I watched the show
he’s like remember when those guys were on the spaceship and they were talking
through these daily screens to each other
he said we’re living in a time right now where not only do we have the same
technology basically as those guys on this wasn’t Starship Enterprise
but anyway talking through telescreens but it’s free love you even more for
just mentioning star I was like oh my goodness
Weil even live in Star Trek yes the enterprise but we basically live in Star
Trek okay exactly so the abundance mind said and then obviously the other things
that come into play then it’s the development of your knowledge base right
your intellectual capital around that around that and and skill sets to tie
into the mindset so high income skill set is what we spoken about quite a bit
in a high-income skill set is a level of expertise or mastery of a certain
specific skill set that solves a very big problem for someone someone that’s a
heart surgeon spent a lot of years for to get that high income skill set
because it’s a big problem that he’s solving and providing value for someone
that’s why it’s so valuable you know so high income skill sets could be sales
and marketing and we’re always going to need the ability to find people that we
want to serve and then also the ability to just to sell those products or
services to them network is also a big one under underneath that because
essentially the relationships that you have and then your mindset and the the
high income skill set and the skill sets that you have all of that kind of
combined you know is going to allow you to produce value for the world so that’s
the first part and then we all create cash in a different way so for example
you know some folks love their jobs they’re very good at it
that’s a driver for the Mets or they create cash some people start a business
some people buy a business some people buy a franchise some people start you
know join an MLM or a network marketing come here so many different ways that is
each unique to us all of how we can create cash so this isn’t by the way up
in an area where a lot of folks have challenges with there’s a lot of just
creators out there look at all these people doing fantastic things the next
step or puller is cash capture yeah two more seats got a lot of seats coming for
you guys cash capture involves now that we’ve
made money we need to find a way to protect the money that we’ve made and
what I mean by a lot of people struggling with this point is we all go
from making money to then all of a sudden just investing or speculating the
majority of folks do it that way right they make money they hand it over to
Wall Street it’s and mutual funds and now you know we’re quote-unquote
investing or speculating but we haven’t we’ve missed a vital step of that
protection the level of protection so what I would put in into that level of
protection of number one would be okay where do we warehouse our cash where’s a
place that we can actually put our money that is quote-unquote as safe as can be
guarantees contractually guaranteed okay and then allows also many other
different things so there’s different ways where folks have warehoused their
their wealth right I would say one of the big things for me when researching
this and studying and obviously we do the infinite banking strategy which is
essentially doing the same thing but it collateralize –is
assets so people have where’d where they warehouse wealth you know in the Middle
Ages or even earlier than that it was usually land it was real estate castles
right art gold silver spend money for centuries you know banks of light stock
accounts have been one insurance so we looked at all those different things and
there’s many different strategies or employee
and there’s a combination of them too I’ll give an example you know so for me
personally one that stands out obviously is the insurance strategy with with
infinite banking but there’s also a strategy where you can collateralize for
example gold and silver to leverage that to acquire another asset and that’s
essentially what collateralization is is using one asset to acquire another asset
so that ties into where you warehouse and efficiently and protected also from
taxes creditors inflation you know all the fun stuff that that steals our
wealth the other thing that I would also put underneath there is cashflow
recovery which falls under cash capture because there’s a lot of money that we
are unknowingly losing every month and we don’t really think about it because
we’re so focused like most folks just on the ten percent of our money that’s out
there that we’re trying to multiply what I’ve learned from very wealthy folks and
especially in the family offices they are pros at this is they look at
everything they look at your entire economy your entire personal economy
your entire business economy and they say am i overpaying for taxes can I
reduce my taxes right because for most people especially with family offices
especially but in general most people the biggest return that you could
possibly get on your money is cutting your taxes in half
yes true you know so we’re so focused on like I got a say 10% and then I got a
try and triple or quadruple that 10% of money to get a massive return where if
you cut down your taxes on the front if no returns gonna beat that for you so
that’s what I mean by cash capture and then there’s other very low hanging
fruits we have insurances that overlap there’s we’re overpaying for certain
things in certain areas so there’s ways of doing that I’ll pause for a second
before I get into the other two if you guys have anything to add or any
questions on those everything’s so amazing and exciting I mean we’re just
listening in no so and I’m falling back so right now we’re starting with the
cash creation which of course is our pinnacle movement right and you on that
point we focus so much on cash creation but then we get so involved in our in
our lives and we don’t really focus on where the capture is right so yeah
lost in the cycle of okay I’m taking all this money in and then so my best
resource is potentially just giving it to Wall Street and letting them invest
even though I’m calling and investing it’s not truly me investing because I’m
just really putting my future and really my potential retirement potential
anything in someone else’s hands because I’m not choosing a warehouse facility of
what I’m doing and so I’m not really giving myself the ability to
collateralize assets and not looking at from an economical overview of my
personal my business like a lot of family offices are right so the family
office yeah looking at okay what is the return on each my personal in each my
business what is happening and like you said taxes are the biggest killer right
so the tax you’re chewing up you know a third or more of your actual income each
year what are you doing to be able to protect that maybe you’re buying some
other assets can give you some cost segregation just increase your right
officer maybe you give me wine else hear that you can fight down that tax bill so
you’re not ultimately just getting killed on taxes and you’re actually
really eliminating taxes legally because the IRS gives you these options that you
have these advantages to doing things like real estate which we all play in
that gives you that option so yeah exciting that’s my recap that’s a great
that’s a great recap because just think about it this way too like you mentioned
if you reduce your taxes and you found like in some case there’s people
spending thousands of dollars that they’re unknowingly losing that they
could be keeping to invest you buy a six-figure taxable you cut that and off
and then recapture a thousand two thousand dollars per month in your
personal and your business now all of a sudden that money can be rolled into the
third pillar which would get into a second yeah and you think about it from
a simple point right like so people are like you know I just can’t get enough
money set up for something like vacation right because I’m and I’m making $50,000
a year maybe I’m gonna get a three percent increase in my salary every year
and so say I’m getting 25 or 30 percent off the top so let’s take me down
12,000 15,000 right but may be able to find a way that you can reduce your
taxes at some point right offs or other points that are basically in the IRS
code and you cut yourself off three or four thousand well there you go right
there you can put something away for either your kid
or you get if we read that down vacation you want to set up now you’ve done it
without actually having to increase your income so just to give our this is out
there an actual step how can they go about cutting their taxes like what’s an
actionable step that they could take right now to go about doing that yes and
I just for just wanted to put it out there I’m not a CPA or a tax strategist
I’ve played one on TV before just kidding yeah but I’m not but for example
on taxes there’s certain investments as Jason was saying to that allows you to
legally reduce for Texas number one so you know land conservation easements is
one for that even w-2s can participate in there’s some energy investments oil
and gas cleaner energy that there’s a lot of tax favorable treatment for those
and then for business owners there’s a ton of it you know there’s been a lot of
changes in the tax law so for your listeners I would highly highly
recommend sitting down if you haven’t sat down with the CPA if it’s been a
while just go sit down with them because you’d be surprised how many different
things there are available for business owners and then also for w-2 employees
that that they can do so that’s from a tax standpoint you know I’ll give you
low-hanging fruit for example on other text recovery strategies so insurance is
a big one right disability insurance especially for high-income earners
is a big one just by raising an elimination period for example and
disability insurance up to 180 days because you’ve got money now in in a
another policy a savings vehicle six to 12 months of liquid savings that you can
actually live from if needed to if something happens to you raising that up
to 180 days now could save you hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars
per year hmm so that’s just that’s what I mean and there’s a lot of little
things that you can do when you go through all of it here’s a very low
hanging fruit one that I actually did at the end of last year which is quite
embarrassing but I like to embarrass myself from time to time but I’m if you
just look Phee all of the subscriptions that we
have online that we don’t use right there’s I’ve got a couple of hundred
bucks especially for business owners oh my goodness I went through and there’s
apps that can help you find them but I went through just comb through all of my
stuff and I’m like oh man you know it’s it’s kind of crazy
so for business owners there’s one and then also because things are changing so
rapidly in technology I merged like I had one for example app that I switched
over that I now could merge basically five or six basically is now in one yeah
you know so there’s little little things like that um that you can do and again I
don’t want to make this sound like you know sound like the guy that tells you
to cut lot lattes don’t cut your lattes but there’s just it’s just efficiencies
you know of money that could be kept in your own economy to be deployed to help
get you closer to the life of freedom that you desire then it’s then taking
that away if you like massages and lattes trust me if they those things
enable you to produce better or to be more productive or to provide more value
don’t cut those things out it’s little things that are just slipping through
your own economy or your business economy that that you’re not even using personally need to like on a regular
basis I like every six months go through the bank statements go through go
through everything and make sure you make sure the things you’re paying for
you’re using and if you’re not just cut it yes and if you miss it then bring it
back again but just cut it out of your life now and you pretty much generally
never miss it so yes so we have number three was never list a cash flow
creation so the first two we’ve got cash capture which in which basically puts
you as your number one and great greatest assets in control and a lot of
the investment is there a lot of the investments is in your business to
generate it then we’ve got to protect our money in the state
– in step three it’s now we’re deploying in a multiplying it and that’s why we
look for cash flow creation and this is right in your wheelhouse you know people
would say where do I start where do I where do I start with cash flow one of
the things that and I actually interviewed you mentioned the the event
at port max I actually interviewed someone there was a perfect example
where they started around their own knowledge base of what they know this
particular gentleman was in an orthodontic space that’s what he knows
that’s where his knowledge base is he skill set is there his network is there
like all of these things are coming together and that’s when he created a
income stream right there and then he created a symbiotic a second and a third
income stream right there where he’s strong with you know again he’s
knowledge base he’s network and his skill sets and then he was looking for
real estate as he was doing all of that he was in educating himself in real
estate he was very interested in real estate and he started passively and
actively investing in real estate and then he started you know to snowball
that so the lesson I think for your listeners and this is something that I
guess on my show was talking about as well is that sometimes we start to
create an income stream a cash flow stream but we go and we start in an area
that we don’t know anything about you know we don’t have the skill sets we
don’t have the network’s any of that stuff and then it doesn’t work out it’s
a complete complete train wreck and then all of a sudden we go well this doesn’t
work right yeah I don’t like this this doesn’t work yada yada yada we’ve all
heard that kind of stuff before where if they stayed where they were strong
looking look look at look at starting something around all of those strengths
instead of the unknown that would have been better so and obviously this is
where there’s an art and a science to financial freedom this is where the art
comes in because we’re all different we all have different skillsets we all love
different backgrounds you know for one person they love real estate right
they’re there and most of your listeners do and then
there’s another person that they know the art world and art is phenomenal to
them I interviewed someone on my show like that he is creating a lot of good
cash flow from art and then this was an interesting one I interviewed someone
that invests in Broadway shows because he’s him and his wife they were actors
and in that space they know everyone they know the folks that are involved in
in that space they know the people that write scripts they know the business so
they can be like that is a good shot that’s not going to do anything I want
to listen to that episode yes I actually was thinking about it cuz cuz purely
she’s big in theater and so she’s theater I was like this is a great
episode but it was spot-on it and he was using those proceeds really did
transcend with what he was doing real estate and it was just really
interesting how he’s doing both parallel businesses but yeah but again he was
using what he knew in his space right exactly now it’s like so it was not like
it was not like hey he’s in theater and he’s gonna go open up an amazon drop
shipping business you know like he’s like yeah oh this doesn’t work because
they I don’t know Amazon I’d lost money well yeah what business do you have to
do in this business you know and are it our need for immediate gratification
especially with all these you know everything’s like that rise in star
right you get something Instagram you have this million that our thing that’s
working for this person right away but we don’t get the you know it’s like the
band that’s out there and like all Sun is successful and you know you missed
like that 15 years of them traveling you know
around like a circus trying to like get like no and just working for beer kind
of thing you know and you missed that whole evolution so
we just assume it’s gonna happen right away when it doesn’t we just say oh this
doesn’t work right it it’s so true so this is the one thing that the media has
so the financial media as so wrong the over since essentially sation if that’s
even a word of like a lot of these success stories right so Apple Steve
it’s just that mystique and oh my goodness he started this company but
these guys were working that that started that Apple started as a side
hustle in a garage they were working I think Steve Jobs he was at Atari and
Steve Wozniak was at IBM working during the day and then
after hours these guys were like you know in the garage coding and trying to
create something which I didn’t even know what it was going to work but now
obviously it’s a genius and it’s very over since centralized and it’s just
like hey quit your job become a billionaire this no no no it doesn’t
quite work that way repeat what you said basically for our listeners other do
what you know how to do first by all means live bro get into other
spaces but if you know art do art if you know theater do theater if you know
computers then do computers but you know first and you can expand from there once
and it’s like I think lots of times you try and open up ten different paths I’ve
been guilty of it too we try and open up ten different things at the same time
and not really you know it’s like the whatever then the master of none you
know so a philosophy yeah we want all these different things but you haven’t
really quarterly focused on any of them to be really good at one of them to let
everything else go off of it and so sometimes we get lost in this thing
where I’m trying all these things with nothing’s working but you haven’t really
got it all in or being or become proficient with any of them to start so
when you’re crannies cash flow concepts well none were cash flowing because
they’re just a bunch of random activities that have no purpose because
you’re just trying something yeah you’re just throwing everything at the wall and
hoping that it sticks right and the other thing that I’ve also seen in some
of the stories of folks that I interview is that they start like you said with
within their unique ability in their strengths and how do they transition to
other stuff and I believe it was the same gentleman with a Broadway success
investing that was partnering with cash flow ninjas in real estate as he was
learning the business partnering with them and then learning the business from
them and eventually they became you know they mastered that skill set or that art
so then they became a real estate investor and now they have complementary
stuff so they didn’t just jump straight into the real estate but they took a
kind of step by step learn the process found mentors build their network with
through meetups and that kind of stuff yeah amazing so we have number four yes
number four is cash control two more so good I’ll get a say
if we didn’t in this before yeah yeah yes the four cities four times cc or CC
times four so under the control thing is um one of the things that I’ve learned
too is that especially the wealthy folks they’re not so much focused on the
ownership of everything but they control everything so what do I mean
asset protection improper estate planning having all of those things in
line and in check so attack strategy could fall underneath that too as well
as as capture you might argue because you want to have control of her
uncontrollable variables like Texas for example but I think the control side is
you even if you have those three pillars a lot of people neglect the four right
you could just look at the statistics of how many Americans don’t have wills or
yeah living you know just medical directors or power of attorney very
basic stuff but if you take it up another level from the very wealthy
folks is you know they don’t necessarily want to to own anything they control it
if you look them up they might not look like a cash flow ninja at all because
they don’t own anything but they control everything through their trust and
through proper asset protection strategies which is a very very powerful
lesson that I learned I think it’s you know a lot of us if if you grow up you
know in a middle-class family or you know just consume a lot of financial
media and information that’s out there it’s all about you know owning this and
I want to buy this and I want to buy that and do this and that where a lot of
these wealthy folks are like no I don’t want to necessarily own it I don’t need
it to be in my name but I can control what as the person that controls the
trust controls the estate controls all of these entities and I think that is a
very important and powerful one especially in the world that we live in
in the world that we will continue to live it yeah I love it I love it so
recap here four pillars and if you think this is awesome wait for the workshop
because he’s going to bring some cash flow
Asian opportunities that day that’s gonna be awesome besides drop shipping
from amazon not that’s not gonna matter but for Thor’s cash creation cash
capture cash flow creation and cash control ideally you have to have your
master mindset of abundance creating your cash flow just rotating your cash
in the beginning you have to you have to really stop limiting yourself and stop
trying to all have us all just in a small pond and realize there’s a little
large ocean out there that we can all have the opportunity to be a really fine
money the capture here is just having the right warehouse facility to really
just give us the opportunity to grow our wealth and then creation cash flow
creation is staying in your space understanding what your space is so you
can grow from there and then lastly control with it what is your plan for
the future because you have to have an ultimate plan for the future you can
build into your practices today absolutely here’s your’s a bonus one for
you two to add to those four is on every four levels of those stages there’s
there’s also different mindset and skill sets required so in the first one with
cash creation you’ve got to be a hustler we’ve all heard hustling right you have
to be very entrepreneurial and the second one cash capture you have to be a
good manager you have to start thinking like a manager and putting this all
together from a cash flow creation standpoint you have to be a pretty good
CEO and decision making because now you’re managing and basically running a
company and then from a cash control standpoint you have to be a good steward
who is your you’re in charge of this this entire estate or trust and your
stewarding this this capital to not only feel free to your own benefit but for
the benefit of others that follows behind them love it that is awesome that
is awesome right there so I doing here cash creation you said good hustler cap
sketch you’re good manager we have cash flow creation you need to be your CEO of
your life and then lastly be the steward taking control super awesome MC for
everyone that wants to find out more about cash flow ninja where do we find
you cash flow ninja common we also have a webinar with more of this information
and stuff as folks interesting your own banking system calm
awesome of course cash flow energy find out on all the available platforms
iTunes and stitcher all the things that are out there
he’s got great video content coming up on YouTube you go over to instagrams got
a great Instagram channel push on some awesome content so
it was he’s super excited for October 12 Saturday October 12th again we’re gonna
Dempsey they’re doing this thing crushing it come say hi come meet him
Multi Family Foundation workshop calm thank you so much all the listeners have
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