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show possible we have a great show for you today we have a Minesh bindi on the
show hey Minesh how are you fantastic thank you for having me onboard
well thank you for being with us and monisha is sharing all the way from
England with us today London just coming over again to give us great guidance M&S
started negotiating selling real estate at 16 years old
together with his father he pioneered a unique no-money-down real estate
transaction process in the UK where he went on to help investors purchased
property worth over 20 million pounds with the strategy and at this age of
just 18 he also did his first independent real estate deal with four
three flats in the heart of London’s financial district which netted him a
cash back on purchase of 68,000 pounds and 250,000 pounds in equity and so
after this his friends suggest Minesh well why don’t you just basically come
help him naturally and create an investment an education company and for
really twice a month for the next three or four years she spoken notable
investment seminars as well as just organized in the zone and at age of 23
so again we’re we’re barely anywhere in the course of a life right now just at
23 he goes on to share the o2 arena stage was Sir Richard Branson has spoken
around the world from Hawaii to New Zealand
and his Co speakers have included renowned business icons Steve Wozniak
the co-founder of Apple computers so Wow Minesh we got a ton to dive in for just
evens at such an early age maybe mom I was like man this is this is great so
I’d love to have you fill in the gaps what did I miss
talk to me about about who you are and what you do well you know I’m very confident and self driven person so how
I got into it at 16 was very simple my dad was negotiating real estate and I
was walking past one of his phone calls one day understanding by the door just
listening and I’ve heard so many of these and he got off the phone he looked
at me and I was just smoking and he said what do you what are you smoking out and
I said it sounds easy I could do this shit sir
word for word that’s what I said like 15 I mean you know the biggest blessing I
had was he didn’t tell me to screw off right he said all right well show me
that’s when that’s when the trauma started because you know when you’re 50
55 16 years old you have this confidence that sort of you know writes checks that
you might not be able to cash and but yeah so then I had to learn I figured
out it wasn’t actually that it wasn’t actually that hard and I started working
with new bill developers negotiating deals understanding what mortgage
brokers needed understanding what lawyers needed packaging deals
understanding what how to make a deal work what the type of deal that would
work for a normal investor then pitching those deals and then obviously you know
I met a friend of mine his name is Mark anastasi used to run seminars in the UK
and I like to talk to him because I didn’t really understand he’s muppets
that were on stage it was just like I don’t get this why don’t you actually do
something real you know and then he said hey you need to be on stage and I my
first instinct was not interested you have no idea how much money I’m making
because back then you know 60 grand a year when they’re 17 18 years old is
almost like a million dollars a year right sure and so you know he said how
about because I think he quickly knew what motivated me at that
point he was very good at that and he said about you just watched my
presentation next and then we’ll have a chat and I’m sitting there on the aisle
in the back row of like a 700% of men I’m sitting on the aisle and I see like
two hundred hundred two hundred people running past me to go give him you know
two grand each and instantly I turned to my dad and I said I could do this shit
yeah and then it went on to investment education so do you feel that confidence
was was bred within your family dynamic or is this something that you learned in
some capacity and I guess I asked this more for people that they feel they’re
missing this this thing what do you find as the source for you I don’t know I can
never answer that questions people ask me that question I don’t think there was
a concentrated effort to breed that within me on nurture that within me when
I was younger I sing it was it’s just I really cannot explain where that comes
from and a lot of people ask me the question like what if I’m missing this
self comfort etcetera etcetera and I think the only advice I can give is that
you know that is coming from a lack of self belief and I think one of my ways
of getting over a lack of self belief was just to ask enough questions and
just start off with assuming that the person that I’m talking to is talking
shit and they will to verify themselves to me and I think that helped me a lot
in building my self confidence and understanding where people are coming
from and whether they are talking shit or not and I think that’s very important
absolutely and so now you’ve built this into your confidence you start now
giving presentations and for this you’ve given over 550 presentations to hide
networth into investors yeah it sure does but you know is it work because you
enjoy it right and it’s it’s part that fulfills you so you get out there and do
this what is this building your brand what
one thing one thing people always say that and it never really resonated with
me what’s the idea okay you’re speaking and it’s not really
work because you enjoy it now I’ve got to be absolutely honest understand why I
went into real estate and understand why I went into education and speaking mark
anastasi understood it so quickly when in that five seconds of talking to me he
understood money motivated me yeah I was not motivated to help and inspire people
and it still after 2008 my main motivation was to make money and a
byproduct of that was making other people money because when I started I
thought if I could make other people money they’re gonna give me a fee for
that so it was a natural understanding I was not motivated I wasn’t going on
stage because I enjoyed going on stage yeah absolutely I was I was really good
at it but you know that also having that separation allowed me to walk away from
the stage in 2013 without looking back yeah and I and I think maybe rephrasing
in here is that money is a driver right most of time that’s why you’re gonna
start but if you don’t like it ultimately sometimes how much is the
money rely if you’re making money it’s a miserable environment you’re not
enjoying it overall it’s altima gonna lead you away quicker than if you do
enjoy what you’re doing it do find gratitude from helping others especially
the time like 2008 so you go from this and what happens at 2013 where do you go
so 2000 and I was basically psychologically I saw so many people
lose money and simply because of simple things that they shouldn’t have been
doing but they were doing and we were also by that point in 2008 we were
teaching people how to invest in the stock market and part of that is using
the leverage and so many people lost money because of leverage and then I
would speak to my you know when that sort of starts happening you guys start
getting complaints the natural process is a meeting with council government
talking about your own personal lawyers business lawyers just to make sure you
know what the potential risks are such etc especially in education business
right people overlook that and the lawyers told me very clearly you have no
issues to worry about you have no claims because you’ve got terms and conditions
signed with everyone and there’s a disclaimer in that you know this is just
which is what it was right but in turbulent times you never know how
people are going to react sure lot all right so with that advice
it felt good for about 25 minutes and then I remember coming stuffing out of
my lawyer’s office and going so this is like me saying this is a gun and it’s
gonna it could kill you here it is and just don’t point it at your leg and by
the way sign this piece of paper that says you’re not gonna point out your leg
and you promise and something just felt wrong with me
about doing that yes while leverage is a great tool for most people they don’t
know how to manage it and for most people they can’t manage it because
they’ve got 75 other things going on every single day but they need to focus
on and they’re not traders watching the market from a market open to market
closed and so it felt wrong to me but I couldn’t understand why so I went into
basically a psychological shut now for a period of the year not wanting to teach
anyone not wanting to help any we’re not wanting to do anything and then after
2000 and so 2009 when I started focusing on gold and silver and research
involving silver which is a part of what we do and then I realized that my real
mission should be to make safe investing exciting because the only reason people
lost money was that they believed that they needed risky investments to make
their money and that’s just not the case that is not the case no one that’s super
successful in investing long term believes that and I didn’t believe that
at the point and the mentors that I had didn’t believe that at point but for
some reason I failed to translate that my first couple businesses in the
investment education space so then I launched golden silver life and then
here we are today and 2013 that’s what you asked about walking off stage I
stage of Richard Branson I looked at her and went because Beryl meant by that
point I’ve been speaking on stage for seven years or something like that
anyway I just looked through everyone that I speak to that the speaker their
main goals are to make money as a speaker and speak on stage Richard
Branson or an equivalent personality right and I wager think I’ve done
everything that these people want to do and everyone I’m looking at is like
forty to fifty years old there should be more from me and that’s when I just
decided I’m gonna walk away from the stage
and I actually went I flew to an event actually away from my Hawaii and I flew
from Hawaii and I spoke at this event in a way and I realized I’ve just spent
five days in Hawaii and went which is in a conference room that looks exactly
like the conference room in London perspective exactly and it made me
realize you know the amount of time that I’m spending speaking I’m not factoring
in the travel time I’m not fracturing in that the stress on my body and my mind
as a result of that travel and that you know there’s just once a fact that
everything in it was in that zero yeah and I want to jump back to this making
safe investment exciting because it really is true right so many people jump
into an area where they have no business being into because they think they have
to have some kind of diversity so even if you’re successful in one business I
know you’re successful in a plumbing business you think just that success
will carry over to open it up you know a chicken restaurant or something else
that capacity or you’re a chef cooking for someone you can Alton we you know
dive into having your own business and the risk associated they think it
Garner’s more reward but ultimately you’re doing yourself a disservice
because you’re jumping completely outside the space you know into a space
where there’s people doing it every day that are just gonna crush you literally
crush you because that’s what they do when you’re still focused on your your
plumbing business or your financial business or whatever it is and now
you’re trying to jump into a whole nother market and compete and then
people are always shocked when they have failure until they look at that condom
say well yeah I had no business being in the chicken business or we’re investing
in real estate when I don’t focus and I just gave my money to somebody else so
now you’ve worked with perfect portfolio which is which is what you do how does
that now involve making safe investment insighting so back in 2010 we launched
golden stone for life and the goal was what is the hardest thing I can find
that is quote unquote the least exciting thing that if I could make exciting I
might have figured out a formula right and golden was the one to me because you
can’t get any more boring than buying for expose in coin but what most people
didn’t realize was that the way the wealthy do building silver in the way
they’re my mentors did golden so they weren’t using the typical methods
because they were they were able to generate a cash flow so now every
$50,000 that I put into gold and silver it pays me back six to thirteen thousand
two hundred dollars a year like clockwork without me doing anything
right and so I think understanding that and figuring out okay how do I translate
that to normal people and then years after that after we figured that out but
a 92 percent success rate clients in 46 countries except etc once we figure that
out we then launch property profits for life and then stock profits for life to
teach people how to invest in real estate the way that you know a hedge
fund went to it and how to invest in the stock market long-term as well and then
beginning of this year we rolled all those three companies into the perfect
portfolio amazing and again so now we jump in a perfect portfolio is is your
advice to people who come into the platform that they should focus on one
particular lane or do should they become I’ll use the word diversified for a lack
of a good word or should a they position himself across these multiple lanes it
depends how much money you’ve got if you’re investing with you if you’re
investing with just 50 grand you can’t be that diversify it’s not worth it at
that point so you need to it just depends how much money you’ve got so
there has to be that element where you know what what I do is the second stage
of well not the first stage the first stage is where you go and create well
and I come in when you want to grow it so there’s two stages to it and a lot of
we get a lot of people get together very confused
and a lot of people nowadays sort of look for an investing strategy to help
them make money we do need to know that the making money part side first and
then where I come in with folio from when you look at growing it and it just
depends on how much money you’ve got yeah it’s a gambling right if you do it
the other way around because it’s like going like oh I need to make rent so I’m
gonna go to the casino and put it on black and hope I can double down my rent
what’s the same thing here if you don’t have your reserves set up you don’t have
your life in order and then now you’re going to try and invest in an area that
you’re learning you can’t think of something more risky
that especially when you’re putting both of them together completely agreed now
they give us a big target for perfect portfolio what is your ultimate goal
with the platform I love this so my goal with perfect portfolio after rolling
everything together and realizing okay we’ve got a ninety two percent success
rate – and forty six different countries we’ve got single mums in Indonesia using
the product as well as ex Wall Street traders we’ve got you know farmers
doctors with all types of different people people that are 89 years old and
people youngest client I use it was like eleven years old that son of a client
right we’ve built this off so what’s the overall goal it’s very simple I want
people I’d say I believe I don’t believe that people get into investing or pursue
investing to go and own and build a property management business right I
think a few people like us nutcases me and you we want to do that because we
get a kick out of that right I don’t think most people actually want that I
think what most people want is they want the security and they want the freedom
and they want the ability to basically do whatever they want to do with their
wealth so that they can focus on the other million things that are going on
in their life and not just focus on seminar and on the training and on the
property I don’t think a doctor that’s had a full day of looking after people
wants to come home and then spend eight hours going to looking at shitty
properties I don’t I just don’t think that that’s what that guy or that woman
wants for their life so I think wealth should be easy and wealth is e so my
main goal with perfect portfolio is to allow someone to manage a fully balanced
portfolio that’s generating results from one of these right you can manage your
entire portfolio entire life from one of these things and that’s why we use the
new tools and market innovations that are out there that will not really new
anymore but they’re new to most people that are out there to allow somebody to
have that effect right you want to be invested you want to be diversified sure
but you also want the freedom you want the choices and you want everything else
that wealth it’s supposed to give you and so how do you adapt out with the
changing environment with everything moving so quickly into really data and
related to electronically how are you continuing to adapt to keep up well the
good thing is is that yes things are moving quickly
however long-term investing is still a long time investing so we’re investing
in for example the stock market then all I want to be in life in essence is a way
to own an index fund and then use our strategies to generate a 12% increased
return on that index fund so I don’t care really what’s going on in the
economy I don’t care really what’s going on in tech I just want a piece of
everything right so in the end it all balances out and you know for the last
couple hundred years has produced a return of 8% compounded last 10 years
it’s 15 percent compounded and then in addition to our 12 percent cash flow
you’re doing very very well compared to the most fund managers as far as real
estate goes the biggest problem that I had in real estate was if I went into
one what most people do they’re going to like one particular city right and
they’ll go buy a few properties when at one particular city and they forget that
the total rental demand for that one particular city is dependent on one
company having a factory right one factory could disappear and they’ve got
no more rental demand for their property so and this happens more in the States
than it does right because it’s so far spread out so my main goal with real
estate is I want to own everything I want commercial property
I want residential property I want nursing homes
I want moles I want I want freakin everything right I want a piece of
everything and then most importantly I don’t want to do anything I want the
best managers I want the best people that are there to generate the highest
returns are going to be emotional they’ve got to be ruthless and they’ve
got to be able to generate the highest amount of our away from that property
which is why I like to use REITs and reach ETS to do that so you know with
REITs a real estate investment trust what that’s happening is very simple
they specialize in for example residential properties in New York so
this wheat gets a bunch of money from a bunch of investors and then
and manage all of those properties in New York specific residential properties
in New York and guess what now they have accountants and and more likely nerds
that are sitting there monitoring every single financial statement every single
contract every single element of this property portfolio why because if they
don’t do that and they don’t maximize the return their funds are gonna get
pulled out of their portfolio so they need they are incentivized to generate
you the highest return from the money that you give them and of course they’re
gonna want a small fee for that right so that’s a real estate investment trust
where I invest is one level higher than that which is a REIT ETF a real estate
investment trust ETF so what I do is I give my money to an ETF manager and they
now so it’s like the super nodes right so now the super nodes are now watching
the financial statements and the analysis of the normal nodes and they’re
going which one of these guys is now generating the best returns for the
overall portfolio and they’re now allocating there are my money to all of
these ETS to diversify all of my holdings so with one purchase of their
wheat ETF I’m now investing in 16 different types of real estate all over
the world I’m getting a rental year or all over the u.s. rather I’m getting a
rental yield a dividend yield the 3.29 percent net I’ve got no management makes
no finance makes none of those I’m generating 12% a year additional on the
cash flow and I can do that from my phone
same thing with gold and silver right so we you want to be in gold and silver you
have to be in gold and silver but I don’t want to buy bricks bars and
coins my first gold and silver investment but I did stupidly I’ve
walked in with 50 grand in cash I handed that over I walked away with a bunch of
gold and sort of you just feel like someone’s someone’s gonna come and knock
you over the head and take that reality that doesn’t really happen but that’s
how you feel now the problem was I only realized this once I got home the gold
and silver that I had was in today’s money worth just thirty five thousand
dollars because the fifteen grand there was a premium that I had to pay the
bullion dealer the gold and silver so I’ve just paid for a car right I’m just
paid 50 grand and got 35 min guilty now the
problem is that $35,000 where the gold has to go up to 50,000 us to go up by
15,000 almost 50% just for me to break even just for me to break even since
then I’m gonna be paying me what the original but then I’m gonna be paying it
spread right they’re not gonna be paid I don’t want to sell that they’re only
gonna give me 35 for that right so that was that’s a huge problem that’s a huge
problem most people invest in gold and silver not understanding that he’s
skimming off this money just for no reason so my goal was to figure out you
know institutions don’t invest in gold and silver like I wanted to bring
institutional moments of investing to normal people and then show them how to
make a cash flow on it as well so now every 50 grand I invest in gold and
silver I’m getting six to thirteen thousand two hundred dollar a year
income from it and most importantly for every 50 grand I invest in gold so I’m
getting you know forty nine and a half thousand dollars worth of gold and
silver god that’s incredible and actually it’s such a dynamic point cuz
people when they’re investing in something they’re not paying attention
to the fees and the other things that build up so with their original
investment is is it you know it’s not dollar for an hour if you’re putting in
a dollar and you’re only getting eighty cents of the value you don’t factor in
oh well the return looks great but what does return need to do just even to get
me back to just even just to start actually accumulating that return and
when you look at that from that concept that’s why most people never grow within
their investments because they’re slowly just eating themself away and
deteriorating from the inside of just really taking money devaluing it trying
to build it back up and putting into something else too valuing it and by the
time each year you add an inflation or simple things you’re getting crushed so
that’s just as great this is great and so I got I got a few quick answers for
your quick questions for you that I’d love to hit you with what’s the best
advice you’ve ever been given uh by my dad time in the market is more important
than time in the market that’s great you’re investing supercar what is it Oh patience I guess or not really patience
I would call it a detachment okay that’s actually huge right
the emotion an emotional level of anything from stock market to buying
properties if you get lost in that you know especially properties you can get
that in and out of stock market of the property you’d be stuck for a long time
with us what’s the best guidance you’ve taken that is you feel has been a
accelerator to your career get off my get off my ass you know this is a real
passionate one for me because I see people there attending seminars and then
10 years later they’re still attending seminars right the whole point of a
seminar in education is so you don’t have to keep going back right you know
you’re not go to school for three years why’d you keep going to seminars for ten
years like it doesn’t make sense to me right so you’ve got to get off your ass
you’ve got to do something I don’t care who you are what you do whether you lose
money make money you’re I don’t know any successful person that read books for
five years and then suddenly overnight became success you’ve got to go and make
action take take risks and then obviously you want to do that smartly
you want to get a coach you want to get someone to help you which is what I did
but you want to work with people that are doing it and just start taking the
action I don’t care what you learn what you feel how great your vibrations are
if you do not take the action you’re not going to get the result yeah absolutely
agree is that that fear to fail but you need to fail forward to make action
happen and for that debt that falls within the next great question how are
you most productive in your day what’s key strategy you use so what so does say
again smoke cigars 20 cigars the reason for that is this for so many
years I believe that the key to sort of making things happen was the word hustle
right and I think that’s bullshit I think that’s absolutely bullshit
because you can be hustling in a circle all day and you don’t know what you’re
doing I think the key is strategy and inspiration you want to pull yourself
forward with a strategy and then you want to wait for that inspiration you
don’t act until you feel that inspiration that doesn’t mean you don’t
do anything what I’m saying is is that you just want to wait until something
feels right and then move forward we don’t just hustle your day you know
hustle yourself of your date some say so smoking Cuban
cigars works really well because it allows you to slow down and think and
then you know yeah well I’m smoking Cuban cigars I’m not on my phone
watching YouTube videos or Netflix I’m thinking about what I want to happen and
then at some point by thinking about what I want to happen I go oh shit
that’s a great idea let me get on it and that’s and then and then in 10 minutes
it’s done huge well said and honestly that that’s
a great into the segment here because that that’s just key for people find
your focus give yourself time to just not rush through everything and just
really just capture the day that way much thanks so much for come on the show
this has been awesome for listeners what’s the best way to find you find
more about you well I mean you’ve got the links that people can use but you
can’t find me on social media I have no desire for social media I’m not a
dopamine junkie I don’t care you cannot follow me you can work with me and you
can work with the company but you cannot follow me I have no interest in sharing
what I’m doing that is credible well managed thanks for so much for
coming on the show super appreciate your time thank you so much thank you and all
the listeners thank you thanks for checking out with us we’ll be back
shortly bye now you

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