Epilogue Escape [Gmod] – SPOILERS!

[passing vehicle alarm] [music fades in, soft wind ambience] [distorted video intro sound] [music starts beating, loud footsteps] [zombie grunting and growling] Engie: [groans in anger, pistol gunshots] [gunshots land, zombie wailing] [empty pistol clicking] Engie: [gasps, throws pistols on wood floor] Engie: [slams foot into metal, music stops, moans] Engie: [EarthBound music starts, gasps] [rifle gunshot lands, music change] Engineer 1: What the f███ are you doing out there? Do you wanna die!? Engineer 1: Hurry up here before they get you!
Engie: [hurried footsteps] Engie: [playful crowd noises in background] Oh my god. Radio: [in background] …identify- local outbreak… Engineer 2: What if we just… summoned a dragon to kill ’em? Engie: Hai! [bottle hit on head, gasps]
Law Engineer: Nobody likes Skyrim. Law Engineer: Now get back to work! [bottle sloshing]
Engineer 2: Alright, fine, no need to hit me. Radio: [in background] …lock down your location… Bird head Medic: [rises up] I AM THE ANGRY BIRD-
Engineer 3: [music stops, gasps, cocks shotgun] Bird head Medic: [shotgun gunshot lands, music change]
Engineer 3: The birds are here, THE BIRDS ARE HERE! Engie: [shudders, bottle dropped]
Law Engineer: Agh, dammit! Battle stations, everyone! Engineer 4: Sir, the portal is ready, but it’s only stable enough for one transpor- Law Engineer: Open it. We don’t have any more time left. Law Engineer: [wood creaking, heavy Scottish accent] Only one of us can make it ou’ alive anyway. Engie: Aw shucks… [music finishes with a low drone, portal opens] Law Engineer: [angelic choir fades in] Get the hell outta here. [clenches fists] [bends down, loud footsteps, portal envelops Engie] [very quiet repeating alarm noise in time with credits] [garbled sounds in the background] [both sounds are gradually getting louder] [both sounds are extremely loud, unsettling noise fades in but is cut off]

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