Episode 1 – The Broken Pact

good evening Ravnica and welcome to the broken pact the guild masters guide to Ravnica show on twitch.tv slash D&D and twitch.tv slash savings throw show and this week we're on twitch.tv slash magic as well um just all over the place this is of course the magic the gathering and Dungeons & Dragons crossover show combining the worlds of Ravnica with the wonderful play of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons I am your dungeon master or maybe more realistically your guild master Ruben Bressler and these fine citizens are my players feel free to introduce yourselves hi everybody my name is Jordan Pridgen and I bet you can guess what race I'm playing mmm yes I am a No yeah that was the correct answer in this whole thing I'm a regular player here on say on saving throat so uh great that so you're gonna be our or yes I am going to play a Sturrock the Minotaur fighter who is part of the boroughs guild yeah the Boros legion representing that's right I have here and a segment here so you can take them oh yeah I am way bore yeah on brand yes it's good thing you know I like the salty of it I like that like you know you don't wanna like scream it you don't like yeah yeah yeah right and when I had one it was like well someone could miss that throughout another just just in case if minotaurs or anything it's subtle yes certainly yeah like I got like a casual chill Minotaur I am Riley Silverman ah this is actually my first saving throw show I'm very excited yeah and I exciting with the indie channel as well I am playing the Velma sweet she is a half-elf bard and she's affiliated or Zog Gil very nice yeah yeah so subtlety actually your thing she said you see see my seems that way yeah I go for spectacle yeah hey everybody my name's Groff Gulati and I'm playing Lucien ladrón of the azureus guild he's a human and he's an investigator and a law mage and I believe that's all I have to say about him he's very to-the-point very cordial Gary that's I guess he's a bit strict – but he's professional professional he's curious yeah they're by-the-book they do exactly yes by the book they made the bug yeah we did I'm Ashley rose and I am playing it looks about cleric named she's pretty easygoing loves life puts a lot of trust in people and it's just really eager to go out in the world and help great um as we do our intro stuff I wanted to start out by saying I typically get my favorite role players to sign a non branded jumbling block for me for my collection and y'all are my cat so I while I'm doing the intro if you don't mind I would really like it if you guys would sign my my block my role playing the same you did sign one for me already I'm very popular jeez my favorite doctor I mean how could you not um so if you want to follow the show be sure to fall at saving throw show on Twitter where you'll get updates on all the stuff here at saving throw show network including wild cards and tempting fate and all of the other excellent shows that are here on the network you can also use the hashtag the broken pact RPG the broken pact RPG you should absolutely also join our discord we have a discord for all the savings for Oh shows and a sub sub channel so discord what do you think just a disc or everything we have a sub tab channel for subs I need like a like an underneath oh yes yeah yeah there's a channel where you can come and talk about the broken pact and all that cool stuff so please do join us there as well join us after this show not on TNT or magic but on saving throw show network we are doing an episode of talk pact which is going to be our official after-show a big thing about the broken pact is that we want to bring new people from magic to D and E and D and E to magic and and after meeting sort of just like talking about like you know what what we thought about the show we'll also be answering questions from chat doing a lot of beginner help I'm sure you know DM questions player questions all that kind of stuff so I think that most or all of us will be here today for that one and we're doing that after most of the shows as well so that starts at 4:00 goes on for about about an hour for Pacific if those of you who are in Hawaii or on the East Coast I don't know why I started with Hawaii but we're starting at 10 a.m. Hawaiian so yes we do have a giveaway this week Waterdeep dragon heist is available in the chat use exclamation mark raffle thank you to all the mods for all the hard work you do you people are truly the lawful good people of the art of the RPG community thank you for all your hard work they will be helping one of you to randomly win a copy of this fine piece of literature which I still need to read through I've been busy so I have your own dragon watch lots of dragons yeah because it's the currency I was super confused by that as well as like why are we stealing a dress why are we why are we hosting Greg I'm pretty sure that's kidnapping I think that's called kidnapping dragon now um yeah I have a couple of other small people I want to thank before we get started in earnest I want to thank Emmett fury and AE Marling who have been instrumental in helping me craft the story that you will be hearing today and in the future AE Marling is a Magic the Gathering lore master and a fury is a long time RPG writer and creator and without them I would be totally lost without them and we do have a theme song done by Zach Heidi that you are going to be seeing very very soon he hosts a weekly ambient late-night performance stream on Twitch where he does live composing so you can see that at twitch.tv slash Zee ehh e y de so go check that out especially if you like this theme song that you're about to listen to you're gonna like it yeah you're really gonna like it and speaking of that how about we set the scene play some Dungeons and Dragons in the world of Ravnica of Magic the Gathering get ready everyone for the excitement and the intrigue of Ravnica the broken pact you episode 1 enemy of the guild packed cold rain falls on the streets the leaves turn and change and fall change is inevitable change is inescapable Ravnica the city of guilds an ecumenical as' a planet-wide city sprawls across this entire plain wilderness has been pruned into vibrant courtyard gardens and parks and stone spires have risen in every direction to scrape the sky mist flows between the spires the fogs have come early this year and thick enough to drown out the normal city clamor but there's something else you strain to hear it in the uncanny quiet and you find yourself often listening but for what you're not exactly sure but the faster the rain falls the faster your heart races what you do here shattered by those you trust in crowded markets muttered over in smoky taverns and whispered in the shadows change is coming the enchantment that bound the 10 guilds enforced peace for more than 10 millennium the guild pact is no more the failsafe plan the living guild pact Ravnica 'z new hope for peaceful rule is missing and now the tenuous piece that holds the guilds in check hangs by a thread what you hear amidst the hiss of the rain frightens you first tasked with enforcing Ravnica x' laws the Boros legion now ignores them to bring angelic justice to the streets the guilds our growing violent first tasked with remaining hidden in black markets house Tamir now openly claims that they're but simple couriers and librarians and the fact of their true nature remains unknown to most the guilds are keeping secrets first tasked with growing city Charities and gardens the Celestia Conclave now converts as many people as join in the euphoria of its songs the guilds are building armies first tasked with Public Works and powering Ravnica the is Italy now hordes power for mysterious projects the guilds are ratcheting up tension first tasked with clearing filth and farming the goal gari swarm has grown a new under realm and sealed itself in those depths the guilds are becoming paranoid the other five guilds the S aureus Senate the gruel clans the orsa of syndicate the Simic combine and the cult of rack dos are doing nothing to de-escalate the other five guilds now hold allegiance to no one but themselves the guilds are bracing for war change is inevitable change is inescapable what you hear frightens you and the more you try to hear it the louder the rains sound the thunder of the summer season has long passed and replaced instead by the patter of heavy drops of autumn storms each droplet lands in a tiny explosion in the chilly autumn air on cobblestone and shingle and glass its chill surprises you the wetness worms under your clothing you can't escape it even inside by the fire you find yourself often shivering teeth on edge listening ever listening for what you're not exactly sure and you're afraid to some extent to find out welcome to the broken pact we begin our story in the 10th district the hub of this great city and the entire plain precincts one through six or right here most of the ten guild halls as well as the office of the guild pact are located here in the tenth one of them is located in precinct three the Celeste Nina guild home and cultural center point known as v-two gauzy the city tree which is where our story begins early in the morning with a young laksa Don who goes by the name of quick pause we are using a couple of things from the new book obviously which comes out November 9 friendly local game stores and available everywhere November 20th support your local FL GS and we're using a couple of things from from the book a number of things from the book not the least of which is a laksa Don in the party as well as a Minotaur in the party two other races that are available to you in that book and as it comes up we'll talk about other features that you will get in this setting like guilds like this we're getting any players like myself who didn't know about guilt exactly we'll get there it's morning you are in your room you are so the Celestia guild are organized in small communities often called ver nani ver not ER built around a large tree maybe ancient trees hundreds maybe thousands of years old 20 30 40 feet across viju gauzy itself is much much larger than that per hundreds of feet in diameter you live in a ver naughty I believe sort of on the edge of the these lands sort of on in the middle of precinct three the Beast lands dominate a lot of the of the area as that is the place where many of the plow beasts and pack animals and the shepherds and the the rolling fields are on the edge of that obviously then there are the massive trees and you're ver naughty located somewhat near the edge it's early in the morning you wake up in your sort of treetop abode you have your own quarters amongst the four naughty small community led by a dryad avodah your Dryad Votto is of course mouki your father figure mentor someone you've known for what all of your life as far as you can recall and they are the center of this community keeping the tree and that small community of fewer than a hundred certainly mmm yeah much fewer than a hundred maybe fifty life forms of various kinds sentient life-forms obviously there are also the beasts and the separate wings that live amongst your day-to-day existence as well um what does your uh what does your morning look like when you wake up in your and you sleep in a bed and I would assume in high in the trees way the Box the way that the ver nadi is organized is that there is this massive tree and then there's sort of a spiral ramp yeah a wide maybe 10 15 foot spiral ramp that climbs the entirety of the ver Nadi and at various levels there are essentially tree houses you know sort of 15 by 15 20 by 20 foot rooms or each individual or each family live and and spend their time while in elevator built like stings job is just to put you in an out of the tree or that we don't see you've all seen operation Dumbo drop we know that's that's all wow that's like a slur Dumbo at this point I can only apologize okay we're very forgiving yeah so it's morning time you're in your your quarters mm-hmm what does the morning look like four to three normally like to go kind of like visit the animals you know do my rounds say hi see if any of them are injured I need some help check on the sick one so probably do that great so you um so you you know get ready get dressed go downstairs or down stairs down ramp the main the Virata base on the ground level there is a garden where several of the the vert of the of the verne at ease you know elderly and children and saplings do tend a little bit of a personal garden here there is also a central patio like Cano I was gonna use leg but it doesn't really like that um you know maybe foyer there's a there's an indoor yeah there we go perfect in your for naughty a one of the roots of the tree sort of sticks out and juts out and curves into the main area and built in that little section is a fountain just a calm water feature in the middle and of course around all the outside of every for naughty there are white marble archways sort of demarcating where your personal ver Nadi is so you leave out essentially the front of your to the front door of the place no doors in so much as there you know unless it's somebody's room no doorway into and out of just this massive circle and you start making your way towards the beasts limbs for your morning constitutional the usual path you walk past the typical neighboring communities and nod to the lead EV that you see on your morning walk the Liddell wolf riders our local guard of the Celestia you see all the the great things that they Celestia have to offer the wide array of people centaurs other dryads other Locke Saddam's humans elves half elves all kinds are welcome within the Conclave you make your way to your usual way out of the forested region and into towards the beasts lands and you see that old willow tree on the hill where you assume Mookie is and and yeah actually can I can I stop by there just like during my rounds so by the willow tree yeah absolutely sure so yeah you make your way over to the willow tree and just like you assumed Mookie is laying eyes closed just sort of napping up against the willow tree he does not move he has like ten thousand years old make a perception check so what I'm having as this we're trying to introduce magic players to Dungeons & Dragons what I asked for was a perception check which is going to use a number of numbers she's gonna roll a d20 she's going to add a wisdom modifier because that is a stone skill and she is also going to if she has proficiency in the skill which do you know if she has proficiency in any skill then she would add that number to the role as well so what did you role actually cuz I'm so big oh yeah yeah if we had a halfling if halflings existed in yeah we could use these big giant yeah umm so 15 total yes he is they are certainly not waking up and doesn't appear to be moving at all make another perception check actually making this one's gonna be investigation but roll it at advantage because this is going to be a smell check and with your trunk you just have advantage one of the features of the locks it on classes they have a trunk and they gain advantage on some checks that have to do with smell on the dice yeah plus whatever um you smell the faint odour of fire old ashes maybe hours old like an old campfire that's been doused and put out but still smoking hmm and it's like can I see like did he have a campfire set up anywhere in nearby um from what you can tell there's no no fire pit no campfire no Lantern nearby no no obvious source okay how does he look how does he look right now he's laying on his back eyes closed up against the the tree sort of lounging not moving okay I will try one I'm like gently try to lift him up okay as you lift him up make a medicine check so-and-so since a proficient and I also got the question correct so you take your dice number you take your medicine proficiency and whatever skill medicine is 22 well that's a lot mouki appears to be dead your mentor teacher the voda of your ver naughty you can and with that with that with that check I will also give you as you lift them up your massive hand behind mouki once you realize that there's no life emanating from this being of pure life you can tell that the smell that you detected earlier is emanating from mookie and from Mookie's head and the eye walls open and there is no I burned oh yeah okay um so it appears as if the inter 22 I'm gonna give you all of it the eyes everything inside the skull is gone okay screams pg-13 you it's I mean shocking to say the least can I can I try I'm gonna go ahead and try to dump I feeling we're done to him just just because I'm freaking out right now there's gotta be something shopping yeah um so yeah you cast healing word there's no there's nothing to heal you see around you people going about their day Shepherds taking their flocks out farmers with their plough beasts within eyeshot still foggy in the hills the the Ladell Guard is patrolling nearby people are going about their day to day and yet here you are I'm gonna try to cast it one more time you know and as I do that I'm going to let out this like beast eale Lux Adan I don't know you call it a horse yeah that's just like really really sad yeah it's like a weeping trumpet sound sure once again the healing word has no effect the trumpet sound is mournful and Wow laksa Don's are are you a small lot well you're like seven feet I am seven foot eight seven foot eight a rather tall Tapia and man I love that meeting so much that's a magic together you got to look down okay there's like no way to even look up that meme anymore loud and echoing and the bellow of your trunk and scream carries through the hills and into the trees it attracts the attention of the guard and some other folks nearby who approach there is a an elf a wood elf who you know is named tolis a sachet are one of the archers who patrols this area one of the essentially one of the soldiers it approaches you and says he's not responding he's he's dead what how i I don't know uh his head someone's like cooked his head from the inside out there's nothing there my there's nothing he will call over the dev wolf riders dear this is such a this is a great tragedy where we don't know yet of course we must do our own investigation I will speak to the Conclave we will have a new voter sent of course for the naughty we must keep this relatively under wraps for now until we know who is at fault take the day for yourself this is a difficult situation go home but I want to help like he was he was like you're gonna bother you can help when we know more information we will take it from here okay what are you what are you gonna do with him we will give him give them the traditional rites you can make a religion check you live you you have not experienced the death of a vota of your ver naughty you've never experienced a death of a vota this is a extremely rare circumstance yeah but when typically what happens when anyone dies in Ravnica there isn't really it's a it's a city plane there isn't really room for graveyards or cemeteries as common as we have in our lives just kind of check them in the sewers and the gold are your life well that's what happened that's literally what happens and in the 10th district typically what happens is you know when someone or something be it a sentient or non sentient beings as they go well they have they have their ceremony there is a they are late or they are laid up in the temple which is on the top floor of the ver naughty and then they are summarily dispatched to the dead bridge region of precinct 6 where they are there their body becomes of the earth again the soul of course is a whole nother story associated with Ravnica which I'm sure we'll get into later but the the pageantry around grave celebrations now you don't know what's gonna happen with a dryad of yeah their stature but probably something big possibly okay Villa dev get there are some clerics who priests who come over who come eventually who take a look at the body and begin putting it on essentially a stretcher and begin walking back towards your for not as they're walking by can I try to like ask what I've been like unless I would know what would have caused his head to like do that like sure like do you want to ask who do you want to think um I'm gonna try to first time I try to see if I can realize like myself like what would cause that okay boy what kind of role is role for a brain explosion you could make a can make a history check you could make an RKO that's okay does it look natural yeah a question that I can have you role for role nature no it's hard to say okay I will enter into one of the other clerics and be like do you know how he died but did he was a quick did he suffer I we won't know he's pretty open with you seesee er you're in pain this is are you asking told us are you asking one of the priests one of the priests one of the priests okay one of the priests let's let's say the priest is named Alchemist alcaraz says to you we I'm so sorry that this has happened to you and and has happened to Mookie this is a great loss we won't know anything until we do a full investigation I guess an autopsy of some kind perhaps okay we won't know anything unfortunately for a while come back later I'm sure we'll well as this is now our top priority of the day of course we will take them to the top temple and you can find us there so you sit there with your thoughts moment I'm gonna sit there I'm kind of where we used to always hang out and I'm just gonna try to like meditate and commune with the elements around me yeah just sit there you sit there for awhile elephant hippie stuff hey tall shadows loom in the fog in the distance gray mist is hiding their tops looks like they rise into the sky forever meanwhile on the opposite side of town what does a morning look like with a Sturrock I'm Velma well so astronaut the first thing he has to do in the day so Astra works a Sturrock you know he's a big Boros Minotaur so he wears full armor most of the time and feels more comfortable in that than he does just like normal and he has been working at a nightclub basically as a little bit of extra help chirp bouncing and handling the door and that sort of thing but he still kind of has to do his rounds because a stroke is basically a Boros beat cop like he does some investigations and stuff but a lot of what he has to do is just like making his rounds I like to imagine the way like a lot of his morning to start there's a lot of like criminals and lower-level people he knows just on like a petty level for sure so we'll probably just like go up to market stall and see someone who's like a regular pickpocket when a stroke just goes over and grabs him by the back of his neck and just lifts him up love it so your your your normal beat is in precinct 3 which is pretty close to the Boros district do you you aren't given like you aren't given a big leash right right you're probably on the 10 Street area of precinct 3 let you out of what I need to do is just maintain Boros presence where I am you know remind people the Boros are here right so tin street is replicas most prominent Road if you took a look at we try to flip this around for you so if this is the 10th district you have precinct one two three which is where we are here four five six right so precinct four is where you're hanging out and where a lot of the borough's hang out and the tram and sorry the trans Gil promenade separates these districts whereas the tin Street separates these districts sort of I mean it's it's not exact but the 10th Street is on the western edge of precinct 4 and that's typically your district it's a lively extremely busy and kind of tough area if you want a shop if you need anything literally anything there are like hundreds of stores of all kinds from weapons to curiosityís to boating supplies to you know all the things why there's a boat store hey you know people eat votes sometimes well there's there are bodies of water yeah in in Ravnica and even in the 10th districts there time you're gonna float on exactly gonna have a boat right yeah so so you're doing your morning rounds yeah and anywhere where there's that many people there's gonna be people who are trying to take advantage of the grifters and pickpockets and stuff oh sure makeup perception check actually you know what make this investigation because you're actively looking for it alright that is a six six you want a guy just literally bugging and stabbing somebody exercising so there are you know there are your normal ready for this everybody you walk past the bizarre crobat which is they so um like charms and potions and like knickknacks and like like Hummel figurine kind of stuff right right like this is this is where if you were vacationing from somewhere else and came to the 10th district this be a little bit of a tourist trap kinda like a gift shop it's like a porno so laminate RP right yeah you've got you got adorable paper weights and stuff like that um a little missive figuring that like breeze a little bit of fire you walk past there you see that it's busy with a 9 everything seems legit so far yeah well you know these days a lot of the regulars tend to come runnin when they are go running when they see me coming down the street so absolutely Velma so mornings are Elmo's not early riser because she works very late at night running a very popular performance club and so but her club is open 24/7 because she likes to cater to people who might work nights and would like to have a place to go after their graveyard shift is over yep tell my and Bluffs team so there are a couple of morning regulars that are in her club and there's still a couple of like lower in performers and servers who are you know not like the top not to the other level just like working their way and they might anyone to actually rent space from her yet they might be ones who are working just like they had their own places and they come in yeah and so yeah so she's kind of she's kind of getting ready for her day she does often during the day as part of her position in the orizaba guild she is known for being someone who's good at getting people to pay their debts and so she does tend to have like a situations that they get set up during the day where she's like she gets positioned to kind of sit and take audience from people who are who are very strongly encouraged to go see Velma as opposed to having more violent acts done upon them yet they're late on money so on an average day there's at least three or four of those coming if not more and so I think in the morning I think there's like right now she's probably I don't know is there a huge coffee boom in Ravnica or is there a similar beverage like a a that's coffee okay so she's probably out of coffee she's probably kind of like she's not hung over cuz she's she knows how to handle her booze there's not hungover very often anymore but she's definitely there's a coffee shop at the U so you're on the trans gild promenade yeah southern portion relatively near Augustine station which is the sky court essentially for most of the tenants the main sky port for the fence district and you're relatively nearby great location it's all about the low yeah well no no what you're doing and and you know real estates the only thing they're not making more of yeah so so although in Ravnica they sort of do on the end of your block there is a coffee shop called called the mind grind okay that you can stop in and and get yourself a cuppa okay what I met you at this point they probably just like send a courier down with some for her on most mornings they probably have an arrangement because got like you've got like a goblin page kind of guy yeah well I have bartenders who are goblins and they tend to do the survey they there's not there's not a service the bar is not like a bar where customers go to the bar it's a service bar so the the server's who work in the club go to the bar get the drinks opposed to having customers who get the part the whole economy inside the club where the server's the performers sell the drinks to their customers and it's like their way of being gonna make more tips when they're not on stage we're not performing other services so yeah it's kind of like we get more into the details it's sort of a way that people who are working their way up in the club or people who are working earlier in the night can make money throughout their ship basically so like basically the more charismatic you are on the more learning you are the more you can talk people into paying repu for drinks that they would have bought cheaper elsewhere right but they come to the to the generous tray for the atmosphere the generous straigh it's the name of the bar everybody or the name of the club yeah it's a club yeah so so there's there's your normal morning yes Luci what a morning for me this morning I believe would be him getting at this one he's just sleeping in his office because he is doing investigations at all times and odd times and instead of just going home he just sleeps there on the couch short so he wakes up and kind of starts a pot of coffee goes to the bathroom clean yourself up a little bit small fee is canonically a popular beverage in if you look at the flavor text for experimental frenzy references coffee specifically so coffee is a thing and then he sits down at his desk and sees that he has an envelope there that's from a payment from the last job he did which was four and actually a rápidos client okay so this envelope is tattered very almost crumpled he takes it it takes out what's inside and it's essentially just a cheque it's ripped in a couple places so he starts using mending to just you know make it a whole piece of paper very nice and kind of shakes it out and leaves it on his desk in the menu does in fact fix the paper any portion where the ink was missing isn't replaced obviously but it is serviceable he's turned in so many of these checks that they're like okay you're good for we get it so he just kind of sits there and kind of rubs his eyes the rack does are probably like turi ously difficult to work with yeah especially if they're hiring yeah they do not want to work with the Azorean yeah but sometimes even they have to the investigation done were the best to do it so they sometimes have to come down so yeah so it's a it's a normal morning most everybody except for two two rules like the worst morning ever what are you willing to say your name wacky right now what are you up to now crying wolf day yeah I've just been kind of sitting here because he taught me basically spooky basically taught me how to commune with the forest and like who listened to the greater things that be and the wood he would eat was it the world soul basically yeah commune with the with the world soul sort of listen to the the forces of nature and try to open yourself up and meditative way so that's just kind of what I've been doing all day I don't not very hungry right now I'm pretty sick and I'm just trying to figure out like why this would happen so you sit there for a little while it's autumn in Ravnica the leaves sort of tumble past you as you sit there's Chris gusts of wind as you sit there for a little while the Reds and the yellows of the leaves are small comfort to the great loss make a make an intelligence check through all these tears there's not much you can think to do at this point the the only idea that comes across your mind is that you are friends question mark acquaintances old friends old acquaintances with someone who might be able to help well did how did the how did what's his face what's he called tollens colas solace how did he see when I was interacting with him um he seemed surprised at first and then very matter-of-fact businesslike guarded I would say you can make an insight really stone-faced kind of character but did he seem like offer anything here was this just like I mean he seemed worried like this is a surprising that you can you can you know you don't need too much to know that finding a murdered vota yeah or a dead photo of any kind would be a problem okay oh there's not much I can do right now but she because this person meant so much to her and she just can't really sit around and wait to find out more she's gonna go she'll probably go talk to the best people who could help investigate what's going on sure go to UM I'll go with good Aleutian and see what's going on we talked we used to go to cleric school together it was a prism University together on the other side of town a higher place of learning there that is a place of learning for sort of inter guild knowledge and all of the various magical classes would take their specific type of this would be played before you declared a major essentially and so you know Lucian from way way way back in the day yeah so you show up at a new prom you walk so it's a long walk you're walking a while but you need sometimes your thoughts still gray and overcast today still a little bit windy as you make your way from precinct 3 to precinct to where where the Improv is now down this way before ok Tohono is that like the pure like law area or yeah it's well knew prob is specifically where the azores guild is headquartered probably know I usually tend to stick to like the outer areas or like in the Selenia region yeah so you make your way south out of the great concourse of you know down into more civilization I would describe it as and you arrive at the massive towers of New Prague where you know Lucien works it is 3 monumental probably the tallest buildings in all of rabbika three-sided columns that design makes the S aureus symbol if was looked at from atop with the central concourse in the centre completely flat in the middle with the three towers standing for the three columns of the asuras guild you sort of start figuring out where exactly to go you get pointed to the correct column we're Aleutians office would be located which is which column is it yeah I believe it's the yes I believe these soaps sorry super super no it would be live actually no the Alaia used to be in Joliet now even oh okay because you investigator yeah yeah so if you live so you get pointed to the lyov column and you walk in to the front door of the lyov column and it is tense there's like a lot of judging silence as a clearly celestia person walks inside it's quiet every clearing of the throat echoes there is an info desk in the front and sort of like a reception area it looks like there is a homunculus working the front desk okay um I guess I'll start there then I'll walk over okay you walk across the polished marble floor up to the desk which is quite a sight to see a lot on trying to sort of it's not your also a lot but like this is a big atrium but you're bigger than the desk by a wide margin especially because the desk is manned or homunculus by one eyed blue illusion being I can't take my mind kind of like just to look at it curiously just like it's busy it is it is similar to for both which is I'm worried about it great you should go look up totally lost if you want to see what your level Magic the Gathering right okay so you come up to the front desk and this one particular homunculus has a large single lens and glasses glass one glass that it peers through as it appears to be taking notes this appears to be a relatively older a monkey listen as you approach the shadow cast over whatever they're working on can I help you yes sir she's a little nervous because like she's never been here and she usually trusts her Conclave and everything but somebody just seems off that's weird so she's a little nervous is that loot I'm looking for du chien laundry lad rien make makeup right here make a general charisma role for me as mo Kofi is is pretty snooty and superior eighteen all right well but with your elephantine wiles it is not my responsibility to guide you through the marked offices but I can point you in the correct direction I would suggest following with the marked pathways to and then gives you detailed instructions of how to get to Lucian's office alright well thank you so much for your time if you don't mind before you head up please wipe your feet I know you can't really help it but you're sort of tracking mud mkl p.m. HP okay OPH p.m. HP yeah oh yeah this would probably be a heat I'm not this is this I'm not an expert I only ask you you use both – yeah I apologize for that they're like creatures of illusion yes so so they can do what they want yeah exactly I'll play never talked to his characters now you sort of make I know this is I mean this is a compliment to get lost in new problem everything is perfect and organized and all of the hallways look exactly the same role me I guess Romi investigation see how long it takes you to get there great I got an 11 okay good enough I mean you got pretty detailed instructions not a super high DC maybe the main problem is that mostly offices like it says or E's investigations is the name of the floor but it's like office 101 office 102 exact there's no names just that's what it is yeah and your office is probably relatively high up right I would think no I don't think it's not leaks I hope ya know and this is his first year so yeah he's just starting so maybe mid-level alright so you you do come across the door that is the number what number do you think let's come up with a number okay roll percentile tell me – tell me what number – 6 5 shirt so you get to office – 6 0 – 6 5 el ladrón listed yes well question as a non magic person short I'm so I just want to get the lay of this understanding of this guild yeah so like I understand it like the S aureus kind of like the law and order like the lawyers oh my god so but it's a very bureaucratic right extremely so you got promoted to investigator is that do usually it's sent out investigations or do people typically come in the way – Toru did or is that what's unusual it's a little bit of both because we have like the Azura's have like precognitive mages that literally see crimes before they happen sometimes it's a little wishy-washy because it's not exactly legal to you know arrest somebody before it happens but you kind of make my trainer yes you know he has his office clients would never come to his off in wherever the equivalent of the bullpen would be okay yeah most of your case is coming through the office yes well you're assigned in case you saw the person walking up to a desk and saying I want to talk to the best caterer it's like unheard absolutely yeah that's what I was interested in freedom and I assume maybe somebody else maybe so you find you find a door it's a very nice door it is a human-sized door it says el ladrón the only way that you know that it's not a broom closet is that it is labeled but but yeah there you are all right I'm not sure I answer it within five seconds so Lucien opens the door oh dude you okay hi are you busy no no no come on in come on in watch watch your head there oh yeah you get into the office and it is a human-sized Office investigators office I'm sorry place isn't exactly made for locks Adan let me just I'm sorry the place is sort of a mess and they're just like a pillow that's just a jar like on the couch you just kind of straighten sighs please just I'm sorry you literally have to scrunch not like you almost have to get down on all fours to just like enter and then once you're in it's like a constant can I get you some coffee anything no I just like keep looking at him and sign her a little bit um I don't know how to explain this my what what does he called my boda boda it's like my vota I found him this morning dead like he's a murdered I I don't know his when I picked him up his eyes were burned out it looked like his his entire head was incinerated from the inside Lucien make a history check right I got an eight but I'm good in history so oh that is a 12 sounds familiar I'm not gonna see that yet yeah I'm gonna hear her story out yes I I walked to our usual place this morning and she was there and I thought he was sleeping he's like ten thousand years old he sleeps a lot but he wasn't responding healing wouldn't work but there was there is nothing around like he looks so peaceful I'm of course I'm so sorry to hear about that I just I just don't know who to go to they're looking and they're looking into it but it didn't seem that concerns and I just I didn't know what to do cries so when something as big as this happens I assume most of the Guild's are notified but has this going through channels no did it seem like a natural death or it didn't to me right correct I mean has another has another voter passed away recently I I'm not 100% sure what no that's like no I did it was not natural and no this doesn't have an option especially to like one of mookie like it just doesn't happen I think if you're coming to me with this I assume you'd like me to look into it but I would like to find out what happened yes and I like your D I I know you I trust you and I just I don't think I can do this on my own and I I want to find out what happened mm-hmm and you said he went you found him was there any sort of marking foul play anything not with your perception check no he he was just laying there like it looked normal it was just when you pick him up and look into his eyeless skull there was nothing there except for ash do you know what would cause that like what would cause it's had to burn up like that I have a theory ah have you heard of the conflagration no just straight up no no it was from what I've heard and this was long ago the sources are not reliable but it was a method of murder that was unique to a series of murders that happened long ago before even the guilt pat was signed and I'm sure it's just a coincidence I'm sure it's not related but it just strikes me as odd and I'm not completely familiar with it but do you think if you saw the body you'd be able to tell it's possible but I think I know someone else who might know a little more about this okay do you remember though most sweet oh yeah she runs that Club the generous spirit yes it's quite a nice place actually and she this allows you if you like loves the nature and everything that's not extravagant like it could be a nice place but it's just like you know she's a bit from what I've spoken to her a bit of a hobbyist about strange murders and she might know something else okay well she does like to keep secrets so yes hopefully she will share some of them for an old acquaintance yeah yeah if you don't mind let's go do that yeah absolutely let me just know let's just go let's go on I'll just take a day off it's fine before you guys leave you check it out or I will probably when I get downstairs I'll talk to call me that Mike yeah well let Mike know that I'm off for the day if any assignments come in just forward them to the next available investigator sighs deeply and eyes you again says fine I think goes back to what they're doing I think thank you again for your guidance I really appreciate it it's no trouble you know you can't help it being so mumsy all right have a nice day they're not known for their manners but they're great with paperwork so all right let's not human resources I'm not 100% sure how to get there do you mind leading the way absolutely yes I've been there a couple of times so you so you uh you head on out of the out of New Prague across precinct to over towards you can see the sky ships and the flying beasts and the various vehicles of transport transportation heading into and out of August and station as you head over towards the generous stray which sits on the trains guild promenade one of the nicer parts of the trans guild promenade separating precincts one and two from one another really good location that you have there and you come across a building that you know very well but perhaps you've not seen before sort of in in a row of other businesses on a corner location you see a sign it juts out and then hangs from the corner post that proclaims the generous stray has an image of a cat all right what time of day is this now um probably mmm close to noon mid-morning okay um you it's it is the fog has dissipated it's begun drizzling a little bit you know the the light mist rain sort of patters down onto the onto the wood and darkens it but it's not like it's it's going nuts or anything this is the place like I said I've been here before on business of course ah and once for lunch what okay like as you cross the street are you working here this times up to you I don't think I don't think you would be working this time of day I mean I don't wanna like step on narrative but I mean you might even check me in maybe like yeah because you did your morning round like that that is your I probably like stop by all right maybe you eat lunch or two are you can be coming at your pick to your paycheck or something yeah that cool totally makes sense you so as you approach the front of the gender astray you do see your old acquaintance a Sturrock hey blue I thought we said mr. sweet doesn't really like it when you come around dress those aureus make some patrons a little uncomfortable well I am here on official business as it were and how's it going oh you know just uh keeping the streets clean a little bit they do look very clean all right well I don't mean it literally you know what I mean well regardless I think they look wonderful you've done a great job I've seen the statistics for crime in this area no it's gone down significantly well thanks you had to see Miss sweet I am we are all right so it is open no one no one's no bouncer out front at this time of day but you do walk into the generous stray which you're you both are familiar with but for tutoring you would it's a nice you know this is a spacious kind of door that accepts all comers certainly all types of large beasts asked to rock with his horns can come on now I don't get out of bed for anything less than a triple get right past it anyway so you walk into a pretty nice establishment I mean I don't know what you were thinking ahead of time but it's it's lavish but not gaudy it's very tasteful very tasteful lots of dark curtains some plants less I can't like at nighttime it's candle it's didn't save time right now let's buy more natural lighting than typically yeah but you see it's got enough edge that like rich kids can still feel him yeah it's where it's basically like people who are on the lower end of his I'd like like save up to go visit it and they're excited to go and then like the rich kids like think of it as like oh we're gonna slum at the generous both kind of being the middle and like neither one of them understands that that her price plans are designed to meet both their needs right doesn't want anyone not to be able to afford anything cuz she just wants money coming into her Club right how long has Velma run the stray I would say that she's been running astray for at least like five or six years if not more because I definitely like you know she's in her late thirties so and she'd spent some time as a half-elf you you certainly don't look later no no I might just like actual past acts I'm so I'm saying leaks like you know for like like teens and 20s were spent on the touring like music circuit and performing and then kind of like towards the end of her 20s is when he started pulling her money sure can like join the ORS on and I got like connected with this place so I would say so I just settle down I get into like seven or eight years yeah uh and in that time you've probably redone the place yeah its previous ownership correct it's it's been a labor of love okay when it would so just for my own personal edification sure that's the dungeon master would you have redone the carpets Oprah shorter okay yeah it used to be erectus layer and the reckless for the non magic people like myself and I haven't explained to are much more hedonistic and a little bit more of a violent pleasure as kind of group and I don't think that's the kind of atmosphere that Velma sweet cultivates she don't she cultivates more a like a very like dignified flair never access that hardwood which is like the ragas had carpet and and brought a glorious hardwood building yeah it's just she's like she's definitely put down like nice like elegant rugs and you know they're they're still dark colors so that when things are still they don't show up very easily and there's you know there is the occasional fluid here and there so she is like there's playing stadiums her burn marks all over the place no no like it used to be everyone is fairly a very very anti in violence like there's a lot of the arrests are there very quickly if there is something going on like people are not allowed to openly carry their weapons oh yeah so there's not a whole lot of bloodshed and it's considered very like this is switcheroo yeah and if you if you have weapons on your person like no one trusts you and everyone like thing like it's very much a light you were breaking or like you're harshing my mellow here yeah like what exactly so and interestingly you see haven't just delivered your coffee you see Sonic's you you might know the name Sonic's you certainly know sine X sine X is a goblin who is in the employee somehow of miss Velma sweet and is you know doing the morning dishes sir just like walking around cleaning yeah like dusting stuff off and says hey what I'm away put them all away alright more than 30 ham on su n n IX yeah I'll take my my my ax out and just hang it up on a peg yep there's essentially a weapons check and all and also you know all the guild marks you know the rules yeah yeah pocket your lockets well you want me to take my horns off too oh we've fine you're fine you know you're fine you're not working right now are you no not want to openly like blazing your Boros logos when you're working anyways yeah that would be a bit yeah I think that I think that Velma would encourage you not to have your Lauro stuff on while you're working the door at her club sure think it's because this is just like in the middle of doing the Yeats I probably don't matter you walk straight from work yeah it's yeah totally get it if you're in uniform and I think when I come at like to actually work I do not wear my cygnets and stuff I go for more the you know just like guiltless Minotaur look yeah because you take a club seriously sure we're gonna be more about right now people so you guys are now in the generous string what would you like to do I guess we'll walk up the Sonny yeah of course she is she's always it all right no reason to be rude about it we just it'll just be a fair enough yeah she's upstairs can you let her know that we like to speak with her no you let her know so I can just go upstairs I mean you're with you're with him right look I'll handle it Sonny your joy to work with as always it's off fine all right come on blue [Laughter] just you know it's a job you know and an odd customer there are people walking in breaking the rules phones not super busy at this time of day obviously so you know it's his his sunny disposition so you guys walk up some stairs nice staircase don't be like a small it's not like a whole flight of steps you just like some steps up from a street like a stupa Khalid okay and then you walk in and you come in the front door and you notice already bits to the left there's like a set of steps that go even higher and like an actual up like a higher floor and then kind of in that corner is the bar where the performers can get their drinks take their customers and then like so then that's that area just the side of that it's like a really nice very well decorated stage with like nice proscenium arch and like it comes out a little bit there's like a what would be like essentially a microphone it's like a stick with a rock that's been like enchanted to have like vomiter so that people may see if we're sick on microphone so yeah it's a magical microphone magic mic and there is a like a big open area with like various levels of seating like there's definitely some very extravagant like VIP kind of booths areas and it's also just some more like casual like nightclub supper club kind of tables like just round tables see chairs around them some like nice Shea's lounges and stuff like that and really nice furniture yeah like overstuffed chairs really rich it's a little mix like it it all looks nice even the stuff where like the common folk would sit are still designed like oh it's a nice evening out for us but then like edgy gifts the areas that would cost a lot more it's a lot more extravagant and there's like rare materials being used in the fabric so it's all very well weave together so it doesn't seem like oh here's the poor people section edge was like it's just like it's very like tastefully like intermingled and in a way that that lets people who want to feel like they're being pampered feel it without letting people who are below them go like oh I'm not important here so and she is currently if you come in that area she is sitting at a table that is kind of like one of like the rounder tables she has some paperwork in front of her and there was probably there's a there's a person sitting at her table that looks very nervous and kind of fidgety and there's a man sitting at another table kind of off to the side who doesn't have his insignia on right now but it seems like he's probably horizontal like he just kind of has that vibe of someone who's ago doesn't seem as official or cordial as I don't one of them it's a little more sketchy in yeah make uh you can make a perception check as you approach the table if you want on on either I mean wherever you want to look I mean can I also like how does it smell in here like okay great well use your keen smell and tell me with advantage whatever you have advantage means that you roll twice by the way everybody in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons if you have an advantage you roll twice and take a higher and then add your bonuses and disadvantages take the lower number and add your promises so I love that mechanic I think it's a really good 17 um at this time in the morning not I mean it's been cleaned in the evening I would say it smells it smells like old furniture and lovely in here like Harshman oh I think you with your keen sense of smell do get you still slightly CD or a scent Oh like not quite like beat of a lake you definitely get that like something a little bit more shaped like salacious happens here as well but that's kind of lifting up upstairs but it's it's obviously been cleaned and like spike sprayed and like cleans down but you get just the hint of it like you kind of get the feeling there's probably also cast it this has been there's been cleaning supply a lot of cleaning yeah gonna curl my nose cuz it doesn't smell like very neat really good like if it was a little bit of pheromone in the air I think it's a way to put it like it's it's a house of ill-repute as well well repute that's our beauty of some sort DOMA is appears to be interviewing a of a Dalton of some kind who is a tall live blue person it's a race a native ceramic and several other Magic the Gathering planes the padalka pnes of Ravnica tend to be of the thinking and philosophical and teaching and sort of the blue aligned guilds as a blue person this one appears to be bearing the markings of a civic scientist of some kind maybe or researcher sort of wearing like nice the civic version of what lucien is wearing but like much more academic probably and sitting across from the velma and sort of sort of not really hunched cuz Vidale can so really hunch but as as folded in on himself as he possibly can be fully bald by the way of a talkin and is sitting there and says look I I think that we can come to an arrangement here I would really like to get this settled as quickly as possible from what I understand that is what everybody here would like so how can we make that happen faster the Vidale can will glance over his shoulder at the gentleman sitting in the other booth the other table the other gentleman is trying to stay out of the sunlight appears to be a large human probably quite overweight wearing very nice clothes and that's what you can sort of tell from from your vantage point well the payment structure that we previously agreed upon has being most helpful unfortunately I have come across some emergency repairs that need to be done and I would like to refinance if possible what is your business I am a purveyor of scrolls and books and collected intelligentsia and I operate off of the sages role how often do you get it she can like looks over and sees the Osorio standing in the room does hey yeah and kind of just says you know rare delicate items things that might be very expensive and very valuable I make a inside check okay that is gonna be a 13 plus my insight we're just threes at the 16 very cagey I mean padalka –nz in general are very controlled but you pick up that he sort of sort of scans his eyes a little bit trying to organize his thoughts in his head as if perhaps trying to find some papers and those papers somewhere else inside of his own brain and says that is something that I pride myself on yes and would it be the worst thing in the world would it be a huge ding to your pride if maybe once in a while and she's like leans in and and casts message and she kind of like darts her eyes quickly over to Lucian in a way that she's trying to make clear to the guy she's talking to who she's looking at okay and then I'm in a cast message which is a can trip that allows me to whisper to someone that I can see and they they can hear me nobody else can and they can respond that nobody else can hear the casting message no I'm casting it at the guy on tactics guy you're talking to what you're making I – I see yeah I'm I'm indicating to the guy that there's a cop in the room anything wrong right yeah so what she makes he says is like so she says to him without using whisper out loud she says would it be a horrible damage to your pride to give up some of those and then she kinda like means forward and kind of covers her mouth as she cast the whisper and she says like that land in my possession this studied for dog camp will certainly know the message was just yeah she's not trying to hide it from him right she like he says he is going to make a perception check to see if he can pick up look at the cop in the room sure to see if there's a reason here but he can also yeah of course respond oh yeah he'll pick it up he sort of gets the hint very easily and very subtly glances and says perhaps responds in message perhaps I can misplace one or two I'm gonna roll a persuade on a roll intimidation mmm great nope okay so it's gonna be a seven so she's just gonna go okay I think I think better if being too intimidating with yes I know I think I think what was gonna happen what she was gonna push for more but knowing that she's kind of yeah she's being watched and knowing that she kind of just wants to get this guy out of here so she can get to whatever he's done here she just kind of goes tough situation that'll work and then she looks and then like she goes I think we come to arrangements and you'll we'll be in touch the Vidale can will stand look at you and slightly bow and say much appreciated thank you I will be by soon sort of straightens himself up and turns and walks past you all and I turn to the the or zov guy that I'm assuming his nor I named him does he have a name that you've already decided for Amercia okay I will say Octavius great um I believe that that the inspector later ian has is a man of specific tastes and I would like to give him discretion if you could excuse us please he will I you through his sort of Beedie Beedie eyes his hands resting upon his ample stomach sort of Tony Soprano like just sort of sizing up the situation glances over the zoria slaw mage who's entered the establishment and the brute squad apparently that he associates with him the large Minotaur and lexicon and said so you probably know the Minotaur right around so he'll he'll glance about look back without saying a word simply just sits there for a second and stands up and starts walking out and it is it is you all in this section of the bar now Miss sweet I gotta say I know he works with you but that guy gives me the creeps he can still hear you well I think he knows it his intention Octavius doesn't turn around slowly ambles these guys came he's walking out the door as he as he leaves he will open the door a glance over and make a small eye contact with you and exit yeah she's like she looks around and she's obviously like there's there's a flash of annoyance but then she kind of hides it quickly and she's like if she looks like she goes like everybody these oreos ever reads yeah inspector patreon what an unexpected but I wasn't surprised look they were coming in on their own I just helped them and too-too-roo it's been so long how are you actually let me take you so this is still on the main floor you were in a booth I was sitting in a tape at a table so yeah there is there is seating at this table is human seating there there's a big chaise lounge you can sit on it but also larger items of furniture about the room more designed for ogres and laksa Don's and the larger of stature not at this table wait yeah I actually get up from my table because I did whatever they want to do I I don't want to be sitting in the middle of my club talking to a cop so I ago I actually say I think we have something just for what you need so she's playing it like you're looking for something that she provides I think we have something to your specifications follow me and she walks up she like just gets up and walks up the steps great great I guess we just follow all right so I take them into a room upstairs and so there once you get up stairs there's probably a landing or a hallway yeah it's like it's almost like a hotel hallway like you know the hotel hallways that like kind of go around in one big square it's like that and the decorations on the hallway are kind of similar to downstairs like a lot of tapestries and carpeting and stuff like that so like make it look very nice we'd like to cover up an older like quiz like do I ever waste a 20 for this so it doesn't look all dingy and dungeon like it looks very like comforting and like alluring it's designed to like here's like hanging curtains and there's a lot in like candle light and the candles are lit at the Senecas knows no natural lighting in this hallway so it is this is it is designed to be very like salacious oh the merry like yeah yeah nice nice rent candles sort of it makes it I mean it's it's dark but it's not dim right up here so she takes you to a currently unoccupied like bedroom it's like one that's like Anna used for larger groups for things and so she opens up you definitely smell that scent yeah and up at the budget is a big bed [Applause] yeah yeah it's so there yeah so there's a it's like a canopy bed and yeah so then like she there's also like a nice like big high back chair that she like sits on and like crosses her legs and she kind of sits down and waits there and like the doors like she nods to a straw to close the door behind him and you get the sense that this room is very good air like not airtight but like it's something like this room it's like once the doors closed she feels more comfortable to say when it was open this is a room you get the sensation that this is a common occurrence to have private meetings yeah among among stuff yeah I like to imagine in the closet there's like a couple different guild costumes for whatever you like there are definitely some things in the closet that you kind of like I don't want to wait to do it we have to do an investigation room itself does have a window but of course to the outside I don't think it does I think that I think that this is something that isn't because they're customers wouldn't want people to be able to see in from outside if there is a window it has been like covered and like drama there's definitely what maybe there's a window all you see is curtains yeah so um so she sits down in this high back chair and she crosses her legs and she doesn't say anything else she just looks at you mm-hmm Esther Rock just kind of goes over to a corner and kind of leans up against it he's he's been around for like talks like this before but usually he's just there to like remind other people that you know if they decided to suddenly get violent if the show handle it they push I'll come to shot exactly yeah sweet thank you you can count me Velma we're friends okay and I like walk over and I like try to give her a hug I I fight you all definitely I'm still like not sure she's very much like okay crying so something is happening yes I mean there's probably like a jug of wine some glasses with do you need me to take care of you normally do that we send the before formers out ah before we I mean no judgments anything are here to consult on a case that has just come to my attention but it is of a sensitive matter and not fit for the public so and I kind of look over at a Sturrock well that's that's really the CD for you well there's quite a few investigations that are not fit for the public that I don't just tell everyone about this happens to be one of them so I'm a little impressed I assume you would go through all the proper paperwork for pretty much every investigation you get involved with I certainly will as soon as I know what I am actually investigating that's rock darling man say like you noticed when when you say not fit for public knowledge like her body language completely like turns into like she's very interested Oh suddenly she went from being like annoyed that you were here to being like new this is this guy interesting you suddenly have something interesting a Sturrock I don't mean to be me but I think you may have to no it's fine it's fine um are you sure cuz I don't know if involving the Boros is a good idea at this point I'm there's no more OHS here there is just a man who works in like a Minotaur who works at my club look I'm Boros yeah but I've been my own man for a long time – okay I understand you got to do things your own way sometimes I'll step out if you want me to but I'm not gonna be a problem well no if you are about G for him then that is fine I vouch for no one but I am letting you know that he has been working for me for quite a while now and that is something that's that tends to already bend his allegiance to the Boros as its were all right another set of years couldn't hurt but everything we say from this moment on is the most confidentiality earlier today well I was making my rounds I came across to my Hoda my Buddha mentor I came across my vote uh Mookie he's he's ability since I can't I can't even remember he his face was basically incinerated from the inside out and I don't know why or who or where but it doesn't feel right something feels often I don't know what Tim sorry did you say burned from the inside out completely burned his eyes were just pure you can see into the inside and it was just ash so someone cast a spell like a produce flame inside of his head or I've heard anything about this yet today no in fact no one has heard about it which is why it's a bit concerning I'm very concerned by this I normally this kind of information would have been made its way to me already yes something as big as possibly a guild master passing would be big news someone that is even older than a guild master should be even larger yet we have heard nothing at the azores and it may be something that they are trying to keep hidden a Sturrock aster upped his shifts a little uncomfortably mm-hmm and this whole thing and he starts the stress that kind of like fiddled with the end of his horn which is something he kind of does when he's nervous or thinking about things that horn by the way is covered in a metal tip yeah I'm not mistaken uh-huh his his right born the the tip has been broken off at some point so it has been replaced with basically like a metal prosthetic tip on there that's a great idea I'm definitely gonna do that now a stroke do you know something you seem like you know something no I think it's just a coincidence make an insane check on that okay yeah I got a only got a formal not sure it's not so much that you believe him it's that that's not the most interesting thing happening right okay right huh now Velma we have spoken sometimes about your interest in strange murders yes and I was wondering if you have ever heard of the conflagration I'm surprised you put the conflagration well we do tend to go through a lot of books even so I go through a lot of books and very few have heard about it you're talking about the inner shark is that right um sure I think it's ever mine ever mine ever mine is a cave in Skyrim Berzin sure I mean there were deathly murders in there cuz I was in there yeah you're talking about the nvermind murders it seems you know a little more than I do about it because I do not know what that is well it's basically what we're describing here it's it's the confirmation it was there was a series of murders very grisly where the victims were as your as you said about your your dry and friend Mookie um that it seemed like the victims have their brains burned from the inside working outward it was a long time ago it was actually before the kill pack yes yeah and I believe they were eventually captured by what was soon to be known as the burrows as well as my understanding of it do much book reading but uh stories about that sort of thing gets spread around the legion how convenient good for you well we got the job done unlike some other guilds I won't point your fingers at that's gonna be a thirteen okay um you actually don't know this this is something oh yeah sure this is the Boris con yep sure sure did catch that a member mind merton killer yeah sure did and you catch on that yeah I don't say anything about it right now I don't say anything about most of what I like I don't really respond to what he said and I kind of look at that and I was like oh yes quite good um so what do you wouldn't you need from me well I was hoping you would say that this is just a fancy coincidence and it's not connected to what happened to Mookie but it seems that you don't seem to think that at all inspector I don't believe anything that happens in radnik as a fancy coincidence but who would have access to something like what configuration comes with the thing about configuration is that no one knows what caused it so knowing who has access to it is a logical leap that I don't think one could make it this juncture I'm gonna hurt you Oh after I kind of like steps forward I didn't want to say anything about this because technically I was told not to but don't don't like covering things up that's not why I came Boros not to keep secrets I'm here to help people there was a case the other day Alfred human you know you you all kind of look similar to me Yeah right we are right then they just uh they don't have horns they were have tusks eh I mean maybe L spends the same to me look a really similar thing happened okay wait there's been a second one he's murder yeah yeah their brain was burned out the back of their head I assumed it was just some is it made shagged trying some new contraption but it told me not to say anything about it and we haven't been investigating it like we should be who was the victim I don't really know anything about him yeah make a um I guess this would be this would be a general intelligence maybe this would be investigation do an investigation check okay just in case you happen to have overseen specific documents here natural 2000 I actually have a photo of the crime scene right well actually I did for those of you unfamiliar with the natural 20-sided dice you have one that is the best possible result and that is what you've got well 20 is the best of all 21 is the worst just to clarify language natural 20 is very good so you weren't like on this specific case you weren't one of the people that came across the body you weren't one of the people who were on the scene but this was this was the talk of the precinct this this was probably like kind of scuttlebutt because we are told not to say anything officially correct about a side of son home the fortress of the Legion where you work and report back to after you're done before and afters where your blocker is and where all of your day-to-day operations are based out of this was the scuttlebutt amongst the the cops mm-hmm yeah as we shared our dough circles and drink our coffee and stuff yeah yeah I don't know exactly who it was and mostly it was just rumors that that flew around in the Legion but I think it was must have been someone important because they are covering it up I just don't like that all right how strong how long ago was that I'm not too long yeah you would know that it was less than a week ago sometime last week and how long does it usually take for the Boros to dispose of remains I can't say I don't know where they kept it normally the go guard eventually get their due but uh the investigation is still going there might still be locked up somewhere do you think that you would have a particular interest in this I I think I would be morbidly interested but but murders happen on the streets of Ravnica decently often and as I said I think my general assumption when they were like oh it's brains got burned out was like men the isn't sure don't know how to be reasonable about of things yeah okay so yeah you wouldn't necessarily know where the victim would be right or if they've been disposed of or any of that stuff make a this was going to be a history check okay and probably at advantage okay because this is something you know when you're a bit about okay okay that first one is a sixteen and then a roll again and my history is a plus one oh and as for the magic people i am a so this can be a seventeen my advantage I am a bard and one of the things that I get at level I think it's two or three I have a thing called jack-of-all-trades which basically means that I actually get to add half of my proficiency bonus to all of my roles yeah yeah and things that I specialize in I actually get double i apprec bonus so like republic yeah bards are designed to be very well-rounded characters and designed to be legal pretty good at like everything but like not really great at what do you want things though i'm pretty good someone things but yeah so on that one for the ample history I didn't naturally have a history proficiency but because of my jack-of-all-trades I got half my efficiency bonus I got plus one to my role mmm and then Jordan I mean sorry sorry your Jordan Rubin gave me advantage because of my knowledge ya know her backstory and her history 1717 it certainly sounds like more than a coincidence obviously yeah we have you love fewer details on the second apparently victim they apparently the first apparently the first enemies the first victim rights the now that you have two victims but it has not been a it has been a while since this has been anything but a story yeah the initial killer who did the conflagrations and the amber mind murders at the time obviously this was before the guild pact this was ten thousand seventy-six were in ten thousand seventy six al concordant which is ten thousand seventy six years after the signing of the killed pact as we are right now that's where we are right now but this was before that so there's you know most of it has been lost to time or is he in the vaults somewhere you've done as much as research as you possibly can but but there just isn't a lot of research to be had I think I find more probably speculation than I do actual research thing I find various like theories from like old Scribner's and I feel like this is what we think might it actually happened yeah it's kind of like in my opinion like it's like when you watch like read about like their zodiac killers they don't actually know who did it exactly all these books like no this guy definitely did it this guy did write from your research or Jack the Ripper you know that someone was arrested captured and convicted of these of these killings the name of this person has sort of been the specific name of this person and obviously this was before the Guild's yes it was like ten thousand years or more ago so we're you know is that a a man was arrested captured convicted and executed for these murders mmm that's what you know and there's something else that I know but I haven't Cheers yeah I was trying to hint it's done Karen said I know things and I not say yeah I'm she definitely like when you said the thing about the bodies I think you definitely noticed her like kind of like think to herself for a second and then not saying anything to two-room do you happen to know where this bodies being kept like you were told that mookie was returned to his ver naughty and would be in the temple he was he'd be returned to the pranati and kept there until they prepared for the ritual they do yeah this is all creepy Celestia stuff so you guys probably don't know a ton of it right miss ELISA Nia are great but they're a little a little cultish a little bit oh they're the insular guild yeah yeah I mean they're all in some guilds but they in particular are like like the contents and Idol of the forests of Oregon it's just like Oh come join us right a little bit not Sprewell not you though they're a little less culty than the cult of recta Scientology guys on the street right um it's a lot more like that so you guys probably don't even know I mean you might know what you know whatever Nadia's sure you certainly don't know I don't way you it unless it's come up in conversation and went yeah that sounds like something I want to learn about you might have a jib maybe I don't know like what it feels like but I think I would get a general concept of it right it's this Felicity equivalent of a gated community yeah um but it's all data community yes you're saying there's a place that's like holding secrets setting Velma definitely knows what it's about I would say a strokes connection to like nature and that side of things is way closer to gruel for then soul as Nina yeah the red aspects of Boros much stronger than the white aspects of Boros connecting yep and so what she's describing to you is essentially that the gated community that surrounds the ver naughty and you probably don't even know what the word vote it is but this person theoretically the voda is something important in this community and you got the context clues that this was her mentor or some kind and the temple is in you would know the way out of your burn Andre of course and so his body is at the temple that's what they told you okay yeah so his body will be at the temple until we all gather to commune with matza lozania and send him off to the world soul when is that ah when I was like seven days from now so for Asia you don't know how it's gonna work with a vote oh yeah that's what traditionally it's the same day typically it's not it's not very long when someone dies there's a there's a brief period of mourning and they are have a ceremony and then put in a pine box and shipped off okay it's really not very ceremonial death on Ravnica at all okay um well then I couldn't jump and say what time is it it's a little past noon I believe little past may be may be stretching towards one or two well he'll be there until tonight but after that he'll be gone he'll be gone then I need to work quickly what are you just gonna waltz into the celestial Conclave what kind of what we do all right well no I'm just thinking of you you're gonna make a big obvious thing about this I think someone needs to make a big obvious well if it's being covered up we just need to be careful we well obviously I gotta find out what's going on now look if the boys were covering this up and and thus lesbians are being strange about this there's something bigger going on i-i-i i don't know what's happening but I trust my I trust my renauldi you trust your annatee then why did you go to see inspector and Adrian because I just wanted to make sure well all I'm saying is that if you want to make sure maybe we should be a little underhanded about this ah well too true if you are technically my client so it is up to you who you hire in addition to me for this case well I think we've worked together before so I think it worked okay and I trust you guys so I think that I think we'll be okay together I also think some of those things and as confidential as possible when proceeding Oh y'all huh are you wanting to hire me as part of this would you help cheer up a little bit I could probably find a little bit more information about what happened on the Boros into things just that's yeah let's check out some of my friends in the Legion and see what anyone who knows a little bit more she kind of like tucks back her hair a bit it's like kind of like play up her ears and just like I might know a goal Gary or two that I can speak to all right remember confidentiality don't tell them too much well thank you well we should probably figure out a place where like planning on meeting up well I was gonna suggest we just go now if this ceremonies going to happen any moment we don't know much time to see this body oh she definitely wants to go with you do that alright yeah like there's no argument from Velma to go into the secret Conclave it's not that I mean it's it's just it's a neighborhood like it's a little community it's not super secretive sorry for making more the merrier absolutely yes join us it's not uncommon fat funeral services like this for remember friends from outside to be visiting ok not uncommon then we should go yeah all right so she changes she like cuz like I'll meet you downstairs or on me so if she goes and changes out of her like nightclub apparel enjoy like a little bit more of a somber like respectful like and maybe something else a little bit like Celestion like something that like may have been left behind by somebody or may be used for something in the closet I don't know she also had someone she has now put on her clothes like like for traveling anybody else doing any prep before a strike just goes downstairs like sorry you better not touch my ax don't around here don't threaten each other she goes to fights tangi and kind of like once and you know that she'll be out for the evening great tangey is a Elf tangi yeah yeah this is a widow Widow she the wood elf and tandi's kind of like she's a performer I thought I forgot the club but she is someone who I can rely on to be any kind of a regular you can trust me she is quietly right here yeah I'll be I'll be fine you get back safe though thank you it and and you guys exit the generous stray as you exit though the rain has picked up a little bit you have not really sheets of rain but certainly you know if you have a note if you had an umbrella you would use it here it's it's it's quite dim outside and rain-free it for the day appropriate for the day yeah so you guys walk make your way you guys are walking yeah that's how that's how I generally get around lazy how long it'll walk in here um maybe now okay I mean what's what what is the method of travel that we could use that isn't what we call a carriage you can call a carriage certainly there are carriages that can take you up and down Transco promenade you could go to the Millennial platform which is essentially the central airport the 10th district which not only can you book passage to other districts and other parts of rabbika but there are more local flights it would take you to specific locations in the others of the other precincts as well okay I think I'm gonna put out there we should probably procure some sort of transportation because time is of the essence and we also don't want to look like we just wandered into a neighborhood we were here for a purpose this ceremony funeral whatever it is we were here for that so you procure a fly we serve a kid just walk okay are you afraid of heights no no I just my stomach doesn't like it alright there's nothing wrong with that it's a bit it's not silly okay minotaurs were not made to fly okay we have hooves I've seen minotaurs with wings and well enchanted wings but they were wings nonetheless they looked pretty happy well enchantments are their own thing okay mm think of it this way you're just gonna be thousands of feet off the ground where everything looks so small and pointless yes that is that is how I think of things it's it's upsetting alright okay no I'll be fine okay just don't talk to me on the flight all right here we go okay you guys arrive at the at the Millennial platform very near to the generous tray within the shadow of the generous tray it's a busy place it's filled with tons of different types of people who travel from from the central platform to the various locations within precincts in the 10th as well as you know more international travel you all have by decree actually by decree of Ravnica every citizen of Ravan has given a token and in the first of the year that allows you to travel from a location to the Millennial platform because it is a central location flights are on giant flying contraptions and beasts and airships and Zeppelin's of various kinds and you do find the location of where the flight to precinct 3 which will deliver you to v2 gauzy is located actually will deliver you to the Grand Concourse adjacent to the two gauzy which is a series of sort of criss crossing bridges of both rope and stone and sort of skyways a lot like the Ewok village but like on a massive scale across the southern just south of me – Ghazi that will be so the currency of Ravnica are known as zips and Zino's zips are equivalent to copper pieces Zeno's are equivalent to gold pieces it is important to note that silver typically in Dungeons and Dragons you have ten Silver's – a gold not the case in Ravnica it is for silver – a gold there are 1600 – it – is you know yeah and then there are also 10 xeno platinum pieces so that translation is exactly the same different guilds mint their own different currency some guilds don't just operate with what there is and a flight from the millennial platform to precinct threes drop-off point in the the Grand Concourse I think is half of a goal I think would be two silver pieces I would need to find I will probably charge it to the guild do that charge it for all of them to the guild this is technically yeah I'm not hiding what I'm doing yeah is there any sort of like passenger manifest room like that or so the trip over to precinct three is on an airship just a generic is it sort of Zeppelin design a little dirigible captained by a goblin with big eyes that are expanded because of the goggles that this goblin is wearing and they sit at the front portion of the Zeppelin and everyone sort of piles on it's you folks and then a couple other folks who are who make the trip down a very short trip I would say less than an hour probably half an hour 45 minutes to get into yeah for all of the yeah it's probably half an hour I would say pretty much the whole time a Sturrock is just like kind of sitting in the corner he's in he's just like wall States Constitution saving through okay I've got a pretty good Constitution so that is a 13 but I get plus four so you're good yeah I don't like it but no but I'll be alright you took your Dramamine your shouldn't eaten so many dough circles so the dirigible is flying – Wow sometimes in my head I was thinking like DOS or I was thinking like at those at keys joke circle now I get it definitely do that in the morning yep give me five yeah so you are flying through the mist and as you fly through the mist you a very familiar sight to you is this is your home but you do see just a massive tree as you approach v2 gauzy well known as the Celestia I mean the Celestia Conclave doesn't really believe that power is centrally located that the whole world has power through it but Pichu Ghazi still serves as the focus and the Guildhall it Dwarfs everything almost everything except for maybe new prov there are some buildings that are almost that tall it's it's where celestine worshipers go to celebrate Celestia and attempt to or successfully commune with matza licinia the life force the collective consciousness of the Celestine's and parent of Celestia only to perón's founders of the guilds remain alive here on Ravnica the rock dose the demon and visit of the is it killed but MOT Celestia is and always has been around but doesn't really manifest in any meaningful way below you you see folks coming to and from pillar making pilgrimages you see groups of folks in robes and and there's this just there's a bustling of activity as you come to the great concourse which is just south it's it's much more of a housing district as I mentioned before it's sort of like a lot of tree houses and neighborhoods raised paths some of them are built on stone and sort of operators aqueducts through the through the canopy of the not the canopy because the canopy is a different neighborhood but through this area of town made of limestone Bijan lives the limestone very fine limestone also the surrounding arts ways of the of your pranati could be made from would be a stone cutting check but yeah you see nice worms in the party right there you go because I guess there are there Dwarfs I'm really there are no divorce yeah I don't think no boards no teeth wings relaxing at that specialize in masonry they're kind of like they're kind of cool okay so as you look down you can see on some of the concourse weaving through there are market stalls set up in this area of town this was obviously a busy bustling place with started with shop keeps and storefronts and all that kind of stuff mostly its carts they travel to and fro from the specifically the beasts lands getting rid of their wheat and things like that and you land in a sky port there on the great concourse oh thank you Saints all right nope I'm fine I'm fine everything is okay mmm that's quite a sight to see my friend yeah that is also have you ever seen seen something so beautiful all over Africa I've seen a few things so you make I haven't seen this much green and by that of course I mean a struck again but still you make your way from the great concourse you know how to get here from here to your your ver mati you pass through the open gate with the bars styled sort of the front entrance think you've never seen to get close but it is a front entrance with you see branching filigree leaves design as the front the with the high white walls and you walk into your familiar settings it is very quiet in here usually much more bustling with activity the there is almost no sound you can is a little disconcerting there are the plum trees and the various trellises and vines to your left in the back it's a it's sort of a round you know what let's build something okay let me show you what you guys are working with here what a bunch of Legos let's cut to the animation cuts into a little bit on map here so the center of her pranati is a large tree thing this tree is maybe 20 30 feet in diameter all around the in circumference I'm sorry a diameter and all around that as I'm building here as you can see are this the marble or limestone structures or it's a hinge it's a bit of a hinge sort of a very wide neighborhood here and it comes all the way around to the front and your guys are probably walking in from back there in this back corner you can see through there is sort of arches like this and this is a garden where all of the the toilet the soil and the the local vegetable garden is located you also there's also some other bits of this given just a second as I try to build you out the map here the meeting garden right here in the front is sort of a circular space where there is a fountain being curled around by a root from the the for knotty Center tree some members of the ver knotty do have a room rooms on this portion over here some some of the ground-floor members particularly the folks who operate the garden over here and there is as you approach a spiral up and it goes sort of you know starts in a counterclockwise direction so it sort of spirals up like this and that leads to the higher floors and where would they normally be keeping link where are you normally keep people when they die so the temple is at the very top as this spirals up the temple is at the peak of the the apex of the of the tree okay well as we're walking around it kind of like points show them things and quite there I'm like and this is our garden where we've grown at everything they've taught me how to do the different fertilizers and you grow what's a good fruit and round I cut like mangos probably not in the tenth there certainly is all manner of weather all over the plane you need some place to grow the coffee right but in this in this area of it's much more temperate I would say I mean it's possible you have like apple trees plum trees maybe orange I mean it's not too different from from Southern California so maybe you might have something citrus like that so I'll be showing you around and then well approach is there anyone out right now like there's some there are some gardeners or sort of tent tilling back here attending to the grounds they sort of have the the you know they aren't as friendly they they're clearly they know what has happened yet and they nod respectfully to you all you do see actually make everybody make a perception sure there's a natural one y'all mmm else I actually got blind as I walk through this garden yes I got seven anybody else I got a dirty 23 yeah almost everybody else is is sort of distracted but you do notice that there are some Cavaliers Centaurs who are appear to be encircling sort of on a patrol around the Verne Adi just keeping an eye on things trotting around the grounds like how regular Cavaliers would ride horses and centaurs are like nope we got it we got it I'll be mom yeah paddle your own canoe be your own mount yeah exactly right um and that's that's what you that's what you see you do here further up the tree you do hear the Dean of people activity is that one abandoned centers like three you know yeah – I want to talk Centaurs so that seems like about normal security like nothing crazy yeah you would know that that's not a thing that typically happens is that typically they sort of leave in and out of the various varieties having one Patrol specifically for this is do I notice them if it's pointed out to you Oh is there anyone playing like like is there like playing music like anyone like like you better get a somber day or I might to try like blend in with my surroundings I might like kind of like listen to their song and then kind of like join in like like playing like my viola like just like not necessarily maybe like a lutes I might have yeah whoever makes the most sense for what the song is so I'll do a performance right that's at 8:00 okay um it joins in I mean this is something that you do mm-hmm it does not seem to be having a particular effect yeah anyone around yeah I'm just I'm trying to blend in sir and and you do and you can make your way up yeah the the spiral which is this is your home so you obviously know at various points there are other houses and rooms for people to live in and as you get to the top floor there is a temple it is a sort of a 40 foot circle at the apex of the tree we can sort of build the temple I guess and show you what that looks like I'm going to leave the exterior walls so it would sort of be a circle about yay big with many columns sort of encircling inside just inside the walls of the the temple which is open to the sky open to the canopy of the tree but it does peek through and the the pillars surround the church sort of area it is a very sombre feeling in the middle there is a table upon which is so that the room would be extend out from the pillars just a little bit but there is an inn in state not in a box is is mugie sitting on a table various mourners are milling about standing there tolis is there and sees you approached and says I'm so glad that you're here we are going to be laying mookie to rest another voter has been dispatched from v2 Ghazi they are far side of the room and you see another Dryad okay talking with folks we will be having a very short ceremony and then as tradition indicates when a voter passes they will be laid to rest beneath their fur Nadi here okay now you don't know exactly what that means yeah that you've never heard of that but sure can I ask what that entails what what do you mean I mean different are you re burying him yes there is a there's a root cellar in the most literal sense of the tree where those vota and other important members of the guild can be laid to rest how does how does he seem like I'm pretty good at like picking up and like people's feelings and how they're very empathetic like does he seem a sure make a is a check – yes it's all around sure why not that it's gonna be a dirty 20 hey natural 2000 18 likes no cipher Bunch yeah it's been it's been a tough day for tolis yes it's less guarded my sir my investigation is plus zero but I'm pretty insightful mmm I picked up on that sure so in this conversation that you all are overhearing you can tell that tolis while making eye contact he is sort of scanning the outsiders and making sure of keeping sort of just track of the new folks that have shown up that he doesn't know who had a natural twenty and who had the dirty twenty so and those were those were the 20s the law and order comb comb you can tell to do that you can definitely tell that tolis is under a good amount of stress he is his arms are crossed he's very obviously in a defensive style of position and sort of glistening I would say with Dew or sweat or mist and he does look a bit Haggard at this point he is sort of a little bit shifty in his eyes casting about looking at you long do you have any additional information as to what might have happened at this time we don't exactly know what has happened here Vito Ghazi will be handling the furtherance of the investigation normal not really um whenever there's a crime committed it's not the celestials who typically handled the con again it's it's a notorious ouroboros job typically although you know once once there's an investigation to be so doesn't sound particularly unusual particularly for someone of Mookie's of stature we are going to be laying mookie to rest beneath the tree we will be making sure that until the investigation is completed someone has cast spells to maintain the remains which you would understand to me and gentle repose right to make sure that it is not claimed until we already your insight though tells you that he's not telling you everything he's still very guarded he is still well aware that you guys are there so if you if you'd like to say a few words we can commence with the ceremony I know this is a very tough time if you don't mind could I have some time alone with him make up make up make a persuasion I understand and he will gather his collection of folks and make their way towards the did you want him to leave the room entirely or just go to the edges or I mean I just went yeah probably how many leave the room for now just I can go up to say goodbye and so he will he will abide by that and clear the room for just a moment Velma kinda like seems to walk with them out the room like she's going with like not the dolls ice-fishing to her staying in the room but then like how like peels off at the end back around okay so you're following that group uh sort of yeah okay make a actually if you're just there you probably just hear this tolis as he leaves mentions to one of his one of the the voter 'is one of the temple guards to you know there is no door to the temple and so he mentions to the voter who just keep an eye on them just make sure that nothing hinky goes on here none you see that all right well here he is will walk up to his body mm-hmm I am I use message to convey that information to you okay I just go you are being watched and where is where are they sending probably um to the entrance of the temple probably just here and then it obviously counterclockwise spirals down so okay you're probably just outside on a landing right here okay I'll kind of stand like in front of his body but like if you're looking in you basically see a giant elephant let's show him um and then I'll say here he is ten thousand years old and why could you speak ten thousand years old yes so he was alive when the murders happened to begin with probably yes hmm looks good for his age I mean except for the bird right yeah I see it's just like how does he look right now like how is he presented he's presented in the way that you kind of found him with his arms sort of arms at his side he does have a staff made of vines that is part of his hand sort of I mean it's it's sort of tough to tell where the hand ends and the staff of vines begins but that is sort of at his side and it looks like he's holding it you know that that could be sort of operated like become vines from his hands and we didn't use it as a walking stick his eyes are closed and he hasn't written I'm gonna take out my pocket watch yep and cast light on it mmm and started inspecting the body great make a investigation I hope this is good or else my job is kind of stupid person that's watching son right one of the voter ease okay so a temple guard I'm gonna walk up to him and attempt to distract him while that's happening great so like not draw attention to the fact so I'm gonna go up to him and I'm just gonna go like I'm playing my my like I guess thinking like a violin kinda I don't know something I think that's all I always manage my barns playing as a violin right so she's like um and she's playing it like very like she's been hired as a musician to come in and play it's like was there was there any songs that the vote was that what you call it voda was there any songs the he boy like and I could play like a really good song so that's what she's doing to this could potentially also be deception oh yes I will do that's gonna be it's gonna be a 13 actually 14 the voter he makes pleasant conversation I was like oh there was a very nice sort of elf tunes I start playing the tune there was a reddit comment that has literally been in my head since I read it which someone said I tapped the planes down in Ravnica spell zero also while I'm playing this song I am ritually casting comprehend languages which is it takes me about a minute to cast so as I'm providing the song I'm doing that and that will last for an hour so that if anyone's speaking a language that I don't understand during this service or I understand them great so just so you know okay planes and and so you have light yeah I think we got an 8 on my investigation though this is any other bone this isn't my leg gives me so what do you way of doing I'm basically just trying to look for anything that looks like like a stab wound or any sort of chemical mark sure so you investigate the the body from from neck to toe yeah does not appear to be any obvious sign of of a murder or any crime of any kind here is anything there pockets are there wearing clothes no completely made of plant and wood okay and then I guess I'll inspect the head to just open the ID as a bonus action mom playing music I'm gonna give you a Bartok inspiration so suddenly your your eyes hyper focus and you have a much stronger sense of of what you're looking at and you look into Mookie's face and the eyes and distracted so I'll give them disadvantage I'm getting behind the things I'm gonna give them another penalty probably like minus 5 because it's total cover hope rolled 19 in the nineteen probably is starting to come back into the room at that point and sort of well maybe not enter the room so much as signal to tolis what is what is perhaps transpiring in elvish will call over to Tullis and say hey I think how long are we how long are we givin them in there and you hear that obviously so you cast light and you open the eye to look into the skull at this point making our Canon check he said this one I knew it I could do it after you do it before after and hitter Bartok inspiration as before after the role um you can do it after my before he says it right okay I do barred against region and guidance simultaneous sure okay well I got a ten so far plus – I'll do guidance which is two more so that is 14 and I'll do barred against I'll do it all I'll do it all baby and that's a d4 at this level yeah I believe so so that's four more so that's 18 – okay so it was a roll of 10 on the d20 yes okay then plus two for your skill yes then you rolled a d4 for guidance for guidance yes I rolled another d4 for Barta Ginsburg yes great and that gave you an 18 and 18 total yes this is our Kevin this as you open the eye you can immediately pick up that it is a fire and Ember you sense from being right in there casting light looking in it is clean on the inside it has been there's no evidence of burn on out on the outside of Mookie's head there it is a localized spot and it seems extremely precise it would be very difficult for a for physical fire to be contained in this way and therefore it feels magical to you it also is exactly the mo of the amber mind killer there's no like entry wound on the back of the head or anything go with your roll with your with your earlier perception your earlier perception was like an 8 right my investigation your investigation yeah the Arkana check wouldn't be able to to tell to tell you that and the investigation I would say there is no other entry point further than the eyes just a quick rules goof it should've been decent except Allah gize so copied reference from my bargain distance I level up so higher level fine for the audience here who are the non magic but non mean people Bartok inspirations of power that bar in town which is a bonus action that I get I get right now I get three per day or three before long the rest and as I'm casting as a bonus action I can give anybody else but not myself the ability to add an extra dice to one of the roles for the next ten minutes great I'm gonna look back towards the open door and see if anybody's coming at this point I would say by this point folks have started to shuffle back in I'm gonna look towards a Sturrock and say like can you give us a little more time sure sure a Sturrock will just die he he's not entirely sure what to do without like attacking people Astrix just gonna walk over and be like ah it's a nice place you have here yeah you like living in trees okay I'm gonna cast dancing lights and do like a very like beautiful display of light like as a tribute while I'm singing this song the guy asked me to sing so like that's got my trying to sort of locusts okay great well that's worse so I got a no so super glad I helped um he's sort of says yeah trees are kind of our excuse me and the sample in that time that's I'm trying to do is get a sample of like any lucky Ashland right because we probably look at your things it's okay because I know I'm not actually good at like distracting them with the questions and stuff can I just like physically get in their way yeah sure um yeah let's make that in athletics I've got more questions about about Celeste maman Celeste yeah so this will be an opposed athletics athletics all right well that's a little better I got a dirty 20 oh that's my best skill yeah you certainly let me see what my yeah you get in their way you sure are in their way for a probably have another 10 seconds 15 seconds as long as it's like excuse me oh sorry Oh silly me I'm a Minotaur you know what I'm gonna do is just take my my my pocket watch and just scoop a little bit the eye and then close it and then put it away yeah you have done so which points everyone will re-enter the room okay you can go by now yeah I continue playing my song in my lights cuz I'm trying to keep it like it wasn't like I wasn't doing it extract that was to be tasteful I thought it was a beautiful trim use it this wonderful Dryad oh we loved him so much Tallis will realism told us we'll say some words you know what a great leader of our community would a tragic day and a sad passing and he will allow the new Voter to speak new Voter that's a magic the new Voter has a name and they introduce themselves and sort of you know this is gonna be a difficult time for our community but we will make it through this the solutions the Celestia Conclave is resilience and we've been through hard times before and this will be another we will heal we will heal you are invited to say something if you'd like kind of a sign his head and like does he inheres yeah white wigs okay probably kind of just like pet been like so and I said there and I I say mookie was more than a photo to me he was a mentor father a best friend in times when I didn't know what to do he'd be there for me to guide me to tell me and show me the way of the world and the elements around us and I'm sad to see this happen and I'm I'm in more pain than I could ever imagine but I do know every day he would ask me what did I learn today and I think if anything today on both days I would say I learned that friends can come in all shapes and sizes in places miss my little loom very nice at the end of your statement a dryad of something I'm trying to drew it of the of the Pernod II will raise her hands and from the walls essentially from the the canopy a small army of saplings which are for those of you that play magic if you want to look what Ravnica sapper links look up look like go look up the card doubling season there's lots of saplings in that art little fungal droids sort of they look like stars early at the idea of it yeah little little make three copies yeah Pomeranians climb down the walls and in a very non-threatening way they sort of just weave in and out climb up to the table and like an army of ants lift the body up and begin taking it down the arch or down the path down to the bottom where you are back at the bottom do you follow oh yeah oh yes yes absolutely so back at the bottom on the back side there is a they take the body to the backside are you how closely are you all following I'd be pretty close I feel like okay suppose we can be without being suspicious yeah this worry I mean you this would probably be a perception check for whoever's up close like within 10 feet yeah if you're about 20 feet behind I could say you can do it a disadvantage 15 oh we know you said perception perception yeah I think I'm a little further behind you're closer oh my gosh 2001 2001 yeah this is the one but that's that's ridicul I got a I got a 20 and a 1 I think you're in the gamut beautiful so anyone who got a 15 or higher will notice will notice that there is a very Papa you know that there's a shrub essentially and the shrub sort of hides a root the great tree towers above you like a arc covered cliff you hear rustling coming from the shrub as in sort of parts there's a recess between the folds of the trunk and there's a small hole that's not a super small you could fit it'll be a tight squeeze tighter squeezed in Lucian's office but it's designed just for saplings you just never I mean it's never really come up to follow this after all a nice before I am gonna cast unseen servants hmm and I'm gonna send it into the sacral things hole great all right now it's unseen yes I mean it's entirely invisible yep great it's basically a little I missed I'm just sending in to observe happening and more back to me okay so and I can control it mentally so I don't have to say like hey little guy I get my god I just cast it and I'm kind of clear in you you feel a draft on your face yeah I'm mark off your spell slots yes Anish leads underground you you see a little bit of glimmer in the hole the unseen servant obviously has a much better view it's sort of a blue twinkle the saplings cluster as they descend into this root cellar maybe 30 feet down there's a crystal life crystal in the base of the tree passage is meant for Sakura wings it's very small mostly dirt and root and they carry the body of Mookie down into the root cellar and that's what you see and we aren't able to like follow down in there right you probably ears squeeze in if you wanted to go down there I think we've done what we needed to yeah hard to do okay can always come back it's necessary and we don't want to know yes we've got other leads to follow up on right okay yeah okay is there any like the feel like there's anything I'm learning from the servant or kind of like just like I don't like it like so the servant can see yeah I think I just don't think it'd do much it's kind of mindless so I can't hey boss they keep blinking there's not a pen so I just saw it resort-like done the life the life crystal gives off a faint blue way okay okay so yeah I just felt like that every wise I can't do much of that right now so I just go ahead and it smelly um you can you can so you can use like see-through I don't think I can I don't think it's like I don't think it's like a familiar I think it's kinda like you give it a simple task right but it's been some time underground but not a long time not long enough for it to be under City or anything yet that can we come back up and write a book until they disappear yeah I realize that right Casa doesn't like much like and I can't like too much this so that kind of make another smell check perception yes because you have the trunk people take 18 great yeah it uh that's what it looks like but it also smells sickly sweet of a rot and decay something is is decaying down there this is where you keep all of your corpses from what I understand the important corpses are doing there but I know that you wouldn't does it smell like something freshly rotting or something that's been running for a long time a little fresher fresher a little bit fresher now maybe maybe a week maybe two I don't know my instincts say that there's something bigger being covered up here tolis will approach you paying very close attention to the entry point down beneath the tree and we'll place a hand on your shoulder say are you all right I'm as sorry as I can be I need you to let this play out to true we need to do our investigation absolutely and I trust that you'll let us know what you let me know what you find of course inside check yeah I'm like eying him up and down right yeah you said insight insight plus 3:15 he is trying to strong-arm you here he's trying to make sure that you're not telling these strangers that you brought in anything untoward and he's an elf he's enough so I take his hand mm-hmm pick it up place it in mine and give it a nice lexicon gentle calming squeeze thank you for your concern do you want to make an intimidation shot or or not I mean it's like yeah yeah I feel like it's sort of against your character but the same time it's such a cool moment because this person meant so much miss giant wrinkled gray hand lifts the small live thin elf hand and in a large clasping handshake eye contact with tolis it seems like a message has been passed okay tolis will sort of back away from you and not not distracted by the interaction that he just had will sort of turn away saplings are emptying out does this thing feel like it like opens and closes it's naturally like only someone can open and close this early because there's something we could come visit people earlier you had a pretty good perception check right yes yeah it seems like you could come too that later I have a question out you know where it is what's a burling's be something we see around Ravnica outside of Silesia uh they are not common or just in general you might go into various natural remedy stores sure so we don't know what they all know what they are yeah we're not like men these dogs are creepy yeah [Applause] recognize that and you sort of stand there the four of you at the base of this massive tree some amount of evidence safely hidden in a pocket theoretically undetected with some historical knowledge some more recent knowledge and an impetus to solve what appears to be a growing mystery and that's where we're gonna end the episode today everyone will pick up there next week and hopefully you are intrigued by what has been happening well thank you everyone um you successfully avoided all of my combats well done so far we'll see you have plenty of opportunity that's uh but yeah we will pick up right at the base of the tree next week unless you guys know kind of the general idea of what what the next step is it's only regroup somewhere and then I might imagine the next leader chases at the Sun home right Boris artist let's find out what the what the Angels have in their closets right yeah yeah like that I already told you so imagine we'd probably return to the to Velma's the dinner astray maybe it's the place we'd meet up again if you're okay oh she would not want you to keep meeting at her place I don't know if you caught that she was very much like I don't want you in my lobby likes you very much so find somewhere else I'd recommend my home or something so you guys get together without me don't tell me actually do tell me if you go well I think I think we have an idea that you guys are headed towards the Boros trying to figure out a way of things you try to figure out some more but you got some evidence yeah yeah you've got some some eyewitness testimony and you've got some leads to follow up on yes thank you everybody so much um do we do we know who won the raffle no not yet no I do I do want to thank everybody for for tuning in once again I want to thank saving throw show and benevolent overlord Dom suck just a huge huge thank you to everything that the savings for a show network does and be sure to tune in to twitch.tv slash saving throw show right after this for talk packed where we're going to be answering viewer questions about lore about didi rules and we'll be chatting about what happened during the events of the episode some of us it's very least and and that's the official after-show here of the broken pact thank you guys so much for for playing I've been a nervous wreck it's finally here and I just you know waiting is the hardest part it's a Ron Paul it's happening yeah Jenny so I want to thank Amy Marling and in fury again for helping me craft this story yeah and yeah so we're coming up on the end of the show where can everyone find you everybody you can follow me on twitter at Jordan pigeon also tune in on twitch.tv slash saving throw show for the other show I'm part of on Friday nights which is wild cards it's our weird West Savage world show oh man last night was spectacular it was it wasn't that was a fine was one of the best ones we've done this season Joe JCCC is boy is he a showman yeah I am on Twitter at Riley Jay Silverman and actually for this season of Doctor Who I am writing where the use of every episodes they come out I will be those are all Nerdist and I will actually be this coming Monday I will actually be on Nerdist at noon pacific time doing Nerdist news talks back and I'll actually talk about Kylie understand and some other people about this week's episode which will air tomorrow so Monday if you're watching this currently this coming Monday the 15th I will be on that the last one you were on yeah that's available and you see back tacular did great stuff for all that you were recently on game the game the game yeah playing some more games with western legends yeah playing some other notable RPG celebrities and folks from around the area my name is Robin you can catch me and all the socials at GG XG that's the word double then gxg and like Jordan said I'm also on wildcards on Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. on saving for Oh show an Ashley Madison you can find me on Twitter apps and rows or on twitch.tv slash Ashland underscore rows so really quick um for those of you who are 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