Episode 13 – Good marketers copy and great marketers steal

so we’ve all heard the term don’t reinvent the whoo we’ve also heard the term that there’s no new ideas left so out there somewhere there’s someone likely your competition who is already doing the marketing that you want to do and already generating the leads that you want to generate and talking to the people you already want to talk to so in this video what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over a couple tips and tricks on how to find out what your competition is doing so you can steal it and implement it into your business what’s up everybody it is Ryan with Rauf mortgage your source for better lending and better marketing so when I was growing up I played a lot of video games when I was a kid most the time I played by myself in my room but there were times to where I played against other people so when I did I would often get my butt kicked right away so the way that I would overcome that is I would pay attention to what that person was doing mirror that or steal it and then implement it and then start winning so how does that story relate to marketing or real estate or what you do to day-to-day so really what it amounts to is I’ve spent way too many hours and wasted way too many I was trying to do the research on creating a landing page that would work and then split testing or an ad that would work it split testing and copywriting and so on so forth so really my wife and all of her infinite wisdom she told me to stop trying to reinvent the wheel so what I did is I switched from trying to figure it out all out for myself the hard way to seeing what my competition was doing who is already talking to the people I want to talk to and find out what they’re doing and then just steal it and then just mirror it into my own business so the point of this video is we’re gonna go over a couple of things that you can do to see what your competition is doing the ads that they’re running on Facebook and on the internet and then mirror that into your own business so being able to copy the landing page the Facebook ad the video the ad copy so all those things take time to try to create yourself for the first time but if you’re already seeing something that’s working why not marry so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go on the internet real quick on my computer and then I could show you exactly what I’m talking about alright so the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hop over to Facebook so Facebook you want to get on the business page of the place that you want to follow so in this case it’s gonna be Quicken Loans it’s one of my competitors so that being said we’re on Quicken Loans Facebook business page we’re gonna go down here to info and ads we click on that it’ll take us to where their ads are actively running or it shows you all the ads that are actively running so this right here you can see all of your competitors ads now the nice thing is is you can see their ad copy the emojis that they’re using the video that they’re using the the buttons that they’re using the tough part is is it doesn’t show you the targeting specifics so it doesn’t let you know what they’re targeting is an ads manager and it also doesn’t let you know if the ad is being successful or not so no like shares comments basically no engagement all right so the next place that you can go so we’ve looked at Facebook and how they’re advertising on Facebook another place you can go is called SEM Rush so in essence this is for all the advertising that’s happening all over the web for your comp competitors so once it gets ticking with Quicken Loans you can see a lot of information here so the thing that I really find interesting about this is you can go down and you can actually see some of the sample ads that they are running so you can see the ad copy now once again these are on Google specifically so they’re using a pay-per-click ad now one of the other things is you can see what the landing page looks like so I’ve gone ahead and already pre clicked so this is a landing page that they’re using so there is no reason for you to try to figure out how to create the right landing page mirror what they’re already doing your competitors already doing and then just put your name on it now quick caveat you don’t want to copy their exact copy you don’t want to copy their exact images their exact video because there could be some copyright issues with there but that doesn’t stop you from doing something similar if they’re using a picture of a blue house you picture you use a picture of a blue house but just don’t use the exact same blue house picture that they’re using before and make it different but if nothing else you at least get the idea of where you can go to see this information and see what they’re doing so you can steal it so to speak and then use it in your own business now if you’re a realtor this the tough part of this is data on SEM rush Facebook you’re you’re looking at places like quicken that have a lot of money to spend and they’re putting a lot of money into their advertising so quicken is a huge company and they drive a lot of traffic over the web each month so if you were realtor trying to compete with another realtor and see what they’re doing there’s a small handful of Realtors that will give you that data but unless they’re driving thousands of visits and traffic across the web each month you’re gonna have a hard time gathering a ton of data if at the very least you can go onto Facebook the info Nats tab in their Facebook page and see what as they’re running and if you see an ad that you think would work well mirror that ad and then implement it into your business but once again caveat don’t steal the exact images the exact copy the exact videos because that could land you in trouble so if you need help with this kind of stuff and I’m hoping these tips have been helpful let me know email me message me I’m happy to help where I can but once again thanks guys my name is Ryan miracle we’re off mortgage your source for better lending and better marketing I’ll see you guys next week

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