Episode 240 Janet Nix – Unfoldment, Banyan Retreat and Our Never Ending Adventure

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the best-selling book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death and I’m so happy to introduce you to a friend of mine today her name is Janet Nix and Janet’s a lifelong follower an aficionado of the metaphysical and afterlife phenomena Janet and I met at Banyan retreat this past November and I get to see her again this coming spring at whispers from the soul and I know in my heart that you’ll love her just as much as I do so Janet Nix a warm welcome till We Don’t Die Radio! Hello Sandra lovely to speak to you again so I read to you I’m so glad we became friends this past November and yeah and we got to spend many meals together on the breaks and yeah I just got grateful that we’re friends so thank you for saying yes to being on this show thank you I feel honored and it’s interesting because you know you and I spoke a few minutes before I hit the record button and you’re mentioning if you have anything interesting to say and you know my thoughts to all of us is I think that you know we live in our own skin we know our own journeys and I think some of the things we do becomes regular but to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one or someone who’s newly interested in the world of metaphysical or the afterlife I think we can eat there’s there’s so much in each one of us that we can do to share and make a difference with others so Janna if you don’t mind tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the world of the afterlife so speaking well I think that looking back over the last 4050 years I realized now that I’ve probably been on on a path that it’s always being there in my life it’s always been around me and when I was a child I probably hadn’t noticed it because I think most people will tell you that they didn’t notice or they didn’t think anything was differently it was just what something that was always there in their lives but I’m looking back now I can see that you know the spiritual side of things has always been my presence and it’s kind of led me up to where I am today and you know we I now realize that like most people will tell you that it’s a very slow process going to to learn about all these things and it’s it nothing happens overnight and I think it takes some people longer than others to reach that point where that they feel that where whether places you know whether what they need to be doing some people are only very young they’re in the 20s and they they start into mediumship and that sort of thing but it hasn’t been like that for me although the presence has always been there but I feel that now I’m only just getting to a point where I’m actually learning something and actually finding a bit of direction as to where they want me to go how do you know that the presence has always been there because I don’t think I can say that I think it’s an intuition really and I mean we you know I lived in him my parents had a pup and it was a very old pup and it was full of bumps and bangs and ghostly events and we kind of got used to them we didn’t really question it much because it was something that always happened and I remember as a child we had cold spots and some parts of it you could walk through perfectly normally and it would feel absolutely normal and another time you would go through the same place and and it would be freezing cold or have an atmosphere about it and things used to happen glasses used to implode and things used to fall off the wall but we kind of just accepted it it wasn’t anything unusual to us and to me as a kid it was just what happened and I didn’t think it was anything extraordinary and then throughout my life I think you know looking back I’ve had lots of little bits of messages and things on my phone and all sorts of stuff and to me it’s just like someone else’s is they’re giving me these these messages or sometimes something will come into my head it might be a name or some music or a song or you know just a bit of instruction something will come into my head and I try to act upon it and now I realize you know now I understand that it that is is it’s learning how to trust what comes into your head I think and so now I have learned to trust the messages that I get and try to act upon them try to act upon the advice you can understand me I do yeah I do now I met you at Banyan just a few months ago prior to that have you visited Banyan or done any training did you study as a medium are you a medium no I I miss my father it was my first time at Banyan okay after that I have been on a lot of and spiritual workshops and shamanic workshops i I’ve regularly visited some of the local spiritualist churches that we have around here because we we are home to some of the oldest spiritualist churches in the country and quite a lot of them are still going strong and we’re lucky to have the likes of people like Mavis Petula and we used to have Diane Elliot when she was still with us and so I’ve seen some of the great people locally and throughout my life I’ve always gone to spiritualist churches and I’ve always gone to different kinds of workshops and taken notice really so I think like I said it’s kind of led me on a path and I followed the path and the latest turning in the path is being arriving at bania yeah for people that don’t know what Banyan is this could be someone’s very first episode would you just describe it a little bit well bunion is a beautiful retreat in Ashford in Kent where they hold workshops with some of the greatest mediums mental and physical mediums that we have in the country at the moment they hold regular workshops there and also you can experience a really genuine true seance situation and that was something that I’d never experienced before I think that circles are either very private in people’s homes these days or though in the spiritualist churches they don’t tend to to have proper seances so for me to experience a real seance at the Banyan retreat was absolutely amazing it’s somewhere anyone can go to if Fe if you won’t learn more about the spiritual side of things or healing or any of the the workshops that they have on offer there yeah I’m thrilled to now be friends with Nick and Steven and Eileen Davies and Anne Harrison and Scott Milligan this is the world of physical mediumship of something as of two years ago I didn’t even know was possible and for if this is your first episode it is I think mind-blowing because our loved ones it’s in a dark setting so that raises a lot of thought on controvert of controversial thought you know why is it happening in the dark but it’s such things as loved ones coming through their voices speaking and phenomena happening whether you know you and I saw I think you might have seen the little child’s hands that formed absolutely yes I mean that absolutely blew me away you know real moving hands and the real moving fingers it wasn’t just a picture it was the life you know a life like pair of hands and that alone was just an amazing experience yeah giving me goosebumps right now as we talk about it because it’s it and for again if this is your first show you’re thinking what are they talking about there’s a substance called ectoplasm that comes out of an AIDS from one of these physical mediums in this case Scott Milligan and it is said our loved ones in the spirit world can actually step into it or manipulate it and so people can become real again and in days gone by a lot was done in red light so people could witness their loved ones coming through or their children or even pets and in current day it’s very rare to actually be part of one of these seances and I think it’s especially rare just to have something happen in a red light but I think what Janet and I witnessed was there was no child in the room physically of human substance and we both saw these little child’s hands holding a glow-in-the-dark tablet walking around the room and it was just spectacular as well as many other things and yeah I mean I knew about ectoplasm but I hadn’t realized how easily or how well it could form into human into a human shape and actually manifest into it into a person and I’ve learned to all that from some of the workshops and that had – in the Bamiyan retreat ah and for me it is the even though we talked on the show Janet about oh you know cuz you listen as so many different afterlife topics for me personally it’s the one I’m thinking I’m digging more into because if this was in his heyday years ago and so much was done in red light I can’t help but think there are people around the world sitting in circles maybe not advertising it or talking about it but that phenomena is happening yes and I think that we are just you know we talked about the old pioneers of the early 1900’s but I think that now you know we’re the new pioneers because the ones that went before us it they it kind of took a dip from the 1950s onwards and we had the seventies and eighties and nineties and whether people were doing that sort of thing privately I don’t know but now I think it’s starting to to take off again and people are starting to take notice about it and I think it’s important that people I could keep it going because otherwise it could die out altogether you know the old pioneers they did some magnificent stuff but probably they were a little bit careless in the way they conducted it because you know the stories about like them letting anybody come into the seances and creating havoc and and then they were described people try to discredit them in all sorts of ways and you know I think if if they’d have done it in a kind of more in a stricter manner it may have not have been discredited quite as often you know like Helen Duncan for example and today we’ve got it more regulated we’re more careful thus the security is a bit stricter when people are going into seances and so we’ve got it covered a little bit better and I think that’s a great thing because you know the more people that can start to have circles the more we’re going to get to some kind of results and proof of something and document it for everyone know about with veneers of the future definitely and it’s fun okay absolutely yeah when I first went to Banyan it was a year prior to when I met you but I was scared I thought I don’t know what what I’m doing here why am I going they say outs in the dark sounds frightening but it’s fun it’s singing and laughter and it’s all and you know like everyone will say it’s this such a great feeling of love and friendship no feeling of our facility or badness or you know I think that’s just an image that’s been created in the past by people who know nothing about it but you know it’s such a wonderful atmosphere and I think that’s the atmosphere that’s very want yes they say that laughter is the best energy I think something like that produces the best energy and there is a lot of laughter and when you say love when I left Banyan when I was with you I told Nick and Stephen who run Banyan that I’ve never felt so much love as I felt I was actually on that day I mean it was yeah it’s a feeling of love for the participants who was there that instructors and then also the love from the spirit world I have never felt you know like that much love around me what a special plane yes yeah lovely to recreate that’s in other places to do that because we can’t all go that there can’t be hundreds of people there they can only fit so many people into banya at any time so you know hopefully it will grow and people will start to have their own circles and experience that all over the world yes would you care to share some of your stories of why you believe in the afterlife is that a fair question oh yeah I think that like many people even if you don’t sort of think much about it for most of your life the one time when it does become very strong in your mind is when you lose somebody close to you because immediately you start to think you start to ask yourself where have they gone you can’t believe that they’ve just been wiped off the face of the earth and never to be seen again and I remember it’s funny I was only thinking about it this week my both my parents died very close together actually but my mother died 39 years ago and it doesn’t seem that long but I remember having a conversation with a not that long before she died we just said oh well you know if I go first or if you go whichever one of us dies first we have to make a promise that if there’s any way at all I can come back in and speak to you or send you a message we’ve been a promise now definitely will and you know my mum said all right if I go first I’d definitely there’s any way at all I can send you a message to say I’m okay whatever it takes I will do it and I said well I’ll do the same and of course it wasn’t long after that my mother died she had breast cancer and she died a bit very quickly and you know little obviously all the little things have happened over the years that I thought well you know that that could be my mom or you know but nothing sort of drastic has happened she hasn’t appeared or anything like that I’ve had little nudges and kind of things appear on my phone and but nothing terribly obvious not that that’s all that’s probably my mom you know but I realize now that it’s taken 39 years and maybe it you know I know it’s not easy for them to contact us we know that what we have to do in seance how we have to put everything in place properly to make it able for them to come through and it’s not an easy thing from their son so if it was that easy everyone would be phoning up but they’re not so it’s taken 39 years for the internet to be created and me to get the knowledge to look onto that and find out where things are and other people who are doing the same thing and all these things have to unfold before you get to the point where you may well get that message that was promised all those years ago you know and it skips to show how long it does actually take and how patient you’ve got to be you know when the when you want these things to happen and you know we know stories of people who’ve sat for eight years in a circle with nothing happening and then it starts to happen when that when the situation is right for them so you know I that I’ve been on that journey and looking back I can see all the twists and turns where I’ve gone to this workshop where I’ve met a certain person or I’ve read a book or you know and it’s taking me it’s taking me somewhere on that on that path so I realize now I’ve got to go with it whatever shows up I’m going to go with it and at the moment I’m at the Banyan it’s going with it and I think it’s trusting absolutely yes it is learning to trust because there’s always that element of doubt in your head that you’re thinking well is it that or you know so you’ve got to sort of just relax and let it go and trust and then see what happens and do you believe it’s a lifelong journey it’s like if someone’s listening to this episode right now and they’re 75 years old and they say oh it’s too late for me do you think it’s too late or can it be anytime that we’re on our spiritual journey I think I don’t think it is I don’t really even think there’s a lifetime journey I think it’s an always journey and this is a very short time that we’re here and unfortunately for us our bodies get old and we can’t really stop that we can stay in good health and we can hope for the best that we’ll keep all our faculties and all that but you’re still the same person inside you still that the person you were when you were 25 inside and I don’t think anything ever changes there you still you and I think when your physical body dies away you’re still going to be you so I think the lifelong journey that we talk about it’s not just you know 80 90 years or whatever it’s it’s forever isn’t it it’s ongoing and you know I think if you look at it like that you just on a never-ending sort of adventure and see what comes back so you know I don’t think I mean it was my birthday yesterday I was 67 and I don’t feel it and I you know and I don’t sort of have a mindset of getting older I just take each one each day as it comes I’m just here today I was here yesterday and I hope very near tomorrow you know I just carry on as normal and that’s the way to do it once you start to sort of quantify things in timeframes and all that sort of thing it’s very restricting and you know it’s not it’s not a good thing so I just a huge day as it comes well Janet happy birthday from all of us your friends here we don’t die radio and listener so happy happy birthday yeah that’s my advice anyway just take each day as it comes trust what comes along and go with your intuition because looking back I think that is one of the best ways to go you know I map things out for yourself you could spoil things for yourself by making too many plans yes I’d like to talk a little bit about the website you just created it’s brand-new a couple of posts on there but one of them I think the one of the posts you made really ties in to what we were just talking about the website is the spiritual me.com brand-new like I said but you have a beautiful article that you write about I have it right here but just who we are and and how our cells regenerate can you talk a little bit about that because I don’t often think but we become brand-new human beings every ways regenerating and I think it it you know our physical selves yeah actually tying with our spiritual cells selves because you know when you get down to the cellular level and you know like I’ve heard you say before you put a microscope on to your physical body and and you you look at it through a very strong microscope you’ll eventually come to nothing yes in nothing there and you know the cells are the smallest living entities in our body and they in themselves are entities and they’re sort of filtering and sending messages all the time and keeping our bodies going and so you know it get once you get past that you get into the nothingness of life and and these things are regenerating and renewing themselves all the time and that like you know I said in the article are ours or every part of our body renews itself within a matter of weeks and every so many years we’ll have a completely new body so there is this to me there’s a connection there there’s a connection a spiritual connection because once you get past that physical thing you you go into the spiritual side and one thing will have an effect on the other and the way I want to sort of that’s what I want to pursue that sort of connection I’d like to read just as paragraph that you have you rate your body is changing and renewing itself by the minute it’s hard to believe but your skin completely renews itself ever 35 days you get a new liver every six weeks and a completely new brain every two months the cells in our stomach which are responsible for digesting food are renewed every five minutes and your entire skeletal skeletal structure is renewed every three months your whole body will be completely renewed and replaced every five to seven years the fact is the actual physical body is not the same one you had some weeks ago but the little me who lives inside it remains a constant absolutely yes so we we are the same whatever happens with the body around us we are the same and we will be the same when that old body dies and gets burned or buried or whatever we love it me I love it it makes sense it does yes it makes absolute sense it makes absolute sense oh great yeah yeah it’s a pity it doesn’t renew itself as back to 25 isn’t it no but I’ve interviewed enough people that say when we reach the Hereafter the spirit world we can be any age we want so I like that we’re using our minds we’re we’re we’re using our thoughts to create which is probably what we do now but we’re in a much denser situation and it takes longer you know we’re in a heavy dense sort of life and existence and our intentions probably do come to fruition but it takes so long because we have to go through such heavy stuff to get there however when when we’re no longer here and we’re just energy we could probably manifest whatever we want whenever we want there’s a book that one of our guests told me about called the intention experiment by Lynne McTaggart and it is just that our thoughts and what we intend and what actually can be created in real time and space and so I do believe that we exist as a denser atmosphere like you say but we still are those souls whether we’re the little knees as you call it whether we’re here on earth or in the spirit world I think yeah yeah and I mean it’s it yeah I don’t think it goes too good to speculate too much because there’s a lot we don’t know you know we’re talking now about stuff that we feel we know stuff that makes sense and stuff that’s become apparent to us because of our journey and our investigations but there’s an awful lot that we still don’t know and we may well find out in the near future and we may not but or it may take years before that information comes out but you know so it doesn’t do too well to be absolutely certain about stuff because we can never be certain about anything really it’s changing all the time definitely even just to see how our own technology’s changed a hundred years ago you know one could imagine the cell phones that we use now absolutely and skyping and you know who would have believed I would be speaking to you from the UK in the USA it would have been like witchcraft 200 years ago that’s right their suggestion of it but you know everything was there it just had to be discovered and there’s no a whole lot of other stuff that has to be discovered and and that we no doubt will do whether it’s in our lifetimes I don’t know well I think we’ll still be a part of it from the spirit world you and I are more centers like that I think these I enjoy doing these shows personally because I get excited for my own life but that’s what I wish to share with anybody listening is getting excited whether you may not have any interest in physical mediumship or any of this but there might be something you’re interested about near-death experiences or reincarnation or mediumship or whatever that may be but to the light I said yeah like the passion and have yeah have each we’re each on our own individual journey we’re all different but there is a spark within each one of us I think that we want to learn we want to grow or interested in yes and I think that we are all we all have to be curious about what’s going to happen to us we know that none of us are going to live forever we know the end is going to come we’ve seen it happen to our nearest and dearest yes we go through it and we know it’s going to happen to us one day and I think it’s you know I wouldn’t like to approach that time in a state of fear you know I would rather approach that time in a state of anticipation and excitement looking forward to the next big adventure I love that word adventure just like one door opens to a new room yeah that’s all it is Janet do you think meditation is important or quieting the mind yes I do it’s not easy but then again I think that people have a lot of preconceptions about meditation like you’re supposed to do in a certain way or you know and I think that you know just just when you you know I remember being at school and daydreaming through the window that’s meditation it’s just quieting the mind or just getting lost in your thoughts and that’s meditation because you kind of you taken away your attention from everything else that’s going on and allowing your own spiritual connection to come through and it’s a great time I think for for asking questions or to to solve problems I know that when you detach yourself from a problem very often the solution comes that’s happened to me you know a number of times before where I’ve had a very big problem to solve and not being able to see the way forward in any way shape or form and I’ve got to the point where I’ve given up and just gone into a state of meditation and you know just throwing it out to the universe sort of thing and lo and behold you know the next day or within a very short time the answer has appeared the solution has come along so I think just giving yourself that space away from things gives the life a chance to unfold for you whereas if you’re always harping on at it and thinking about it and turning it over in your head you’re just keeping it there in front of you all the time so meditation is great for that it’s great for relaxation for solving your problems and just taking yourself out into a another space yeah it’s great and I don’t think there are any rules to it either it’s just being in a quiet place I remember as a kid we have these Chinese finger traps that you put your fingers into each one it was just like a little tube and the more you pulled the more the this tube would just stick on your fingers and you couldn’t get out and the only way to get out was to relax and then you could pull your fingers out so I think the same thing holds true with with meditation and quieting in the mind I want to ask you you are a mother yes and I don’t know how many children you have I’ve never even asked you that you yeah two grown-up boys two grown-up boys and one of them is a medium correct yes yes yeah yeah and obviously this isn’t a show about him but did you notice in him at a young age that he was able to connect with the spirit world or how did that come about that he chose to be a medium because that’s pretty great yeah he was he was very fascinating I had one set of tarot cards in the house and which were just on the Shelf and a book about tarot reading and they were just there and he became very fascinated with it and he read it it was almost like a duck to water sort of thing you know he kind of went to it very naturally and he read all sorts of things and got some more tarot cards it kind of built up from there and when he was 16 he started going to the local spiritualist Church and sitting in the circles there and he went to the spiritualist Church for quite a long time I mean still will go occasionally when when he has the time to do it and then somebody came somebody rang him up and said oh I believe you you’re very good at reading tarot cards I’ve got a shock would you come and help me out in the shop I need a reader so he went to do do that and then he’s gone on from there he’s done all sorts of workshops and he appears that a lot of the mind body and spirit events that we have in the UK throughout the summer and more recently he’s been doing workshops with Gordon Smith in London but he’s lost a curry towards mother the trance the trance mediumship that’s where his interests tend to lie at the moment but it’s taken in quite a few years to get to that point he does a psychic TV show he does work on a psychic TV show sometimes but he’s sort of getting into the more serious side of it and hopefully that he can get some more development on that because it’s one of those things that your development just takes the length of time that it needs to for you you know you can’t force it can you it’s just you’ve just got to go with it and and learn as you go along so that’s what he’s doing that’s so great and I can’t help but thank you raising him with the beliefs that you had you know he could be a curious kid I think yeah I wasn’t I mean I love my parents don’t get me wrong but I was not raised in a house that was open to this kind of conversation so it’s great that kind of very open and would discuss anything like that you know they they didn’t sort of talk about it all the time but they were very open and and I always think that it’s important to let people go the way they lean it’s no good you wanting to your children to be one thing or another we’ve all got ideas that how we’d like our children to turn out but everyone will turn out the way they they need to themselves and you have to go with that and encourage their strengths so that’s what I’ve done whether it was the right thing or not I don’t know but it’s a perfect thing yes yeah yes it youths used a great word earlier unfoldment and I think of a little bud on a flower or a flower that hasn’t yet developed and I think of unfoldment because I want I’m the type of person that I’d love results tomorrow you know to actually wait for the bud to grow and nurture it and water it maybe put some fertilizer and take the time and then finally it opens you know it’s interesting because but the word unfoldment just reminds me of a flower that you cannot force a flower to open and and we’re on are all at our own journeys of involvement aren’t we and we’re all taking different lengths of times and that’s why you know you see people saying that you know they’ve they’ve done things for so many years and it is a journey and you hear people saying oh I want like I heard Nick at the bunion say he wanted to do healing when he was quite young and spirit said no you need to go and get yourself a job and a life and experience other things and when you’re ready you can come back and do it and that’s exactly what’s happened and maybe he didn’t like that idea at the time but looking back you can see you know the benefits of having done it and now he’s got this great place and he’s doing his healing workshops as he as he intended to but he you know it he’s had to wait until he was right in how do we know when we’re ready we probably don’t know but they’ll let you know when the time is right and when you’re personally ready to move forward and do your thing and we all don’t have big things to do I have a day job with a catering business you want to share what your day job is I work in Manchester I work in the airport and so we don’t have to all become mediums and those things we can maintain what’s paying the bills and tap into our spiritual nature yes well sir to mean it’s not something that people make a lot of money out of and it’s not really that ethical to do that it’s something it’s a natural thing that you really have to have an interest and you you really have to just trust and follow and you know not everyone can do that because there are a lot of preconceptions and teachings of other persuasions that take you away from that way of thinking so we are kind of impeded a little bit along the way with our education ‘s and upbringing z’ and stuff so i can understand why there are lots and lots of people who are a bit afraid of each or they don’t like it or they can’t understand what it’s all about and hopefully things will open up a little bit more that those people might have a bit more understanding and acceptance of it in the future I would like to think so anyway I think so cuz I was one of those people yeah yeah well I’ve never doubted it and that’s one thing I think all my life I’ve never doubted it I don’t know whether it’s because I was an only child and I thought that you know I have a number of friends who were only children sometimes we all get together and we we all understand things about ourselves because we were only children and I think only children do tend to sort of go into their imagination that probably a little bit more because they spend a lot of time by themselves and I don’t know if that’s had an influence on it for me I was always very good at going into myself and happy with my own company and my imagination so it could be that could be an element to do with it sure Janet many of our audience members are people who have experienced the death of a loved one and are experiencing grief right now do you have any thoughts that grief could be or the pain that we experience could be the catalysts that can help us get interested in our spiritual nature yes I think that is the catalyst for probably most people that especially if they haven’t had anything to do with it before it’s just that wondering where the love dawn has gone and if there is a chance that they can contact them somehow or just to know that they’re okay and I think that when that does happen it’s very comforting for for people to to know that they’ve had a connection with a loved one it could be through a medium or you know something like that I think it is very comforting to know that they are still around somewhere and I’m sure they are I mean I feel them around all the time I’ve got to the point myself where I seem to have more people on the other side that I have on this side you know they have I’ve lost a number of very good friends you know suddenly and it’s made a big hole in my life you know friends who have been there for 30 40 years yes and you know they just don’t guide suddenly and suddenly they’re you know for me they’re not there and it’s nice to think that they are around somewhere I always send them a guardian angel when when they pass I always say send them a guardian angel and to say that Janet sends you and they’ll know that it’s okay to go with you yeah because you know I think as we get older it probably gets to that stage where more of your nearest and dearest and best friends are on the other side than they are in this side with you if you’re still alive if you’re the last one you know and I think it’s a great comfort for people to know but you know not everybody thinks on those lines and it’s nothing we can do about that really know what else shall I ask you my friend well you have all the questions so that interesting I’m just enjoying like we’re having a cup of tea together what are you most passionate about now in the world of afterlife or metaphysical I think that the the one thing that I’m most passionate about I think that as I’m I’m getting older when you young you don’t realize you don’t think too much about it because you you know if you’re only very young you’ve only got next week and next year to worry about me certainly not thinking about what’s gonna happen when you get much older when you start to get three sixties and you’re looking toward you see people getting much older it becomes more interesting to you and you start to wonder how things are going to go and so I think that my passion at the moment is to understand how people can live here healthier and look after themselves while they’re in this life and actually start to appreciate the spiritual side that there is no end to it you know we’re just going to pass over and carry on another life elsewhere and I want people to understand that so that they can have a good end of their life times a good old age and in in a healthy situation so health health or older people I think not to end upon heaps of drugs and just to sort of live out your days with a view to another adventure on the way the other side it’s not going to make it easier for the people that you leave behind but for you it’s it’s going to be a new a new venture so I think that’s that’s why I’m looking at at the moment to pursue that side of life and I think that’s so important to not just have lengths of years but the quality of the years we have yeah that’s right yeah and you’re right we might not have all the answers and we’re still discovering what it’s all about but I think we’re on planet Earth and we’re given these lives for a reason so make the most out of our adventure absolutely make an adventure day and do the things that you enjoy doing not things to please other people you know if you if you like doing something wrong you must do it and because when you’re happy you feel you’re healthy and unhappiness and stress brings on bad health for people so you know you’ve got to do the things that make you happy in my beautiful words my friend well Janet thank you for being our guest today oh it’s been an absolute pleasure and I feel absolutely honored and included in all the illustrious people that you’ve interviewed that you’ve had me as well our illustrious and as a note or listener Janet’s new website that she’s working on where you can read two great articles right now the spiritual me.com and if anyone’s interested in meeting Janet and myself at Banyan retreat you can go to Banyan retreat com twice a year they offer a five-day workshop retreat in the spring is called whispers from the soul and in the fall it’s voices from the past as well as they have a whole host of other courses you can take so that’s a great place and I’m currently in talking with Scott and our friends Nick and Steven to create some online things because like you say not everyone can get there but I can’t help but think that it is a new age upon us that more and more people will be excited about some of the things we’ve witnessed and can create them in other parts of the world yes well that that is the thing now you know we have to sort of try to pioneer new groups in other parts of the world and give them our support yes because people don’t know always know how to go about doing these things so they do need support everyone needs support in in putting together a circle or getting people of like-minded people together so I think that is something that certainly you can do with your program and we can all sort of have a little input in that in that direction yes well I want to say to our listener to what’s happening in the circle that I’m with not like an active circle like the mediumship circle but I’m thankful that I’ve met so many people that share the same vision and are like-minded and all of our guests and working with the folks from the a REI the afterlife research and education Institute there is if you go to afterlife symposium org that’s the upcoming symposium in Scottsdale Arizona in September so even if you can’t make that I always encourage people to go to the site and see some of the speakers and some of the things that are happening I mean cutting-edge science and mediums and there were some really great things but also there’s some online groups starting and I think it’s after life oh gosh I can’t even remember I’ll put it in the in the body of this but the afterlife research and education Institute has a discussion group on Facebook that you can belong to and there’s these weekly zoom meetings that you don’t even have to fly anywhere that you can participate being a live free conference with so many people with so many topics on the inner on the afterlife really really great and if you also you can go to Victor’s a matcom forward slash zoom and that’ll show you some of the the conferences that we’re having online so again I’ll put the link to the Facebook group in that these some in the description of this episode so in closing I just another Janet thank you another big thank you to Janet Nicks our guest today Thank You Sandra it’s been absolute pleasure and I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks time that’s it just a few weeks I’m so excited to make the trip again oh that’s so much fun and to our listeners thank you for taking the time to listen I want to remind you or tell you if you don’t know already our home base is we don’t die radio.com and all 240 episodes of this show are available for you to listen to there also there’ll be something that pops up on the screen that says join Sandra’s insider’s club and I do ask for your name first name and email address and I’d like to keep track of how many people are listening so that’s my little method there but also in exchange I give you a copy of an audio that I have it’s very healing called how to survive grief because we do knows grief is the most painful thing to mankind also I have PDF called my 19 reasons to believe in the afterlife and it says you get to read several chapters of my book we don’t die and in confidence here it’s the whole book you know I really don’t I want you to have everything I know and so that’s all that we don’t die radio.com so lastly in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and I’m so happy I get to be your host on we don’t die radio and I do believe that life is an education for the Soul and that your life here on earth is important so in the words of Janet just remember your life is unfolding here in the perfect place the perfect time your life is a never ending adventure so I really want to thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon.

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  • I have a question on ectoplasm. Where does it go after it appears? Does it just disappear after its appearance?

  • Another great interview Sandra… It struck a chord with me when Janet said our interest heightens in metaphysics/the after life when a loved one passes away… this is so true for me I’ve downloaded your sceptics guide it really helped…. have you any recommendations for books or websites i would greatly appreciate many thanks Sandra……. like/sub

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