Episode 3 – Part 6: Checks & Balance Subverted

For a corrupt federal government has
much more to be feared than a corrupt state government which you can flee from.
And that is the case, the 17th amendment changed all that because it made
senators elected by the citizens. But it hasn’t worked out that way, has it? Remember this from school? Now take it
back. Legislative, executive, and judicial
branch – go through this kind of quickly. So what’s the purpose of the legislative
branch? Yeah, to our founders it’s the most important branch. It makes the laws.
And who influences the legislative branch? Okay.
The executive branch. What interests are represented there? What’s that? Where does the president
live? He’s definitely inside the beltway, right?
In Machiavelli’s terms, he’s the aristocracy;
he’s the interest of the aristocracy, it’s represented. Madison realized that
the legislative branch representation just takes too long in a crisis, by
design, and then we have the judicial branch to watch over the other two. But
as we’ve just described it, there’s something missing.
It won’t work. Anybody guess? It’s in the legislative branch. Because originally,
well, in the legislative branch, representation of the people is a half
right answer. Originally, the legislative branch not only represented the people
but also represented the states. Where in government is the state interest?
Originally, our senators were appointed by the governor’s and legislative in
fact during the constitutional debates this came up four times. The final
decision was they represented the states, they were appointed. But then something
happened. The 17th amendment. Madison’s system worked
pretty well until about the Civil War. But about that time, we had ninth bribery
cases, 45 deadlocks in 20 states and that’s just between 1891 and 1905 alone.
What did our founding fathers say about virtue? It was absolutely necessary for a
republic. That look like virtue? But it’s what Madison expected. Madison even
said in the constitutional debates, the states will become corrupt. My process is
based upon Thomas Kempis. Remember,
we talked about him? What was a principle, a
principle of Thomas Kempis? Select the lesser of the two evils. For a corrupt
federal government has much more to be feared than a corrupt state government
which you can flee from. And that is the case. The 17th amendment changed all that
because it made senators elected by the citizens. But it hasn’t worked out that
way. Has it? If you haven’t noticed, senators aren’t elected by the people,
there’s an election. But watch the flow of money. Let’s just take one example.
We’re not going to pick on Harry Reid because he’s actually representative of all
the Senators, most of his money came from outside of his own state. In fact, it’s
very telling in the 2010 election, unions in 501 C corporations those PACs, filed
bankruptcy after the election. Why is that? And is this really a better system?
That’s something that you’ll have to talk about. But the 17th amendment for
many people was a step in the wrong direction back to
and very close to the Divine Right Kings. Thomas Jefferson ,one of the most
prophetic founders, understood this. He said this. When all government, domestic and foreign,
in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all
power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government upon
another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which
we separated. What’s the result of the 17th amendment?
It can be seen, be clearly seen in these charts. Unfunded state mandates. Do you
think a senator representing his state would actually allow unfunded mandates, a
burden on his state? Not likely. And yet from the 1960s all the way up to today,
there’s been a tremendous increase – evidence that the Divine Right Kings
experiment is coming here. All governments become corrupt and
tyrannical. In fact, the modern assumption that we have inherited a benign and
benevolent government of our political party who have been totally alien to
our founding fathers. Even if you are talking about the government created by
their own hands, in their own era. Understanding this tendency of
governments and the path back is essential to Liberty. The key is not
necessarily to preserve Liberty but to renew Liberty. And historically the
Reformation should have never happened. But instead, the Christian epic the
Reformation did happen the Christian epic goes down in history as the only
social epic to renew itself, to go to the brink, and it took 300 years but it came
back to the brink. Our founders recognized this as a solid foundation
for freedom and liberty. And that is the conclusion from today. Now,
whether your political leanings are left or right, this common ground and
Machiavellian education seems like we should be able to agree on the
preservation and renewal of our freedoms. The influence of biblical Christian
morality and society and government, with transparency, provided by the First
Amendment and exercised by an educated public is the key to regaining lost
liberties it is a conversation that must again start in the biblical church, just
like it always has been historically. Finally, consider this. If we as
Christians are unified, why would we ever consider dependence upon an inherently
corruptible government, for all governments eventually become that. A
government that would choose winners and losers, only to reverse sides when
expedient, a government that would pit us against each other. Together as Christians, who do we fear or
perhaps we should ask who do we fear the most? A government inevitably corruptible,
bent on subjugation and its potential or, ourselves? This is the question that lies
at the heart of the debate today, among Christians and among our society lies at
the heart of the American Truth. Next time, on a Heritage Lost the
American Truth, it is the people’s responsibility to restrain their
government from deliberate incursions upon their liberty. That is, if they hope
to pass on that Liberty to their children. Quoting Samuel Adams, let us
remember that if we suffer tamely a lawless act upon our Liberty we
encourage it and involve others in our doom. For millions, yet unborn, may be
miserable sharers in the event. Then from where should such intellectual force to
restrain government be derived? Again, Samuel Adams, the right of freedom being
the gift of Almighty God is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and
voluntarily become a slave. Then what if the influence of the tenets of
Christianity were removed from our society? What would be the fate of our
nation, our communities, ourselves? We know the answer for our founders witnessed it
with their own eyes. Two nearly simultaneous revolutions, one firmly
founded on the Christian epic ,the other totally devoid of it. For Catherine deMedici had successfully wiped it out less than a century before. This is where
we’re going next, where there is no speculation or
interpretation to be had. For the French and American revolutions could not have
been more different even though they had the same objective, the rights of man.
And, we’ll compare both events through the eyes of the only founding father to
have participated in both revolutions, an eyewitness account by Thomas Paine. Next
time, here on a Heritage Lost, the American Truth.

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