Episode 9: Whiff of Freedom (Appu – The Yogic Elephant)

Music We dare to believe That we can And we will Cross every ditch Every valley And every hill Music I am so glad you’re safe, Neena. All thanks to Tiger. He’s so brave and selfless. He’s never seen a zebra before He must’ve been scared But he barked at them And kept them away from me. That’s brave. Yes, he is as brave as a Tiger. You’re very brave too Appu. Brave and strong You blasted down the zoo wall like a super hero. Hey Tiger, Come walk with Appu and me. You’re limping. His paws are hurt. O Tiger. It’s all that digging… To help get me out of the hole…. The ground was very hard. I am so sorry…. sadly Your claws! They were almost as good as yours, Igress. You don’t need claws. You’re as brave and strong as any tiger. They’ll grow again. How will he walk all the way to Upvan Forest with his hurt paws? You can ride on my back, Tiger. Are you trying to score points with Neena? Nooooo… Neena and I used to have so much fun together… Until you came along… You’re so brave and strong, Appu, like a super hero. What is he saying, Appu? Why is he barking at you? Why is the bad dog barking at you, Appu? She understands everything you say… But not what I say… She only understands me because I put thoughts into her mind, Tiger. Not because she likes me more than she likes you. I understand what she says. Why can’t she understand what I am saying too? I can teach you how to put thoughts into her mind. D’you mean that? Yes. Guruji taught me how. I can teach you. Now stop behaving like a dingbat, And climb on to my back. Thanks. No problem. You would have done the same for me. Not really. Imagine you riding on my back! He’s seen us! If they catch us, it’s back to the zoo. Hide! Hide where? O no! I’m going to get us caught. Hold this! Hide! I’ve been down this road a hundred times But I’ve never seen this tree before. Have I been driving too long? Am I imagining things? I thought I saw animals and a little girl… An elephant with a dog on its back… A tiger… And a giraffe… Whaa… Alien!!!!! Whew! That was close. Okay, this is it. I don’t know the way from here. It’s where we got off the bus. It was a short ride. So we’re not too far from home. I’ve been here before. One step, two steps, three steps four Five steps, six steps seven steps more Eight steps, nine steps Which way Tiger? I’m not sure. The rain has washed the scents away. I see what looks like a forest in the distance. Could it be Upvan Forest? How can we tell? Can Neena climb on to your back? I’m discovering new ways to use my trunk all the time. Yes that’s it. Upvan forest and Upvan apartments…. Upvan Forest here we come! Thank you Appu. That’s Ok. I’ll ride on you the next time. I guess it’s time to say good bye! I’ll miss you too! I wish you could come with us to the forest, Neena. …. But your Mum and Dad must be waiting for you. Mum! Dad! It’s late! Hurry Tiger! Let’s go. Take care of yourself Appu. Stay safe. I hope they’re not out, looking for me. We’re in big trouble Tiger. That was some adventure! I’m glad Appu is free again. I’m gladtoo. Neena. You have a baby brother. I was with Mum in the hospital. It was all so sudden. We couldn’t get home. I tried calling a number of times but there was no answer. Sorry Papa. That’s okay dear. You were probably playing downstairs when I called. Thank goodness you’re okay. Yippeee! She is a sister now. Will Appu and Neena ever meet again? Two moons rising A star is born Darkness melts And fear is gone. I dare to believe That I can And I will Cross every ditch Every valley Every hill. Your heart will sing With the mountain breeze. Your wishes will rustle The leaves of the trees. We Dare to believe That we can And we will Cross every ditch Every valley And every hill.

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