Episode 99 | Recovering Girl Boss | Finding Contentment at Home ♥

either guys Heidi from heavenly minded homeschool so you guys usually get me in these videos like first thing in the morning after full night's sleep and Bible with my family and breakfast and I clean the house and sit down and get to work on videos well this one you're getting at the end of the day I have none videos for the day editing computer work designed a wedding podcaster with my husband dealt with normal life stuff all the house cook dinner in an hour sitting here no makeup in my PJs nursing the baby who is losing her mind while my older kids are outside going through their their last swim of the day but you were getting the the end of the night video free of makeup and fluff because one of you asked me a question and it just I thought it was such a great question and it's been stuck like on my mind ever since and we talked a lot with the biblical womanhood series this past week which if you've not listened into our biblical womanhood highly recommend you go do so if you go to our channel page here I've got everything on a playlist so you can catch up but we've been talking about the concept of being a keeper at home and what as a biblical woman should we weigh and should we be striving for things of that nature and um I talked about I've talked about before a few times how I am a recovering girl boss I and I just want to share kind of a little bit about that because the question was how long did it take to go from being always out of the home busy busy busy girl boss Heidi to content at home Heidi how long did that process take and it no really made me stop and thinking and how did that work and how did you get there and my husband and I both when we saw the question we're like that's it's a good question and so I wanted to talk a little bit about that and I grew up with a single mom and she knew five years after I was born she had twins and then her my dad ended up getting a divorce and she was on her own with three kids and she knew working some little you know part-time job or whatever just wasn't gonna cut it to raise all his kids and so she went to school full-time and did everything on her own and became a teacher she's great teacher and she worked really really hard unfortunately all of that stuff didn't she can't really finish and everything didn't really come together until we were already grown so she missed out you know on a lot of that but I definitely grew up very independent very strong very confident was always you know super smart everything came easy to me I could you know never study for anything always had AIDS was always in the advanced classes um definitely always a leader in the group when to step up um I wouldn't say I'm like loud and outspoken but the role of if somebody has to step up and present or do the things it just it never really bothered me so I definitely always fit that role I had a plan in my head of what I was going to do I was going to excel in college I was going to you know move to the city and have a great career and nothing was going to stop me nothing was going to get in my way um type of a person anyways yeah you don't know this story and then um at 17 I found myself pregnant and um my boyfriend and I had been together for three over three years at that time and we ended up getting married and then by my 18th literally on my 18th birthday we got the call that our apartment was ready we had been on a waiting list and so at 18 years old I found myself a wife a mom and with a home of my own that I had no clue how would a I do anything with my plans were completely thrown off the rails but I was determined to prove everybody wrong and to still do all of the things that everyone had kind of expected of me to do we come from a very small town where everybody knows everybody's business and so um our house was always the cutest everything was always taking care of my child was always dressed to the nines I always like to point my hair I always like to put together I still graduate I homeschooled myself through the remainder of my senior year of high school thank you and hug milky kisses and graduated with my class I enrolled in college immediately and by that summer after my graduation I mean literally within weeks of walking for graduation I was at college so I was determined to not let anything stop me or stand in my way we moved across the country um moved more to the city we always lived outside of it but it worked in the city got a great job I mean did did all of the things with success yes was successful and all of the things that they did um when yeah good job thank you when my husband and I were getting we had just had our second kid Oh and I could definitely tell that God yeah thank you God was pulling on my heart he'd planted something in my heart and I really was starting to finally soften up too you know especially having this new baby and and wanting to be with my kids more um that's where we started having issues with the school system brought our son home and started homeschooling although we had the slightest idea what we were doing don't mind the foot and um he definitely planted that seed but I thought the answer to what he had planted in my heart was that I just needed to not work for someone else I needed to work for myself if I worked for myself and I could control all of the things so I thought that's what was missing I could be successful in that but I could do it on my own time and so I did my husband and I left jobs we got rid of all of our stuff we which was state we'd never been to before and I started a business that started website started doing all the things and I I know how to do design flowers I know the wedding industry and so that's what we do VIN – and we didn't we're incredibly successful it really was it this is hard because it was mine in my husband's business if it wasn't for the two of us I mean juhi if it wasn't for all the work you did there's no way I could have done it but just especially considering it was the wedding industry and it's the flowers and stuff I mean you look at all the things but I did all of the things and I I excelled at it and I loved it our business was incredibly successful you can get down what do you want right now you can go make a mess everything because I'm busy no ma'am no ma'am oh no ma'am no ma'am oh thank you thank you good job she wants the power pack okay now she's gonna throw your clean dying for her yes I just watched all the diet burgers good job once we put back together you gonna put it back together and yep but I doe headfirst into girlboss mode I mean I had the mugs I had all the things and I rocked it I loved it excelled at it you literally build a six-figure company and under five years with zero debt I mean we slammed it out people would constantly remark on oh my gosh you have all these kids and you homeschool and yet you have the business and you do all the things that I was I am doing all of the things look at how good we're doing you know and and it was it was such a sense of pride I mean we we always gave back and I would feel I kept killing God's call in my heart from time to time again like yes you're now not working for someone else but your slave to the world I mean I was doing all of the things and it worked so much and I could even cook meals my kids we ate out for every single meal I was always gone always busy and even when I was home I was always on my phone on the computer on the phone yelling at the kids to be quiet not make any noise because I got a client calling in and everything has to be perfect I was always going to fancy events in and out and I was this stuff and it was just so much and so I felt God really putting the call on my heart and it was like he really was laying into me more and more like this isn't it this it's not just that you need to not work for someone else like your heart is not in the right place and that just have laid on my heart more and more and more and so we really got the desire to we watch way too much like Alaska the last frontier and other hosted shows and we really got the desire to be out in the country to have land to not have neighbors right up on top of us have space where the kids could run and play and I was ready to go I was like you know what I'm an all another person and I'm ready to jump on like any train I'm like alright let's go let's go and and so I was like we'll live off good race all our own food to be completely self sustainable and all this other stuff and my husband was like calm down like I don't know if I'm there with you yet we can move out to the country if you can find a house and so I found us a house on 8 acres out puts the mountains we moved up here with the goal being that we would still keep up our business um I would just have a bigger commute essentially my husband had to start taking care of his mom and then he ended up getting injured and that was like the start of his story but for me God God really started putting on my heart no turning back please sorry I really want to share this with you guys um god I just really started putting on my heart how important it was to not be in love with the world I and that that was really the process for me is he had been putting it there for a while I just wasn't responding to it and I didn't know how to respond to it or how to hear him and what he was saying and so I have some time off from work and and I had been having different conversations with friends and family and I was like you know it I'm gonna read the Bible at this point my husband we both grew up in the church we both would claim to be Christians but he especially had a lot of issues spiritually and really just stayed away from everything I had kind of given up trying to find a church especially now that we live out in the middle of nowhere um but I would try to do things with the kids in home school but I wasn't where I should have been either and so when I really this time kind of being out away from the city we lived like an hour and a half away from where we used to so being out kind of in the middle of nowhere and having less of an influence of the world I wasn't seeing my my my colleagues and professional friends at the same rate that we had been and it's like once I was out you know we weren't invited to all the things we couldn't go to all the stuff because it was like are we really gonna drive that far in and you know you kept her and all that stuff so it's like the less the world could talk to me the more I could start to hear God and so that's exactly what happened and so and so with that I I started to to read my Bible I was like this is ridiculous how I said I've always been Christian my whole life and I've never read the whole Bible in trouble ever and so as I started to read it all of these things just started like firing in my head and I really started just taking it to prayer and thinking about these things and being like what I'm doing what am i what am i focusing on like there's such a huge disconnect here with these things and I just kept feeling that more and more and more and at the same time you know my husband all defended this massive spiritual growth it was an answered prayer for many many many million years that I have had and he really started like you know you're right we've got to get out of these things I really started changing the way we were doing our kids home school and I'm like glad our kids need to know these things this has to be something that our kids know and understand and can stand firm on and so just like all of these factors started to all of a sudden come together for us and I really do think it was because I started to distance myself from the world that I could finally really start to hear God calling me and what he'd been really pressing up on me for some time and so the further I got out of everything the more I just really stopped desiring it I didn't have this desire to be you know grow boss and wake up and slay and all of the stuff that we push out and encourage excuse her encouraged women to do I just suddenly didn't have those desires anymore they kept saving more and more and more and I'm definitely a business minded person she's literally throwing her clean cloth diapers Oh employees beep I am a business minded person my family and friends they laugh all the time because I like shake up business ideas all day long and not just like an idea but like the whole structure of it like I think business in like everything that I do that's where my mind goes that's what I would to college for that's what I did like that's what I do but the more I was home the more I really found how content business never made me feel content business and always made me feel like I needed to do more wanted more desired more I'd work harder you guys I really think I was near having a heart attack I was having some really weird health stuff going on and I just I didn't care I overlooked it because I'm gonna do these things I'll think about that stuff when I'm old like right now I'm young and I'm gonna do all this stuff look how successful we can be my hair sticking out everywhere um and so when I was home and was like you know what I'm just gonna soak up this time even if it's just for a little while I'm gonna enjoy you know I would we'd have an off season with our business so at first I thought it was just gonna be that offseason that I'd get to enjoy being at home and because we live down the middle of nowhere there's no sense trying to drive anywhere so I started cooking more and baking more and doing more the kids and do more my husband and all of these different things gardening and and all kinds of things can you please and um the more I did that the more I was just like oh my gosh I love this and in my Bible every day I'm in prayer way more the things the music I'm listening to I'm not watching a TV anymore I'm not talking to the people like the world influence just kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller and in that I was feeling content I was feeling pure joy I mean I really I've seen my children grow my husband and my marriage and all so many things it was just so amazing and spiritually you know my life my husband's like my children's lives all of that was just exploding and it was amazing and this was all God and so when a little bit of our business kind of came back we had just these crazy things happen that we never in nearly 10 years of owning our own business had to deal with and it was just very much cementing in the prayers that we have been praying and we were like you're right we're done III can't I can't do it anymore I can't go and be a slave to that and do these things I'm having to intertwine myself with too much just immorality that I just I hurt being a part of it and so the more and more we pulled away the more and more these other things grew and honestly I have an event this Saturday via this one and one more left and that's it on our books um and cuz weddings the book you know pretty far in advance so these have been on our calendar for a while it's all of this stuff was going on but right now leading into Saturday like I'm getting everything done everything's beautiful and we'll of course serve and work to the glory of God's name and everything but the feeling I feel when it's like oh I don't want to leave my home I there's things that I'm not going to be able to take care of here my home for my family and that's frustrating you know I want to be home so it definitely did the process did take some time honestly if I would have the Lord's call in my heart earlier it probably wouldn't have taken as long but I didn't and the key ingredient that I found to being able to truly hear what God was calling and putting on my heart and the truth of his word was one actually reading his word to know what he says and what he desired desires for us so if you're not reading your Bible how can you know these things spending time in prayer but honestly the more and more that I removed the influence of the world be it friends family Outsiders work um just like physical desires of going to target all the time you know things like that the more and more I removed to influence that the world was having on me last time on the Internet less time on social media less time watching TV less time we've been listening to worldly music the more and more I remove those things the more and more I really think that's where the huge impact so being in God's Word and in prayer removing the influence of the world that's where I finally really had this huge transition to being content at home to desiring to be a keeper at home um and I think so many times people get this idea that you know biblical woman is at home can't have a job and she has to ask her husband for an allowance and she has no say in anything she's a submissive woman type of the thing and for me I definitely you know that can be a different video but I definitely do desire to be a submissive wife I have had a huge change in that and it's been a huge blessing I know we have talked about a little bit before if you go dig through our videos but it's a huge blessing and I'm so thankful for it but at the same time I think people who know us would say that yeah I very much do run my household my husband is the head of our home and I submit everything to him as an unto the Lord he is the head of our household he is final saying everything but my husband trusts me in all of my decisions when it comes down to how money gets spent I mean now we're living by faith we have no standard income and we are reliant a million different things yes and and God is so good and always provides as we pour ourselves into ministry you know full-time and my husband leaves all of the financial decisions everything's up to me he trusts me completely to do exactly what should be done that doesn't mean I don't sit down and discuss things with him that he doesn't have final say if I sorry if there's not something that I'm kind of unsure on and I asked him about he completely has final say in it um baby please stop but yeah I definitely you know you look at that proverbs 31 woman yeah she ran her home she knew what she was doing she knew what was up she had everything put together baby please stop you know she was out buying stuff and doing things and taking care of the things for glory of God into her families that is she feared the Lord that was the the utmost reason there of all of those things working and I feel like yeah I definitely do embrace that in many many ways so it's not that I you know I think this idea that we have in our society is just ridiculous and completely unbiblical of what we think a biblical woman is he that's going through the Bible study but um yeah I think that you know it definitely did take a while for me it wasn't overnight same with submitting to my husband and being a submissive wife that took some time as well that took some tight as well but the more and more I was in God's Word the more and more I was spending time in prayer and the less and less I was letting anything in the world influence me the quicker that that change happened where I went from being girl box Heidi to keep her at home Heidi and I have contentment and this absolute contentment um you know I mean there's things I struggle with and I started to catch myself and keep myself you know and check with and everything of course but for the most part I really would say that I feel really good about it I love being at home I love serving my husband and my children I love doing things that I enjoy in gardening and cooking and I enjoy cleaning and things like that I follow my passions and we do the stuff you guys with the videos with our home school with our ministry with all of these things so I have to know it just again I really stop and think about it all of my years in the professional world I was never getting contentment out of those you always want more you always have to do more strive for more go big or go home right and this I have contentment and it's wonderful it's beautiful it it looks crazy different from what I always stopped my life would be um but I love it and it's a huge blessing and again being God's word every day be in prayer remove the influence of the world on you and maybe God's been tugging at your heart maybe he's been pulling at your heart and maybe you had a million reasons why I can't do that there's no way we could afford it I have to this I have doesn't it whatever made all these reasons right and they may be the reason desire the Lord and follow him trust in him and he will provide every time he's amazing and he loves you and he wants to do these things for you so I am a recovering girl box I have no intentions on going back I'm thankful for the lessons that God taught me throughout all of that um but that's not my desire that's not what I I find rewarding anymore and my eyes are set on heaven and heavenly things I am NOT a citizen of this world here I'm a citizen of heaven but when I stand before the Lord he doesn't want to know how many times I woke up and Slade you know he wants to go he wants to know how served him and how I brought I shared the salvation of Christ with others and how I raised my children and served my husband there's so many things that God does find important and those are the things that I want to focus my time on everything else I care how much the world cares about it God doesn't so it doesn't matter that simple you just have to finally be willing to submit there are so many friends and family members that I have that I don't talk to anymore because they're not interested in this whole Jesus thing in this whole literally not loving the world and dying to it they're not interested in it it's not something they want to hear about her talk about so we are on our own but that's cool cuz again my life I will live it as an example to them and pray that the Lord will use me for whoever he wants me to share the gospel with and it should be an example to so I can take so this has been my my rant about girlboss being a recovering girl boss and submitting to just God's will for us as women because that's all I know to talk about I this is my story anyways and how it works for me so maybe it might help even other one other person I think that would be awesome that's the reason for sitting here in my pajamas with no makeup and wet hair and a baby running amuck and all that other good stuff so I'm now going to collect all of these diapers with the baby is thrown all over the floor and put them back together baby please don't probably get here in the emergency room Leslie I do want to do it again Leslie bye-bye yes jeez oh my goodness alright guys thank you so much if there's anything at all that me or my family can do for you please reach out and let us know but otherwise we will see you all here next time thank you again for hanging out with us you guys good night you

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  • Amen! I love seeing how the Lord is moving in people. Keep advancing His kingdom. People need to realize if you're not living for Jesus everything is meaningless.

  • Thank you for sharing this incredible testimony of our God’s work in your lives. This is a great example of dying to self and finding joy in the Lord. Such a beautiful truth that is not being taught in many Christian communities right now. This story of God’s work in your hearts and lives shines a light in darkness and confusion in our time. There is so much confusion in Christian women’s teachings today and this is so encouraging to see lived out. Thank you sister!

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