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Hey guys, this video
might be a little spooky for a younger audience.
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and subscribe below. Whoa, check this place out! This bed’s mine! What’s in the closet? [Bell ring] Guys! What? Guys, there’s a crazy doll
in a drawer right here! A doll? Somebody might’ve left it here. Let me go see. I wouldn’t look if I were you. Why not? It wasn’t just any doll,
it was a crazy doll. Are you scared? No! Fine,
look for yourself. I wanna see. Nope. You’re such a trickster. And I actually believed you. No guys, I swear I saw her. Whatever, Kade.
We know it is October but knock off your silly jokes. [Bell ring] Guys! The curtain just moved! Knock it off! Hey guys, mom and I are
gonna go grab take out, we’ll be back in
a little bit, alight? Okay. Dad, don’t leave! Why? If you’re too scared,
you can go with dad. Yeah. You kids are old enough
to be here for a few minutes by yourself; but
Kade, if you want to, you can come with us. It’s okay, I guess I’ll stay. Okay, we’ll see you
guys in a little bit. Bye! [Bell ring] [Gasping] What was that for? Kade, Kade! I saw it,
but now it’s gone. I told you! What? You’re in on it to? No Jack, I really,
really saw it! Oh no, a disappearing doll… The doll was just right
there and now she’s gone. Dolls can’t walk, talk, or move. [Knocking] [Gasping] What was that? I’m not afraid. [Adventure music] See? The garbage
can just tipped over. That’s super silly. Well I don’t see a doll but… [Crunching] Nooo! Ahhh! What the heck? Jazz, did you bring that
doll all the way here to freak us out on vacation? No, are you crazy? Well, how did it get here? Maybe someone left
it in the hotel room. [Bell ring] Ahhhhhh! What should we do? [Playful music] What is happening? I don’t know. Do you think the
doll is doing all this? What is happening? I don’t know but
I’m not gonna let a silly doll scare me! C’mon! Come on guys, let’s go
find that crazy doll. [Playful music] Wow, that was weird. You think it left? I don’t know but I
just want it gone. [Bell ring] Ahhhh! [Bell ring] Jack, get the doll! [Adventure music] [Grunting] [Bell ring] [Thud] Ah! Quick, zip it closed! Now what do we do? Quick, call somebody! Mom and dad are never
gonna believe us. Do you remember Ethan and
Coley from Extreme Toys TV? They had this same
problem on their channel. We need their help
quickly! Give ’em a call. Okay. [Ringing] Sneak Attack Squad,
Ethan speaking. What do you need? Ethan, there’s a crazy
doll in our hotel room and it’s doing silly things. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, slow down. It keeps disappearing
and freaking us out. Sounds familiar. But we trapped it and
we don’t know how to get rid of it. Will you help us? We have experience with
that stuff, come on over. Come on guys, let’s go. Come on, come on. [Knocking] Hey guys, come on inside. Okay. Thanks so much for helping. We didn’t know what to do. Yeah, no problem. What you got there? Well they called us saying
they have some crazy doll; so, I told ’em to come over.
We can tell em what to do. Yeah, we trapped
it in a suitcase. You had them bring it here?! No, no, no, it’s
fine, it’s fine. The Sneak Attack Squad can
do pretty much anything. [Zipping] Okay fine, let’s
find out what you got. Wait, the suitcase
is already opened! [Gasping] It’s gone! [Chattering] Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Guys, calm down!
How will we make a plan if we’re all freaking out? [Door clanking] What was that? Did you hear that? Yeah, go upstairs
and see what it is. Why me? Why doesn’t Jack do it? Why me?
Why not Kaden? Well, Ethan, aren’t
you’re the oldest? Why don’t you go check it out? Yeah, you’re the oldest! What are you, a
bunch of chickens? Are you boys, or are you men? I’m not afraid of
no silly dolls, it’s probably
our dog anyways. Yeah, it was just the dog. [Baby laughing] [Gasp] Wait, is your sister home? No, I don’t think so… Let’s just go and check it out. [Adventure music] [Baby laughing] [Bell ring] Ahhhhhh! Time to go to outside! Ah! Let’s just hope it stays
in there in the meantime. [Bell ring] No way, awesome. Whoa!
Are you for real? This is epic. How many blasters do you have? Which one should I use? This one’s really
good, I like this one, it’s really accurate. Whoa… Cool! This is one of my favs. Awesome! Epic. Let’s suit up. No way. Guess we’re all ready. Let’s go sneak
attack squad this doll! [Cheering] Hey guys, you have
a trampoline too? Yeah. Yeah, of course. You wanna see my sweet tricks? Oh yeah. Guys, we’re on a mission,
don’t get distracted. Pshh, it’ll be fine. She’s
stuck in there anyways. Let’s go. [Energetic music] [Bell ring] [Children playing] [Bell ring] [Gasping] There she is! What? How’d she get here? What are we gonna do? The blasters are out there! Wait, I’ve got an idea. [Boing, boing, boing] [Thud] Yeah! [Cheering] [Bell ring] [Gasping] [Zipping] Oh no! What’d we do? Ahhhhhh! She trying to trap us in! We need our blasters
but we’re stuck! Yeah! There she is.
[Bell ring] Wait up guys, look over there! It’s an ambush! Ahhh! [Children playing] Don’t just lay there, we
gotta get out of here! Let’s go! Hurry! Get em, get em, get em! Run away! [Bell ringing] [Dramatic music] [Tires screeching] [Bell ring] [Bell ring] Showdown time! This town ain’t big
enough for the both of us, little lady. Let’s get her! Ahhh! [Adventure music] [Bell ring] Where’d she go? She disappeared. Did we get her? I don’t know, let’s
have a look around. Let’s scout out. Yeah. She might be over there. Is she over by the cacti? Ha! Hey, there she is! [Bell ring] [Bell ring] Ta ta, crazy doll. Watch this, one shot. [Crack!] [Boom] [Clunk] [Vroom!] [Cheering] Sorry, dude! I apologize! Oh my gosh, I just did that. What? It flew like, way over
there into that car door! Stinks to be that guy. Yeah, it does. Sorry! That just happened. Thanks Sneak Attack Squad! Yeah. No problem, anytime. I wanna see each
other again soon. Wa boom! Hi, Fun Squad! If you liked
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