24 thoughts on “Etika Tribute Video (Rest in Peace 1990-2019)

  • THIS VIDEO WAS CLAIMED, THE ADS ARE NOT COMING FROM ME -> https://i.imgur.com/kR5bi48.png
    I made this video as a way to remember Etika and his crazy moments. This is just a compilation of my favorite moments from him. I always found his streams/videos so out of place and weird, but it always brought me back because of his character. You will always be remembered Etika, Legends never die. <3
    If anyone is feeling alone, sad , messed up WHATEVER My dm's are always on open and that will never change. Call 1-800-273-8255 if you need immediate help -> Tomorrow is always a new day, never forget that.

    To the people who meme'd this whole situation, shame on you.

    Joyconboyz forever 1990-2019 <3 rip my dude 🙁

  • When my brother found out about Erika’s death, he was sad because he watched Etika frequently and he was like a hero to him. Etika was a god among men and his death has come to a shock to everyone and everyone wishes he was back

  • Etika is a reaction meme. He will never be forgotten. Everyone knows that reaction memes are the peak, because they never die.


    Jmak: “Who mains Dark Pit. Dark pit is the worst”

    Me: W-Well I do ;-; [Feels Broken and Lonley Inside] I have Crippling Depression

  • And to think I took all that stalling he did on his stream for granted. If he was still around I’d kill to let him talk for hours before he starts the reaction…

  • Everytime he reacted to the smash reveals my entire body felt goose bumps all over my body for two reasons, one, because I have already watched the reveal and his reaction makes me smile, the other reason, I won’t get to see him ever again. As I’m writing this I’m not crying, just incredibly sad. He didn’t deserve this, nobody does, but especially not you Etika, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I was finishing this and watching the part where he says where he wants to be buried, with the sad music and the innocence of Etika, not knowing of the future, if I had a time machine, I’d go back in time and make sure this never happens to him, my life is more than fine, I suffered through primary school (the one after kindergarten/playschool) and I wouldn’t change a god damn thing, my depression, my anxiety, I would save this man. Again, he didn’t deserve this, no body does, but the fact he was pushed this far in such little time, I just wish he thought of all the people who cared for him and not be selfish and harm others to end his own pain.

    JoyconBoyz for life, No bitch Niggas (R.I.P)

  • This nigga's gonna miss me, i now can't meme him without feeling bad, but at least he won't have to see people die in Jojo anymore i guess

  • Hey Jmak When These 2 Characters in Smash Come out their both known as The Hero and Banjo May you do a tier list like how you did one with joker I deeply enjoyed that

  • Worst part of it is not finding out he died. It's Finding out he died two days after died. He probably died while I was sitting and doing something meme-wise. It depresses me knowing that he died while I was probably doing something enjoyable.

  • Why is everyone sad he fricken commited suicide, sure he was a good person but he’s a bad example for younger kids, he didn’t have to commit he could’ve went to a therapist, I am not trying to be rude, but I liked this guy until he suicided

  • Ya boi Etika didn't deserve to go out the way he did… His charisma and charm can never be forgotten to me.
    R.I.P Etika…

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