[EU4][Mandate of Heaven] Prosperous Portugal Part 1

a low-end welcome I am a rumba thank you for joining me let's play some Eve for the Mandate of Heaven DLC and try out some of the new mechanics so this is going to be a new campaign called prosperous Portugal we did a kind of a trial run on Twitch called passive-aggressive Portugal which I've decided to not put on to YouTube that is going to stay in the twitch fraud section if you want to go watch that there's about six hours of gameplay about twelve episodes that we broke up over two streams I've decided to start fresh because I just didn't like how I was playing unfortunately live content it tends to be very highly distracted and I make more mistakes that way so anyway we're in start fresh there's a lot of new stuff a ton of new stuff in the main native heaven so why is it that I don't want to play as Ming well not that I don't want to plays Ming it's that I would rather I'm going to do that in a multiplayer campaign so in this campaign we're going to focus on things like prosperity splendor and colonization and these really cool things higher developed colonies or cheese colonial growths and all kinds of stuff like that we're to look at devastation the prosperity mechanics state ethics that kind of stuff so first things first let's start there we're going to go to our capital state of Alentejo we're going to view our state edicts and for the cost of two hundred percent increased state maintenance also knows about 0.28 Duquette so we can turn on one of these edicts we're going to go with the edict for more trade power protect trade so that's going to cost me again point two eight Duckett's and now all of our provinces in this state right here have more trade power so the two estuaries are the the tog watts estuary and the coastal center of trade are going to get significantly increased trade power tomorrow it'll be like 50 something trades power in that one province other provinces get a little bit of a benefit to they don't really have a huge amount now first things we want to do is definitely take our heavies and we're gonna have them go hunt pirates in spell the reason for that is that we've got these annoying little Berbers down here who are going to raid our coasts and when they do that they're going to take all of the loot from the provinces that are on the coast which is pretty much every province we own when they do that they will call in the devastation every time the loot bar gets strained you get up to 10% devastation regardless the amount of money that's there the full loot bars worth 10% a province that has any devastation whatsoever cannot earn prosperity in fact a province an entire state even one province in the whole state is devastated the entire state cannot become prosperous so we want to avoid that and even though those heavies are expensive we're going to just pay pay the price we're also going to take half of our lights we're going to go and explore with our our guy who we spawn the game men as because we're special I'll go explore the sea tiles first we'll take the Navy that has no leader and get them protecting trade and still and we'll take the transports and we're going to send them to Algarve for now I'm gonna do something that some people might not like but I'm gonna do anyway I did it in the trial run as well we're gonna get rid of our calves right away the fact that I'm going to be paying for four heavies to protect against the Berbers I just can't afford to pay for cows even if we're even if we have them at like low maintenance and they just don't offer enough for me in the early game here for combat we don't have anything that makes them strong I would rather just have a wider force limit and it works it works well for me most of time I have a lot of hate for calorie I know I know anyway we're going to immediately try to improve our relationship with the clergy and imagine monarch points and stuff we're not going to grant generalship right legs we only have relationship slots for two and we start off with a guy got Earl of our launches three three three pretty good guy let's do this will make the clergy loyal first so we can get some more National Tax modifier go for an emissary to the Pope and do we want to hire a level two advisor missionary strength advisor half price hmm more administrative points would be nice getting up to administrative tech five quicker could be good we afford it with no advisors at all we're making two point three ducats a month we have a level 1 missionary guy available mmm so the cost modifier advisors pretty kind of appealing right now it's you I'm considering going up to positive on stability so we can get prosperity going the problem is just that we're going to get +1 stability when our air comes of age anyway our ruler it's a random event or not random but it's an event that happens for Portugal so will be a positive on stability anyway mmm Ralph's armies I think we're definitely hire him the decision here is do we want to hire a level two half priced guide can I afford to ducats a month possibly when you turn off our forts then we can afford it sorry the Half Price Inquisitor and here we'll just do that for now you are not loyal we could spend some money to make them loyal and get some more missionary strength which means we could actually looks like we get straight-up convert suta season starts with a negative Corinne cost of 2.7 but if we have loyal clergy and the Inquisitor will gain 4 which puts the conversion speed at 1.3 percent which is not great but it's doable and here I think we will take the relations advisor and will immediately give this to the clergy which is another thing that's actually make them quite happy I give them one more province instead of spending money we do have a problems over here with 13% on me is ours is is their influence to 80% of the dot only 61.4% loyalty so they're not going to be loyal long enough I think we just spend money instead all right so we're going to make a generous donation yeah I like that it's just money we also like the papal influence so now starting next month it's showing negative 0.7 but that's not actually correct it'll be faster than that the other thing we could do is get our stability up that would also give us some more points for it for our minutes and let's trim out our forts we need to pay form right now army tradition is not that important and let's just do one more final quick check here you are exploring it you are hiding hunting carrots you are everyone's do their jobs good okay next up we need rivals so we want to rival definitely Grenada probably want to rival Morocco and Aragon Casteel Tunis probably not good steal I'm gonna say it's probably bad idea I'm gonna drawback traveling Granada is that you can't actually embargo him right away maybe Tunis let's see if you pick up an alliance with Morocco I'm not going to do anything with you I think we go for it I think we go for the temporary aligns with Clemson again let's travel Tunis should make you like me a little bit more soon improve relations with him when to improve relations with the Pope man before we do that we take the mission yeah take the mission to school to fly paper relations first and we have this new diplomatic map builder thing where we can actually see like who would accept an alliance it's great still would yeah I think would just immediately take the lines with the steel we're already allied to to England and start that off and we'll see I am going to tell England that I don't actually want to join his offensive Wars right now I'm just not interested in that I will join defensive Wars obviously but offensive Wars not too much and we expected that lines and we pick up the alliance of Clemson before he allies Morocco he did not rival Morocco so he's pretty likely to try to take that relationship neutral and friendly yeah that's probably going to be a no then we'll see but immediately embargo you and embargo this guy as well England Ally Tyrone we can convert problems with Catholic so 77 months hmm it'll be slower it'll be faster than that rather if we're actually if we have our positive stability we could have one point seven there divided by one point seven would be fifty eight point eight months so five years five years and I think the maintenance cost is what missionary maintenance 0.41 Duckett's 24 duck is to convert that province get a religious unity up don't know about that I want to wait maybe until we have a little bit more I might even you know what I might even take more stability you need 95 we currently have 92 available if we might take that who wants to become our friend we've got room for alliances with Brittany Desmond Lancer cleaner card Tyrone's the go and you're at negative 11 I love this diplomat builder it's so good we want the lines with Brittany I think I think we want to go for a relationship with boat man as well Austria's Allied Pope man and consumers rivaled England okay good that's well not necessarily good seals a lead in military lines okay great we've got conceals and militarists you saying he's gonna want some land then is that that when I'm that that was your saying he's like that's what you're saying we have some issues that sound about right who says announces his arrival to the counter rival docks which means we should have even more reasons now as we've got the common rivals my retort to your rivalry is that you are so ugly that no one wants to be a friend Morocco has allied Clemson which means we are now shut down okay fine fine fine it was in a lower chance opportunity there any way we can improve relations with France it's pretty unlikely we're going to be friends with them but with Casteel having rivaled England and they build it for him to fabricate and his desire for that land I'm worried that Casteel is going to attack England meaning that my relationship is kind of on the line here a monarch death succession war between Aragon and England they're gone in England he's not a lead England there's no role marriage in England where our gone I guess same didn't see I don't know no matter exploration is finished okay we will explore most African see now and the elements are getting started on the Reconquista not really Reconquista is it I think we'll take stability it's going to slow down my first a dead be gripped by a little bit but I don't think that that's going to be a big problem really getting our prosperity going out right now instead of having to wait for our ruler to come of age in January and 47 in two more years that's two more years of prosperity we can try to build up so right now because we have positive stability every month that goes by every state that has no devastation in it has a 35% chance of progressing by 1% due to in funk debated through so on average is gonna take quite a while that's why we want to get started on it now there is an edict come to think of it an edict that we can do to increase missionary strength by 1% so for 0.14 Duckett's i could increase the conversion speed from like 1.4 and actually now we have the stability so we're actually at one point eight to 2.8 I like it do it let's do that we'll turn on the state you hopefully I remember to turn this thing off we should see now we've got a 2.8 percent speed apparently it claimed to perform all right fair enough and we're currently improving with papal state yes we have negative four reasons for an alliance probably just take the aligns with him so we got England Brittany and Casteel hmm unfortunately not we're going to get involved with these wars over here so you don't want to be my friend anymore I could have not rivaled Morocco alright so with our a little bit of money I think we will hire a boat's just trained one I want to keep a little bit of a nest egg on hand that's Khalid squared walk on Ryan van eventually we're going to demand these monarch points but not yet Venice's piling on we're concerned about have my army over here are the fort mall fold across this area and we'll turn that Ford on we're not going to make any money while we're doing it but every single freaking campaign August August the second to galleon let's let us appoint a never a local mobile instead I mean it's just every every campaign he just he never seems to take the Union in my campaigns I don't know why as we could start spying on Morocco say I to be the person that we're going to declare on before you ask why Emily declared war yet well keep in mind its passive passive prosperous Portugal here all we want to do is just become prosperous that's the game plan so we are currently zero percent prosperous here 0% 0% you're saying that our 35% chance is not doing a very good job huh 1% woo 1% oh is it on a state basis it looks like a semistate basis ok I thought that it was a province basis we don't need to check every province hey this one's 4% prosperous nice what do we gain with prosperity local goods produced plus 25 percent reduced development cost and better monthly autonomy change now I've tried doing the math in my head on this edict here for monthly autonomy change and I don't think that it's usually worth it it's a money sink I guess that's nice but for the most part I think most of these are not worth the time worth the cost except for the one in your capital that ones almost always gonna be a benefit to have on all right I think we should be able to pick up the Alliance with people state now Bosnian has formed a personal union hungry oh my gosh that's a weird a weird event happening here good luck Bosnia versus Hungary that's not going to go well for him I think robbed of a rival make Clemson like us and possible if we improve relations with the long enough and we do get diplomat which is really good and it's going to be at least a year to like actually declare war on Morocco so yes let's let's do that in which case since we're just gonna be sitting doing nothing with Sweden game up a little bit Aragon is declared subjugation on navara Navarro was allied to Castile which means that Steele is gonna be or where they're gone cool there's no offer to join war button here I can improve relations with Navarro and then enforce peace if I wanted to get involved do I want to get involved as a question can Casteel win this war do I want considered to be strong these are all questions that I have air guns got a four three four leader versus the two to three fork steel it looks like at first glance but Steel's got a larger army he had his fourths active his Forks rather it's like Aragon only has two forts one way down here and one over here and of course their guns got their union over Naples so yeah I don't know that Casillas gonna do a very good job with this I feel like he shouldn't even be moving in and so they can get that other army over but he's being stupid he's gonna fight with half as was half of his troops against the superior foe very smart wise decision making it'll say this excommunicated the ruler of Florence nice disease outbreak that's very sick cool since there's a light England Molly's declared war upon jollof and Morocco has claimed our province we have lots of people well from our density will be honest with you guys right now just tomorrow I have a feeling that the Iberian weddings in the fire this campaign I just I just know it almost positive 14 power projection right now I want to humiliate a rival here we humiliate a rival the sooner we get more splendor generation and the sooner we can actually do some cool stuff about I've been playing for at least year so we can revoke land from the nobles now they are currently loyal which is nice the effects of loyal Nobles I think it's just like more fort defense or something it's not that great a local defensive miss plus 15% and then local manpower modifier plus 20 I can't remember which one you lose when they're below 60% I think it's the fort defensiveness I don't care about that would rather revoke a problems from them so that we can then grant it to someone else and or that's generalship without them going to eighty percent the sixty nine to nine point nine percent when I grant them this little kind of problems over here it's not very good it's fine you can have that but you're not allowed to have this one instead that gives them 15.7 because of our feudal monarchy they expect 15 so no longer quite as happy but that's fine next then we want to revoke land from the clergy if we revoke line from the clergy they're not going to be loyal which means we miss out on a missionary strength I don't have any of the problems that I want to give them yet the burgers I need to get some diplomats in them at some point but I want to get Porto after we finished converting this province well next station by battlements is complete already not surprising Virgie contends something-or-other support the clergy damn I'm going to lose our stability already missionary strength or tech cost I want both though I need both in oil tea or loose oil tea garnet game I mean we can still do the conversion even if we lose that it's just going to be slower I'd only ever really lose 1% but we're also going to point 5 from the stability so we're going to go down to like 1.3 aren't it I want the tech cost more than I want the other one that's not cool game could immediately just turn right around and spend some of these admin points again you know what I'm going to do it I'm gonna be stubborn about it I don't care will slow down on the idea group in in favor of uh playing prosperously right that's the namesake of the campaign we got to do it Navarro wants to hire troops interesting how much does we want to pay my van Gogh Lennox if I was no longer willing to accept condottieri apparently right now he is he's willing to pay 0.6 X if we put our leader in charge he was actually quite good that'll probably give us even more don't they still point to 26 X is there just because it doesn't have money the day more than that they'll have to pay the first cost the cost for the total army for 16 months 20 Duckett's would allow us to put 10 and troops into this war over here is that enough to actually like make a difference I mean right now I'm paying 0.5 X on a monthly basis no matter what so having him pay point 6x is better than me paying for it if we're just standing around doing nothing then again I've got to raise my – the full so I'm actually only making point 1x I think we just don't risk it let's just keep our army on hand it would be nice but no we're part war for Portugal were prosperous Portugal Turner of Maine apparently that has happened in exchange for the Treaty of Tours the county of Maine was promised to France and fair enough like England gave up on that province I'm not willing to join your offensive Wars then you still want to join that one okay let's take it right here I'll be back in the next episode where we will continue to play prosperously how are we doing on prosperity we have 5% at tooltip just show the number why do you have to hide the number the two that I like I like seeing the number seven percent prosperity nice what about this other region over here this is a state – right this is the state Canaries Azores Madeira yes we've got all the Canaries we don't actually not get fared so hold on the canary can you click on it oh that's owned by Casteel gotcha okay now can't click on it can't click to go – that would make too much sense well they are at 9% holy crap can you believe it I can't all right I'll see you in the next episode though as always thank you for watching total machinery strength is not positive because we no longer have loyal clergy because they suck darn let's take this hit let them be even more influential we're gonna end up provoking a problem sometime soon anyway so all right cool I'll see you next episode thanks watching see you soon

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  • hey I have two questions which are pretty random but this is a relatively new eu4 video with a lot of views so I figured I`d ask then here so my questions are

    1. how do you create a subject nation?? it says that you need diplo (or admin) tech at 22 and that theres a button underneath the province autonomy info that lets you create a subject, however palying as germany with diplo/admin tech both over 30 (and the province being in europe) I still couldnt create a subject the only button under provinve autonomy was the add province to hre button (????)

    2. how do I enforce my religion on a subject (PU partner) I basically just cant find the button and didnt get anything from google for this one lmao

  • Semi-Irrelevant fact: I heard in a documentary that Barbary pirates were kidnapping sailors from Cornwall in England in the mid-1600's so a local Clergyman wrote a letter to Parlaiment asking them to do something about it because whole villages were disappearing

  • He's not allied with England nor has a royal marriage with England, but England is their rival. That is a valid reason to enter a succession war as far as i know.

  • "It's not that I don't want to play Ming. I'll do that in a multiplayer campaign." Arumba already has a game with Filthy, was he hinting at a game with Quill, Mathas, and NL (and possibly others?)

  • Don't know if Arumba figured it out yet but there's an edict to improve local missionary strength. Can help with those pesky conversions. 🙂

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  • Sorry but you choose PORTUGAL for your debut single player MoH campaign? Like, fine, you're gonna do Ming in an MP game but you don't have the freedom and time to just pause and look at features to fully experience the full DLC when you're playing MP. Hopefully you'll do an Eastern SP LP in future. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna watch this, I'm sure it'll be a fun series. But still, it's not an ideal first LP.

  • The reason England could contest Aragon forming a PU with Castile is because they are Aragon's most powerful rival.

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