#EUmovers – Celebrating 50 years of free movement and 60 years of social security coordination

Europeans have always moved but today EU citizens have better opportunities to move abroad for work than their grandparents thanks to 50 years of free movement and 60 years of Social Security coordination in the EU freedom of movement for workers is both a founding principle and a cornerstone of the European Union after decades of effort citizens can now study work and retire anywhere in the EU this means that you citizens can build the lives they want doing what they love there are now more than 17 million Europeans living and working abroad every year another million people move from one EU country to another even if you personally do not move you benefit to free movement supports local economies by bringing necessary skills stimulating innovation and increasing diversity when Europeans move to other EU countries Social Security coordination protects their rights to health care pensions unemployment benefits and family benefits what about you share your free movement story for a chance to win a trip anywhere in the EU

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