EVE Online: New Players Beware of Bad Corps/Alliances

any case guys yeah let's let's talk about something something important hello hello hello you're just in time so is anybody actually a new player here like a Norfolk or somebody who just started playing say or anybody just please let me know in chat in any case we all know how messed up if can be how harsh it is how every single player and person you need in games potentially a villain oh you should not trust absolutely anybody you if you mind high stick you will get ganked if you you will get scammed on contracts because you can think the worst of the worst we can have it in this game and you know what it's it's fine it's fine this is why we rather love this game carlos is new evan loads and alpha glow and joseph is new awesome awesome so leave this many people here and I'll make a recording this imposed to put supposed to post it later on on YouTube oh nice Evan also you know what's up many case with all the scams that are going on and a very tough learning curve and all that you know what it's it's okay when you get scammed that's not the problem the problem is when such scams go a little too far and you know I'm not talking about if you're a minor you know what a week old person mining in a belt and you know code comes in and then ganks you and you're upset about you know what no no you know it's okay you off the ship it's okay get a new and keep flying the problem is when scams go to a bit of a whole different level and they specifically attack and target new new players the player that just joined it simply may not know better and it wouldn't be a bad scam I don't think it would even make the news if it was targeting people who can play in this game for a while and people who complain here for a while you know what they really would the secretary scale like this and nobody would care at all but basically a so what happens and let me put up a picture here I saw this first from great gal on Twitter and this was a message a message sent out by one of the t's of a nautical lines they lost a battle or a citadel and so this FC posted the following message on top if you haven't seen it you know give it a read this is with permission from Google a girl I was able to reproduce it if you heard about this you know exactly when talking about right now you might might as well – now I know when the same page basically 11 mention the name of it of the FC I'm not going to mention the MC because the FC is not at fault here is not the problem she's actually been getting a lot of hate mail which is not right in any case I'm getting ahead of myself exactly Manik exactly so this guy was saying how we lost to everybody everybody has to fly tech to Bombers you know by tomorrow you know what here you can buy injectors for 100 USD tomorrow you were ready to fly it and guess what if we lose that citadel it's on you it's your fault so the CEO over the Alliance maybe ABC time that he'd been pretty much ordered which two times that I was kind of debating whether or not to name the Alliance in the and the CEO and you know it's actually out in the air so it will name name the person the Alliance is with youkai Alliance and the CEO is Sarah summer so let me tell you a little bit about that Alliance in case you haven't read the Newseum basically this year over there would go to rookie channels to recruit brand new players to join this alliance corporation Airlines yeah Manik exactly exactly clear he would recruit new players and you would tell them you know what just just buy the fastest ship get to null SEC and you know we'll go from here and once they get to null SEC they got nothing else beyond they have no experience they have no LISC not much it's cut weak to begin with so the CEO would have contracts set up in the corporation where it would be marked up you should sell ships and a very high market price which in and of itself it's not that big of a deal of course yeah you want to make some money the problem is is the new players everybody that's new usually when you join a new player friendly cooperation or alliance they would provide your ships you know what they will never charge you for adventure or any tech one free they'll just give them away fly them this guy was selling it at a high markup he was requiring that people buy those ships to defend Gordon quote the Citadel's the defender Citadel that people in his own corporation couldn't even use that was like his own personal backups Citadel so it's really weird how this person actually was given so much opportunity for leadership like you know I don't understand but as a new player you do not have to put up with that kind of crap or real if somebody tells you to go spend real money to scale up to the center Citadel you know it give them the finger tell them peace out there's plenty of corporations that would treat you way better way way way better under the court karma Fleet brave newbies my own online six Empire is actually taking people from their lines that are willing to leave and just rejoining a very nice alliance until they find a nice corporation a nice home for themselves so it's a basically guy was name changed the whole corporation was put on put on reddit with on Imperium use this the Citadel actually went into the hall timer so actually the whole situation is ongoing they are going to lose the Citadel if you want in on the hospital bill bashing is going to happen this Sunday please contact reg out on Twitter or on in-game I'm just you know what I'm not too sure what else I can say about this but as a new player you have to know that there are options for sure there are options and you never ever have to put up with scammy scary CEOs I was told that while I read that a lot of veteran players play for the Alliance as well and for them they knew that this was happening but it was more in terms of you know what we're friends here they kind of play with other friends they didn't really care about the CEO but really you should not shouldn't let a person like that control so much and scam new players and just you know make it is from the backs of new players that's just a line and even line as harsh as it is the harsh as this game is it's kind of a line in the sand that you know you should mess with the players that in you because we need you guys do we need new players to become more familiar with the game so we can shoot you so we can actually fight with you on an equal footing instead of making you quit making the game so hard for you that you quit and once again I'm not trying to be all like you know lovey dovey you know with hugs and kisses I like how hard this game is and a big shout out big shout out to a member of September gasps who has wasn't quote liberated and reclaimed not one but two Citadel's in the name of the golden angels and the sixth empire just in one week in one week this guy managed to do nefarious means to get to Citadel 4f so we as a corporation deal with a kind of stuff too but you do not target brand-new players definitely do not don't do that you know the new player it's okay if you get ganked you heizak it's okay if you go to lost example destroys it's okay if you pay a ransom to somebody and the to destroy you it's okay it doesn't matter but it's kind of a very kind of like under under the radar very very I can say the right word for it but yeah just pretty much bad bad scam just don't follow it don't follow it and one more thing I can say you know it we all play this game we love this game we like to say that he was real but really this is just meaningless space pixels it's not the pixels that matter is the connection that before within the game is the community its we might be so terrible to each other in game but we still forge friendships when we meet outside of the game with best friends there's so many stories in this game about how people were ganked and thoroughly and then they were recruited in the corporation so show up whatever fight like manacles saying it is this is my Eve out on that my Eve video right Matic um make sure to show up just make an effort to show up but it's okay to lose at this game is harsh but that's what we love it and let's see much I have to say about this do not let scan it feels like that get away with it yeah sorry so I haven't really kept up with the chat just kind of had to say my piece I don't usually do this I don't usually preach push like that but since it affects new players and then a lot of new players watch my channel and watch these live streams I wanted to let everybody know hey cap stone thank you so much for a donation of $5 really appreciate it's a pressure to rush to null second hour the NPC started channel and in inject instead of learning it's not that it's it's not that it's not that cap strong it's just this guy is it so it's so incompetent you know Thank You cortex burn thank you thank you yeah it's just like it blows my mind because I don't know how many players play in his Alliance I have no idea but instead buddy pays that much money to get Plex you know it's a lot cheaper to just realign a citadel it's a lot cheaper to hire a mercenary corporations to defend you if oh my goodness is just the level of incompetence and the fact that was preying on new players that just that earth me that really hurt me ah alright alright guys you know what enough enough chitchat let's go ahead let's do this

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  • "The Gold Angels" of the "Sixth Empire" shall help you find your way. Join in-game today, learn the ways, then one day move on. We are here to help those lost among the stars. Thanks Reload for holding our high ground!!! Blessing be. #spacepope

  • Run highsec missions on your own, mine, join faction warfare, learn what you want & how to play, then join a corp if you want to.

  • Hi. Im new, played 3 hours. Confused sooo much! Cant find the "starting" goal… missions? Level up? Money?…

  • The biggest alliances should do like on other games i played. No hitting new players to allow new people to learn game and grow. Or just make a game wide noob alliance. We had one called no hitting noob. And no player would hit them once they reach a certain level they have to join a regular alliance. New players means game keep growing.

  • I am the old fart in eve , and i know what eve is , unfortunally i get mi dose of bad and evil things done to me from players .
    But not all are so bad ppl.
    Mi interest is makeing ISK in gme and use them into game for various purposes 🙂 …
    But for who did not understand how the alliances or coalition in null can hold the area … than this ppl did not understand the game it self …. or they are indicating you as an liar , scammer , diversive etc etc , especially this into the eyes of the new players , when is completely opposite .
    The reason of introducing the alpha chars is because the empires into null sec was stagnating and also the game was stagnating so the CCP was forced to introduce some kind of free game for new players , so the null sec empires can use them as CANNON MEAT .
    You wish to have an place into null sec ?
    You have to pay in real money whit not fixed price per month , you wish to pay in ISK or you wish to pay whit the contributions into the group etc tc ( thay will laugh into your face ) .
    They all talking about to trick ppl ( come into null sec you can make money ) on 99% this is not thru if you are miner or generally industrials , there is no job for you into a null sec , even because the pvp guys can not understand who is specialized char doing only one things and best thay can for the comunity , so in other case they will force you to skil something that will take time to skill , ad example to can use an pvp ship and be used as a ( CANNON MEAT ) .
    Now whit the advent of the alpha char , who can recruit more cannon meat into theair ranks have more man power and pvp power .
    The real makeing ISK place is in high sec and low sec , not into null sec , it was always like this but the pvp corps and alliances was always successfull to recruit the naive new players and convince them to join the null sec corp or alliances , unfortunally most of this new players after a while if they was in wish to procede whit the game had move into high sec , but many other had leave the game very disapointed .
    there is no thinking to expose or not this kind of ppl ( you must expose them ) , the players like sarra somers are parasite in game , most probably they are using the game as the full time job to make isk and sell them to isk sellers .

  • thank you for this video eve it s freedom do like you want it s like that i play and drive my corp 0% taxe and play nooby 😉

  • I don't mind those kinds of scams… It's part of the game and that's what makes it so good and different from other MMO's. It teaches you to not risk something you can't afford. Use your judgment.

  • there's nothing wrong with a little bit of capitalism… they went about it the wrong way, but hey, someone has to make all those jumps to carry those ships!

  • Be aware, the You'll get ganked, but then you'll end up in the same corp as the one's that gank you….is also a FORCED recruitment scam. They'll tell you, hey, you know if you join us you won't have that problem again. "We'll teach you. You can get a replacement ship. We'll show you the builds…" Corps are like shoes. Either they fit or they don't. Each corp has their own "personality" and some of those personalities won't effectively match your own. Pretty soon those that ganked you, will tell you to go "recruiting", and that means going out and ganking new players, and giving them the same line. Be aware, that's a forced recruitment. The "recruiters" don't think their scamming anyone. Their not taking anything from you, except your own enjoyment, and basically in time, telling you to ruin someone elses enjoyment. But to them, their version of enjoyment might not be the same as yours. Just…be more aware. Do your homework.

  • My friend bad ceos are…EVERYWHERE they don't tell you what to train into and they don't allow you to field blingy ships

  • hey when is your next stream, ive just started getting into eve and wanted to watch and support your stream

  • New players should be helped and taught how to survive in Eve not exploited from the sounds of this video Yokai was taking advantage of new players and not shown how to survive and live in Eve.

  • I stopped playing EVE because of corps. My last corp I was in was in null sec and I was a full time miner. Once my corp and alliance found out I had 10 billion ISK worth of ore they tried to ransom me by asking for 2 billion or they will shoot at me. I ended up not paying and they kicked me out. Was upset that I put so much time into mining and all my stuff was locked into the station as I had no longer access to it.

  • To be honest I spent around 3 years in a Corporation as such, and sadly it was what made me leave Eve forever.

  • BTW, when he references CODE killing idiot miners in hisec…yep. They (CODE) are trying to teach you How To Survive In NullSpace. If you STILL hang out in hisec after 2-3 months……….enjoy getting killed OFTEN. And not just by CODE.

  • I play Eve and I played alot of other (survival) mmo's since internets dawn. Trust me Eve is on the better side talking about communities, scamming, toxic people, etc. Even in RL I've got one of the worst scams happen to a buddy years ago. If something is to good to be true, be it either in a game or RL, don't do it…

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