Ever Wondered About Those “We Buy Houses – Fast Cash!” Signs?

I buy houses. Nice! Right? Like have you
ever seen those signs that are like those bandit signs that are on every
corner illegally. By the way, most cities don’t allow for that. And they clutter
things up but there’s got to be a reason why that sign exists. And I’m going to
share with you how others are using it to make millions of dollars. So, what are those signs really all about?
They always say catch too close in the next 24 hours or we buy homes cash. And
what they’re really doing is they’re fishing. They’re basically they’re taking
those bandit signs, they’re corrugated plastic. They’re designed to handle the
weather pretty well. They pop them on a cheap wire frame and they illegally
stick them on corners that technically they’re not supposed to. They are out
there because of this: 10% of all real estate at any given time is distressed.
90% of people that have homes today
want their home are happy to be in their home or maybe contemplating moving down
the road. They inherited it from someone like people have stability in their life.
But 10% of people are in a bad financial crunch or they’re forced to move or
something happens in their world where they need to vacate their home. Or maybe
they have equity in their home and their home is their only solution for solving
a financial crisis problem, back taxes you. I mean you name it. Bottom line is
you need to know that one in 10 homes right now on the planet are occupied by
people with problems. And so, they’re called distressed. And so, all those
bandit signs are trying to do is they’re trying to find a way to find the
distressed individuals that need a solution. And here’s what essentially
happens. If you ever call one of them, you should do it. You call them up and they
say, “Oh, awesome. Tell me about your house. Why are you
selling? And here’s what they’re waiting for. They’re waiting for the person that
says, “Hey, I got my house.” And this is a person that when they ask questions like,
“Well, what’s it worth?” “Oh, I don’t really know.” Well what do you
owe on it? “Jeez, I don’t know. Maybe 100,000 or 200… I don’t
really know.” So, these people aren’t really financially with it or their
house is worth more than they think. They say, “Um, my house worth 200.” And
they’re on their computer like it’s worth 300. And so everyone
basically gets to decide what their home is worth and their motivation or reason.
And if they can find someone that is really motivated like super distressed.
And would be happy with a valuation on the home lower than actuality. That’s why
those signs exist. Because it’s the chicken or the egg. Which one actually
comes first? Some people say, “I’m going to plan for success. I’m going to get a mentor.
I’m going to learn how to do real estate and then I’ll
the deal.” And other people say, “Ah-ah! Not me, I’m going to find the deal and if the deals
amazing, then I’m going to invest.” And those bandit signs are all about finding good
deals. So, if one comes along and you call and value it and figure out, “Man,
there’s such a equity in this thing. They’re then gonna buy that home cash.”
Now, you’re like “Wait, wait, wait. Kris, could I make one of those signs?”
Copy it. Put my phone number on it. Take phone calls. Do a quick valuation
methodology like through prop stream or one of your tools for finding out you
know what this thing is worth and versus what they want. That’s all good but how
do I actually get the home bought cash? I don’t have the cash. And this is where
you have to know something. When the deal is good and you open your mouth, the
money always presents itself. Like let’s just say for a moment you could had an
option to buy a house for 150 grand that was worth 250. Is that a good deal? Dude, I
would do that deal. Totally 100%. It’s $100,000 of
equity locked up in there. You could flip that or hold it or lease option or do
some of the different strategies. By the way, if you don’t really know what to do,
make sure you have access to my real estate coaching hotline where you can
talk to my team and they’ll answer all in any questions that you have to
actually help you crush it and succeed. But that’s a little beside the point.
Bottom line is when you find a good deal, if you’re connected to a handful of
investors, you’re going to get the money and then you’ll be able to buy the home
cash. They’ll get what they want and now all of a sudden you’ve got a massively
undervalued property. Those bandit signs. Are they good? Are they bad? Listen. It’s
just a marketing strategy to find a good deal. And frankly, it’s only one of
hundreds of valid marketing strategies for finding people in a situation where
they want to move that home. At the end of the day, I think you need to figure
out who you are. Are you going to jump into real estate because a good deal is
right in front of you or are you going to get into real estate with faith knowing
that if I jump in, if I build it they will come,
hence I will find the good deals. Because I could tell you right now in my back
pocket, at any given moment I have 3 to 5 deals that have 25% plus annual
ROI. Like they’re nuts, they’re amazing. They’re crazy good.
The deals are out there. They’re in abundance. If it were me the chicken or
the egg, I think you need to pick the option where you find a mentor and then
you get a game plan. Now, for those of you that say, “Well Kris, what’s a game plan?”
Well it’s pretty simple. You’re in a specific situation in your
life right now. You’re in college, you are retired. You’ve got a job you love. You
have a job that you hate. You’ve been saving money, you’re not saving any money.
Your check to check, you’re a millionaire. Your situation is unique and different. A
game plan is where someone on my team puts themselves in your shoes and this
free consultation says, “Ooh! If I were you…” And I want to be financially independent
fast possible. “What would I do?” And what they will do is they will actually lay
out a plan, they’ll give you the steps and they’ll share with you what you
should do if you want to be financially independent. Guys, that’s the game of real
estate. That’s what I would do. Right now if you check the links in the
description below, a couple of things: One you can get a copy of my real estate
book for free. This is the beginning of what I’m going to call an awesome generic
game plan with the strategy that will cause you to win and real estate over
and over and over again. You also have a link for consultation to get with a
member of my team and be like, “Hey, what would you do in my situation?” And finally
for those of you like, “No, Kris. I’m in. I need to play. I’m watching your videos.
I’ve got a list of questions. But YouTube don’t talk back.” It does know. There’s a
link also below where you can actually enjoy my real estate hot line where you
can call in and then my team that’s by the way doing all of my real estate for
me. Will actually show up and answer your questions. It’s sweet when you get to
learn from people that aren’t just teaching. They’re actually doing this. And
my friend, I think you know it’s time for you to get doing it. So, make sure you are
a subscriber. Click the right link for you and we’ll see you on tomorrow’s

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  • I wish I had the freedom to come to you and become one of your partner as you mentioned in one of your previous videos..

  • Kris as some honest feedback I don’t like all the plugs and talk to my team and all that and buy my book $19.99 shipping. And the links are weird with only 1 min to save buying this or that. I miss the old videos on just giving us value.. I know that’s selfish but that’s how maybe some other people feel too and maybe that’s why you’re getting less views. Because we see through what’s going on. Hope this helps

  • Thumbs up if you love Kris’s content! I started my REI journey a few years ago and every time I see these videos, it’s inspiration and confirmation I’m on track. Thanks!

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