“Ex-Gay, Ex-Trans” Activists Participate in DC “Freedom March”

Hallelujah! Thank you God! Hallelujah! Ge can rescue anybody. I believe some of
you here today are still battling thoughts and temptations. God wants to
deliver you from every yoke of bondage. He wants you to take every thought
captive and lay aside every weight and the sin that does so easily entangle you.
I am an ally. Not only do I have friends who are homosexuals, but I also have am
advocate and friend to one of the most marginalized and censored groups of
individuals in our culture, and that is the ex homosexual. I am pro-choice. I
believe people who choose to engage in homosexual sin also have the right to
choose not to engage in homosexuality, and they have the choice to seek therapy
for their unnatural and unwanted desires.
I am tolerant. I want homosexuals to have the freedom to speak their mind and
beliefs. Do we not? And I believe those who believe homosexuality is a sin
against God also have the right under God and under our First Amendment to
speak our beliefs. That is tolerance. I just am trying to use their own terms to show how hypocritical they are on the left, basically, really becuase They’re not pro-choice. They’re trying to take away the choice and the free speech these individuals were choosing
to no longer live homosexual lives they know how powerful those testimonies are and they’re trying to silence them. From that day forward I
can’t tell you that it was just this cakewalk and then all of a sudden I
didn’t have desires or I didn’t have attractions and things of that nature
because the gospel does a promise promise us that we will no longer be
challenged with temptation but he says that when temptation comes he will make
the way of escape and through the power of the Holy Spirit he gives us the
enablement to say no to sin. Sin will ruin your life so let us pray and
have faith in the God who can do all things god bless you all. but I must declare the Lord in my life
because people need to know that he is real God is real Jesus is real and he
really died for you and he really loves you
yeah I was just thinking everything that my wife said already like I’ve been
delivered from the life of homosexuality for like nine years as of October 18th of
2009 and we’re here to share our testimonies of freedom not just from
sexual sin but from the rule and dominion of sin period that let me into
promiscuity. Your flesh is always going to want to tempt you to sin. It’s always going to tempt you to do the opposite of what you should do. And the Lord – Pail talks about that in Romans, that what I want to do I don’t do. Not that I don’t want to do that, do I, but because
we’re in this flesh consistently. However by way of the Holy Spirit in the
dwelling within us. He has given us the power to overcome the desires of the
flesh. We want to get anyone that’s overcome the things the things that we
talked about; we want y’all to just come in join this here together. So all the
others. This is awesome. Because the new thing that’s coming is us being unified. The older generation that came out of this and also the younger generation and on
between this we’re one body so this is very important. There’s an army rising up to break every chain
break every chain break every chain Freedom in Christ, it’s so nice. Freedom in Christ, it’s so nice.

100 thoughts on ““Ex-Gay, Ex-Trans” Activists Participate in DC “Freedom March”

  • amazing how much hate the LGBT crowd spreads. And they think they know what other people are thinking, what is best for other people, and how people should live. I' m glad they're posting here, shows what they are really like.

  • I played this whole video on my show, Bible News Radio, yesterday and everyone was so BLESSED by this. If you want to see the comments for yourself and how encouraging it was to my audience, just watch at this link https://www.periscope.tv/biblenewsradio/1ynKOApwNyZJR and scroll to around the 50 minute mark. People were worshipping and thanking God for your testimonies! Keep up the great work!

  • As a Christian gay male I feel it is utterly sad to drag our Lord Jesus Christ into this. The Lord's name has often been misused, but I'm sure he doesn't believe in neither brainwashing nor downright stupidity. This has nothing to do with Christianity, this has to do with some mental institution forgetting to lock in their patients.

  • These people are still gay they have just been so brainwashed that they believe they are not gay. It took me eight years to accept the fact that I was gay i spent all that time beliving I was straight and if you lie to yourself enough you will believe the lie. Now that I am Atheist I have accepted the fact I am gay and it makes me feel so much better.

  • Every one of those guys is sucking dick at the rest stop, and the woman are bumping pussies in secret. What a bunch of douche bags.

  • Activist Mommy needs to go somewhere else. She thinks she uses intelligent discourse, but it in actuality she feeds on emotional guilt. I feel for Luiz (Pulse survivor). Unimaginable trauma often propels people to cope all kinds of ways after the event. I am disappointed that he connected a sex/drug lifestyle with being gay–the two are not correlated (no causation), but the stigma associated with homosexuality can lead those susceptible to cope with those things.

  • Elizabeth Johnston is Lilith the Night Hag incarnate.

    Isaiah 34:14 (CEB) Wildcats will meet hyenas, the goat demon will call to his friends, and there Lilith will lurk and find her resting place.

  • To conform for others is to lie to yourselves.
    It's always, always, ALWAYS the ones that bark the loudest. These are the same people that end up getting caught having anonymous GAY sex in some scuzzy STD-ridden public restroom. Religion is poison.

  • Great video! This is a good representation of Romans 6:1-12 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. You're free in Jesus Christ. Thank the Lord for His salvation. And for anyone that isn't a believer in Christ, regardless if you're in the homosexual lifestyle or not; the gospel message is for you.

    What is the gospel? The word gospel means “good news,” but to understand the depths of the good news, we must understand the bad news first. We must understand that every human being are born sinners. What is sin? Sin is defined as breaking the absolute moral laws of God and coming short of His glory according to 1 John 3:4 and Romans 3:23. What is the absolute moral law of God? They can be summed up in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) and God’s measurement of perfection is so absolute that if you break one law, you are guilty of breaking them all (James 2:10). Sin isn’t just what you do (a verb), it is who you are (a noun). Every thought, word, and deed of mankind is against God; no one seeks, understands, or fears God at all (Romans 3:10-18). Mankind has inherited this sin nature from the first humans God made, Adam and Eve (Genesis 3, Romans 5:12) because they disobeyed Him. Because we’re sinners by birth, once we die, we must stand before God and give an account to Him as our Creator for breaking His laws. God is holy, righteous, infinite, eternal, self-existent, all powerful, all knowing, as well as our lawgiver and judge (the Bible reveals this throughout scripture), therefore, He must rightly judge His creation for his actions. Everyone will be found guilty according to God’s absolute standards and must be sentenced accordingly; we’ve violated an absolute, eternal God and His punishment will be absolute and eternal. He must punish sinful man to the lake of Fire according to Revelation 20:11-15. You see, man’s only payment for their sin is death, yet there is a way to eternal life (Romans 6:23). How? This is the good news; God has provided Himself as a pardon for sinful man by coming in the flesh as Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God the Son and the Son of God, the second person of the Godhead (the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). The sinless Son of God was crucified brutally, died on a cross, and rose again to defeat death, to illustrate that He is God, and to offer redemption from sins. Redemption is being bought back to a relationship with God. God does this out of love and if we trust and confess that Jesus died and rose again, we will be saved from the penalty of our sins and forgiven (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10). How do we believe this? We repent of our sins, which means to have a change of mind about our sins through a godly sorrow (2 Corinthians 7:10), which leads to trust in Jesus Christ. This is known as saving faith. Not wishful thinking or faith by convincing ourselves, but a revelation in our hearts that supernaturally leads to faith in who Jesus is and what Jesus did. This is known as being born again spiritually by God. God will pardon your sins, grant you eternal life in the next life, and a changed heart to live for Him. This is the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ; He died and rose again to offer the pardon we can’t pay in our own works or righteousness. In fact, Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father and heaven (John 14:6), therefore, the only way to forgiveness and eternal life is by Him. This is the good news being offered today and to reject it means you stand before God when you die, relying on your own righteousness, and you will be found guilty. Yet if you repent and trust Jesus Christ today; you will be saved from your sins. Trust Him today for today is the day of salvation.

  • I feel so sorry for these people. Their brainwashing as children led to unnecessary guilt. That guilt turned to self-hate. That self-hate led to this eternal inner turmoil they’re experiencing. So so sad

  • These are some brave people. Keep waking with Christ. We all have struggles with the flesh and Christ can help us all. Thank you for sharing!!

  • No one is born gay according to science, its an aquired lifestyle, people get into it, people get out, I respect and support these people for doing what they feel is right, sorry to see so many bigoted and hateful comments, leaving the gay lifestyle is good

  • Religion really fucks people up.  As much as these people disgust me, I almost feel sorry for how brainwashed they are.

  • Pretty sure Jesus was gay.  He had two daddys, wore a dress, and hung around almost exclusively with 12 other dudes in dresses.

  • Happy gay atheist here. I feel bad for the people who think who they are is a problem because they were born into families of miserable, toxic, people like "activist mommy"

  • When someone turns gay from straight.
    "Omg welcome to the family! We will protect you no matter what!"

    When someone turns straight from gay.
    "YOU are only lying to yourself because of a fictional god. You're still fucking gay and nothing will change that"

    Double standards much? A guy turns gay gets pride but when a guy turns straight he gets backlash from the same community who he was a part of.

  • Homosexuality can be healed within Jesus. Homosexuality is not something anyone is born with, it is a choice. I will continue to pray for those to be changed by Jesus. Thank you God!

  • This tiny group (with an even smaller audience) is ignorant of the fact that these claims were made for 40 years (1973-2013) but the national and international ex-gay leaders then admitted no Christians experienced a change of orientation to heterosexual. Likewise, the man who organized this event admits he is not heterosexual. The only miracle is they learned to hate LGBT people. Tragic and pathetic this still goes on.

  • You can see these people are emotional wrecks. There used to be thousands of Christians claiming to be ex-gay, but now there are a few dozen left. They break into two camps: newbies who don't know better and those who make money off the ex-gay claim by working for an employer who would fire them if they told the truth. And ex-gays all have a history of emotional or mental health issues, plus a history of addiction.

  • For those who want to see what real love does to gays, watch this short documentary… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHvnZbPBzFo

  • Every medical association explained the science on the biology of homosexuality shows homosexuality is not a choice… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saO_RFWWVVA&t=133s

  • This is an absolute mess. Does anyone else just wanna hug them? These are our brothers and sisters and they are clearly going through IT.

  • The "therapy" they are promoting is a secular one, which is neither medical nor biblical. Reparative gay conversion therapy blames the parents for their child being gay or lesbian. Every medical association explained this "therapy" healed nobody, but harmed many. It was proven in court to be consumer fraud (JONAH case).

  • "Gays can change through Christ" proclaimed ex-gay ministries for 40 years, but in 2013 the national and international leaders admitted no Christian ex-gays experienced a lasting change from homosexual to heterosexual. Every major, decades-old ex-gay ministry closed down. Now this tiny group comes along and makes the same claim, and wonders why they are not believed. Worse is the fact they politicized this.

  • All they talk about is sex. What about love? I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I can’t relate to all this talk about this ”lifestyle” of sexual sin. I don’t believe they are straight. Maybe some were bi to start with.

  • keep on sharing what Jesus has done in you …….. dont let any of the negative comments sway your stand for the One Who stands with you……… Jesus is coming soon …… He Loves people and proved it on the cross …….. Jesus died for all sin …… homosexuality being one of many sins that are forgivable ……… Praise the Lord Who was WILLING to taste death and take the punishment for all of our sins ……. and we bless each one of you who have said mean things on this thread ……. we bless you in the Name of Jesus and pray that God will grant you such incredible kindness that your heart will melt with His Supernatural Love touching it and changing it ……… just like He has done for each of us!!!!!! You are LOVED and not hated because the One Who LOVED you first lives in us ………. and the one who hates you is trying to blind you with lies ……. satan has been defeated on Calvary and the One Who did it is still alive and has His Arms open to you ……. if you can hear His Voice …….. come to Him ….. He wants a relationship with you!!!

  • JESUS IS MIGHTY TO SAVE! He saved me out of homosexuality!!! I was gay and married to a guy(11 years) He can take the hay away!!! Our God is great

  • I don’t understand why people celebrate and support people “turning gay” but the moment someone says they are no longer gay it is a problem and all of a sudden you can’t change your sexuality. Hypocrites

  • we should not judge people only God can rightfully judge people because when man judge man everything go down hill these people had a horrible past or bad childhood and they're looking for love in the worng place and society judge them

  • I phoned the leader/organizer of this march, Jeffrey McCall, and he admitted he is not heterosexual and never will be. He just is trying to live the lonely loveless celibate life. He will be trapped in a cycle of "falling and repenting" meaning having unsafe, unloving anonymous sex and then denouncing homosexuality louder each time. That is what happened to every ex-gay before him.

  • As a fairly new Christian, I try to keep an open mind about all of this stuff. I mean, if people feel called by God to change their actions, so be it. Though It seems to me that the people who were once gay and now straight are actually bisexual.

  • Praise God! I'm so happy to see. . Only Jesus can satisfy our hearts and turn our lives around! Isn't that the true miracle?! Praise God! God bless!

  • I find it curious that there is not just one point in which the camera turns away from the stage to show approximately how many people are in the "audience." I wonder why…

  • Praise God! All Glory goes to God. We must stay strong in the Lord. Freedom March–Music to my ears. Thank you God!!! This life is a battle, don't give up, you must push forward and break the bondage. Keep the Faith Jeffrey McCall. You are making history. From your fellow Georgia native and sister in Christ. Would love to come help be a part of what you are doing! ❤❤❤❤❤ Jesus is here!!! And He's not going anywhere. Love to all struggling to find the Faith. Keep seeking and you will find!!! In Jesus name. Amen

  • ☹ when peoples hearts are so hard. They call Good bad and speak bad as if it was good. Souls here got saved and got free from a bondage. It's as if an alcoholic got free and all the alcoholics get mad at him/her. Or a drug addict, someone depressed, a cartel hitman.. etc. Pray for others souls hearts to soften and receive Jesus in their heart and die to your self (self absorbs) (selfishness)(self-pleasing) Let The Spirit of God Live In You and Love Righteousness, Truth, and know True Love. 🙏 For More encounters with JESUS .

  • Ten years ago, I was one of them. I thought that I magically changed to heterosexual, but the opposite occurred and was ultimately told that I was never truly born again to begin with… Alongside with the gay exorcism. After the fact, I slowly came to terms of my sexuality and know that I'm a gay man.

  • The truth is that being gay is not a sin. We were created gay…the why is up to God. He calls us to be moral. And a gay person can be moral. Being gay is just like being heterosexual. Being gay does not mean you have to be promiscuous, or commit adultery, or fornicate. We can live lives in married, committed, monogamous relationships with our same-sex spouse. Being gay IS NOT a LIFESTYLE. Being gay means you can choose the lifestyle you live…a moral one.

  • No such thing as an ex-gay, admitted the ex-gay ministry leaders from the US to Australia in 2013 after 4 decades of "change" claims, the same claims people in the above video are making. As new Christians they were threatened with hellfire if they called themselves LGBT so they now call themselves SSA, same-sex attracted. Even their leader, Jeffrey McCall, admits he is not hetero and never will be.

  • There are about 7 million Christians alive today who are LGBT. The fact 7 of them who got saved a minute ago claim they are no longer gay is not impressive. And none of them claim to be heterosexual. Just ask them. The big change was from LGBT to SSA – same-sex attracted. No change except one of words.

  • This was a political event, not a Christian one. This group was paid by Rightwing conservative activists to create a new ex-gay community since the actual one dissolved in 2013 due to total failure. Every major ex-gay ministry from the US to Australia closed. The leaders admitted no Christian ex-gay ever became heterosexual. Ex-gay is a scam.

  • This is like a rally where black people are paid to support white nationalism. At best it is nonsense. At worst it is Uncle Tom and Judas rolled into one.

  • What a bunch of frauds. I feel so bad for these people living a lie. They will all be out of the closet again one day — describing how they were psychologically damaged from ex-gay conversion therapy. Here is the real truth:


  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  • Glory to Father🙌 am so happy for you body of christ🙏 God is so good☝️

    1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

  • Only God can change your life.. You will be his son an new creature.. Never is too late.. You can ask to God he forgive your sinners

  • God bless you these guys for their boldness. May the Lord keep and sustain them. May they bring more to the true knowledge of Christ.

  • YouTube why are you allowing this conversion therapy bullshit on your site? Is it not a violation of your terms of service?

  • SCAM ALERT: The founder of the Freedom March admits in his biography to being a lifelong addict who stole & scammed to get money for drugs. Right after the Freedom March, he stayed in DC because "God told" him to collect $$ to visit Congress -even though he knew Congress was gone home.

  • Thank you!! 🤗 These voices and testimonials have a right to be heard, and must be heard. People today always say to be "brave". Well…it IS courageous to admit that healing from this and ANY kind of disorder is possible🙄 A Disorder….. is NOT to be confused with a disability necessarily, OR being unworthy of love, care, or merit 😉! Same sex attraction (hence the struggle) is NOT the design and purpose of the human reproductive system. The human reproductive organs are first for procreation: secondarily resulting in intimacy, for growth and fulfillment; complementing and completing…..ie.like yin and yang…..male and female.
    Any other activity would be misuse/abuse thereof. Creation is heterosexual in design. Artificially synthesizing a gender to satisfy sexual dysphoria, or pre-exsisting glandular issues, confusion or disorganized thinking…regardless of the causes, is no better than LIVING on processed foods all the time, everyday OR believing one will "never" get better from something, so why even go to rehab; find cures, seek help/treatment/prayer, etc, etc.
    These people deserve compassionate research and treatment like any one of us.
    Pride and pretty colors surely is not the answer to any challenge. Pride belongs on a shelf….that is where courage begins. God bless, and help us everyone.

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