Explanation of Cuban socialism and democracy by Cuban philosopher

hand over to mrs. Garcia who is going to speak on relationship between socialism and democracy you know first of all I would like to thank you for your presence here now very inspired presence in particular because I can see people very different age seriously forgive me that was an inspiration for me for us it's a very important moment to eat we here in Manchester were marx and engels did work particularly no work about dissipation of work work they were plastic worker classy in England see how leave it now I would like to be here more time in order to have a possibility to meet with all people who because of my poor English need not be possibility to to give you all my details of the all the perceptions all the particularities our system of our life our society yes because because of our our thing I have not seen and physically physics love to work out gave me and there I found I think that maybe it is not recognized in his record because I read text with after in seven lights I could find no less than a light now a little more or a little in order to try to 220 file into all this and in order to life you can please 2000's in order to help her to be because the first beautifu to analysis to do the work our best informant as possible I think for example she wrote Fidel Castro has decided he didn't resolve it maybe seven minutes will give the session of our National Assembly this National Assembly will talk about a draft and we will very first life either Castro has decided to spend more time with this chronic economic failure I would like to see a whole country in the world who could live 50 years starting the process of socialist develop development started from under development a very important concept that made a lot of people don't understand more than this in addition to this 15 years under the pressure the real economic war not only economic in many case from the side of the most power for various country in the world to talk about economic failure in that condition is very difficult ICP would like to find people who could teach us to do the things better in the tradition in that realize that maybe we'll spend more time to think about this Christian camp this is all because of these modern political opponents in here is a lie not an open life it is true the Castro is his grown bone where it is the light when you present this information in this form you are highlighting that you think is this post because it is written like this one thing we must learn from capital system is how to present the appears because capital system has the real power suppose this one paper is black really we we success in some cases for us is very difficult explaining that this white sheet is pretty inside what we we are not being we need to learn from capital because finally finally she wrote about Raul that is believe it to be more progressive than big bro again is not the question that always more or less per se the questions that are presented role different very different even as opposition we tell me the more holistic form of opposition is not anything more far from okay forgive me for this is knowledgeable this was very motivating for me to happen really if you can put this your AC copter with us will be pervasive if she want a commercial but my duty today is duty today try to spray our system of organization of pulling power I don't like don't offer it like to talk about we want the most I don't like to talk about democracy because this is a concept so many too late I don't like it because I always when I begin with I always start from the position I will explain how is our system you will judge the qualities of our system will not talk about democracy democratic or democratic we will try to build as most projects of the difference possible and simply analyze how this system gives possibilities to people to be involved in the process of is our development for us this is the real purpose for health system how the system allows people to attain a real human emancipation I would say here in a q1 the first step in these things was first young very night 59 when the Cuban Revolution overthrow party started we immediately began working on the basis of we could say traditional democratic liberal system in particular in 1959 we reinforced human Constitution we have rich tradition of Constitution even when two months were fighting Cornelison in the camp of battles we organized government and organized a government on over the basis of a constitution and in 1940 in Cuba was approved both the Constitution but a very progressive with the Constitution this constitution of course didn't work during the time of the historic turtle ship and persisted the Cuban Constitution was that we reinforce that Constitution and all the bases and this Constitution we began our process of people emancipation boat immediately water stood that for real deep human development that was not enough and we he began to introduce change in particular in the political life joint Porter well changed change that always try to put the pitbull individual closer to the real power in the ruling of the society and so on during the first 27 years we tried different forms of organization of our goal and finally in 1919 34 in 1974 in 1974 we enforce it after two years try neatness with in an experience we enforce it the system that we have have in common type the system of popular power we call it that our state the form of organization of our state is called the system of people's power this system is organized at three level one level the most important level is of course the people this is the most important level each individual in our country for us the most important is each individual in our country the pollen arrow is divisible into we have 169 municipalities each municipality has its municipal assembly we have Akua 14 provinces each promises each policy has its provincial assembly and we have secured our national assam national assembly is the highest order of power into oneself but these are local or of power with all tournament of course without only the closet means divorce between center a whole nation and the local system can work together the members of this assembly are directly elected by the people the proposals for candidates to these assemblies these assemblies are proposed by the people in different forms in different process members of this assembly of this sort of power are elected by people in election years every human citizen over 16 June may be related to this level and older than 18 to the National Assembly and every human people older than 16 here are right to elect of course an extension we grow people harvest is mentally you people this impression and hostel top right maybe my local this is it the people represent this after they are elected they continue working or they continue doing the lifestyle they won't live before for example the 32 years I am member of disassembly I continually swollen my see at the same time I should combine to fortune I was even eight years paper of this assembly and I continue here here and my own people in this usamos don't receive any more for the service in this duty I received which I received my TCP no more if I should travel to some place in our country in function of what to the centre forth I travel with the expansion we assemble especially to the situation and of course the center where people work if facility see because our question should be toning during the working time and we have acidity for that and another very important question people elected to this level to give account regularly about the work they are doing in this level and if the electors don't agree the form in which a party gave me they can't remove me at any moment it's organized by law the process should before in order to start the process of removing some representative people this is a very important question for example the representative had this rule by law to celebrate at least two twice eight-year meetings with the people I should meet at least twice to here with the my electors in the world in this material I'll choose Spain how did I work in the assembly I should explain how this this over-leveraged order of course people people he too is very good informed by our prayers etc about the work of this room in this meeting we explain the principle idea the principle result and this meeting will receive the critics of the people about the work of this level and the demands of the people with disgust that demands with the people we try to find solution and with the work whether of the people on the represent and so on this is a former book and more or less the same with with with the other parent this is briefly about this I will faster it only will said something about this railroad because this is related to relies on something see them our National Assembly is the highest order of power this is the organ that has possibilities to introduce change in the Constitution but very poor not every change may be introduced by this organ by our Constitution some change that should be introduced after a referendum in the most important change the Constitution should be to lose it by referendum and so the National Assembly has a precedence of the National Assembly the National Assembly will pull over the world call it a state called the National Assembly become Parliament the current Parliament is not a traditional party that's why I don't like to call it part because our duties is the most representative our deputies don't work permanently as dignity they work the workplace they work in the world the National Assembly civil terms our people this meets at least twice a year between this meeting the National Assembly is living through an organ that we call Permanent Commission this 500 Commission for example we have a permanent Commission for education a permanent permanent Commission for the healthcare and so this permanent Commission are permanently following the work of the location Q what the work of the healthcare the work of the industry and control are controlling the decision of the National Assembly analyzes the world in order to introduce to compose the necessary change in our system of 40 etc etc this is very important organ for the National Assembly the National Assembly has an order that is called Council of State this Council of State is the organ that between peel-off session have some faculties representing the power of the National Assembly is a is a negative order but only sub power the highest order of power is listed at Rosa okay now we have include 614 deduce the Council of State has 31 members the presidency of the National Assembly has a prescient secretary and the vice-president all these all these are elected from among the Buddhists by the DVDs in a election of second grade second regulation e to one and we have two that we call Council of Ministers consignee listed is the government of human society the government in the at least dissent because in socialist the concept of government is quite different it's not simply administration that is for a no ability the concept we listed the minister is not obligatory that they should maybe deeds may not be did okay what we consider to stay I said that has 31 members has a presidency he has a president a first vice president vice another vice president and the old memory this is a collective organ of decision the President of the Council of State has almost haslam any power the president has former powers as individual all decision miss Porter should be taken collected this order is toward innate to the nationalism within the Cure dictator is simply the present of the consonant state prowl the brother by this marriage by because of proposal power of people who proposal he as proposes the other deputies as we put it first after was elected by the assembly as by first by first that's why that's why Raul now will be time see there was it was indeed worthy expressing because why not vice president substitute the present when the presidency very normal I think an oppressive my personal P then I come tonight has not almost any any faculties as individual it has another very important characteristic I would say that for some people is difficult to understand he then has his alternative because of his life more than 50 here dedicated to fight for the rights of the people that is more important than any power play if he says three there is not the cure princess person it's not only that we that is not very tough because this is an organ of collect detect Direction see there is not a question because oppression in an old system has more faculties as in Europe than fit any three dairy products for example he can't appoint a mr. he can appoint a an embosser etcetera etcetera and any person in any country appoint minister change mister and put their friends in the post of minister let's say that it separates the two one yes that is impossible because it's a mark of elective decision I think I have spoken more than I should spoke but I apologize what I would like to

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  • Congratulations! Cuba is one of the most democratic countries in the world. I wish we had such a one party system in Holland. here in Den Hage the make monsters of compromises and squabble the whole day. Our labour party has only 6,5 % representation left under the people and with these votes they permit themselves to strip down the whole country for 30 years now. They sold the postservice, the health insurance, the cable tv, the airport, the electicity, the gas, the trains. Now they are on their way to sell out the firebrigade, hospitals, orkestra's, local services etc etc. They call that parlamentair democracy. We have 16 parties here with all their own opinions. We are the laughing stock in the world but we think that we are such a great free and democratic country. And especially brave, because of our VOC mentallity. (Piet Heyn robbed 100 tons of Silver coins from the Spanish close to the island of Cuba in the 17 th century) I find it a shame that nobody on this planet is ought to know how beautiful socialism can be if it goes together with a concensus democraty. Only then it is possible. Love from Holland

  • You just said yoruself that the Communist party oppresses other political parties and it puts to jail many who opose the government. yet you fear of OTHERS believing that socialism doesn't work? Ofcourse it works. No they dont opresse anyone. if it is a fact, PROVE it.

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