Explore Laguna Beach’s Mysterious Beachside Pirate Tower

During my road trip down to
Laguna beach, it was beautiful. There were the rugged mountains on
one side, the ocean on the other side, different towns, and busy cities. As I got up to the stairs, I look
down and see the ocean in front of me. When I got down to the beach, it
was peaceful and it was quiet. I turned the corner and I see this
beautiful pirate tower in front of me. The tower, it just comes out of the wall. It looks like it was part of the
landscape that it was meant to be there. When I came up to the pirate tower, I walked around and it has some old stone
that makes up the base of it and it’s got a beautiful old gate and
some stairs that you can walk up. When looking for my next
adventure, I really talk to people. I talk to my friends to learn about the
next place that hasn’t been explored and is a little bit different. As long as people tell me how much
they love it and places to go, I want to seek it out. Continuing to be curious is what drives
me to continue traveling the world and going to all these places.

16 thoughts on “Explore Laguna Beach’s Mysterious Beachside Pirate Tower

  • It was said in the ‘90s to be part of Bette Midlers house. We were there often. Our friends lived a few houses away.

  • Lame video. Mostly shots of a woman, not the tower. Tower is great, video is crap. They must have pushed a lot of people away on that day, there are always a TON of people around the tower. Wedding shoots all day every day. LOL

  • Terrible video. Barely any shots of the tower, barely any info. Didn't even show a shot looking up from the base; like what can easily be found through a quick search: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.5206331,-117.7646445,3a,75y,50.13h,89.4t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNvc_YpA0f0FIKDvrp006NAau_BzcTmFu0t8aP0!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipNvc_YpA0f0FIKDvrp006NAau_BzcTmFu0t8aP0%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi5.2722087-ya282.67407-ro7.015598-fo100!7i5376!8i2688

  • Atlas Obscura, this is not coming from a place of hostility. This video sucks. Please pull off sponsorships right, like Great Big Story.

  • So I was tricked into watching a commercial ..?

    I expect better of this channel , you should privatize this video in my opinion …

  • I'm not sure how people live on that cliff knowing that one of these days, any day, the whole mess is going to slide into the ocean. The pirate tower is not going to be able to hold that back.

  • False and lame information in this video. Looks like this woman just wants the exposure, and she has a boyfriend who works for a Mitsubishi Motors 🙂

  • Atlas Obscura, I loved this video. You clearly made it known that it was sponsored and it didn’t deter me from enjoying it. It takes a lot of money to produce, edit and present these videos. Everything you do is always class act, in my opinion. Thank you. 💕
    P.S. Everyone at Atlas Obscura always introduces me to new places that I wouldn’t know existed otherwise.🌎

  • Victoria beach, the name sake of Victoria Skimboards. North of Aliso, I believe this area is referred to as Treasure Island.

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