Exploring careers in the heart of Motown

Interns are looked at as full time individuals
here at Quicken Loans. We are not ones to categorize by any means,
we’re ones to, say this is an individual who is really contributing to our business and
we are excited to have them here. So there’s nothing that I was doing that was
really kind of just something to keep me busy, it was all stuff that needed to be done that
week, there was a time limit on it and I worked with a lot of sensitive information, so I’ve
really kind of been immersed in the culture and really been given all the duties of a
full time team member, and I feel no different than anyone else on my team. The scary part about coming to a new job or
even new environment or anything is that you’re scared you don’t know what’s going to happen,
and so a lot of times it kinda deters you from doing things, and so that we’ll figure
out, or just go with it and you’ll know what you’re doing, you just have to actually experience
it, I think that was probably the number one piece of advice that I’ve learned, is just
jump into it, get your feet wet, and you’ll figure it out eventually. Don’t fray away from any thing that shines
in front of you. It’s not a bad thing to jump in life, and
it’s, don’t be afraid to jump and take that leap and that step of advancing your career. This business is great at finding your strengths
and identifying them, and if you’re not in an area that you like, make that known and
talk to your leader about that and we’re very open to moving you laterally in the company. We want people to come in, and be curious,
and kind of challenge the status quo. So I look for people that have that personality,
that want to come in and raise their hand and take on new work, and have new ideas.

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