Exploring reconciliation with primary school students

although its reconciliation week I see this is the time to regain your vigor and check where you are reconciliation 15 was the Catholic ethos because we have the Sacrament of Penance witty or sacrament of reconciliation which is about forgiveness and also about accepting forgiveness so it's a two-way sort of process we talk to our children it's hard to say I'm sorry and it's also hard to say I forgive you so join embrace a sort of cultures we're very inclusive and we want to make sure that our children know all about the whole world it was very important that we look at our own country as well as the rest of the world so we try to get the children to look at the big picture through things like Harmony Day when it comes to multiculturalism but specifically to understand more about the history of the countries that they've come to live in through understanding Aboriginal studies as well what do you think about what I think about reconciliation is it it's like forgiving and forgetting like say I've done this and you've done this and that was they weren't good things to do so we can both forget and then just be friends again reconciliation is when we say so to the Aboriginal people because we actually means being friendly remembering the past and moving on and to stop racism reconciliation means to me like happy and good for you when two people or more have been into a have gotten into a fight and they want to forgive each other and so they come back together to rethink about what's happened in the past and how they could have fixed it and how they could have changed it the white people saying sorry or taking over your land and taking the children from you and we can forget about that and have a better life together reconciliation means sort of forgiving and I'm just thinking about the past and so you can reflect on it and make a better future we're responsible for reconciliation the government has taken their children away from the families and put into other families for no reason I think that it's a good that we have reconciliation week because it's a time where we should remember what has happened but we should also move on Bri conciliation means a lot to me because if anyone took my family away from me I'll be very upset if you could help reconfirmation now how I could settle fights between the traditional owners of this land and the people who came here that white people I hope they don't get kicked off their land and I could share the lie down and no one gets tipped off for them to get equal rights I would change that um Captain Cook and the people who invited Australia didn't just take it they would share it with the Aboriginal people I would want them to have dinner because they got we got taken off there and my reason well I hope that everyone in Australia has equal rights and that no one discriminates against anyone but when the white people came to Australia they should have worked out something then that the white paper will say sorry and help the Aboriginal people which were the rough times that people started giving them equal rights and they're not racist even if the English people should have said sorry earlier before Kevin Rudd said sorry I hope that they all everyone can just get along and no one being racist to anyone even though they I'm they knew that were there they can just talk sure they could share the land and said oh just take it from him it doesn't matter what culture we're from we should all get along well our school is multicultural and most of us all I learnt like just more about their culture I've learnt about how many different coaches in Australia and there's so many different languages in Australia there's about five hundred and twelve different language groups in Victoria there are 36 languages I mean Melbourne there's five and we're all normal run jury when I want that's what sorry Day means in 2008 I think it is um Kevin Rudd said sorry to the aboriginals for taking their babies away and nor the harsh and terrible things that they did to them I like old injustice we did to the Aboriginal people Aboriginal people came here before Captain Cook and that trying Strait Islanders people um actually five islands that very has they ate like like kind of food they eat chili grubs kangaroo babies from trees I've learned a lot of learnt all about the days why they're special what really happens there's ma beau de a reconciliation week little quick sorry day the long walk Michael long organised and he walks to lots of places in Australia too sure that he's a proud Aboriginal Eddie mother is um was is a man and he got land rights for wet for Maori Island and for for him and his people that he represented and we learnt about like the Aboriginal flag and toast retire I learned a flag the black means the people next select this grain that's the land white means peace and the star means of five eyelids the yellow means the Sun word is land in the black stands for people in my culture there's this thing called vitae car and it's when your older sister puts rice with yogurt on your head right in the middle and blesses you in my culture we have the part on Independence Day which is on the 14th of August is that Christmas and we try to remember like when turkey took over part of grace aid is after Ramadan it's when you go to people's houses and celebrate and give presents have sweets and stuff and then you a like party food and I even have Ramadan Ramadan is when you fast for 30 days no room for racism racism is a horrible and terrible thing to do you shouldn't be mean to people because of their race or skin color just because people have a different skin call that doesn't mean they're bad or horrible everyone has the same value in life even if they look different racism is pointless there is no room for racism sorry apologize forgive be nice helpful peaceful respect having me been kind unite honest sharing what Australia future walking together like along equal rights miss Dolan generation coming together celebrate diversity peace forgiveness history respect sorry day reconciliation you

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