FAB Goodwill Jewelry Jar- Tiffany & CO. 14K gold, 925 Sterling, 925 , brooches, rings Unicorn

everyone and need if Anita here how was everybody hope you all you're all having a great weekend my sister is here she's right next to me she just brought me this jewelry jar ah now as you can see it's $34.99 so that's what we're gonna do we're also gonna be making them etsy store for her today she she's here so I can help her open one and and yeah and the next video I'm gonna do is my Etsy video and hopefully we'll have her supplied into I will put the link in yes so excited yeah she's excited to tell the girls Easter okay so this is $34.99 let's hope there's some good stuff in here and not just junk I thought I saw a silver yeah I saw something in here let me show you like this thing here I thought that was interesting and then these beads in the front like right here I don't know what these are but they don't hey just give it a try but she would have gotten them anyway yeah that's the thing with us we're addicted to these jars yes if you guys don't know I'm under rpts boutique you can find me on eBay under our ptera 77 as the seller or you could punch in store rpts boutique i will put the link in below this already found something like oh I want it this is our problem we want to keep every nice thing we find we can't keep it nice know what that is yeah I have a PI on me it's definitely struggle me ourselves okay so it does say nine to five on here and it is pretty ooh so it's over yeah but I've learned that not everything marked this silver yes yeah we're she she actually brought a few things for me to test today yes and look at this okay okay yeah we're good okay so this what this is the orange color still retreat that's a train is it not true beautiful you guys know what the orange color because this is now green and this is not it's not kind of like the yellow color or a different color it's like orangish color it's very yeah okay so we're not going to keep it okay and I see this brass looking kind of like a Wonder Woman bracelet cuff here too nice big really pretty okay they are individually knotted here I thought it was Jade but I'm happy I'm thinking that it might be J to the lavender Jade but some there's some beets that have stripes I mean does that happen in Jade I don't know yeah see they're striped up they're kind of clear too like smoky cleared we can see through them I wonder if that's cool it could be we're gonna dice okay let's see what else there is looks like a drusy black very pretty of shining a ring that has a lot of wear see good man Oh huh yeah but this middle has wear on here too but it's pretty it has nice stones but it's very worn out as you can see okay so that's gonna go into yeah and that doesn't bother me because it's a vintage ya know some people who want with brand new but it's vintage yeah but that bothers me I don't like it when I see that you know the other ring the other one that your men this oh really yeah yeah but this when I see this discoloration I wouldn't I want to pick it up yeah yeah I don't buy it if I see somebody selling you know I'll probably even get mad really Wow yeah okay so no marks on this rink tree oh that's nice for a punch yeah yeah if you're angry at someone you can wear this one wearing a permit we have another ring here with a double wow this is an angry person okay guys wondering oh my goodness like a gladiator looking cranking weapons well but if it what size is your ring my mom my Midas finger is six and a half and then this one is seven I'm not even sure I know my finger like there of eight sometimes it's bigger nine sometimes fits I don't know it depends on the day my fingers swell from seven yeah oh boy my girl's roommate tonight okay this is pretty you would look at you that way that yeah because see this one doesn't have any damage on your neat yeah damage she calls it love I thought it mintage them I call that garbage she calls it vicious okay so so far we have one sterling here okay that is beautiful okay now I'm thinking about keeping it 92 no you can't have it how you like it how you like them how you like it okay get smarter no yeah oh boy oh my god I can't read yeah little bit I see you I should have brought mine I didn't have a mess okay see that says I can't read mm-hmm we're gonna have to test it cuz it's not 9 to 5 it's just some other stuff yeah here you look how filthy this thing look at this that's pretty it's a little they are 49 guys what is this this is this is holy exciting this is like I'm 49 in there ok we're gonna test it guys this is really pretty I really like is that stone yeah I look at the shape is its don't yeah they're little stones like kissing I don't know what this right thing is it's cute maybe a stone we'll check it okay we'll turn this for you guys yes I don't know what this is here let me see I think it's a zodiac sign is it yeah I think so it's a cuff and gold-tone no marks oh is it one of those that they wear for blood pressure you know no no not those it's just not us okay these are pretty blue stones Oh John I loved god rest her soul she was awesome yeah I have a lot of John pieces I love her stuff yeah she makes some really nice I liked her style he was like really out there she didn't like anything dainty yeah she liked yeah but I like is their stones real are they cubic or no dirt or grass they're not real yeah they're glass this is nice too what is this one here rhinestones so far nothing broken came back where did you get the swamp room I can say run to my store no and I'm very mobile and I will drive hours and hours to get the jar okay so this one is from sex 50 Avenue it says six minutes so when you've considered that rinses or yes I don't think there is vintage this is more of a modern piece but it's pretty it's not bad for $34 yeah for you I tried to film I'm a senior citizen they didn't believe me oh no that's Pam anymore okay let's hope that this is silver but not not that I would I wouldn't wear this cuz I don't really wear earrings it's like a cuff it's for yeah it's an earring it's the ear cuff over here and angles I love unicorns but not enough to work all silver made in USA but I'm pretty sure that the stone is real and a nickel silver is just as valuable as silver is silver no it's more like you know the actual coin nickel so what I'm yeah what looks kinda like I have shit yeah yeah that's different color and I'm pretty sure that this is a turquoise yes I've sold a lot of belts not not actual buckles but you know the control belts with the little I don't even know how to describe it now where they go all around the LT and they those are also nickel silver and also really high prices oh sweet so this was a fine yeah okay so we have three bangles here one of them with breast and some kind of turquoise inlay that's cute we have one with cutouts no I've stolen your bracelet yeah so I was going through my stuff yes I have like three big Tupperware's of bracelet this leaf is marked color brass oh let's see let's brass burn on it says for a non burn on heart what is that I don't know guys and then burn on heart I think that's what it says it looks like it's what it looks like it's best buds tiny smiling huh it's a pinky ring oh this is pretty it has inlaid turquoise in here so most likely this is gonna be silver – I don't see any more it looks like a men's rings uh-huh very tiny you need band band style Oh we'll test this – I can take it off okay so put everything we're gonna test somewhere else ring this ring and we're not keeping anything okay I see another ring oh it says M it's a little m in a heart that's a little too daring for me – yeah but I think this is silver it's silver I think so oh so that this coloring is silver is okay yeah because you can clean it not 92 5mb well we don't throw it in turn X that's the worst thing you can do do not throw anything in tarnex use polishing cloths you don't even want to know the amounts of polishing cloths I go through because most of them well not most of them all of them you can't re wash and reuse yeah so you need to throw them out and I go through them like clean so one time you see yeah so this is a initial M and a little heart underneath my mom my mom initialism is it silver yeah no okay you're good girl a lot of rings are coming yelling nice look a giraffe now who doesn't like giraffes okay that dress is my second unicorn okay and then I don't know if you guys seen them at home in any of her videos but she has giraffes Oliver does I do live giraffes and I had I love unicorns yes and I loved those you know vintage lucite great serum iron yeah it's not marked oh it still be silver yeah trusted but it's still cute okay let me check and another animal I like well fish that's a sea horse guys okay this is pretty oh is it my it says beyou stir well I know who that is I've seen you view it so yeah it's a makeup really can't get your eyes off this she's not calling dibs on this I do not be listed okay we can't keep everything that is adorable look at the face it's cute so did you know we can't keep unicorns in the house because we don't know how to clean fish tanks but we can we're on yes that is beautiful am i trying to steal it so here's another little dangly something like this yeah here here I have a clapper enamel bracelet and it's cute we collect stuff sub collecting guys if you are jewelry sellers Sababa collecting keep up not few nice pieces for yourself and try to sell the rest this is yeah I love this don't say no I forgot what it's called and I've sold multiple of these no no no no hang on guys I had to stop so I can remember because I'm gonna look like crazy person because I know what this is hang on okay it's cinnabar I keep forgetting that III hate when I can't remember something and I know it and because I've sold multiples it's a cinnabar carving here I don't know what it says but there's cinnabar beats here too and it does I would most likely I don't know just would've sent apart look at the back that's a big one the back is nice – it's a nice piece looks yeah seriously okay guys so we have this nice piece in here – yeah look around it so there is an examinee she's gonna examine it cuz you never know they might be chipped alright okay we have a native ring here I think it's missing this yeah or it may not be nice or it may not be I don't know just missing the stones or face huh yeah it's a face a little closer people can't see too close too close there we go you can see your knuckles it's about three inches hmm she brought a yardstick guys this is because I take my ruler I hope you're using an actual ruler and not the arts I know right stick is a ruler too but it's too big this is I found in your house that's okay guys this doesn't have any marks and I'm pretty sure it's missing something here so I don't know anyway I'm just gonna put it aside for now so let's check it we have some kinda stuff here is this one or two this one it's a little fart and then another little part why is your apartment so hot I don't know we had everything we had to close the window because the neighbors are loud okay this is Tiffany & Company what the Epiphany oh my god no nine to five Tiffany and Co yeah and it was tangled I've you can't you can't matter how much tangled my side around that said Tiffany rage rage isn't real yeah nine to five has anything on this heart okay guys it says nothing on the heart the one with the heart cut out oops sorry guys nothing on the little hurt but it says Tiffany here let us know okay maybe I mean you can look up people yeah look it up and we can also take it to my jeweler I see yeah that's that's guilty that me so you wouldn't clean this and yeah I'm gonna clean it but I'm not not with the turn X well we can use I can take it to the jeweler and he kept it in a tumbler yeah look at this this looks like you know the angel skin coral kind of well that's pretty is there a man please be gold let's see here a man yeah it's stuck together oh yeah they're pieces yeah let's see if I could see anything with my blind eyes here oh my goodness why do this might take oil people can see you might want to go get a snack okay see I say it's a DF on here and oh my goodness I can't see a darn thing okay hold on I look good – you look look through this little tiny one I can't see okay I'm gonna go to the next one okay we have a rink here and it looks like it a lapis stone in here no this is silver but it's very pretty so we're gonna check that out okay we have this bangle here I'm not sure what it is it's it's wood I don't know what this stuff over here is it maybe would what also and I stick my hands into everything still there we go I have to make sure it fits I can't see this either you have to ok jeweler yes you can't see it okay now yeah no you can't keep we're not gonna let her keep anything anything either okay we have so we have a little medallion looking thing with I'm sure it's just something but I can't read it is it in Hebrew Hebrew yeah okay bro so it's probably a prayer I can't read okay so it's most likely you just put a chain around it okay aha a tennis bracelet but don't get fooled by tennis bracelets guys tennis bracelets out of a box of these tennis bracelets are the most mass produced yeah I have a box that is so beautiful so you definitely have to test these test everything but these especially these because these are most of these are gonna be fake I don't see anything on here even this one faker to fake shame oh I see 14k on here it's not possible guys oh my god no no retain K over there okay okay could this still doesn't matter yeah that's still the same as if it were just a 9th you find and it does say it right here were the class pistol but it has a security thing okay we're gonna come we're gonna test this guys what kind of okay if it's real gold what would that be on there diamonds probably what I'm doing when I put cubic zirconia heading for diamonds are missing if that's really there we can retire this is really our parent gonna work for we okay we're gonna test it I'll let you guys know at the end let's just move a little bit faster than we're going my god geez that is it Jade it is change it's cold and then you know the way to know if something is real stones is stones tend to be tend to be cold to the touch yes so but that's not a guaranteed oh it can be also be glass so you need to really turn all your you need to know you're you know this was a really good job yeah there's no trash in here or where you're going derogate next week wherever you I didn't see any mark it was on here we had to drive I didn't see any markings on here but I will test it for you guys looks like a peach and another goal to cool to the touch what is that what kind of stone white yeah I think we'd learn all the stones yeah I still don't know what's the what all we know and we know a lot we're not special of course we're not going to call ourselves specialists because we're not specialists but we're not experts yeah but these are these are gemstones I'm not sure what it is your friends are still people yeah you know it's kind of like an hombre or a pictu it's look at his clothes no no look at look at this sorry okay so this one is lighter here and it gets darker over here so it's kind of like an ombre it's very pretty yeah I would think it's discolored but the it's done that I don't know that's really maybe this one if you take a guess on this what that is piece here and put it in the comments what we're gonna look it up and if we don't find anything well as it looks like proof yeah it looks like some kind of food eater it's a fuel pump I was thinking a bug but it also may be a pumpkin too yeah kind of it has that little pumpkin so we have twisted brass looking bracelet here that's probably copper and brass yeah mixed I can have a lot of those before is that is that mark some of them are twisted with silver that's what I was thinking but if it's not it's not no doesn't say anything okay that's it okay so we have a lot of dogmatist today not that I'm complaining okay we have another drusy bracelet you know what I did I had a couple of these I cut him up put him on the hair clip and it made my own designer her she was telling me the other day she wants strands of strands of seed beads yes well do I want to call these seed beads except for the smaller ones some of them are larger beads here and there's no mark on here but it's a lot of strands okay so we're gonna give this one to her yeah sorry guys my gosh stop making sounds yeah we have to close the window because my neighbors were noisy and those birds are from outside during are your birds are do my boobs are serious like my purse are getting louder and louder now you're pressing your birds in the bathroom she put my birds at the bathrooms okay so this was this is see and then it says it was selling for 3950 and I'm not sure what's going on here I think it's tangled this is pretty it's true tassels and little rhinestones and crystals very pretty very nice distel so far so good guys okay so I found another ring hmm it looks like one of those fake opals I don't think this is a real opal is it most of these kinds of opals I find are usually Avon rings but not this one here we go it says nine to five mi RI and s7 is probably the size because you can't keep anything and all the reason all the only reason I kept this ring here is because you I don't know if you guys can see it the stones have lost their shine so they're really dull maybes and really I don't know how to fix that if I figure it out I'll let you guys know how to shine it because I made them I don't have a buffer and I don't have you know that those jeweler things that they used to fix citrus but sorry to fix things like this so I decided I mean yeah it's not shining let me see that opal okay we have a little tiny necklace here no you have way too many rings okay it's just a little tiny oh it necklace and it's broken okay so we have a broken necklace here it looks silver yeah it's silver but it's broken I'm gonna put it in my um and the things that are broken and our silver I do put them in a little jar that I have that I'm collecting them in and I do take them in for scrub small or else I was meant to again okay we have an a/b stone necklace here two strands crystal yeah no uh no marks on here but it's really tiny it's probably like a 16 to older piece yeah why do they make them why do they make them so small well you know back then before bitter quemic done so I can't work okay where that you're leaving where is that yardstick we need to measure this guys well let's see who it is first carefully Carolee you're gonna measure this and see how because this okay it says 16 inches and and it's 16 inches over here barely by the clasp inside with the clasp yeah yeah oh my it's like a choker and it's literally choking me no no oh my god yeah maybe maybe I guess maybe colinear maybe if you have like a longer and skinnier net yeah that would fit yeah not for me okay we have a chain link earrings over here hoops these are pretty and they're very lightweight okay John weird no I like who I like hoops – okay okay guys guess there yeah oh okay we have a little bug here that's cute it looks like you know beetle what little this it's the colourful mug please think yeah what good doesn't think it has little cabochon zon here it's hard okay oh my goodness can't see it it's faded it's kind of it it does have a cartridge but it's kind of faded out where you can't see it it's well something is there is something in there but we can't see it because it's very something that it very lightly well we can't see yeah and it has look at this at this thing over here is all been there's nothing wrong here over here okay okay we're gonna put you guys on hold for a second and test the jewelry specially the gold hang on guys hey guys we're back okay so we did some testing and sadly this was not fooled like we suspected that's why we came back fake gold yeah this wasn't real okay so this was not silver Eider the little giraffe wasn't silver and this one was shot that was not cylinder this was not celebrate your soul you need to test these things okay this we did test this was silver we just still do not know if it's authentic Tiffany this one here was silver the ring the opal so a ring with silver the M was silver this Native piece here was silver and these actually the test has gold and we did finally see the mark yeah so these were gold this piece over here was silver as well and so was this seahorse and we we found this seahorse actually listed I want to show you guys for over $59 yeah so $59 for the seahorse we're not gonna listed percent which I'm gonna put it right think thirty nine yeah okay so I hope you guys had fun I'm gonna do help my sister open her Etsy store right now and then I'm gonna do my Etsy video cuz you guys know I've been really lazy and I haven't been doing my videos so that's what we're gonna do next hope you guys had fun watching this is a new leader and our ptera saying goodbye

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