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you're looking to learn social media marketing in 2017 you've come to the right place my name is chase Reiner and I do all types of different tutorials on online marketing in regards to search engine optimization YouTube marketing video marketing conversion rate optimization and a bunch of other cool things so in this course we're actually going to be covering social media marketing and I'm going to be showing you all the different things that I've learned over time for social media marketing and what applies to 2017 now quick disclaimer is I have a bunch of good information but a lot of it is not as well refined as maybe somebody who spends a lot more time on certain platforms than I might spend but either way I think this is going to be helpful to a lot of people and that's why I'm doing these courses I try not to give you guys information that's not going to be helpful to you so the first thing we're going to start out with is Facebook and some cool things that you can do on Facebook in terms of marketing we're going to be covering business pages local marketing promotions and magical stuff like that so let's just dive right into it you know take this video and put it down a little bit okay so we're going to go to Facebook and the first thing I want to show you is that if you have a facebook profile page and you know got and you have tons of friends one of the things that you might want to consider is converting your personal profile to a business page and what that means is if you have a personal profile with lots of friends and I would recommend using getting a lot of friends first if you if you don't have a lot of friends because you can actually take your personal profile and type in business or personal to business page Facebook and it takes like literally only a couple seconds to do this maybe it may be a couple minutes I mean what you do is you click on how do I convert my personal account to a Facebook page you click create Facebook page and and I already have mine but if you don't it'll let you merge over your personal to your business and you can still have your personal page so like clearly you can see here I have my personal but then over here you'll see that I actually have a business page and what happens in that what's really cool is that all the people who are your friends automatically get transferred over to likes as on your business page so that's pretty cool right so I'm not doing a whole lot on my personal page other than really just promoting some of the viral content that I've been trying to get going we've been doing a lot of prank videos in our town and I'm actually collaborating with some people who are also really big in my town it's a little off topic but one of the boosts I did I want to be getting a good amount of views shares and some comments and I'm going to show you guys how I do that in a second but I just want to kind of show you the different things that are possible and then we can dive deeper into all the different things that I actually do so one of the things like I said you want to have your personal converted over if you're going to be doing some sort of marketing for yourself it's a great idea to do some others and the other thing is is it that if your friends do transfer over to likes onto your business page that you're creating for yourself you can start doing paid promotions to your friends which is cool so in terms of personal some of the things that I make sure I always do is there's this great toolkit called Facebook toolkit and I'll leave it in the description and what you can do is you can actually go out and send birthday wishes to people and we'll oh apparently I updated this I guess I updated the Chrome extension now now I have to re-enter the license key which I have as an email but if I had it if I had that license key entered right then I mean I press send birthday wishes what would happen is it would go out and send birthday wishes automatically to my friends and so that's a way to keep people interacting with you and so here's what I can tell you about Facebook algorithm so in comparison to the u-boot you goob haha into in comparison to the Google algorithm which only has about 300 different search ranking factors and and of course their new AI which is rankbrain but that's not even it's it's like maybe 10% of the algorithm right now Facebook is actually from what I've learned has about a hundred thousand different rate actors and their AI is like insane and keeps creating new ranking factors for Facebook so I don't know of course no all of those ranking factors and I haven't studied it too intensely but I I can tell you that some of the big ranking factors are something one of the big ranking factors is something called EdgeRank so the people you're interacting with when's the last time you were actually interacting with them right so EdgeRank goes with this thing called time decay and and so that means if you're interacting with these people and you haven't interacted with the people that you're actually interacting with and the last like you know 10 days it'll it'll slowly over time stop showing your posts these people if they're not interacting with your content um the other thing is is that when you share a post you'll see that sometimes your posts will get like 2 likes and then they'll just stop and completely drop off the map or you'll see in other cases your posts will get let's see let's go over here this one got like 51 this one got a bunch it got shares it got comments and and you'll even see like days and days after it's still getting comments one of the posts actually made one time got about a thousand shares off my personal page and I was like what is going on this can't be right and it wound up being legit I mean the reason for that is is it Facebook's algorithm is based on if you share your content and then somebody else likes it or somebody else interacts with it they comment on it or they share it or or they like it what will happen is that they will then say ok these people are liking it let's go share to some more people so it only shares it to a certain amount of people based off of its algorithm who's interacting with you previously you know who's who are you messaging who's met and who's receiving your messages all these different things so in order to keep people interested in your stuff there's a bunch of stuff or a seeing your stuff and interacting with it is one to post really good content like these never get caught really get any likes on this got a couple one because that's probably because it's my girlfriend and she goes on my page and likes my stuff but but some of these other ones usually my SEO stuff doesn't get any likes and and I actually the reason why I share this stuff is just kind of get the social signals going and I also shared a bunch of groups as well but that's one of those mumbo-jumbo things you don't have to really worry about and honestly I probably shouldn't do this as much on my personal page because it just annoys people but uh but yes so so one of the things you can do is you can you can be interacting with people making sure that you're saying you know hey happy birthday if you wanted to you could go out and like their stuff this thing also has an auto like er or you can just try to interact with people who are you know already you know interacting with you by going and looking them up so like looking at your top interactors on all your posts and you can figure that out by just like going there and then going out and liking their stuff making sure that you're maintaining those interactions especially if those those relationships are meaningful and you want those people to keep seeing your stuff keep interacting with them that's how they're going to be likely to see your stuff in the newsfeed you can also try to get them to turn on notifications for you so that they get notified every time you do a post and then you know of course if people are following you I always put in my profile followed by this many people encourage more people to follow whoops I just cancelled out of that let me see if I can go back to that so that's some of the things you can do with the personal let's see in terms of the Facebook toolkit if there's anything else we want to mention in terms of personal I mean other than groups because you can't share your stuff or you can't interact with people in groups from your business page at least not right now I don't think so you make sure you join a bunch of groups with your profile if you can groups that are worthwhile I join a lot of SEO groups that have you know hi interactions and you want to find the groups that are actually worthwhile and you can figure that out by you know joining groups and then seeing if people actually interacting with your posts or if it's an actual high quality group and if they're not interacting leave but the thing is is that you do want to find a couple good groups to join because when you do post your stuff you know it's going to be that extra boost that you can get by sharing with communities that are interested in what your you're talking about and then some other things you can do is you can actually go and extract people's emails from the groups and email them you can also extract phone numbers as well I've I've checked this out but um it's not really worth your time once once you get into that stuff it's a little bit too blackhat and then you use to be able to send multiple messages I used to message all the people on Facebook saying hey you know happy fourth of July Merry Christmas that sort of thing but you can't do that anymore because Facebook won't let you but uh but one of the one of the couple of the good things that you can do is invite all your friends to like a page so you don't have to manually click it you can use that and then also you can add all Facebook friends to a group as well which is kind of nice to be able to do because you can add all of your friends to like a Christmas group and then change the group name to something else these are all just things to show you that you can do these things you I wouldn't necessarily recommend these things and you guys are probably like wow I just got into this course and now it's like it's like you're just showing me all these blackhat things you can do on social media now I'm just showing you what's possible but I'm going to keep I'm going to I'm going to explain more of the other things I know as well that are white hat that aren't necessarily black hat it's just it's cool to see the blackout things that you can do these days as well because it kind of gives you ideas for what you can do for white hat and yes there is white hat and black hat SEO or social media marketing even though you might not get penalized for black hat like you would on SEO the other thing that's important is make sure that your that your cover photo is customized so some cool things you can do is you can actually make your cover photo go into your actual profile photo so like if you had like see these curtains in the background you can have those continue on the on this photo right here and there's some cool examples of that online that I don't have necessarily available right now and then also on the mobile side of this it's this actually goes right above the picture which is nice but if you're using like some if you're selling something or there's a lot of people going to your page I'm like on a business page you might want to have some sort of call-to-action up here like click here to find out more and when they click here they would actually be a description saying you know enter our our contest now with a link to the contest so let's go into a little bit of local marketing for businesses so I haven't really done a lot of this for my for my computer pear but I did get some calls from the ads that I was running let's see actually let's not do let's not do local ads because that's not actually my strong suit I don't want to be giving you guys information that's not really my strong suit um one of the things that you can do for social media that's really important though is if you have if you have businesses and you want to send keep people active on your pages and so what happens is if you don't post after a while and then you post something there's going to be less people actually seeing your posts so you want to keep them updated regularly and the best way to do that is to do something like I like later calm this is a cool site there's all types of things you can use you can use buffer calm you can use HootSuite calm you can use sprout buffer is a great site and so later I would try these two and then with buffer the cool thing is I think it's something like ten bucks a month and you can go and see based off of what people are doing and interacting on these different profiles you can go and see the reach and all that sort of thing and then I think you can automatically optimize your posts on buffer based off of who's who's seeing your stuff at certain times of the day so that's a really great feature and then also it will give you times to post during different times of the day for for your different profiles so so one of the ways that I like to get content I get content for the social media platforms based off a couple different things so one of the things you can do is you can create like a you can create an automated way to do it like even more automated than just like finding posts and putting on buffer you can actually and I'm not going to show you guys how to do this but I'm telling you that you can do this you can actually like get an RSS feed from your site or from anywhere really could get it from Reddit from like all the top people top posts on Reddit and have it automatically feed into like buffer or some other apps like I think it's if this than that and then it'll go out and automatically share to these pages the problem is if you are sharing to these pages with like some sort of app it will say it at the top so so it's better to use like the post scheduler on pushing tools on on Facebook because then you're posting it like natively to Facebook through schedule post like this which will more likely show your post than third-party apps like buffer that's going to be showing in the actual post so it's really up to you how you want to do it I mean I've seen it work both ways where you know what worked fine either way but I have heard that you get better results if you do the actual native posts some other things that are really big right now in 2017 is live video so if you can do live video that's huge and what that means is like for Facebook for for their business pages it's a little bit different the way you do it so you go to videos you go live and then you actually have to use something like OBS which we're using right here and I can show you what that looks like it's a free software and what you would do is you'd go to file settings and I'll put the link for OBS in here and then you would take your stream key like this and put it in here and then you would also change your service to Facebook wherever it is Facebook live and then when you press ok and apply it'll start streaming to Facebook and then you can start streaming your content and the cool thing about that is you can actually be doing like a live cast like this where we're talking and we're live and then we can interact with the people and then we can share this to a bunch of different groups while it's live but uh but what was it going to say but you can also do screen record so sometimes what I'll do is I'll actually record the video edit with edit it with like Sony Vegas and then I'll post it on here I was like a recording and so people I can actually go out and comment to the people what I'm talking about and like the tutorial so like I could actually do it with this and people could be talking to me and I'm actually having discussions with them in the comments and Facebook live is so huge right now that that Facebook first ever commercials actually on TV is pushing Facebook live right now so if you start going live on Facebook you really get a lot more interactions and Facebook will actually go out and push your stuff out to people and make them see it more often than any other post the other thing is that if you are do it going live what you can do is you can actually go on your phone I don't have my phone on me but what you can do is you can in if you press the share button on your phone and press invite you can start inviting a bunch of people to your live stream and then they're going to actually get a notification pop up unfortunately you can't really do it on your actual desktop and you can't do a select all function and unless I think you if you can if you jailbreak your phone you can do it and then it's just like a button but unfortunately you can't do it from what I know just like off your phone iPhone regularly you have to click everybody that you're inviting and if you have thousand two friends it kind of makes things a little bit harder one of the things I forgot to tell you is that if you extract phone numbers from your friends what you can do and you say you have like 5,000 friends let's say you're connecting with a bunch of people so you go to friends and then you like find all the people who are like top you know most people in common and then you extract all their numbers and then you export it to a CSV you can actually upload it to your iPhone and then add all those people on your snapchat and that way you can get a bunch of people interacting with you on snapchat some other big things for Facebook is like cross promoting so taking posts that you have here and cross promoting it to other places also if you can start doing Facebook notes people are going to be likely to see your Facebook Lite notes too if you do them that way and then let's check out our business pages so the thing about business pages is one of the one of the main things you're going to want to know about is the is the newsfeed aspect and I'm always having a hard time trying to figure out where this newsfeed button is because it seems like Facebook's always changing it so let's go to where is it where are you newsfeed why are you always leaving us well there is a newsfeed button and when you find it what it what you can do is you can go out and like other people's pages with your with your page and so what that does is you can start interacting with other pages communities with your page which is going to get more likely get them to go start seeing your pages let's see if we can just go to so we got like by this page let's go over there so these are all the pages that we liked as this page because at the time I was trying to get people to go start watch seeing my motivational posts by going to this page in there we go see pages feet sweet so if we go there these are all the pages that you know that I enter I'm you know I like as this page and then I can start interacting with these communities as my page and and see like you know people have you know four likes here so will say oh thanks for the comment and you can start promoting your page as well and you can get a lot of people going your page based off of comments if you can say things that are funny or or helpful or even if you post your own pictures I think you can do that as well or you can even share their stuff on your page as well that's way to get more content get collaborations going or you can even outreach these people and say hey I'm sharing a similar stuff maybe we can do some sort of cross promotion and you can also tag those pages as well on your post and notify them the other cool thing is that a lot of people don't know about is if you click on these on any sort of paid promotion you did and you get likes from people you who are like in your area that you're doing paid promotions for and you press invite you're going to actually be able to invite those people to like your page as well so I can go out and find so if I spent like 20 bucks going out and inviting all these people or you know promoting my post and then all these people actually like my post I can invite them all to like my page so that in the future they'll go and they'll see more of my stuff so I can do more of that later but that's a big feature that I see a lot of people overlook some people might be asking should I be doing hashtags in my posts in terms of Facebook I don't really think it's there's any point definitely on other social media platforms like Instagram and so on this post I actually spent like 35 bucks but it was worth it to me as I got a lot of people interacting with it and I got to see a lot of information around who's actually interacting with this stuff and you can see all that stuff if you go to insights and then these are all the different insights that you get based off of what you're doing on Facebook so post engagements reach total video views' and then some other view videos that I was boosting and then you can go out and see some more specific stuff like likes overtime paid likes organic likes one of the big things that if you're going to be getting into Facebook and 2017 in terms of like being a really really gnarly facebook marketer you're going to want to get into the power editor and I don't know if they have that anymore they're always changing these interfaces and honestly I was really into Facebook marketing for a while but what happened is I started moving more towards like YouTube and video SEO and that sort of thing it's not to say I don't know this stuff like to a certain degree I know the basics and this is videos I mean all these videos are kind of like to guide all guide you guys through like the things that are possible and talk about that but in the long run I you know I'm kind of just doing overviews on all this stuff so another big thing is events so you can create events those are probably good for contests and whatnot I know there's a lot of new things you can start doing in terms of the advertising you can do so when you do your boost posts if you're going to be doing those posts there's like a lot you can be doing for this stuff you can do email blasts are people who are already on an email list you can do remarketing through ads you can so like anybody who's already seen your previous ads or who have been your website you can remark it to them on Facebook which is huge you can target people who have liked your page you can do through targeting and you can get really specific with your targeting like you can uh you can even target like a certain household incomes and I think you actually have to do that through the power editor but you could even choose like how sizes and whether or not people got into relationships or left relationships and that's all measured through like what Facebook is able to see which is really cool one of the things I forgot to mention was uh how I get all these great posts oh there was the there's the RSS feed you can use to get these great posts but there's also other ways that you can do it and what I do for like my different businesses to keep them updated and get it getting like social like signals sent to Google for like any like blog posts I'm creating or anything related to like websites that might be associated with these is I'll just find like a theme so like for the confor the iPhone repair what I was doing let's go over died phone repair I was uh I was just doing like helpful tips I think let's go down so that was a video I was sharing videos so so like iPhone tip of the day how to use Wi-Fi assists and what I was doing for that is I was just looking up on Google like iPhone tips and I know people are interested in this stuff because people are googling it so I would just look for for popular things that people were googling around iPhone stuff and I found out like iPhone tips is one of them like different things you can do with your iPhone like to save battery life and then I would just post that with a picture and then you can even tag the people who are writing about this stuff and maybe you'll get a reshare and then I would actually go out and reshare this to my personal profile as well to like different groups and you that's how you can get like interactions from people within groups by joining groups with your personal profile and then posting your page and then sharing to those groups from your personal from your page to your group's through your personal profile if that makes sense so let's see how complete that is that's like 25 minutes so that's what I'm going to cover for Facebook for now hopefully you got you guys got some tips out of that of course you can dive way deeper into Facebook marketing like way way way deep earn but hopefully my purpose which was to have you guys learn some things for us for social media marketing in 2060 17 for Facebook where as helpful for you and we'll see in the next video

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