Faces of Religious Persecution: Dabrina Bet-Tamraz

Dabrina Bet-Tamraz: Iran is stealing, is destroying that very essential God-given right of every human
being. [TEXT: Despite the risk, Dabrina Bet-Tamraz’s parents founded
churches in Iran.]
[TEXT: They both served as pastors.] From the very beginning, we experienced
persecution. I remember I was 8 years
old and we found out another pastor had
been stabbed to death and my father went to pick up his body pieces. Within the same year, many other pastors were killed. At times, they would arrest my
father on Sunday right before the
service would start. Even if you do deny your faith, there’s still no guarantee that
you can walk free. We have had cases,
men who denied their faith because the government said that they will rape their wives
if they don’t and we understand, or they would take away their children. Our pastors, people who we’ve trained and
worked with, my friends, are either today awaiting their trial or serving harsh
sentences of 10, 15, 20 years in prison because of their faith. I was arrested, I was detained in only men’s detention
center without any females present. So they interrogated me,
they questioned me, threatened me and forced me to sign forms and papers, crimes against my father, my
mother and all the pastors and leaders. Plain-clothed officers raided my
family’s home during a Christmas
celebration. They strip searched
everybody, arrested my father, shaved his
head, beat him up. At the time he was 62 years old. And they put him in a small cell
in solitary confinement for 65 days. It’s dirty, it’s filled with insects. You can’t
really sleep on the floor without insects
crawling to your ears or mouth or nose. He had lungs infection, he had ear
infection, he had teeth infection. He was denied of any human interaction for over
10 days. Shortly after, my brother was arrested
during a picnic gathering while making
barbecues along with four other Christians. [TEXT: After his arrest, Dabrina’s brother was only allowed to
contact his family once.] [TEXT: They did not hear from him or the
others again for a month.] They’re denied of their lawyers, attorney,
during the entire time they were held in
prison. In 2017, my mother was arrested,
interrogated for several hours, harassed and manipulated, and she’s
appealing five to 10 years in prison. My father is appealing 10 years
imprisonment, and my brother, we still don’t know. We are just one example of many. [TEXT: In 2018, at least 171 Christians were arrested in Iran.]
[TEXT: Source: United States Commission on International Religious
Freedom Annual Report 2019] [TEXT: Dabrina has fled to Switzerland, where she lives and worships
freely.] [TEXT: She works as a human rights activist.] [TEXT: To learn more and join the movement for religious freedom, go
to: state.gov/religiousfreedom] [TEXT: Ministerial to Advance
Religious Freedom] [TEXT: Produced by the U.S. Department of State]

1 thought on “Faces of Religious Persecution: Dabrina Bet-Tamraz

  • Governments persecuting Christians have no idea of the magnitude of their mistake.

    They are paying attention to the bad things governments had done in the name of Christianity taking advantage of the good name of real Christians.

    They ignore that true Christians are indeed the salt of the Earth and the hope to the afflicted and needed.

    The church of Christ has indeed transformed the world and make it better.

    No system is yet perfect, but we are walking through the journey to make it better.

    Without us, the followers of Christ, the dreamers, the ones who believe that everything is possible with faith, the world is like music without Melody. They would lack of salt.

    We are the ones willing to sacrifice for no other reward than the one after life, the ones willing to put our lives to protect the unprotected.

    The world needs the Church and all the believers who believe in doing the right thing and sacrificing for a noble cause greater than ourselves.

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