Faces of Sepsis™ Presented by Sepsis Alliance

– My mother, a 20-year breast cancer
survivor, she dies of a disease
that we never even– had never even heard of. – Septic shock,
sepsis– and she was like,
"How do you spell it?" I said, "I don't know." – Really?
Does it affect that many people? Then why haven't I heard of it? [solemn piano music] ♪ ♪ – My mother,
Mama, she had plans
of being a gospel singer. – ♪ One glorious, happy day ♪ – They found a clot
in her femoral artery. She got through that surgery, but she started complaining
of a lot of weakness, couldn't catch her breath. When I heard the word
"sepsis," I didn't understand it. – I remember
that I went to bed, woke up to find the EMTs
in my room. My doctor friend
called the hospital and said, "Look,
unless somebody is coding, "there's no one in there
as sick as this man is. Right now,
get a doctor in there." In the next few hours, I had one shutdown
after another, all of my organs–
lungs, kidneys, eventually a heart attack. My toes were blackened
and gangrenous. It was very unclear
as to whether I would survive. – It was Halloween. He was up–
crying, crying. I took his temperature: 102.3. And his color was gray. His lips, his–
everything was gray, and he was not responding. We got to the hospital. Um… He had swelled up, so he was huge. And one of the doctors said, "We don't know if you'll be able
to take him home." I'd been waiting for him for–
for all these months, and I've only had him
three weeks. He's mine. I wish I would have asked more. But I felt like
I was supposed to know, as a mother. – I didn't understand
that any infection could result in a toxic response
that is known as sepsis. It started
when I went to the dentist and had some dental work. Following that,
I developed an infection and then septic shock. – I can't even describe to you
the horror of seeing her die
of sepsis– the body swelling up
twice its size, fingers turning black, having to be intubated. It looked like someone
took a shotgun and shot her in the leg… – ♪ Sing of His love ♪ – That's what it looked like. – ♪ Someday I'll tell it ♪ ♪ To angels above ♪ – For me, this could have
a very different ending, and it's why I share
my survivor's story. – And the nurse–
her name was Annie, and she says, "Are you ready to hold him?" And I said,
"Oh, my God, yes." She put him in my arms, and she says,
"He's gonna be okay." I thought,
maybe if I share my story, you know,
somebody will learn from it. – Mama's gone, but maybe somebody else
can be saved.

22 thoughts on “Faces of Sepsis™ Presented by Sepsis Alliance

  • April 9th 2018 EMTs responded to my home. I was barely alive with my BP 60/30 my organs began to fail. My kidneys failed and then I had a heart attack. I was so far gone I had no idea this was happening. The day before I was vomiting and felt as if I was coming down with the flu. I was blessed that my mom came by to check on me and realized that I was very sick. One of the EMTs said that I was the worse case of septic shock he had ever seen. One year later I still suffer from some kidney issues and have some memory loss. I Thank God for all those who were in my corner in my time off need.

  • I’m dealing with sepsis now. Most of the time I just feel very ‘confused’ , I have tenderness where my gallbladder and right kidneys are. The pain and feeling very ‘off’ comes in waves. The headaches are constant. And I have no appetite. I was for misdiagnosed and lucky made it back to hospital in time.

  • I wonder if certain members of my family. …fathers side ..will see this comment , my handsome hard working father died a few years ago and it truly devastated me because he was my Rock and I absolutely adored him . At his funeral there were so many people and there was standing room only therefore I couldn't talk to everyone but my very dearest cousin was there as well as all my other numerous Roman Catholic cousin's , within 2 months my much loved cousin who was a paramedic died from Sepsis . I can't believe how this can happen in the 21st century because even during Florence Nightingale 's time when ( I think it was called Septicimia /blood poisoning ) carbolic soap and cleanliness prevented many deaths . WHY ARE OUR HOSPITALS NOT COMBATING SEPSIS YET SO MUCH MONEY GOES ON VENEREAL DISEASES LIKE A.I.D.S. , H.I.V. OBESITY , ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION ETC.

  • My 47 yr old brother passed on October 12. from septic shock. He went to 2 different doctors they both said he had the flu. I'll never forget his last words. He ask me to not leave him and then he stop breathing and his heart stopped. I will live with that forever

  • My Mother died of septic shock 8-17-15. My sister got septis a year later, thankfully she is ok. Then in May of this year 2018 my husband comes down with what we thought was the start of the flu. No flu, septic shock! He is home now, but lost both legs and parts of fingers. Most people don't realize this can happen to anyone.

  • My mother died June 25, 2018 from this…she started chemo and 2 weeks later she died…this needs to be made more public then what it is

  • My son is 22 months old hes had it twice in 7 months from ear infections first time was before tubes jn ears now has tubes jn ears. So many questions so many tests

  • Urosepsis killed my dad 25/02/2018 😭😭 I seen him 10 mins later, it was awful he didn't look the same, he still had the tear stains on his face I will never get the image off him out my head, heart broken 🙁 I miss him so much

  • Sepsis killed my brother two months ago, we are so sad a healthy man, doctors sent him back home like a normal infection, please emergency doctors open the eyes we are in your hands, there are many cases around the world, change, take blood tests….

  • Im survival from, sepsis deases when im born ,but now im very healthy, thanks to my parent and god… pryer is the best medication ☝😇 and praised to god….

  • Sepsis can:

    – plunge you into a state like Ebola;
    – rid you of organs or limbs;
    – make you retarded.

    And these are probably just some of the possible agonizing effects of this disease.

  • I had Colin leakage, and survived Sepsis 3 times in 3 years.
    The average hospital stay was 1 month each time, with heavy medication each time.

  • I lived 10 day's…. 2000mg of Ciproflaxion for 30 plus day's. Since…Lost my gallbladder. Teeth.. Migraines… I am sick… Alive… But weak.. Peace to all. Tell everyone.

  • My Aunt had Colon cancer we were told she wouldn't make it if we didn't try to take out the cell growth, so she did the surgery. Everything was great, you know The cancer was half gone. That was Saturday. Then Tuesday, April 14th 2015, she passed away. It was just so shocking going from she'll most likely survive Colin cancer which was extremely serious at the time, to she died of severe sepsis. The cause of death should have been Sepsis, not cancer.

  • My friend, who has been fighting cancer for 3 years, was recently diagnosed with sepsis and pneumonia. I remember two weeks after her last chemotherapy treatment that she was feeling extremely tired. She thought that it was just the side effects from the chemo, however, normally, she would feel the effects to three days after chemo and in a week, she would be fine. This time it was two weeks after her treatment and she was feeling terrible. I had this feeling that something wasn't right and she needed to go to the doctor. So the next day, she went to the ER and after taking her temperature, blood pressure, and what have you, she was told that she had a fever, but the ER nurse didnt think anything of it, just put her on fluids and she was released once her temperature came down. What I didn't understand was, I thought if cancer patients run a fever, that is a sign of infection, but clearly, they didn't see that. The next few days, she began to have leg pain along with shoulder and back pain. She could barely walk, due to the pain, was extremely fatigued and had very little appetite. When she was taken to the ER the next day, they discovered that she had a rapid heart rate and a high white blood cell count. They took chest X-rays and discovered that there was shadowing around her heart, called pericarditis, which they said was caused by an infection. She was given antibiotics and oxycodone for the pain in her leg. She was supposed to be released the next day but when her oncologist was examining her, he noticed some discoloration in her chest where her port was and found out that the infection was coming from the port. They removed the port and she was then seen by some specialists from the infectious disease section. She was given stronger antibiotics and she stayed in the hospital for the next three days. She still appeared very lethargic and weak, once released from the hospital. Her official diagnosis was sepsis and pneumonia. It was very mind-blowing to me that they released her so soon from the hospital with a diagnosis like that. Three days after being released, she was still not doing any better and she was still having pain in her leg near the groin area or upper thigh. Her feet and legs were swollen which made the pain worse. She was taken to the hospital again where they drew her blood and did an ultrasound on her thigh to look for blood clots. She stayed overnight but was released the following evening because they couldn't find anything. She was prescribed a different pain medication which seemed to help with the pain, and she seemed to be getting better the next two days, but the following morning, I received a call from her brother that the paramedics brought her to the ER again. She had passed out and was having troubles breathing. Her sepsis and pneumonia came back and this time, the pneumonia was in both her lungs so she was put in ICU . After examining her leg, they discovered that she had an abscess on the lower right side of her abdomen which was to be the main cause of the infection. She also had some small pus sacs on her buttocks which required surgery. however, it was very critical because she could die from the pneumonia and if they didn't do the surgery, she could die from the infection so their main focus was to take care of the pneumonia first. Once the pneumonia cleared after 5 days, she was able to have the surgery which went well. However, she is still not out of the woods and has long recovery ahead of her. She had to have part of her colon removed because the access was in her colon. They were able to get rid of most of the infection, but it very possible that the sepsis could come back and unfortunately, they found more cancer inside her and with her weakened immune system and low blood count, she cannot do chemo. She may also need more surgery in the long run. It is very sad that here she is fighting her cancer, now she is fighting this dreaded infection called sepsis.

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