Fall in Love with Your Freedom

[music] Silent Retreat,
31 July 2015, Session 1 Guru Purnima Satsang –
True Life is to Know and Be Yourself When human beings
fall into ignorance of their true nature, the result we see very well. The result we know very well. How much suffering and pain,
how much selfishness and greed. All of that darkness comes into the world. Meaning, darkness comes to the mind. Guru is the divine way
in which the Supreme manifests, in the human kingdom, in human form, in a way, to guide the mind back to its source. In the East this is very much venerated, and respected for that. The one who brings you back to life. Because ‘life’ there does not simply mean
biological life or existence. Life means to know yourself. To live from the heart. To be in harmony,
in synchronicity with the universal Self. To dispel arrogance and ignorance, and to free the soul
from the grip of egoic identity. So this day, it is celebrated, that those who, when consciousness plays that role, of guiding the beings or jivas
back to Shiva-Being, back to the heart Self, that one they venerate. They say, ‘Thank you. Thank you that you’re here to remind us
of our true nature, that Grace has taken this form.’ And the Master only reminds you, ‘I am not different from you. I am only a reflection of your own Self.’ [music]
[Mooji resumes speaking soon] The Master only reminds you:
‘I am not different from you.’ ‘I am only the reflection of your own Self.’ Fall in Love with Your Freedom I will tell you one other thing. A power inside us works to keep you being small. A power inside, that while you retain identity, he will have a hold on you. Because many have come,
and many have seen, they have tasted, but somehow, because maybe
they are not so established, or still a bit divided,
still have some aspirations in the mind, they got slowly pulled back into the noise. If you are standing outside,
if you have given up the drink, and you say, ‘I want to be free,
I don’t want to be in this drink any more’, but you keep standing outside the pub. [laughter] It won’t be long before you’re in. So something is there that will always be at you,
until you are cured. When you are cured!
Then that urge, that pull, will vanish, will go. I cannot say there will be a time
when you’re so totally … that there’s no chance of going back,
I don’t want to speak this language. Because as long as the body’s here
and the vital force is here, and consciousness is here,
the potential for some thought activity, for some identity, can creep in. So some quiet vigilance must be there. But you will not be overwhelmed. You will not be overwhelmed,
and you will not be afraid. Vigilance will be a kind of joy for you,
just a sweet joy. Someone once asked Papaji, ‘Papaji, you always, and often,
speak about vigilance. But in your own case,
do you have to be vigilant?’ And he said, ‘To my last breath.’ Now that may sound like, ‘My God, Papaji!
Has to always be vigilant!’ [laughter] But it is not like that. It means there will always be kept inside,
a subtle tension, that keeps the consciousness alert. A certain twang. So that complacency doesn’t seep in. Because there’s always some ingredient in the world that tries to entice the attention. Please understand what I’m not saying. I have no problem with the world.
I don’t reject the world. The world is also consciousness. But I must not be ruled by the world. I should not aspire for it, because that would be pursuing transience. And it becomes clear to you.
Let everything come! Many things in life, I enjoy also. Without guilt or shame, or work. I don’t have to inquire into them, because I see their nature is pure, and it is enjoyed, without pursuing. But I’m not here for that. [silence] So complete is your unmixed Being,
because it is the source. It’s the womb from where
all the things in life come. All the flavours come from there. You are the source of them also. And the more you discover your unmixed Self, the more you will have a need
to have a fix from phenomenality. Because you’ll be living in the bliss of Being. Even that, you have no attachment for it. Realizing the Self
is a kind of falling-in-love-ness. When you fall in love, nobody is needed to remind you
to remember your beloved. You cannot forget. In everything, he appears. And in the same way,
as you begin to recognize and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit
within your own Self, you begin to fall in love naturally. You want more, you want to be united,
you want to be consumed. This is a natural thing, a natural process. The mind is trying to divert your attention
with flimsy things, things that you have exaggerated their beauty
in your mind in the past. Just to take you off track.
Such is the play of life. In every culture this play goes on. In every group, in every religion, in every expression, this play goes on. I don’t want to speak so much about the play, because it is a dream, actually. When I say dream, I don’t mean it’s kind of hoozy and that you’re flying about.
I don’t mean it like this. I mean a dream in the sense that
you believe it is true, but gradually, as you look more deeply into it, you find that it is so empty. It was only carrying your projections, and so it so it felt like something more real. As you fall in love with your own freedom again, the need to project also falls away. No need, because you are in your completeness. [silence] Our natural state is more like emptiness
than something-ness. But mind has been somehow the mode in which
we have been collecting, amassing, bringing in, building up. Whereas in the state of self-discovery,
there’s more letting go, more a subtraction than an addition. It is still in the play, because in the Self, there’s neither addition nor subtraction. It is always perfect. But in the coming-home-ness,
one finds less attraction for things. And more joy in Being. More joy in Being than in becoming. More stillness, more silence.
You’re not creating this. Just because you begin to love it, it becomes more a part
of your environment, naturally. Self-discovery is more a joy than a task, because this is a tree that bears immediate fruit. What does it mean? That as you are looking and discovering,
so you are being. They work together.
You’re not waiting for the result. And to feel oneself being naturally set free. ‘Set free’ means, regaining your space. Because this is what the mind does,
it creates a kind of claustrophobia, by filling your space with ‘thing-ful-ness’. We are most happy when we are in a state of
real spontaneous emptiness. Then what will happen is, people may say, ‘But how can you live like that?
Your head in the clouds!’ No, your head is not in any clouds.
The clouds are out. [laughter] What happens then is,
if a thing requires to be known, or to be done, spontaneously it comes and is expressed. Without any kind of strategy or preparation,
it comes. That is spontaneous existence. And when it has carried out what it intends to do, it again returns to oblivion. You’re not walking around with a rucksack
of techniques any more. And this is one of the greatest
and most joyful discoveries, because it imbues great trust in the heart again. You’ll never again worry how things will turn out, because it is not personal.
It is what the universe decrees. And I’m not talking about the physical universe. [music] In coming home one finds less attraction
in things and more joy in Being. More joy in Being than in becoming. Copyright 2015 Mooji Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced
without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.

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