Fallout 4 Best "Good Ending" Possible: Peace between Railroad, Brotherhood and Minutemen

does the fallout for any make you cry yep do you hate losing companions who you really really love Oh kills me every time do you hate having to kill the Brotherhood of Steel or the railroad with no alternative yeah that kind of sucks a little bit well we have a workaround yes by the way he's Sipe I'm ash from the Triple S League and we've discovered what we think is the best possible ending that was programmed in to follow forth this is not a glitch it's not a mod there's lots of voice clips within the game that establish it as an actual choice mm-hmm we haven't changed the game in any way this is an actual ending that was put into the game and scripted and it is the best possible outcome that we've discovered what you're seeing here is you're seeing the Brotherhood still alive the Minutemen still alive and Deacon who is a railroad agent is also alive blue so I'll screw it up through my quests here you'll see that I've done the nuclear option and that I will also defended the castle I have active quests for the Brotherhood and the railroad and the Minutemen and we're going to go and visit the various groups and you can see that this was scripted into the actual possible endings here's the detonator Sturgis figured this was a safe distance outside the blast radius whenever you want to see humanity's best hope for the future go up in smoke just hit that button well if it isn't the General of the minute the destroyer of the Institut liberator of the sins my only regret is we couldn't have been there we did it did the synths make it out okay yes and no we got the synths out of the Institute but the news isn't all good hate runs deep in the Commonwealth a hatred of everything to do with the Institute a hatred of since when people realized what was happening we mobilized quickly and rescued most of the sins but there were casualties I'll order the people to stop they're vigilantes and bigots they don't recognize anyone's laws not even yours so we do what we've always done we work in secret our safe houses are bursting with sense if you're up for it we could use your help and smuggling them out of the Commonwealth but even if you don't everyone in the railroad owes you a tremendous debt that's quite the crater you've manifested in the center of Boston marvelous work simply marvelous you aren't disappointed that all the Institute's technical research just went up in smoke on the contrary it's always been my sincerest hope that the Institute ill-conceived research would never see the light of day and thanks to your efforts it appears that my hopes have become reality Thank You Proctor absolutely you deserve all the accolades you've been receiving and more and despite popular opinion on this vessel I feel that using the Minutemen to accomplish this feat was an inspired concept you've minimized the Brotherhood's potential casualties by coercing another force using them as virtual cannon fodder inspired huh sometimes I feel the Brotherhood of such a narrow view when executing its operations well I've already taken up more than enough of your valuable time if you still wish to procure technical documents or escort one of my scribes please let me know paladin ready to continue our mission soldier so it appears the Commonwealth is about to enter a new era of peace thanks to you a new era of peace what do you mean the constant paranoia of living in the Institute's shadow vanished the moment you press the detonation button the kidnappings the fear and the threat of their technology running amok all gone thanks to you and it men took down the Institute more resourceful than I thought so any other tricks up your sleeve besides making the Institute disappear that depends do you have a deck of cards if I did you'd be welcome to it heck I give you a medal if we still use the darn things now I'm not so sure using the Minutemen to do the deed was the best idea but you got the job done and in my book that's what really counts anyway I'm not here to talk your ear off Maxon's inform me that you're continuing your tour aboard the prydwen so I was hoping you could assist me with a long-term problem so as you can see everybody is alive and well and they're happy with this ending a lot of them have unique dialogues that I have not been able to pull up in other ways so yeah they're at peace with each other they're not going to be openly attacking each other this is really good for creating a stable Commonwealth so the big question and I'm sure the reason why most people are watching this video right now how did you do this and how can we do this in our own games so we have a step-by-step process you just follow that the only question end up having not completed or failed is show no mercy and synth retention synth retention once complete that will automatically fail a lot of other quests show no mercy will also fail other quests for other groups Plus show no mercy I don't know what it does to the AI but for some reason as soon as I did that quest the Brotherhood would grow in their aggression towards everything it was really bad in some cases it went from defending outposts and Bunker Hill and Diamond City to sometimes they would just walk up to a group of settlers and mow them all down that was something that repeatedly happened after I finished that quest so just do not finish that quest and the Brotherhood will not be as aggressive okay step one is before completing the reunions quest you need to complete all of the main and side quests for the Brotherhood of Steel recon team this includes talking Brenda's down and making him not go so crazy and then at some point you can go back there and tell them that his friends have arrived and he'll be like super happy and grateful to you so then after doing that you complete reunions you complete dangerous mines so step two is to complete dangerous mines but then do not complete tradecraft or shadow of Steel shadow of Steel starts as soon as you leave the area where to do reunions tradecraft gets activated as soon as you finish up the dangerous mines quest don't do either of those don't advance either of those until you get the main form ranks quest because if you have the data on how to get into the Institute when you show up to either of those locations a lot of them will force a conversation to make you give them that information that's not something you want because then that'll start a war between various factions so you just leave them where they are until you get banished from the Institute and then once that happens and you could go so the next step then is to continue down the main quest line focusing on the Minutemen you need to use the Minutemen to gain access to the Institute and then you need to get yourself banished from the Institute this means that you either have to play along the Institute and then you know murder somebody to get yourself banished or allow yourself to be banished right from the get-go which means that you will not be able to pick up a lot of the really cool goodies and you'll also not be able to find out all of the dirty laundry that the Institute has for example going into the bio science division or whatnot so how far into the Institute quest line can you safely go without screwing this up you can safely go into will you finish meeting all the department heads you can do the institutionalized quest that's where you meet all the department heads but don't do the next quest don't even talk to father after that quest then at this point you want to switch your focus to the Brotherhood do not begin form ranks or defend the castle don't go to the castle go to the castle only after you completed catching up with all of your Brotherhood missions complete all of the Brotherhood quests from shadow of Steel to show no mercy don't do show no mercy the only way I was able to pull it off was I was able to talk to Maxim first he tell me what to do and then I said okay and then I took you know the wrong vertibird down back to the airport went back to the castle right because at that point that's when you do form ranks and defend the castle and then from there on go up to the point of the nuclear option but don't do the nuclear option yet then you go back to the railroad you do all of their quests and once you finish the entire Railroad quest chain then you go back and complete the nuclear option and that's it that's how you do it the only question you can't do after this whole thing is done is don't ever talk to Pam because she'll start a war between the railroad and the Brotherhood okay but that is definitely bugged because she believes that the Brotherhood including the Iron Giant has been destroyed which none of that happened so that's definitely a bugged part of the game whereas everybody else will utilize proper dialogue to talk about the events that you did in the way that you did them and they won't be at war with any of the other factions excellent so you can review the steps of this process down in the description below we are also going to be putting up your safe file on Nexus mods yes if you want to see what the world's like just download the save file pop it into your saves load it up I was running only three mods that changed and tweaked some minor graphical things none of those things added anything to the game or deleted anything from the game so there should not be any problem with not that safe so there you have it our recipe for the best possible ending in our opinion which leaves most of the factions at relative peace with one another after the Institute's been destroyed and also at peace with you so they're not attacking you while you're continuing on with with your game thanks so much for watching and we hope you enjoy your peace filled Commonwealth you

43 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Best "Good Ending" Possible: Peace between Railroad, Brotherhood and Minutemen

  • The Brotherhood continuing doesn't make it very "good" for the commonwealth. Cool gadgets yeah, but racist tyrants.

  • You dont have to do any of those steps all you have to do is create the teleporter with the minuitemen make sure each faction has a copy of the institutes data dont start up blind betrayal and make a realroad minuteman alliance by agreeing to work with the railroad then keep doing shauns quests until you finish battle for bunker hill at this point you will want to be in with the BOS as next he wil send u to collect an energy source from mass fusion after the meeting talk to allie but dont go to the relay room instead fast travel to the pridwyn and inform ingram of your assignment and complete the brotherhoods version of the mission this with get you banished from the institute from their head back to HQ the old north church and inform Des and preston that youve been kicked out then turn all your attention to the minuitemen faction defend the castle and talk to sturges

  • on step 1 do you complete ALL cleansing the commonwealth and Quartermastery missions from haylen and rhys or just one from both of them
    EDIT:the description says "one each" but the video says "all"

  • Sorry but any ending without the Brotherhood and Institute gone is not a good ending. Both are kind of major assholes

  • In my personal opinion,

    Going by their own In game personalities this ending just can not be stable! The brotherhood hate the minutemen and railroad the railroad hates the brotherhood and has a tense relationship with the minutemen. Plus the nuke world raiders may get enough balls to invade, weakening the minutemen which may allow the brotherhood to strike! While this is the best ending if you want every companion and all factions then this ending is amazing. but lore wise this ending probably isn’t cannon.

  • My favorite ending is my own way. First kill the railroad when you meet them. Second use the minutemen to get into the institute and kill father and every one else inside get Virgil’s serum and get rid of the brother hood of steel with the minutemen then destroy the institute with nuke. It’s just siding with the minutemen but killing the railroad and father.


  • This was ending at my 1th playthrought,but i did all of quest you say to dont do – i had Castle,Show no Mercy everything, pushed all the factions to the point of no return and everything worked like sharm .. also i had no bug with P.A.M.
    You have some realy great points here but … basicaly you can just go with almost each faction so far until they ask you to wipe or other way alienate another faction.

  • Trying this one out, but you do need to go to the glowing sea, finish hunter/hunted and then go to the Railroad for getting the chip decoded. As far as I know there is no other way around that with the Railroad still alive, in that conversation Desdemona demands that you hand over the information you'll get from Virgil afterwards.
    Also I'm pretty sure she demands to keep the chip.
    Might that be why imricsko22 is called a traitor and an enemy by Desdemona?
    Is there a step I'm missing? Should you make your first contact with the Railroad before meeting Virgil and getting the chip?

  • BoS and Railroad has a complicated relationship if they are in peace…
    Minutemen and BoS is fine
    Railroad and Minutemen… very ok
    Reason why minutemen just can't have a better relationship is because Preston Garvey always tells the other faction the a settlement needs their help…

  • Last time I played the game, I followed the instructions for this game end.
    But when I got to step 6. Desdemona said I'm a traitor and an enemy. And she forced me to leave.
    What did i do wrong?

    How to upgrade my character to succeed this ending???

  • That's not difficult; it's more like the default ending than anything else.
    And who on Earth asserts that any ending including a victorious BOS is even barely satisfactory, let alone "the best ending possible"?
    The BOS are despotic, tyrannical, fascists.
    I was going to add that the BOS is only slightly better than the Institute. But no, each is a malignant cancer on the Commonwealth.
    Every time I've played, in twelve play throughs for over 2300 hours, making the fascist BOS sorry they ever invaded my Commonwealth has been one of my primary objectives; and I've never failed to achieve that objective.

  • Can any one specify what the Brotherhood of Steel recon team missions are? Is it the one with the Cambridge Police Station?

  • After speaking to the vault rep you can go to the right of the fridge and turn on the telephone. Call the White House and pass 8 speech checks and disarm all nuclear warheads. It's a true secret wnding

  • I already did tradecraft because I wanted ballistic weave, but then I saw this video and I really dont want to restart

  • I got this ending by defending the castle, siding with the brotherhood to get the Beryllium Agitator, then when the Minutemen had dialogue about blowing up the Institute I did as many railroad missions as I could.

    However there were some glitches: I could not get Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen to acknowledge completion of missions, and Proctor Quinlan and Senior Scribe Neriah became mute. I could not meet Patriot as Desdomona asked.

    I tried to meet Patriot when I regained access to the Institute with the Minutemen, but he was behind a door that I could not access.

    Post ending, the railroad referred to blowing up the Prydwen despite it still flying, and Scribe Haylen mentioned visiting Danse in his hideout despite Dance happening to be standing in the same room!
    Her and Rhys would finally acknowledge completion of missions though, so that bug was resolved. And Desdomona moved on from Patriot.

  • Omg why is there no option to convince the institute to use their technology to help mankind instead of replacing mankind with robots. That’s so fucking stupid . The institute has the smartest people alive , they can grow crops with their technology , heal many illnesses , build machines that can rebuild mankind , they can even bring back animals that are extinct like they did with the gorillas yet the only thing they wanna do is replace mankind ?That simply makes no sense at all and is a poor and pathetic plot written up by the monkeys at Bethesda . Brotherhood of steel is a well organized and formidable military power , that LOVES technology . Why can’t the institute and brotherhood of steel partner up ? The institute uses their tech to help people grow food and treat illnesses etc , while the BOS uses their military power to protect them while they spread their knowledge to the commonwealth .
    Both the BOS and institute benefit greatly from each other .
    Here’s how I would’ve wrote it . Help the minutemen establish settlements and farms and a unity across the commonwealth TO SHOW THE INSTITUTE that human beings want to and are capable of joining together for the greater good . By helping the minutemen do that , u now have an option to use the accomplishments of the minutemen In a dialogue option to convince the institute that humans can be saved. Then u simply convince the brotherhood that the commonwealth needs a organized military power to secure , protect and rebuild the commonwealth . As for the railroad? Idk they are completely pointless in this game but I guess we can help them so they can help us in convincing the institute that synths are a failure because they in fact are , I mean they runaway from the institute all the time , clear proof that synths are a failure and also we can use the railroad to convince the institute that mankind fears the synths and that mankind doesn’t want to be replaced ( obviously ) , but instead they want to be helped and saved .

    Is that so fucking difficult . This is the stupidest storyline I have ever gone through in any game I’ve ever played . All these factions are stupid asf and so poorly written that I literally forced my self to complete the game . It’s clear that all these “ factions “ have one thing in common , save and rebuild mankind . Yet the writers are so stupid they simply force u to play it their way . I maxed out my speech and charisma so I can get an ending I want , but all I can do with my speech and charisma is 1. Get better prices
    2. Convince people to tell me stupid little secrets of theirs that has no impact on anything .
    Ridiculous .
    The institute houses the greatest scientist alive and all they wanna do is hide underground and build synths . Lmfaooo why? Their so smart but they can’t see that all their technology ( except the synths ) is everything and more the commonwealth needs to rebuild itself . Absolutely ridiculous writing .

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