Fallout 4: (No Mods) The Castle – Corner Tower Connecting to Inner Wall Stairwell

Hey guys, welcome back! In my previous tower building video, I explained
how to build a nice looking, simple tower structure at the corners of the Castle. However, there are actually two different
types of corners, and how you build your foundation for each will be significantly different depending
on which type of corner it is. The first type is just a flat, pentagonally
shaped corner with a recessed central area. Initially, you’ll find some wrecked artillery
here that can be scrapped. The second type of corner actually has a staricase
built into it that connects the upper level with the interior lower level of the castle
wall. Because these stairs are so cool, I wanted
to make sure that I didn’t block them off, but I also still wanted to build the same
type of tower that I’ve built on the other corners, to keep things consistent. This video will show you how to do both. If you haven’t seen the previous tower building
video, that might be a good place to start if you want to learn how to use concrete set
to build an octagonally shaped tower with hidden wiring. I’ll have a link to that video in the description
below. This video, however, will deal with the second
type of corner that has stairs leading up to it. So, withour further ado, let’s get started. The first foundation piece that we lay down
is the most crucial, as this will determine how the stairs that we build will line up
with the stairwell leading to the lower level. it can be a little tricky to place, but patience
here will pay off, as it will make setting up the rest of the tower that much easier. I got pretty lucky here, because my intial
foundation placement lines up the new stairs almost perfectly with the original stairwell. You’ll want to walk up and down it a few times
to ensure that both you and your settlers will be able to traverse the entire stairwell
without getting stuck anywhere. Next, I like to place the small shack floors
that cover the hole beside our new stairs. The area occupied by our new stairs and those
small shack floors will be the center of our towers ground floor. Having the center placed makes it easy to
lay down the rest of the foundation. You’ll notice that I used a Shack Upper Floor
to cover the raised ground area that marks the exit of the original stairwell. Using a foundation will work, but the lower
part of the foundation will clip into the stairwell itself. At best this is unsightly, and at worst, it
will actually prevent passage. Also note that the height of the initial foundations
placement is also important. You’ll want the top of it about even with,
but slightly above, the raised ground area. This is to ensure that the raised ground area
at the exit of the original stairwell does not clip through the upper shack floor, but
there also isn’t a huge gap or unnecessary height here either. The rest of the foundation is very easy; simply
snap the other two foundation pieces to your central stair area to form a “plus sign”,
and then use the Angled Floor, which is part of the concrete set, to fill in the gaps. You should be left with an octagonal foundation
with a stairwell leading to the interior of the wall below. You may notice that unlike the foundations,
the angled floor pieces leave a gap below them to the outside that is visible while
walking up the stairs. Don’t worry, we’ll take are of this by extending
the outer concrete walls into the ground. From the outside, this will give the illusion
of a seamless tower that is flush with the ground. From the inside of the stairwell, it won’t
be very noticable either, but you could add in some concrete pillas to fill the inner
gaps as well. Here I’m just snapping in the concrete walls
that will form the first above ground level. As in my previous video, I’m using a combination
of the windowed concrete walls for the non-diagonal sections, and the angled concrete walls for
the diagonal sections. I like to use the angled concrete doorway
for the above ground door, but you could use two standard concrete doorways, each leading
to a different wall. Personally, I like the single doorway because
it allows more room to place decorations on the lower floor. Now that we have the walls and ground floor
set up, let’s take care of that gap. Concrete walls of the same type can be attached
vertically to one another infinitely, and like foundations, will even clip into the
ground if they have something to snap to. You’ll notice that this wall does actually
clip into the stairwell a little bit. It isn’t a major issue, but if you find it
unsightly, you could always raise your initial foundation up a few inches to compensate. This amount of clipping won’t affect anything
but aesthetics though, so I’m going to leave it. If you have trouble getting one of these lower
wall pieces to snap, try looking at it from the side like this, or if possible, build
a scaffolding below the tower. For some reason, they have an easier time
snapping in when your character is below them, with your camera view pointed up. Because the ground floor of this tower needs
to be raised, we’ll also have to build some stairs to get inside, but there’s a problem. A half sized staircase is too short to reach
the ground here, and even if a full sized staircase could snap in, it would be sticking
out the top of the inner wall of the courtyard. After some experimentation, I decided to temporarily
remove the wall with the concrete door and snap in this additional angled floor piece. This will allow me to attach stairs to both
sides, allowing easy access to the front door regardless of which direction settlers are
coming from. Or at least.. that was the theory. In practice, I had a lot of trouble getting
stairs to snap where I wanted them on this side of the angled floor. There are actually 3 snapping points for stairs
on each side of the these. One on each side, and one in the center. I wanted to snap the stairs to the snapping
point closest to the tower itself, but for whatever reason, the game just didn’t like
that. My solution ended up being to add an extra
layer of small metal floors around the angled piece. Finally, we’ll add in some metal posts as
supports below, And some railings on top Make sure you snap your wall back in that
has the doorway in it before putting up the railings, or the wall won’t snap. I also added some small wooden floors that
snapped around and between some of the posts below, because a few of them were hovering
a few inches above the ground. Once the small wooder floors were added, I
removed the posts temporarily so that I could place this double stack of shack foundations. The top one is added by simply snapping a
shack foundation to the small wooden floors. The bottom foundation is added by snapping
a shack staircase to the side of the top foundation, which allows the lower foundation to be snapped
into place. The rest of the tower is fairly easy. Simply keep adding new layers using the concrete
set. Use the upper floors in a plus sign pattern, then
fill in the corners with the angled floors, and add conduits and wiring along the outer
edge, on top of each layer of walls. If you connect one of these conduits to a
power source, you can then put down a concrete wall over top of it, and that will hide your
conduits and wires inside of the concrete walls. Finally, place a conduit as shown after snapping
in a single wall on the next level. Connect this conduit to a conduit from the
lower wall, then snap in a wall over top of your wire. Now proceed to fill in the rest of the walls,
and the next level of floors and conduits. Connect all the conduits on the new floor
together and repeat the process as many times as needed. Well guys, I hope you found this video useful. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments and I’ll be happy to answer. I did manage to decorate this entire tower,
so if you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate, be sure to watch the rest of the video. The construction of this tower and all decorations
were done without any mods on my current Survival Mode playthrough, so this should be possible
for anyone playing the game regardless of whether they’re on PC or console. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

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  • Soooo helpful. I've been trying to figure this out for a while so thank you! Your voice is pleasantly calm compared to a lot of the screamers on YT also so thank you for that as well haha

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