‘Families Belong Together’ rallies held across U.S., including South Florida

massive marches all across the country at least 700 were planned from small towns to big city South Florida solidarity protesters here raising their voices with the hundreds of thousands across the country the message that was delivered families belong together that’s right demonstrators today calling for an end to president Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy local 10 News reporter Christian della Rossa joining us live in Miami with our top story tonight Christian and here in Miami the protest symbolically ended here outside a Freedom Tower these protests are saying they feel it is their duty to continue putting pressure on this administration so they do the right thing they came in throngs to downtown Miami’s Freedom Tower and Hollywood joining others across the country demanding the Trump White House immediately reunify families split by the administration’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration they didn’t have any in the first place if we don’t keep the pressure on those kids aren’t going to find their way back the president’s recent executive order ended the separation of families and ordered the children be returned to their parents while in custody but these protesters say they don’t trust the executive order because they don’t trust the president I’m kidnapped Justin because what he said today is not what he said the law demonstrators also met by a much smaller group of President Trump supporters ma’am ma’am do you speak English yeah okay can you tell me why are you a country because they don’t like that they country that president and they come here to put this bill to do bad thing over here you’re saying all these immigrants that are crossing come here to do bad things they come here to prepare now other counter-protesters out here say they feel that if these families don’t want to be split then they shouldn’t be crossing the border illegally in the first place also in the crowd activist registering people to vote in the upcoming midterm elections that’s in November we’re live in Miami i’m christian de la Rosa local 10 News

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