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hi my name is Cathy Kelly and I'm executive director of family caregiver Alliance we serve families families who are everyday struggling with care demands in the home in particular for those families that are facing the challenges of caring for those with a cognitive impairment organization was formed because two women stepped up and told their stories about caring for their husbands with cognitive impairments and they really made their private story public for the first time and realized that there are other families that we're facing the same kinds of difficulties as they were at that time there is simply no programs available to assist families coping with long term health conditions that affect adults in particular cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease stroke and traumatic brain injury everyday families call us and we go into the homes of families and talk to them and every family has a different story and yet there's some themes that come across there's themes of devotion and sacrifice of frustration of caring of love of responsibility and so we listen to the stories but what the underlying thread is that most families are frustrated they're frustrated because they're really seeking the kind of health and support they're really seeking for somebody to really tell the truth about the caregiving experience and really what are the kinds of things that they should be thinking about or learning about that will help them in their caregiving journey families are the unspoken heroes of the long-term care system that gets the least amount of tension but yet is really the bedrock of long-term care in our country so we really focus our attention on helping them cope with the daily challenges plan for the years ahead bring together the formal and informal supports that are going to make them effective and decrease their stress each year millions of individuals will be diagnosed with the chronic care impairment and behind all of those individuals are families and families are on a daily basis stepping up to the plate to provide the kind of assistance and support that individuals need to remain in their home and community we will continue to respond to the growing needs with practical effective and proven services and we hope you'll join us you

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  • It is not uncommon that family members are aware their (elderly / disabled ) loved one has illnesses or takes medication (s) but often times when faced with medical emergencies family members may not be able to provide health history information to medical personnel on behalf of a loved one. What type of medication or the dosage, or what drug allergies does their loved have. Not being able to provide these answers can bring about a feeling of helplessness at a time when it matters most. Pre-Plan and Inform family member's and In-home caregiver , prior to a medical emergency. Let Us Show You How.

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