Fang's Contented Wags : a Small Dogumentary

you people say look at the cute doggy until they find out I'm thank the terrible wild ferocious and me actually bit a couple of ankles when I was young well they don't know that as a puppy I was hitch and abused which made me scared and sad but now I'm a teenager 16 years old not sure how old in dog years I've forgotten the past and forgiving those who hurt me I really enjoy being a the terrible I'm enjoying life sweet wonders so you're wondering how I do that well I keep an open mind I'm aware of the awesome world all around me I smell the flowers I'm curious about each new moment I choose happiness because I care if it's to be it's up to me some dogs and have a miserable life I lucky dog I enjoy snack as many times a day sometimes super special snacks after I clean a plate it's ready to be put right back on the shelf my daily workout I don't always love it but it gives me a purpose moving one pile right after another joyfully doing my daily dog walking meditation it's fun getting out in nature walk to the park in the mountains or at the beach hook up and truly see the sky I get out of my comfort zone sometimes even go out in bad weather not so sure about crossing deep puddles though they call me terrible because I never did a bath I'm small but I realize I'm part of something bigger this world gives me a sense of all me and my sister is two adventure and just they around sadly she crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year ago after losing her I guess I quickly went through the five stages of grief denial anger bargaining depression and acceptance I have outlived her and those who were mean to me I am still here and I feel contempt I say never stop learning maybe your burnoose aw finally I learned to play my favorite tune about doggy in the window Hey I'm saying that's terrible a really contented donkey you

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