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The testimony before the Credentials Committee, the FDP had a line up of very different people. They had Rita Schwerner, the widow of Mickey, who had been killed in Neshoba County. They had Martin Luther King. Everybody knew King. The seating of the delegation from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, has political and moral significance far beyond the borders of Mississippi, or the halls of this convention. But the highlight of that testimony was that of Fannie Lou Hamer. The sharecropper who had been evicted from her plantation had come to symbolize the Mississippi movement. Mr. Chairmen and to the credentials committee. It was the 31st of August in 1962 that eighteen of us travelled twenty-six miles to the county courthouse in Indianola to try to register to become first class citizens. We was met in Indianola by policemen. The President, Lyndon Johnson, he’s not
afraid of Martin Luther King’s testimony. He’s afraid of Fannie Lou Hamer’s testimony. And so he decides that the country should not see her testify live. Johnson is in the White House and he convened an impromptu press conference. We will return to this scene in Atlantic City. But now we switch to the White House and NBC’s
Robert Garosky. Now ladies and gentleman, the President of
the United States. On this day, nine months ago… He did it knowing that they would break away
thinking he might announce who his choice of Vice President was gonna be. Instead he gets up there and he announces,
get this, he announces that it’s nine months to the day since, since Governor Connolly,
who was there, was shot along with President Kennedy. So he announced a nine-month anniversary, everybody’s scratching their heads. Thank you very much. And then he leaves. By that time Fannie Lou Hamer's testimony was over. However, it backfired on Johnson because it became a story that she had been taken off television, and in the news that night and for days afterwards they replayed her testimony. I was carried to the county jail and put in
the booking room. They left some of the people in the booking
room and began to place us in cells. She had Mississippi in her bones. Martin Luther King, or the SNCC field secretaries they couldn’t do what Fannie Lou Hamer did. They couldn’t be a sharecropper and express what it meant. And that’s what Fannie Lou Hamer did. And it wasn't too long before three white
men came to my cell. One of these men was state a highway patrolman. He said we going to make you wish you was dead.

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  • Black people in the 50s and 60s were some of the smartest and bravest people. America has been Hell on Earth for black folks from 1619 to 2019. I love her speech but at the same time we shouldn't have to give emotional speeches to make the devil feel empathy and compassion for us. They know what they are doing they feel like what their doing (inflicting terror) is ok. It's almost as if inflicting terror is in their DNA. That's why I'm nice I'll be professional but I don't get comfortable around them because I know their spirit and possibly their DNA. But it's in the DNA of black folks to be foolish, ignorant and forgiving. There is no way blacks should be still kissing white ass,wanting to be like whites or having sex with them. Our struggles is captured in the book of Deutroamony. Whats next is Jacobs Trouble. I believe it will be all nations teaming up against the blacks not selling to us or willing to rent or hire us knowing we don't control or own anything. That's why black homelessness and famine is on the rise.

  • This courageous woman to this day still brings me to absolute tears when I hear her speak. We cant ever forget her contribution to our liberation

  • i need the full speech, all i got is people talking over her. Ironically while telling us how President Johnson diverted the American public away from her speech you don't even deliver the full thing to us. Con artist.

  • Ida B Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks….
    There's some POWER there!
    Black women with enormous courage.
    K T F.

  • Rest in Power my Dear Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer! We Love you. Most incredible human that ever lived!
    #with God & Angels!

  • So called "black people" have not been treated fairly at any point during the history of racism, which it's white supremacy. Mainly because the system off white supremacy requires the mistreatment of people based on color. There are wonderful clips on YouTube from Neely Fuller Jr dealing with this subject of white supremacy. In fact, I'm watching this video because of a statement made by Neely Fuller Jr.
    This is a Great video and thank you for sharing it.

  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I was not familiar with Fannie Lou Hamer until I checked out a biography intended for 5th graders. Now I'm here in tears watching youtube clips. Why is she not on money yet?

  • Same ole’ ish, just a different day. Thank you FLH. Even-though it is the same ole’ ish, I️ will NEVER STOP…

  • We need a movie about thus beautiful woman. Her story and her fight is still what were fighting today. May God bless her RIP we love you.

  • I had never heard of this woman but then I watched All the way and just had to look her up. What happened to her wasn't in vain because 50 plus years later were still listening to her and finding out who she is. God bless her.

  • The woman was given a "Mississippi Appendectomy" (her Uterus was removed) without her knowledge or consent!!! She had so much looked forward to a future with children, and that right was stolen from her!!! She went in for a Fibroid removal, and they TOOK her FERTILITY intentionally out of racial prejudice, & decided to prevent her from "having a litter."
    Out of ALL she suffered, that is the saddest of all ,I feel. 🙁

  • There is no parallel if the result is different – if it is accepted to go down the same route as previously taken "there will be no change, no accountability to the people". Martin Luther King thought there would be a future abided for a time and they just shot him to shut him up.

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