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lied on here awesome it’s baller the credit guy and I want to
welcome you to this video five minute video you know my goal is to make sure
that I get out as much value as possible to you all to help you in your credit
process your financial has to process ingest your life process so the day one
talk about injuries and how they affect your credit okay so if you have
increased on your credit report that actually there are two type of engines
all right they’re two different degrees one is something’s called a soft entry
okay and a soft entry is where someone just kind of you know kind of glazes and
glances over your credit report to see if you can be pre-qualified for whatever
their offer you know sometimes you may get those
pre-qualification the mail you know I specialize in car lots I’m a viewer guy
one of those things the man looks like a cheque right you like oh man I see the
cheque and it’s just really like an offer hey come on down and you know
here’s thirty thousand you know that you could possibly get for a car so that’s
and or you know those those offers from credit cards those are soft infants all
right the other one something called a horn entry and a hard entry is can only
be added to your credit report when you ask for credit alright either have to
fill out an application you know and send in the mail or you have to do it
online if the call and we call that a factual record because the only way they
can be added is if you ask for the credit okay and those are the ones that
affect your credit score okay now in Currys only make up about ten percent of
your credit score they don’t make them of a big amount of your credit score but
they can affect your credit health and what’s credit help well the credit
health is what your credit looks like as a whole and when you’re going to go get
you know money whether you go get a credit card or car loan a business loan
and they get to that inquiry session if if you have you know more than five
enquiries it can look you can look back all right because it just looks like you
know your asthma credit Africa the extra credit and then you don’t have an
account a sec that inquiry it can look at you got rejected those many times and
so it can raise some red flags because you’d be declined good cause you to get
accepted and not get as much as you want or get accepted to have high interest
rates okay so that’s affecting the credits health side now in Currys heart
agrees only affects you for about 12 months all right they only really affect
your your credit score your credit health about 12 months and they stay on
for about two years you know someone standing for two years at six months you
know like two and a half years but at the most two years okay so after body
twelve months that English been on there doesn’t really affects you as much but
you want to keep your enquiries down okay you you you I know sometimes when
you go ask for like go get a car then they’ll run your credit through so many
different places and or you go get a home and they’ll run your credit and
then every time you run that credit to a different company it’s a new entry now
right now I know they tell you well a car in curry only sees is one listen no
all right and inquiry is an inker every single time you look at a buy a car and
they can they contact six different lenders that’s six different increase I
write six different English is not seen as one okay it’s seen as six and it’s
they’re still not good for your credit now you can work on getting those those
increase removed all right a cruise can be removed especially if it’s a if it’s
not attached to an account okay now so we’ll get an English move you can send
you can either send them as I have letter sent to the girls and you can
send those that have never sent to the actual data furnishing all right you
want to do both you want to have notice go to the bureau’s and you never let her
go to the data furniture as well – okay you went to that data furniture hey this
inquiry was done you know none of my consent please call the the bureau’s and
have it removed you could go to the data HOW INQUIRES CAN AFFECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE
CREDIT REPAIR first you want to do you want to both
right so but when it comes to removing entries you want to be careful because
you don’t want to tax atactic enquiries that are attached to an open account all
right so you have a credit card let’s say of a Capital One credit card you
have a Capital One entry well you don’t want to mess with that entry because it
can remove that credit card Arai in that credit card to end up being
closed to be removed and you don’t want to have you don’t ever want to close a
credit card don’t ever ever ever ever close a credit card keep them open
all right because that undec that unsecured dead that unsecured debt or
unsecured credit cards makes them about 35% your credit score so and just use
them keep them below to attempt between two and ten percent using paid off using
paid off but don’t ever close a credit card
always keep them open it is those the ones that really could be credit score
okay so I hope that helps you out today about you know what increase can do to
your credit board and you want if you have increase on your credit report or
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not going to get better by you just hoping and wishing okay he’s gonna get
done by you actually getting involved in your process because of whatever you
focus on grow so let’s get focused on you
all right so long to the credit guy who told you HOW INQUIRES CAN AFFECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE


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