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well we had come to Mohali for gym center visit reached one place when we came to know that there is India’s tallest Minar most tallest that is taller than Kutub Minar in Mohali Punjab so we came to see it lets go and see now how tall it is at least 100 meter tall we have come to Fateh Burj Mohali actually why we came here? its mentioned here in detail this is highest minaret in India It’s 328 Feet high “Burj Fateh” it is also called Tower of Victory which is made to depict Sirhind Battle january 2011 it was completed so this is very modern monument actually infact it is taller than kutub Minar But Historical significance of building is not that much its made in 2011 very new and latest monument made with concrete and reinforced steel so behind me is Tower ah “Burj Fateh” Hmanshu is tired and sitting this is made in 2011 you did not tell the story tell the story Praveen will tell the story praveen tell the story Hello Good afternoon everybody the position we are standing now this is Baba Banda singh Bahuder Ji’s Memorial place he around fought ten wars he is checking on google and telling Battle of Sonipath,Samana,Chappar Chiri Sadura,Lohgarh,Jammu Battle of Raho Battle of jallabad Battle of Gurdas Nangal and battle of sirhand and the place we are standing is been devoted to three Battle of Sonipath Battle of Samana Battle of chappar chiri here is chhapanchidi’s three stories which depicts 3 battle and beside this whole team and teams statue have been made so this is Baba Banda Singh Ji’s statue now Praveen will tell the significance the significance is that he before becoming martyar his name was very famous he is 1709 Battle of Samana and won in Sandora in 1710 and against Mughals army in Chappar chiri along with subedar wajir Khan won the Battle of sirhind in this battle 10th Gurus little sons (Chote Sahabzade) who were martyrs by wazir khan so revenge was taken by killing Wazir Khan 9th june 1716 in Delhi along with his son Ajay Singh and with 700 Singh,s he became Martyar he is an Immortal guy he fought a battle in samana along with baba Banda Singh Bahadur he came along with his huge army to fight and won and this is Bhai Fateh Singh Ji so this is Bhai Fateh Singh Ji’s statue who fought along with him so these statues have been made here too devote been tribute and devoted to this worriers to all these Punjabi Worriers you can come and visit its good place well its very hot here lot of sunshine and lot of heat this is Bhai Ali Singh Ji Statue so this is about Punjabi’s history who left their work and came to fight a war against Mughals for freedom of Punjab all came along with their Groups this is Bhai Mali Singh Ji he along with Baba Banda Singh formed a group in 1716 battle he along with Baba Banda Singh Ji became Martyar Bhai Baj Singh Ji when he came with his group he was made leader of his group and 9th June 1716 he to along baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji he became Martyr so these are the statues here and behind is peaceful kind of a place well exactly this is not tourist place but still you can come here and enjoy the place it is very Nice it does not have historical significance of the statue..but lots been made….and it believed its taller than Delhi’s kutub Minar yes Kutub Minar is 73 Meter and this is 100 Meters it is nicely maintained Punjab’s Tourist should visit once to know Punjab’s culture how Sikhism saved Punjab from the Mughal Ruler Actually to denote Sikhism this place is been developed well we are now here in day time but in night it looks more beautiful i can see lights been installed to highlight and light effects probably in evening time or evening hours or night hours it will be nicer now also it looks beautiful in backdrop you can see its cloudy weather and behind is tower” Fateh Burj” to reach here is simple come to Mohali then Landra Village use google map that will bring you here so this was Fateh Burj’s small tour well i am not a history student but i liked it here someone told us its taller than Kutub minar so we came to check it out its a good place to come relax for a day come for picnic along with family if you come to Mohali Punjab or Chandigarh and you can come and enjoy here garden is good too He is Praveen Singla Our Manager for fitness company he is professor also this is open air theater may be for some events or plays light shows may be light show or dramas they do here if you want to come to Burj Fateh visiting time 10 am. to 4pm. and on Monday it is closed and on Government Holidays it is closed this is written in Punjabi i cannot read it so Praveen read it for me also closed on Punjab government holidays 10am to 4pm it is open Mondays closed , sundays you can come and it is free of cost no tickets needed and this is surrounding here all farms around so visit Burj Fateh and enjoy with family so Guys this the tour of victory tower Fateh Burj In Mohali Hope you Liked it If you liked it like my video and share my channel its me Manish Shankpal and Praveen Singla signing off from my channel Vlogistani Indian Keep Watchig Peace !

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