FCD FOUNDATION & CHASE: Cancer Care Services visits Toyota Stadium

(Music cues up after FCD TV Productions intro and plays throughout video- fades when people begin to speak) Tammie Marceleno (Narrative, off + on screen): We have kids from cancer care services and we’re really excited to be a sponsor and a partner with FC Dallas in this. And giving these kids a special opportunity to be here, to play on the fields to just have some fun
and enjoy themselves during this time. Amanda Walker (narrative, off + on camera): It means a ton. They are dealing with all of these stress in the household with the people they love dealing with cancer and they play such a role as a caregiver. They all take care of their families so well, so to
be able to just be free and have fun, it means the world – so they can just be kids. Male Patron: (off screen to Camp Care Participant): Alright [participants name], can you tell me what you are doing out here today? Camp Care Participant (on screen): I’m going to play soccer. Male Patron: (off screen to Camp Care Participant): What’s your favorite thing about soccer? Camp Care Participant (on screen): I like… I can kick! Tammie Marceleno (Narrative, off + on screen): Again- meeting the players, the excitement of being here, the excitement of just enjoying the day. And again, as I mentioned, just forgetting about everything else and all the stresses. But it’s just really enjoying themselves
and being kids. Camp Care Participant (on screen): We are out here with a bunch of our friends and things. And we are going to watch them play and I heard that we are going to learn how to play a little. (soft music plays until the end)

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